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Alien Abduction (Peter Marriner)

Alien Abduction by Peter Marriner


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    • Average 4.0 from 4 ratings

Emily is driving through Arizona on a lonely highway when she realises a real UFO is tracking her. Almost before she knows what is happening, she is in the spaceship, with strange beings inspecting her, ones she calls Silver Suits and Spiders. Inspected, caged, sold, Emily’s life becomes a wild mix of sex, pain and slavery as she is passed from one alien master to another, meeting up with other abducted Earth people along the way!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2011

No. words: 38000

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

With a sudden feeling of guilt, it occurred to Emily that somehow this might just be an embarrassing dream she was having. That she had parked off the road and fallen asleep behind the wheel. But surely at such a peak of orgasm she couldn’t have avoided waking up? It was clear that the experience was real and the extra-terrestials were the cause. The strange lights and gauges were really taking measurements of her reactions. She was frightened, but nonetheless confident that she knew how this would end. The strange effect of helplessness had dissipated. She would be given a message to her people and then set free to tell her story to the unbelieving newspapers. She decided instantly that she would do nothing of the sort; her father had enough influence in the USA to suppress any embarrassing news stories about his beloved daughter.
Alone on the road, Emily had been driving into a vivid sunset. As an Englishwoman, the emptiness of America never ceased to astonish her. This was one of the remoter corners of the half continent. The Arizona desert stretched out level except for a line of vari-coloured buttes still sunlit in the distance and without a sign of human habitation. The sky was clouding over and as the colourful sunset faded she switched on the headlights of her sports car; only a dozen miles of the emptiness to go. The state of the art sat-nav in the Porsche showed a small town called Calamity to be the next place with services on the route and she had called to book a hotel room for that night.
She saw the flying saucer swoop suddenly out of the gloom to her right with a feeling of incredulity. It descended and swung parallel with the car, shedding speed with astonishing swiftness to remain level. It was golden in colour and faintly luminous. Small lights, red and white, winking on and off in sequence, chased around the rim. The reflected glow of its light on the desert surface showed that it was flying close and low alongside. It was not very large, probably not much larger than one of the huge road transport trucks she had passed earlier in the day. Incredulity gave way to certainty. It was the real thing. The slow parallel flight alongside gave Emily the uneasy impression that she was being inspected. She thought of all the flying saucer contact stories she had read. Sure enough, the car engine cut out suddenly, the radio went dead, the headlights failed and the dashboard went dark all at the same instant. She forced herself to remain calm, steering the silent car off the road as it coasted to a halt, then carefully checked everything. None of the car’s electrics seemed to be working. With sudden recollection she sought to activate the kidnap alarm that her father had insisted upon, though help would be a long time coming out here, at least it would track her position. No red light! After a moment’s thought she fished the flashlight out of the glove compartment. Even that was as dead as the rest, so it wasn’t the car that was at fault. Looking upwards for the saucer, she saw it float slowly ahead of her and descend slowly to land about a hundred yards away, the coloured lights still flashing in sequence round its rim, but at a much slower rate. Emily told herself she must remember as much detail as possible. It seemed to sit quite flat on the earth, a short cylindrical thing with a domed top projecting from the upper surface that looked as if it might contain some sort of command centre.
A black oblong had opened in the lower hull of the saucer. It lit up and, illuminated by the flood of white light, she saw silvery humanoid figures emerging. Reluctant to be found cowering in the car, she took a deep breath and, opening the door, slid out onto the sandy earth. Two figures advanced towards her, seeming of masculine human build, tall and clad in tight fitting metallic silver one-piece suits. The eyes, apparently fixed upon her, were inhumanly large, almond shaped and luminous. Instinctively she knew they were not men. For certain this wasn’t some secret US Air Force plane making a forced landing, they were the classic extra terrestrials! She forced herself to advance a few steps, feeling weak at the knees.
“Who are you, please?” she called, somewhat intimidated by their silence. They made no reply, walking stiffly with evident purposefulness towards her.
“Can you understand our language?” she tried again, her voice wobbling uncertainly as they loomed closer with no sound of breathing, or making any response. She ran the few steps back to the car and fumbled behind her for the door handle, unable to take her eyes off the advancing figures, reflecting that she had seen and read of this sequence so many times. She was less than sure of the accuracy of those accounts, but they sapped her confidence in the utility of another effort to start the car. She remained pressed up against the car door, trembling with fear and excitement as the figures closed in. The extraterrestrials towered over her, at least six footers and certainly man-shaped, except that by the evidence of their tightly fitting suits they were as sexless as reports usually asserted. The grip of their hands when they plucked her from the side of the car was like a pair of steel bands round her arms. Her father had been concerned that some African terrorist group, opposed to his company’s activity, might track her down, seeking to hold her hostage, but something like this would never have crossed his mind.
