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A Dangerous Conception (Roger Beresford)

A Dangerous Conception by Roger Beresford

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Lady Eliza Elton-Critchley had a plan, and her husband, Ian, was going to suffer. Unable to have children, she was desperate for an heir to her estate. When Lady Eliza’s cousin seduces him, Ian has no idea that it is all part of the plan, and soon he is suffering for his indiscretion, whipped regularly and, when the maid is sacked after Lady Eliza discovers that her husband has also been indulging in sexual relations with her, forced to take over her duties and dress in an outrageous parody of a maid’s uniform.

For Ian, it seems that his life could not be worse, but then Lady Eliza’s cousin announces she is pregnant…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 12 / 2011

No. words: 54970

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Spanking and Bondage, Sado-Masochism (SM)

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Eliza was sat at her dressing table in her nightgown when Ian entered the bedroom. He went to his side of the bed and began to undress ready for bed. He was down to his underpants when Eliza stopped brushing her hair and turned towards him.
“You haven’t been asking for sex recently, Ian, why’s that?”
“Well, I know that since our visit to Dr Thornlow you’ve not been very interested.”
“But you usually keep trying - what’s changed?”
“Eliza, I’d really like to make love with you, but I’m not going to force myself on you.”
“How noble! It couldn’t be that you’ve been getting your end away elsewhere, could it?”
“How could you think that?”
“Because I have it on good authority that you had sex with our maid!”
“How could you believe that? It’s simply not true,” said Ian emphatically.
“She told me! You persuaded her to give you a blowjob, under threat of sacking her.”
“I did not have sex with that woman!”
“Come on, Ian, admit it. You were up here having a wank when she interrupted you. She gave you an orgasm.”
“Never! Not true!” said Ian, shaking his head vigorously.
“All right, I can’t prove it. It’s her word against yours. But she also said that you were wearing my underwear; have you been wearing my clothes privately? Without my permission!”
Ian hesitated a moment too long, his face flushed and he stuttered, “I… er… No, of course I haven’t.”
“I don’t believe you, Ian. I think you get a thrill from wearing my clothes and wanking yourself - don’t you?”
“I don’t mind if you do. It’s complimentary in some ways; more experimentation in our sex life might renew my interest. We both know how you like to have your bottom smacked, and there’s no harm in also dressing up in female clothes, if that turns you on.”
“Sure, OK then, I admit it. It does excite me.”
“So, what are you admitting? Tell me the truth now, please! Did that woman give you a blowjob? Or is it that you like to dress in my clothes when I’m not here?”
He hesitated a moment too long, trapping himself. “I tried to resist, but she caught me in a very compromising situation. She sort of took over. I was too weak to resist; but we didn’t have proper sex - just a quickie blow job.”
“Well, well,” said Eliza deep in thought. “So Isabelle was telling the truth. How could you do such a thing? And dressed in my underwear!?”
“It just happened,” explained Ian weakly.
“I think you need to be punished for your ‘weakness’,” said a thoughtful Eliza. “None of the gentle, lovingly given spankings with a strap. I think I shall get hold of a proper Rattan cane and give you a thrashing that you will not enjoy. What do you say to that?”
“I deserve it. I’m sorry for what I did. If punishing me would redeem my behaviour, I can accept that. I’m really ashamed that I gave in to her.”
“Ashamed! So you should be. I’ll make sure you suffer for that orgasm!” said Eliza, brightening to the idea. ‘It would pay him back for screwing June as well,’ she mused.
“I shall do that then. No! You will! You’ll go down to the Adult shop in The Precinct tomorrow and buy me some canes. Three of various thicknesses, and then tomorrow evening I shall use them on you.”
Ian slept fitfully that night. He kept waking and remembering the task he would be undertaking the next day. Perversely, it both worried and excited him. He deserved to be punished for his liaison with Isabelle, and he was sure that he could take a one-off caning, even if it did hurt rather than excite. He was very thankful that his sexual contact with June had not been suspected. Eliza might view that a lot more seriously.

Author Information

Roger is an English author of Femdom and general erotica.


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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