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Extreme Discipline (Steven Drukker)

Extreme Discipline by Steven Drukker

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    • Average 4.0 from 3 ratings

Russell Thornton does not believe in doing things by halves. Punishment sessions for both his wife Bettie and his daughter Melissa are ritualistic in the extreme – bathed, powdered and manacled, they present themselves to him in the discipline-studio ready for intricate bondage which always preceded the actual discipline. There is a secret thrill in both women who are made to take part in these rituals, much as they feared the suffering which was the consequence of stepping out of line.

When Melissa is caught by the police and brought home in stringent bondage, Russell immediately takes over and puts his daughter into his even more stringent bondage against the day she is taken to court for sentencing. Unfortunately for Bettie, at first she has to endure the indignities of being ‘prepared for court’ including depilation and bondage on a special chair which displays all!

In the worlds created by Steven Drukker, all women are submissive, none are allowed to simply walk anywhere, they are invariably tightly shackled and presented on special display stands and the punishments issued are always extreme. This book is no exception!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2012

No. words: 35000

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



“Well what made me notice ‘em first was how close the police van was parked to the caravanette an’ all the people crowded inta the narrow space. I was pretty far away, but I knew one was a woman ‘cause she wore a black skirt and light stockings and I could see ‘er legs. She had heels on too.”
“Wha’d they do?”
“I wasn’t sure at first. Everyone kept milling about except the woman. She kept standing against the police van with ‘er arms raised. You know kind of leaning against it like they do when you get arrested. But, what really got my attention was when ‘er skirt dropped. She ‘adn’t moved and all of a sudden, she didn’t have a skirt. She ‘adn’t taken it off for sure, because she ‘adn’t moved. There were so many cops I didn’t see one of them take it off either. She was just standing there with no skirt. You could see ‘er legs, but I was still too far away to see much else other than that she was a blonde and ‘er skirt was around ‘er ankles. That’s when I decided to get a closer look.”
“How’d you do that?”
“Well first I just drove by slowly but one of them stepped out and waved me on. That’s when I first noticed all the coppers were women. There were six of ‘em, but all packed into the narrow space between the caravanette and the van they looked to be more from a distance. I just caught a glimpse of the blonde, but she was leaned up against the van and all she had on below the waist was ‘er shoes and stockings. She didn’t ‘ave tights on because I saw the suspenders she wore. Er jacket covered ‘er knickers so I really didn’t see much else.”
“Yeah, I knew I had to have a closer look. You know in case they abused ‘er or something. I figured she might want a witness.”
“Yeah sure.”
“Anyway that’s when I remembered the car park on the hill that looked right down on the motorway on one side and where they were parked on the other. They were on the verge, but I figured if I got close enough to the edge I could look right down on ‘em without their knowing unless they looked up.”
“Yeah, so wha’d ya see?”
“Ah, I couldn’t get close enough to see anything. The way the hill slanted down, all I could see was the side of the caravanette.”
“Shit! You saw nothin’ in it?”
“Keep your pecker up. I saw plenty.”
“Right then, whad ya see?”
“The hill curved out in front of where they were about a hundred yards ahead, but that was even farther away than I was before, except I could look down and see between the two vans where all the action was. Then I remembered Francine had left ‘er glasses in the boot from last week when I had taken ‘er to the gardens.”
“So what. Whatcha gonna see with ‘er glasses?”
“She’s a twitcher you twit. Er binocularswe went to watch birds in the Royal Botanical Gardens.”
“Yeah so whad ya see of the bird the coppers had?”
“I told you, I saw plenty. I drove over by where the hill was in front of ‘em. Left the car back and walked up to where I could see down. There was a copse, just a few bushes and trees really, but I could see right down the middle of the two vans and not be seen. It took me a while and I was afraid it would be all over when I got there, but they were still there. The blonde was leaned up just the way she was before. The only thing different was, one of the coppers had ‘er skirt and another was reaching around from behind doing something in front of ‘er. I almost forgot I had the glasses and when I looked through ‘em, I could see everything like I was standing there next to ‘em. Bless little Francine and ‘er good German lenses. I just sat with my back against a tree and watched.”
