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Angel's Masters (Jay Aress)



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A story in the fabled 'Gor' tradition. Book 3 of the’ Angel’ Saga. Abducted from her home by time travelling slavers on her eighteenth birthday, Angel is taken to an Earth far in the past. There she is made immortal, to live forever as a young and naked slave-girl, available to all men and free women.

Angel’s many adventures and suffering as a ponygirl and passion slave pale into insignificance when measured against the torments as she is kidnapped, gang-banged many times, whipped, exposed to the elements, buried in sand up to her neck, deserted by the Master she learns to love and finally sold on yet again!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Olympia Press    Published: 10 / 2011

No. words: 40000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, SciFi BDSM/Bondage

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Abducted from her home by time travellers on her eighteenth birthday, Angel is taken to an Earth far in the past, before life emerged from the sea. There she is made immortal, to live forever as a young and naked slave-girl, available to all men and free women. After more than fifty years of hardship, rape and punishments she discovers that her previous boyfriend, Steve, is her mysterious Master, whom she must now address as Master Stephen. After a terrible beating she works as a pony-girl and is then intensively trained as a passion slave. Collected by her Master from the training school, Angel is handed over to a slave dealer to be sold.

NOTE: On this world days are twenty hours long and years last four hundred days.

One – SOLD

As the Slave Master dragged Angel through the doorway, she looked at Master Stephen and he flashed his smile, the smile that had attracted her to him so many years ago. Then the heavy door slammed and he was gone.
“Body search!” the Slaver ordered. Slave-girls were not permitted to carry contraband into auction houses.
Obeying without hesitation, she spread her feet a yard from the base of the wall and leaned forward to place her palms wide apart and at head level against the cold stones. The Slaver lifted one hand away and felt between her fingers and across her palm, continuing his search down her arm to her armpit, repeating the procedure on her other arm. He removed a comb from his pocket and ran it through her thick auburn hair roughly and very thoroughly then pushed the hair over her shoulder so he could see her back and neck. He ran his finger under her steel collar then moved his hands down her back, haunches and legs, lifting each foot in time to feel her instep and between her toes. Pulling her hair over her back again he worked his way from her crotch upwards to her breasts and armpits, spending quite a long time kneading her generous orbs. To finish, the brute felt between her legs, delving his fingers into her vagina and anus and then, with dirty fingers, the inside of her mouth. Angel tasted the sweetness of her love juices combined with the staleness from her bottom. Throughout this degrading search she remained silent, not even crying out when he stretched her sphincter, thereby saving herself a beating; slave-girls do not complain when Masters search or use them. They are, of course, only animals existing to serve and please free persons.
By the time the Master had searched Angel he had become very aroused, so he wasted no time in using her slender body. When he was fully satisfied he left her standing in position, on tiptoes.
She remained there for an hour, arms steadily tiring, shoulders, thighs and calves aching, feet cold, before the Slave Dealer returned. He had removed his mask and Angel thought that she had not seen such an ugly man in all her life. He tied her wrists behind her back and then kissed her mouth. Several years ago, before her training as a passion slave, Angel would have fought and struggled before kissing such a repulsive man and earned a beating for her reluctance, but now she pressed her lips softly to his and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth.
The Slaver grasped her by the hair and led her, head against his thigh, along the corridor and down a spiral staircase. She almost fell headlong down the stairs but he held her steady, gripping her hair tightly. They reached a small guardroom and went through it to a larger room containing eight treadmills, four to each side. Seven were being worked by sweating slave-girls.
Angel gasped as she entered the room: it was hot and humid, and the temperature must have been over 40 degrees Celsius, the humidity nearly 100 per cent. A Master was encouraging the girls to work the mills, cracking a whip across their naked flesh whenever they faltered or slipped off the treads. Two totally exhausted girls were being punished with an electrical goad pressed to their bodies between their thighs and under their breasts and armpits. In seconds Angel was fastened over the vacant treadmill, arms tied high, the treads slowly descending beneath her feet, forcing her to lift one foot after the other to avoid slipping off and receiving a stroke of the whip. The torture went on and on without a break for hours on end, by which time the Masters, who only spent thirty minutes at a time in the unbearable heat, were using the goad mercilessly.
