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Sisters In Slavery Book Two (Victor Bruno)

Sisters In Slavery Book Two by Victor Bruno


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    • Average 4.0 from 1 ratings

Quentin and Melissa, pure sadists, have acquired delightfully young and beautiful twins to play with, alongside the hapless Julia.

The training of the twins is long and arduous, supplemented by two Negroes especially brought in to help.

Meanwhile, Quentin is casting covetous eyes on the more mature, haughty, arrogant and startlingly handsome Simone and makes arrangements to have her snatched from her yacht and brought into his particular form of hell!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2012

No. words: 35000

Style: Fem Dom - F/F, Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Maria and Heidi Baumann are now held captive at the 'Maison Juane'.
Their training, under Melissa's supervision, is in its early stages. Both are shocked and horrified beyond belief at the unbelievable predicament in which they find themselves ... for both have been told they are to remain in captivity for an indefinite period and be trained as slaves. It is all too incredible for them to grasp fully at this stage.
"Attempted murder is a terrible crime," says Melissa smugly, "and now you are going to have to pay for it."
The worst of it is, the girls know that it is a crime they have committed!
Understandably, Maria and Heidi are rebellious to begin with. They simply cannot bring themselves to obey the awful orders given to them. When you are kept permanently naked, it is all the more difficult to obey such orders before the two lusty young male trainers, Hans and Cassim!
For their initial disobedience, both Maria and Heidi were soundly thrashed.
For their subsequent disobedience, they were soundly thrashed a second time.
It is a pattern Melissa is prepared to repeat indefinitely.
All the same, it is quite impossible for two naturally modest and sensitive girls to carry out the commands given them. Moreover, to carry them out fully and immediately.
However, in due time, they will learn to do so.
Melissa will make sure of that!