“Yeah. I don’t know what she did, but they stripped ‘er off and searched ‘er right there.”
“Right down to ‘er knickers an’ all?”
“Right down to ‘er knickers and back of beyond. They stripped ‘er starkers.”
“Yeah I watched the whole thing, but I couldn’t hear nothin’, being so far away. They were all talking to ‘er the whole time. She didn’t say much until later when they got a little rough with ‘er. She had plenty to say then, but it didn’t do ‘er any good. I wish I could’a read lips. It was like watchin’ a silent film.”
“So wha’d they do to ‘er?”
“They stripped ‘er and searched ‘er, thoroughly, very thoroughly, what’s more they had special equipment to help ‘em do it.”
“What equipment?”
“I’ll tell you how it went: Like I told you they had ‘er leaning up against the side of the police van, leaning forward with ‘er arms out straight ‘olding ‘erself up with ‘er hands in front of ‘er. When I got the glasses on ‘em, ‘er skirt was already gone and one of the lady coppers was reaching around in front undoing the buttons on ‘er jacket. I figured they took ‘er skirt off so’s she could stand like they wanted ‘er because ‘er legs were spread out really wide. She couldn’a done that with a skirt on. I didn’t know she was being stripped just yet. I don’t think she knew it yet either. They made ‘er lean up with one arm while they took ‘er jacket off and then the other arm, you know so’s they could get the sleeves off. The same lady copper holding ‘er skirt took the jacket went through all the pockets and felt the lining and all. I don’t know what they were looking for; drugs probably. Er shirt-tail was as long as ‘er jacket; I still couldn’t catch a glimpse of ‘er knickers but the glasses gave me a real good look at ‘er suspenders; all lacy they were; like the top of ‘er nylons. She had good legs, she had ‘em spread really wide and ‘er arms too. She looked to be way off balance, which is why the make ‘em stand that way I guess. She looked kind’a tired ‘oldin’ ‘erself up that way. She was a bobby-dazzler too, real bit of crumpet she was. Pretty face, good legs an all. I got to see the rest of ‘er presently. The slags coppers usually put the darbies on aren’t worth seein’ mostly, but this bit of fluff was all right. Anyway, they took off ‘er blouse like ‘er jacket and there she was wearin’ only knickers and bra. She was a stunner. They kept ‘er leanin’ up like she was only she only had ‘er underwear on was all. I could see ‘er in the glasses and she was kind’a stretched out ya know and ‘er bum an’ tits looked real nice an’ then they unhooked ‘er bra an’ let it fall open; she said somethin’ turning ‘er head an’ all, but they took it off ‘er like the rest an’ she stayed still until they started to lower ‘er knickers. That’s when she started to say something an’ tried to move away from the van, but two of the coppers grabbed ‘er wrists and slammed ‘er hands back on the side of the van. She was try’n to move ‘er legs together, but a couple of the coppers put their feet inside ‘er ankles an’ she couldn’t move. They just held ‘er there an’ one of ‘em went up to the front of the police van and started to undo an’ unfold somethin’ that looked like a hitch or tow bar, ya know like for a caravan only it was in front. I could watch ‘er and the blonde at the same time and nobody did nothin’ except the one in front settin’ up the tow hitch. I couldn’t figure out what was goin’ on. I figured they were goin’ta tow the police van with the caravanette or somthin’. The blonde’s knickers were more than half way down ‘er bum an’ I was payin’ attention to ‘er more than the copper, but the way ‘er legs was spread, they wouldn’a got ‘em down any farther without they let ‘er legs together, but they didn’a try that either. Finally, the one in front said somethin’ an’ the four of ‘em holding onta the blonde pulled ‘er back an’ she closed ‘er legs as they turned ‘er right toward me. The two holdin’ ‘er wrists twisted ‘er arms up behind and they started to frogmarch ‘er to the front of the police van. She was kickin’ a little, tryin’ to drag ‘er feet an’ all, but ya could see they were hurtin’ ‘er an while they chivvied ‘er forward, one of ‘em behind gave ‘er knickers a yank off ‘er ‘ips an’ I could see ever’thing. It was like she was comin’ right at me in the glasses an’ she was a real blonde an’ all. Er panties kept slippin’ down ‘er legs an’ by the time she was in front of the van they were around ‘er ankles kind’a hobblin’ ‘er. They didn’a have any trouble turnin’ ‘er around to face the front of the van, but it pissed all ‘cause I was watching ‘er tits bounce and wobble about and all I could see was ‘er bum then. The tow bar hitch deal turned out to be an adjustable frame for people who got arrested I guess and didn’a wanna be searched. Anyway, they