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Slaves Of The Desert (Jack Norman)

Slaves Of The Desert by Jack Norman

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    • Average 4.2 from 14 ratings

Wow! Jack Norman brings more Bermuda Triangle misadventures packed with hot BDSM action and steamy sex. This is a story of a strange world where sex and breeding is the lot of slave whores, while the haughty free women must remain virgins, and free men do as they like.

Amy and Dan, somehow slip through a fissure in time and space when a massive freak storm wrecks their small honeymoon yacht off Nassau. They are captured and enslaved by pirates, and the corsairs’ power-crazed captain recognises the worth of their advanced technical knowledge.

However, the delectable Amy - only weeks previously a prim 21st century career-woman - has no choice other than to become an abject and panting sex slave. She is in the early stages of pregnancy too, carrying a bastard sired by some unknown pirate. Dan, is also enslaved and sexually used and abused, made to cooperate in his debasement and forever under the threat of castration. He can only watch helplessly, and even participate, as his young wife is made to wallow in her degradation.

Now, auctioned to the highest bidder, they are both transported across the desert, way beyond the Bermuda Triangle. However, bandits raid the caravan, capture the slaves and take them to a mysterious and isolated desert citadel ruled by arrogant lords. There, Dan and Amy are incarcerated in the House of Silence brothel under the cruel hand of the beautiful House Mistress. They, like all the slaves there, are forbidden to speak and they are plunged into a maelstrom of hot and forbidden sex. Moreover, Amy catches the eye of the sultan’s son as a potential breeder for his first offspring.

Then the pirate captain moves to reclaim his slaves and regain access to their valuable technical knowledge… READ ON!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 1 / 2012

Also Available in Paperback - Click Here

No. words: 54000

Style: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual BDSM, Fem Dom - F/M