IDLY, MELISSA SURVEYED the weals across the buttocks of her personal slave. They were in neat, almost parallel lines. Expertly laid on, she reflected with a little feeling of satisfaction. Slowly she counted them, knowing exactly how each one of them would be feeling at that moment. Since they had been raised after midnight, they would still be sore and throbbing. There were twenty of them.
A little smile played over Melissa's full, wide lips.
What an amusing game it was that she played every time that she visited the casino. The last spin of the roulette wheel, before she left, was always for Julia. It decided the number of strokes of the cane she would get when her Mistress returned. If it were Zero ... or ever anything from 1 to 6, Julia could indeed consider herself fortunate. If it were anything from 30 to 36, less so! It was a game Melissa always played fairly, whatever the outcome.
The soft, striped buttocks gave an involuntary little twitch and, again, the smile played over Melissa's mouth. Julia had a very good bottom she thought. Almost as good as her own. One could not have asked for a better one on a slave. She turned in bed to look at Quentin beside her ... seeing he was still fast asleep. How kind of him it had been to give her Julia the day they were married! Oh what a good husband he was!
In so many ways.
Wealthy, generous, not too demanding. Allowing her all the freedom she wanted. Permitted her to have sex with other men ... provided she told him about it. Sometimes he even liked to watch. Well, that was alright by her. In his turn, he had no objection to her watching him fuck Julia! Oh yes ... Quentin was all one could ask in a husband.
And now, Melissa, told herself happily, I am more than simply his wife, I am his Slave Mistress.
In due time, those two youngsters, Maria and Heidi, would be very well trained indeed. It would be nice for a man in his early fifties having two ripe, shapely teenagers, doing anything he wanted. And doing it very well.
Still, Quentin deserved it.
Melissa finished her glass of ice-cold orange juice which Julia had brought her earlier.
"More orange juice, slave," said Melissa snapping her fingers.
Julia jumped up immediately and came hurrying across the bedroom, breasts swinging and bouncing. In keeping with her bottom, they were excellent breasts. Well rounded, high and firm. Quentin had been a good picker when he chose this woman to be his fiance. Pity she had cheated him. Pity for her that is! She must have regretted it considerably since, reflected Melissa with a wry, inner smile.
Julia returned in no time at all and placed the glass deferentially on the bedside table. Then she went back across the room, went down on hands and knees, pressed her nose into the corner and thrust her curvaceous hindquarters high. Unless ordered otherwise, it was the position and posture she had to adopt until she was required again. Rather undignified ...
Not that Julia thought of it in that way. She had become so accustomed to indignities as to be virtually inured to them! Poor Julia. It was not pleasant to be one of life's losers. Melissa knew. She had had some experience of it. Still those days were over. Well over. Long gone. Melissa smiled at herself in the big wide mirror on the facing wall. She liked what she saw. The rich, dark-auburn hair (like red beech leaves in Autumn) ... the dark, luminous eyes, wide-set ... the full mouth, the perfect teeth ... the flawless complexion. She liked, too, the quality of her breasts, well made and firm, like those of Julia. She, too, was naked as she lay propped up in the double bed. But, she thought with a stab of something like exultation, what a world of difference there was between voluntary nakedness and enforced nakedness!
Julia had been kept naked now for months.
And would continue to be kept naked.
Contentedly, sipping the glass of fresh orange juice, Melissa contemplated the day ahead ...
Maria and Heidi had been under sedation for forty eight hours now. And undergoing Healing Treatment. They would be fully recovered by now. Not a mark to be seen on them, despite the severe thrashing each had received. It was time to renew their training. It would be interesting to see if they were just a little more obedient. Not quite so reluctant.
Still, one couldn't expect miracles at this stage.
There was no hurry, however, because it seemed that Quentin was in no hurry to enjoy the fruits of her efforts. Indeed, so easy-going about the whole set-up was he that he had given full permission for them to be given to Hans or Cassim. Those two, you might say, were to be sexual guinea pigs. Lucky them! Already they had felt young lips and tongues at work. However unwillingly. Things would soon be taken a stage further.
Beside Melissa, Quentin stirred lazily, then opened his eyes.
"Good morning, my love," said Melissa, patting his balding head.
"Morning, my pretty," he replied with a yawn.
He sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Then he spotted Julia kneeling in the corner and a grin broke over his rather craggy features. He recalled with pleasurable amusement how, the previous night, Melissa had been rather too tired for his attentions, so he had fucked Julia instead. Fucked her while she was kneeling on the floor as she was at that moment. Except that her thighs were wide, of course. It had been a most satisfying poke. Brief but stimulating. Julia sure knew how to use that arse of hers. She'd had plenty of practice, of course!
Despite those nocturnal exertions, Quentin realised he had a hard on. Well, he thought, there's life in the old dog yet! Those pills of Madame Vesta's were marvellous. Often it seemed he could well have been in his twenties or thirties rather than his fifties. Well, if he wanted, he could fuck Julia again. Or, naturally, he could have Melissa. It might be polite ... tactful, indeed ... to give her the option.
"Sleep well?" enquired Quentin.
"Beautifully, thanks. And you?"
"Mmmm ... yes ... I was pretty tired."
"I'm not surprised, I heard you enjoying your fuck in the dark."
"Oh, that didn't tire me. Just getting some dirty water off my chest. No, I spent too long at the tables. Must have been two before I got in."
"Did you win?"
"Not a lot." Quentin chortled. "I see Julia lost again."
"Yes ... that girl's a born loser, I'm afraid!" Melissa smiled at Quentin. She was feeling faintly randy. Would Quentin have recovered adequately? If not, she could always make use of Julia. Still, she felt more like having a piece of cock. At that, Melissa thought suddenly of Hans and Cassim. There were a couple of hunky young brutes for you! Very well hung. Soon she would have a little fun there. She turned to Quentin and planted a kiss on his forehead.
"Fancy anything?" she asked.
Quentin fondled the lovely bare breasts available to him. "Mmmm ... you ..." he murmured.
"Good ... I fancy you, too."
"Like to come on top of me?" That was one of Quentin's favourite ways of enjoying Melissa. It always had been.
"Sure. But I've got an idea. Let's have Julia warm us up a little first. I'm not quite ready."
"Fine ..."
Another snap of Melissa's fingers. "Slave ... over here!"


Typical VB fantasy - worth reading 4 out of 5 (brum)

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THE acknowledged master of BDSM writing.


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