put one of ‘er ankles inside some big steel clamp, an’ while they still twisted ‘er arms, a couple of ‘em dragged ‘er other leg out an’ clamped ‘er other ankle. She was standin’ there with ‘er legs spread again almost as wide as they were before. But then they put two more bigger clamps around ‘er legs, aroun’ ‘er thighs kind’a above ‘er knees. She was fightin’ it, it wern’ no use though and once all four of the clamps held ‘er legs spread open she just stood there. When they let ‘er arms down, I figured they would make ‘er lean on the front of the van like she did before. But they didn’a. Instead, they pulled ‘er arms out an’ put ‘er wrists in some cuffs on the front of the van under the windscreen. She had to lean forward at the waist, ‘cause she sure wasn’a gonna move ‘er legs an’ the cuffs were kind’a wide apart. They had ‘er spread-eagled pretty good an’ I figured they’d leave ‘er there ‘cause she was naked ‘cept for shoes, stockings, and ‘er suspender belt. ‘Er panties were wrapped around one ankle an’ they left ‘em there.”
“Jeez! Starkers then, knickers and all?”
“Yeah, that wadn’t all either.”
“They took ‘er garters off then?”
“No they never.
“People didn’a see what was goin’ on an’ stop to look?
“Yeah they were goin’ by both ways, but they were in the only lay-by, they couldn’a stop. But heads were turnin’ when they went by.”
“Jeez! Whad they do?”
“Well she’s standin’ there all fiddly locked up by ‘er legs an’ arms an’ she can’t really move or nothin’ when three of ‘em start crankin’ ‘er up an’ stretchin’ ‘er out over the bonnet of the van, ya know where it’s flat like in the front.”
“Whad’a ya mean?”
“Well, that frame deal was all adjustable an’ all. One of ‘em was turnin’ a crank between ‘er legs an’ another was turnin’ a crank on the side an’ two of ‘em were pullin’ ‘er arms out ‘cause the wrist cuffs set in tracks where ya could move ‘em in and out. She was shakin’ ‘er head and when ‘er feet left the ground she was tryin’ to touch the ground with ‘er toes an’ that’s when ‘er panties fell off an’ one of ‘em picked ‘em up. She held ‘em up lookin’ at ‘em an’ showin’ around an’ they was all laughin’ an’ all. Even as far away as I was, I could hear the blonde screamin’ cause she was off the ground an’ ‘er legs was spread real wide and she was squashed up against the van. ‘Er tits was mashed against it ‘cause I could see ‘em real good through the glasses all squished out at the sides an; she had to turn ‘er head with ‘er cheek up against the windscreen. Jeez! She really was stretched out an’ spread out an’ all, but she was’en movin’ or nothin’ ‘cause she couldn’t the way they had ‘er. I could’n hear ‘er screamin any more either.
“Yeah, I could even see ‘er twat an’ all the way ‘er legs was spread, an’ pushed up like she was with ‘er legs kind’a at a angle an’ ‘er back bent kind’a backwards an’ all. Er bum was all stickin’ out an’ kind’a pushed up like they was gonna give ‘er a thrashin’ on the bare or somethin’.
“Did they?”
“Nah. What they did was, one of ‘em got some rubber gloves an’ grease an’ all an’ an’ she stuck ‘er fingers right up ‘er bum an’ in ‘er cunt an’ ever’thin’. I could hear ‘er screamin’ again when they did that. An’ ya could see ‘er kind’a squirmin’ an’ buckin’ against the van and tryin’ to turn ‘er head but warn’t no use an’ that lady copper was really twistin’ ‘er fingers up inside ‘er an’ pushin’ hard into ‘er. She did it for a long time.”
An’ that was’n all. One of ‘em got some tool or somthin’ out’the van an’ they greased that an’ stuck it up inside ‘er. I could see it stickin’ out from between ‘er legs with the glasses, but I don’ know what it was. Silver it was like chrome or somethin.”
“They call ‘em speculators, spectators, or somthin’. When they go to the doctor they stick it up ‘em to have a look.”
“Yeah, that must be it, ‘cause they had a look. Used a mirror and torch they did. Looked right up inside ‘er. Did it in ‘er bum too. She really was screamin’ at that one. I could hear ‘er plain as day even where I was sittin’ over the traffic an’ all.”
“Then what happened?”
“They took ‘er away. Didn’t give ‘er ‘er clothes back or nothin’. Just put ‘er naked in a bunch of chains and such into the van an’ drove away. Took the caravanette too.”
“Jeez! Whadaya spose happened to ‘er?”
“I dunno, probably a drugs seller or somethin’. I’m gonna watch the papers, see if there’s somethin’ about it there.”



I almost want my money back. I've read more engaging watch logs. Character development and plot advancement were lost in a boring monologue by a nameless and witless narrator. It was well into the story before you realized this was a fantasy world. 2 out of 5 ( )

I have always enjoyed the author's writing and highly recommend it. 5 out of 5

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this author believes all women should wear chains all the time...


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