She was walked forcibly across the intervening distance and taken into the saucer. The bright light blinded her at first as she was handled easily and lifted onto a flat surface that felt smooth and cold beneath her body. She flopped helplessly between their unyielding hands, unable to manage her limbs and supposed that she must have been sedated somehow, for her muscles had completely relaxed, no longer responding to commands. Her brain still seemed clear enough, though she had difficulty in focusing her eyes against the light, while her efforts at speech produced only a gurgling sound. She tried to remember what all those stories had said. She had thought them mere fantasies encouraged by the sillier kind of newspaper for their ‘Gee-whiz’ content. Yet, if accurate, they showed that others had survived these contacts unharmed. She told herself firmly not to panic, to trust that these creatures were scientists of their own kind.
The space she was in was small but one wall that she could see was quite filled by a spider web construction, full of lights at junction points and fluorescent tubes along the lines. Helpless to resist or protest, she was undressed with rapid efficiency. In her experience, the average human male displayed less capacity than these alien creatures, or was it simply that the Silver Suits had plenty of practice? All too soon she lay on her back stark naked, her arms drawn up above her head, firmly held at the wrists. Her knees were bent back and her feet lifted until that she could see her both her ankles without lifting her head, high up and clamped into metal stirrups on either side. Her thighs were now pulled so wide that she could feel the tendons standing out taut and her mound projecting upwards. She was being held helplessly open for exactly the sort of gynaecological examination that the alien encounter stories reported. Something smooth and cold nudged into the tightness of her sphincter. Peering in dismay between the gently slumped curves of her breasts, Emily could see one of the Silver Suits between her naked legs bending forward as if to manipulate some piece of equipment. She strove to loosen the bonds of her tongue, but only made gagging sounds, no more coherent than before. She hoped fervently that they understood human orifices. A thicker tube, just as cold, was sliding into her anus as easily as if it carried its own lubrication. There was a long hiss. Emily gasped indignantly as two thin liquid jets burst into her, one into her bladder the other her bowels, as if to fill her to bursting, then stop and reverse. With frantic shame she felt all her efforts at retention collapse, her wastes spurting out through relaxed muscles, gurgling noisily, yet being sucked up somehow as it did so through the intruded tubes. Their withdrawal left her red-faced yet quivering with relief. Perhaps it had only been a medical sanitary technique, she had no idea after all, but that her wastes might pollute the environment of an alien craft.
Another probe re-entered her behind; a considerably thicker one this time. It slid slowly into her through her anus, going deep until Emily panicked again, imagining that this time it might not stop, flexing her wrists and ankles against the restraints, making as much noise as she could manage until she felt the message she was giving must be obvious. Whether or not it made any difference to her captors, the probe did halt and she groaned in relief. Then to her horror she felt it growing in girth instead. It was swelling in its circumference, distending her anal ring. She was solidly and irremovably impaled upon its length and could do nothing but repeat her expressions of distress with heartfelt fervour. She was plugged as tight as the fleshy rim would withstand by the time it stopped and then much more rapidly than it had expanded, it shrank away and slipped out of her smarting bottom hole with a distinctly empty plop.
The effects of her sedation had begun to wear off or else the stimulation of her anal passage had evoked an extra sensitivity everywhere else. The same probe or a similar one was now being applied to her vaginal passage which, under the tension of her posture, must have been gaping open all the while. By now she could lift her head until she could almost get a glimpse of the instrument in the hands of its enigmatic expressionless silver operator. It slid inexorably within her, cold and mechanical, going deeper and deeper. This time she had learnt the ropes and held her breath with uncertain nerves until she felt she had taken as much as should satisfy them, then gave vent to her expressions of alarm again, confident that she had mastered the technique. Perhaps her ruse had registered upon some instrument for this probe only pressed on deeper despite her increasing cries, then just as she really began to panic, it did stop. The expansion followed again. Her vagina being more elastic than her anus, it took a long time to reach straining point. Emily was wide-eyed and gasping by the time it finished, feeling stoppered inhumanly tight. But it collapsed with the same rapidity as the former, leaving her with a feeling of gaping vacancy between her legs when it slid out. She could almost have regretted losing that feeling of being so solidly filled, if only the intrusion had been a bit more responsive! Off to the side, meanwhile, the panel of lights flickered on and off, changing colours occasionally while the vertical tubes showed slowly rising or sinking proportions of light and dark like gauges perhaps registering some condition of her body.
A new horror appeared in her view. The hands left her and she found control of her limbs instantly restored, but by then it was too late for she lay tightly restrained and unable to defend herself. The Silver Suits had backed off and now stood motionless in the background and she was surrounded instead upon the examination table by several tall black hairy-bodied giant arachnids. Their bodies were double spheres, perched atop four thin angled and jointed legs, the lower part the size of a forty-gallon oil drum, the upper of beach-ball size. All was wreathed in a transparent bubble within which beady eyes upon the ends of extended stalks swivelled as if to inspect her. The legs seemed to be decorated with individual arrangements of ribbons in different colours and patterns. An extra pair of jointed limbs similarly decorated, served for arms each ending in four pincer-like fingers. It seemed that the spider creatures had taken over the investigation, clicking exchanges passing between them, a language sounding as if it were the old Morse code carried by a spluttery radio link.
