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Dick Larson & The Pink Orchid (Hasste Windjammer)

Dick Larson & The Pink Orchid by Hasste Windjammer

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Detective Dick Larson is on the case! Poking and probing every kinky crack and hot hole in a relentless search for answers. Larson’s resolve to get to the bottom of things is challenged as a cast of wild characters attempt to submerge him in a sea of sex.

Product type: EBook    Published by: EroticExcursions.Net    Published: 1 / 2012

No. words: 87466

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Humor

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Office Olympics
Dick Larson, Private Detective, had lived a lot and worked a little in Liverpool since 1984. He had moved there soon after finishing college in Salford where he scraped a second in criminology and a first in pub culture.
At the time he had used some of the criminology and psychology skills that he learned and also applied some of his own logical reasoning to decide which city to locate himself in. Not wanting to live too far from his small home town of Cockermouth, he had chosen Liverpool with its reputation for having a mature criminal underworld. Such a city would need a private detective to solve the crimes that the police couldn’t or the crimes that were never reported, because the victim did not want the police involved.
Dick had rented a tiny two room office suite on the first floor above a massage parlour close to the city centre and lived in an equally small, two room flat above his office on the second floor. That had been twelve years ago and he was still just making ends meet.
Dick was having another dull day. The phone hadn't rung since a week from last Monday; his secretary was doing her nails for the third time that morning and the mail consisted of phone bills, free internet offers and a reminder that the local blood bank would be operating in his vicinity this Thursday.
“Bollocks!” Dick swore at his laptop, “I need a God dammed case, and soon.”
“Jessica, you brainless bimbo, come in here and take a letter!” he shouted out of his office door.
“God damn it, that girl’s useless,” he cursed again when he heard no response from the reception room, “Bloody Youth Training Schemes aren't what they used to be.”
“Jessica, where the hell are you? I need you to dictate a letter, like now,” he shouted again.
“I knew I shouldn't have hired a blonde,” he grumbled to his laptop, “if I was paying her, I'd cut her bloody hourly rate down to somewhere near her IQ. Jessica!"
Jessica was twenty one and had been working with Dick for the past five weeks, during which time she had become used to his bellowing. However, the only useful experience she was gaining was how to bend over and around various pieces of office furniture. She supposed this was just part of the job of being a personal assistant to a city-slick detective in the nineties.
Jessica was eccentric in her dress sense. Today she was wearing a tight fitting, pink lace blouse with a plunging neck line. Her bosom swelling up like two waves about to break upon a beach, was tantalizingly obvious in the red-patterned bra she wore that was visible through the sheer fabric; delicate, black silk gloves stretched almost to her elbows. The tight, short, deep purple skirt and calf high black stockings completed her sexy outfit. Her looks were the only reason why Private Dick Larson had hired her in the first place; she had passed the interview as soon as she walked through the door.
Jessica didn't mind Dick’s sexual advances. Her boyfriend was always complaining that she demanded too much sex from him, and Dick’s interest in her had calmed the lustful desires that seemed to dominate her thoughts throughout the day.
With her heels clicking across the wooden floorboards, her note pad and pencil in hand, spectacles balanced on the tip of her nose (as all good secretaries do), she walked through from the reception room into the office to confront Dick. Standing provocatively in the doorframe, sunlight streaming around the contours of her hourglass figure, the sight of Jessica was enough to make Dick suck air in-between his teeth.
He was re-installing Windows 3.1 on his clapped-out old laptop.
Jessica bit down gently on the rubber tip of her pencil. Hmm, she thought, I like the way he fingers that mouse.
“Right, Jessica. Since my laptop has gone down on me again… Ha, Ha,” Dick laughed at his own coarse joke, “we are going to have to do it the old fashioned way. Sit yourself down on my knee, Lass, and let’s get cracking.”
Jessica smiled sweetly as she walked over to Dick’s desk, her bosom deliberately bouncing as she crossed the floor. The clean, distinct scent of apricot followed her like the wake from a passing yacht.
“Right, Lass, it’s for the editor of Liverpool Echo. I'm going to invent a cracking good story about how I solved a mysterious case of a man’s wife disappearing; something good enough to print, that will have my name known all over town and bring in some new cases.”
Dick’s right hand was stroking Jessica’s smooth bare thigh as she sat perched on his knee; the warmth of her soft, plump bottom spread over his lap like melting butter. Thoughts of the letter he had planned on dictating to her were being pushed further and further to the back of his mind.
They were being replaced by thoughts of caressing the smooth, billowing form of her bosom, and these new thoughts were rapidly taking over more and more of Dick’s diminishing mental capabilities. A small, sudden movement from Dick’s crotch indicated that his thoughts had transmitted themselves down his spine and into his loins.
Jessica squirmed gently as she sat across his knee; she had felt his genital awakenings and wanted to encourage his arousal. “Hmmm,” she sighed suggestively, as she dropped her left hand down in-between Dick’s legs and stroked the top half of his calf and inner knee. Leaning back against his chest, she breathed in, expanding her bosom in front of his face. She too, was in the mood for some office Olympics.
Dick grunted to show his appreciation of her touch. He ran his hand up from Jessica's bare thigh across the taut material of her short skirt to the delicate rippled material of her blouse; his fingers pushed gently into the soft flesh of her tummy as his hand rose up to rub the smooth firm surface of her bra’s silky cup. Dick leisurely explored across from the peak of one soft mountain into the dividing valley between and then up to blunt summit of its identical twin. He did this several times before he undid the top two buttons of her blouse and slipped his hand inside the fabric; cupping her bra, lifting it slightly, feeling the warm weight and firmness of her young mammary.
A short beep from the laptop indicated that it was ready for the next disk. With the hand that was currently not groping Jessica's silk cupped breast, Dick ejected the floppy disk and inserting the next, struck the return key, allowing the machine to continue its installation.
As he turned back to Jessica’s impressive, pouting chest, their eyes met. Recognizing each other's hunger, their heads turned and tilted until their lips touched. They kissed wetly and were soon lost in a swamp of tactile stimulation.
Jessica slipped her hand up Dick’s thigh until she spread her fingers around his bulging crotch, she pushed the palm of her hand up against his balls, compressing them against his groin and was delighted to feel his cock stiffen and straighten in response. Jessica ran her finger nails along the underside of his swelling staff and coaxed it around from where it was growing down his trouser leg, upwards across his thigh until Dick’s erection was lying vertically up towards his belly button.
Dick’s right arm had curled around Jessica’s back and had pulled her torso in close to him, crushing her left breast into his chest, but her right breast was angled out from him and his left arm was mauling the malleable mound through her bra.
“Dick,” she whispered, “Take me from behind. You know how hard I cum when you give it to me from behind, Dick.”

Author Information

Hasste Windjammer is a British author of erotic fiction and the creator of the Detective Dick Larson character


Publisher Information

Erotic Excursions publishes and supports erotica for discerning enthusiasts. Erotic novels and poetry, artworks and photography. For those searching for something more intriguing than pornography. Authors seeking to be published may send e mail to:

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