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The boy crouched slightly and made a cup of his hands between his thighs. Amy, understanding his intent, clasped the meat roll in her mouth, and raised her right foot and placed it in the boy’s hands, and then sprang up and twisted her body to sit on the flat bed of the wagon. The planking was rough beneath her bare buttocks. The boy clambered onto the wagon and pulled Amy to the bench seat, pushing her down beside Dan. Dan’s magnificent cock was hanging limp and flaccid, drooping from the edge of the bench. Amy took the meat roll from her mouth and sat with her right leg outstretched while the boy fixed a manacle onto her ankle.
The other girl from the pirates’ slave consignment, a large-breasted olive-skinned young woman, smiled at the boy. She pointed to the half-eaten meat roll on the wagon bed and said, “Feed Abigail, young Master?”
The boy was at first puzzled but then his face cracked into a smile. He went to retrieve the meat snack and gave it to the girl. Abigail bit into it hungrily, her eyes rolling in delight. Amy knew how she felt. The slaves’ food on the ship had been plain gruel, nourishing but disgusting and almost tasteless, and while they had been given fruit in the slave bagnio, no meat had passed their lips for weeks. The boy leapt lightly from the wagon and wandered away. Amy was about to pop the remainder of her own meat roll into her mouth but, as an afterthought, she raised it to Dan’s lips. He looked up sadly and shook his head. Amy shrugged and ate it herself. Her husband seemed broken, utterly defeated, but then he had just been so publicly fucked up the arse on the auction block.
The lad brought one more woman and added her to the slave benches in the wagon in the next hour or so. This slave was Mary, a teenage girl also from the pirate ship’s booty, and her fair body was flushed and covered in sweat from the slave block. Amy knew that the girl would still be writhing inside from her recent fucking and sale on the block. Amy wasn’t surprised for she couldn’t imagine quite what it would have been like to have been kept on the edge of orgasm all afternoon behind the curtains at the slave market before being brought to public release on the sales block. At least, Amy’s own sale had been early in the auction proceedings, so her period of pent-up frustration had been mercifully brief before its humiliating release.
“They’re both in the wagon, Captain,” a guard said. “There they are, you see. The stallion is manacled, of course.”
Captain? Amy looked sharply towards the tailgate. She saw Captain Henry Smith standing there with the guard. His face, framed by long, wavy blue-black hair and a neatly trimmed beard seemed even more pale than usual. He was resplendent in his blue military jacket decorated with gold braid and gleaming medals.
Henry Smith looked into the wagon, his head barely above the tailgate. He wasn’t a tall man, and slight of build. “Excellent,” he said, “help me up.” The guard knelt on one knee, offering his thigh as a step, and Smith leapt lithely onto the wagon bed. He strode to where Amy and Dan were sitting, a half-smile on his effete features as he surveyed them. “You belong to me now,” he said, placing his hands on their heads, as if in benediction, “bought fair and square. I’ve secured my future!”
Amy blinked. Captain Smith had purchased them both? That was a huge surprise. She had thought that he had already owned them. On the other hand, she knew that pirate democracy dictated that all booty should be shared amongst the crew, and slaves were prime booty. Even so, the strange and perverted little captain could have his pick of any number of slaves as he and his corsairs plundered and pillaged the coasts.
“Amy, see to your master’s cock,” Smith ordered.
It took a few seconds for Amy to understand the captain’s requirement, and in that short time he had cuffed her ear soundly. She blinked to clear her head and immediately reached to undo the buttons on Smith’s tight white breeches, fishing out his large cock. Captain Smith’s cock was the only large thing about him, other than his ego and ambition. She leaned forward to take the limp member into her mouth, but Smith pushed her head back.
“Just your hands, girl,” he said. “Fondle him until he stands to attention.”
Smith often referred to his penis in that way, as if it had a life and mind of its own, and perhaps it did.
“May I ask a question?” Amy ventured as she stroked the member and cupped the captain’s balls. “You bought my husband and me? I don’t understand...”
Smith smiled and closed his eyes as his cock gradually came firm in Amy’s hands. “My agent bought you both,” he said. “I maintained secrecy until I had the manifest safely in my hands, but I paid a fair market price, so they have no reason to complain.”
“But why, Master?” Amy asked, stroking the now-erect shaft with a feather-light touch.
“Because I didn’t want to alert them to your true value.” He pushed Amy’s hands away and then moved to stand with his straining cock only inches from Dan’s face. He said, “There you are, Pretty Bum, suck the man dry!” Dan inhaled sharply but he immediately leaned forward to manoeuvre the unnaturally large cock into his mouth. “And you, girl, keep rolling my balls in your hand.”
Amy glanced at Dan but his eyes were closed, perhaps in shame, as he bobbed his head down on the turgid shaft. Dan was unable to use his manacled hands, of course, but he was taking the large cock deeply into his mouth, and Amy was gently rolling the captain’s balls in her palm. Amy had often heard corsairs comment coarsely on Dan’s cocksucking capers. There was no shame in it, as far as she was concerned, for both of them had had to suck and fuck to survive. Like Amy, her young husband had been regularly used by the captain and crew of the pirate ship since being captured and only Dan’s abject cooperation had saved his balls from the castrating knife.
“I didn’t mean to question your secrecy, Master,” Amy dared to persist, expertly handling his balls and stretching a finger to stroke the eye of his anus. “I meant to ask why you had purchased us. There are lots of slaves.”
Smith gave a small, purring sigh of pleasure. “I bought you for your strange knowledge, wench,” he said. “You are the keys to my fortune and power.”
Amy nodded. It all made perfect sense. When first captured, when Dan and Amy had been less inhibited about talking of the strange fold in time that had brought them to this alien place, while other corsairs had dismissed their claims as fanciful, plain mad or worse, Captain Smith had been eager to learn everything he could about their knowledge of engineering science, particularly military and naval technology. He had immediately seen great advantage and power for himself, and he listened in awe as they told him about assault rifles, metal battleships, submarines, aircraft, radar and sonar... In that other time and place, in the 21st century, which seemed in another lifetime now, Amy had been a young blue stocking naval historian, and Smith had listened with rapt attention when she described even relatively minor advances in sailing ship design. For days on end, he had made Dan and Amy separately draw detailed diagrams and depictions of the things they described, testing one against the other for consistency. Unlike most of the superstitious pirate crew, he had become convinced of the truth of their stories. One or two others had taken an interest for baser reasons, and the ship’s Quartermaster had insisted that Dan and Amy (particularly Amy) be shared with the crew and treated like the rest of the captives in the orgiastic journey to port.
“Ah, that’s the way, boy,” Smith murmured, stroking Dan’s hair. “Take him deep in your throat.”
“You have bought all of these slaves?” Amy asked, glancing round the wagon and seeing the other slaves in the wagon were watching and listening with interest.
“What would I need with slaves? This is a slave carrier. These wretches are presumably being transported on the orders of their owners, just like you. I have simply paid for your overland passage to my retreat in the port of Tunis. It isn’t convenient for me to ship you by sea. Despite the fair sale, I still prefer to keep you both below decks. As for myself, I’m about to sail westward again.” Dan drew back, gasping for breath, tears coursing down his cheeks. Amy saw that Dan’s own cock was now strongly erect, jutting upwards. Smith saw the direction of Amy’s glance, and he said, “Aye, wench, come behind me, between my legs. Take the boy’s cock in your mouth. Let him enjoy it, for it’s the most pleasure he’ll get for a while. I intend to cage his cock.”
Amy groaned inwardly. For some reason, it seemed so humiliating to be ordered to suck her husband’s cock, especially when Dan was felating their master. Nevertheless, she slipped from her seat with a clank of the chain that held her ankle, and she knelt down behind the captain and pushed her head between his spread legs, feeling the wide caps of his boots brushing against her pendent breasts as she took Dan’s bulbous cock glans into her mouth. She licked her tongue around the rim and then bobbed her head down, just as Dan’s head, directly above, was bobbing up and down on the captain’s cock.


Not as good as the book that started Amy's story. Still full of sex, but was expecting someting like, say prison, chaingangs, forced labour, which the previous book hinted at, when she was sold at auction. I was a little disappointed, but it was a good read, and one I couldn't put down until I read it in one go. 4 out of 5 (MickyD)

Very good and arousing story! I look forward to reading future installments of this series. Highly recommended! 5 out of 5 (J)

Good follow on story. Left a cliff hangar for next book. Definitely read after first book 4 out of 5 (Eagleman)

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Experienced writer of innovative, plot-driven bsdm novels in both modern and historical settings.

No connection to John Norman, writer of the Gor Series.


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