One of the insects loomed between her and the lights, a forelimb extended and the ‘fingers’ descended towards her mouth. She set her teeth tightly, guessing at what was likely to happen, but the digits barely nudged her lips then splayed, two up in a V and two down joined together to make the stem of a Y, pressing her lips apart until her clamped teeth were revealed. That seemed to satisfy her examiners, as if they only wanted to be sure she had teeth. A distant hiss and a clunk sounded ominously like a door closing. In the interval that followed she speculated uneasily as to what all these measurements of depth and capacity might be for. Yet another probe followed between her thighs. She felt it nudge her gaping sex lips and trembled in anticipation. The closing of the door had sounded very final. Did it mean that she had been approved as a suitable specimen and was not to be immediately released? This time the probe was soft skinned and warm, almost like a human organ. Emily emitted a startled squeak. Neither the Spiders nor the Silver Suits were human, surely! It made no immediate assault upon her, but was impossible to ignore, pressing gently but insistently at the very entrance to her vagina. Hands cupped her breasts. She told herself not to be a fool; they must belong to some cushioned machine tool and that the hardening of her nipples was only due to the cool air. She squeaked even more nervously as objects looking very like electrodes were clipped to each stiffened nipple, while judging by the feel of hard edged grips between her legs, more were being added to her labia. A smooth spatula-like instrument lifted back the little fleshy hood of her labia long enough to allow another clip to be attached to the sensitive bud of her clitoris. Finally a slim pencil-like instrument slid gently but insistently into her anus. There was a nerve-wracking pause while she remained uncertain of what the nature of this new ordeal might be, whether a scientific test or an act of fiendish torture.
Fiendish it might have been, but not entirely the torture that Emily had half expected. Gentle pulses of sensation suffused her flesh, centred upon the slowly entry of the warm probe between her legs. Sensation flowed up and down her labia like strokes of velvet and pulsed within her, while all the time the probe pushed deeper and deeper. She felt her clitoris stiffening and swelling around its electrode, while her nipples stiffened under the effect of a similar sensation like a hot tongue curling simultaneously round the little nodules in countervailing directions. Her cheeks clenched spontaneously around the intrusion in her anus and she twisted and jerked her hips like a belly dancer in an involuntary attempt to deny the soft solidity of the main probe entry into the deeper confines of her flesh.
Her audience was not human, Emily reminded herself wildly. There was no shame in betraying her reaction to such stimulus. She tugged tentatively once or twice at her restraints, but when the erotic stimulation continued relentlessly she abandoned any further attempt, satisfied that she had no choice but to submit. She had never experienced such an arousal. Her entire abdomen throbbed, her clitoris pulsed and her breasts tingled. Her movements became an effort to increase the experience rather than to avoid it. She found she could make the probe sink a little further into her with each effort she made and abandoned all caution, wriggling it deeper. It seemed to pulse in waves as it went deeper and deeper. Explosive contractions began, built up, and overwhelmed her at last and she wailed in half-ashamed ecstatic release. The pulses died away with her noisy orgasm and she lay collapsed in the possession of alien instruments, panting and trembling, overwhelmed with astonishment at her own performance.
She wasn’t released and she was given no message. Instead she was taken deeper into the saucer, put into a cage and left there, still naked. The last she saw of the Silver Suits, they were still standing rigid and immobile around the examination table like some sort of humanoid robot. Her real captors were the spider-like creatures. They communicated with one another by the unmusical piping and whistling sounds, but paid no heed to her own attempts at contact, though they supplied her with food and water and checked her cage regularly. There was a shallow bowl with a covered central slot and two vaguely foot shaped indentations either side of it, obviously meant for wastes. Pressure on the foot shapes made the cover slide aside, she found, and release of pressure closed it again. The transparent bubble that enveloped the Spiders’ upper half seemed to be a breathing apparatus since it had looping hose connections to a kind of pack slung beneath the limbs. Emily speculated that the spiders’ own conditions in the rest of the craft might be quite different from those she was provided with. She had glimpsed at least two other cages in adjoining compartments as she was carried in, but all that was on view in her own space were enigmatic but utilitarian appearing pipes or cables and a tightly closed door.

She was kept in the cage for a long time, several days at least, if the periods of light and dark, like the temperature and the air quality, were accurate reflections of those of earth. She wondered if she was intended as a sort of zoological specimen and the nature of the measurements preyed upon her mind. She couldn’t help dwelling upon the idea of possibly being mated with some other captive that the Spiders might have decided was a similarly fine specimen of the human male. Feeling an uneasy excitement at the prospect, she supposed it would be no worse than the arranged marriage that some societies practiced on earth. Would she be made to do it in public? She squirmed as she imagined an audience of intelligent Spiders taking notes.


1st half was reasonably OK and imaginative, and the return to earth in some future time was handled well. The second half promised well with lots of beatings and the promise of interratial sex, but it decended into nonsense about body altering and hucow idiocy. Guess what, not my taste! I like Marriner's writing generally, but not this one. 3 out of 5 (Sooty)

Author Information

For many years a Merchant Seaman who voyaged world wide. Wrote most of the stories then foe my own amusement and updated them later for publication.

An interest in SF themes particularly Post Catastrophe worlds as a way to strand white females among non-European survivor groups.

Some of the stories are historically based in wilder times and places.


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