Angel lost all sense of time; there was just the relentless climb that got her nowhere, the red hot blows of the whip, the endless flow of sweat and the body wrenching bolts of electricity. Occasionally a bottle of water was held to her lips to replace the liquid lost and food was thrust into her mouth with a big spoon. All the other girls in the room had collapsed, one after the other, and had been released from the treadmills, to be replaced by new girls. Finally Angel could go on no longer and hung from her bonds, feet hanging over the treads. After a short period, during which the electrical torture went on, the Master decided she was finished and released her bonds. She collapsed onto the stone floor.
“Well done, little slave,” he said, lifting her up. “Eighty seven hours, that is more than most slaves can do, with such stamina you will bring us a good price.”
She was carried back up the staircase and along a corridor, deeper into the Slaver’s house, to a long line of small steel cages set up along one wall of the corridor.
The Master draped her limp body over the top of an empty cage, lowered his trousers, sodomised her brutally, then folded her into the tiny cage with her head tucked between her knees. To one side of her all the cages contained naked slave-girls, on the other side they were empty. New girls were brought in occasionally to fill the empty cages. Once a day they were drawn out of their cages in batches of ten, taken to a latrine where the could void their bowels under the watchful eyes of Masters, then forced to run for an hour in a courtyard open to the merciless sun. The Masters wanted their wares to be fit and tanned when put up for sale. Gasping for breath, the girls were hosed down with freezing cold water and, still wet, were returned to the cages.
Crouched in their little cages, slaves had little diversion to catch their attention, just the daily grind of feeding, running and the occasional rape. Angel spent her time devising ways of delighting her new owner, whoever he or she would be. For sixty years of her slavery she had fought to keep her resistance alive, hating what free persons could do to her, trying her best to hide her revolt, to escape extra punishment. Master Stephen had noted her resistance by studying her body language, but let it go. Then he had sent her to train as a passion slave; she was now a passive, willing slave-girl, ready to please Masters in any way, eager to display her love and respect of free persons. She had been tamed and she waited patiently in her cage for whatever fate threw at her.
One day a long line of naked and collared slave-girls shuffled past the cages.
Although they were all very attractive they were obviously new slaves, weeping and complaining as they moved along, struggling with the handcuffs that confined their wrists behind their backs. Fresh brands decorated the inside curves of their right thighs, which also displayed the tattoos giving their ages and the year of their arrival. Many still had pubic hair; it would be up to their new owners whether or not this would be kept, most Masters would have it permanently removed. They could not have been on the planet for more than a few days; just long enough to be injected with the immortality drugs and bathed in ice water for two days as the drugs took hold. They did not understand the language of their Masters, or where on Earth they were; only later would they discover the terrible truth that they had been transported through time and a return to their previous lives was impossible.
They were being taken straight to the auction room to be sold off cheaply to dealers who would give them basic training, their new owners hoping that they may come across a particularly submissive girl who would bring a good price when sold on. They would all eventually become willing and obedient slaves, but it would cost time and expense to the Masters and pain and humiliation to the girls. The coffle of new slaves moved along swiftly, the slave house happy to take a small profit to avoid feeding and handling charges. They were aged between sixteen and nineteen, of mixed race and type, the one thing they had in common was beauty. They were beautiful enough to be enslaved. Very quickly they all had new Masters.
The slave-girls in the cages, including Angel, had already spent some time in this world and were well trained; they had been reserved for a specialised sale where enormous sums were sometimes paid. Sometimes a particular slave, not the most attractive of the girls, would be bid upon by two Masters and fetch a fabulous price and sometimes a true beauty could not reach a suitable price and would be retained and punished. On her subsequent sale she would strive to get a price that matched her value.
Each slave was trained in the choreography of a vended girl and assessed on how she would appear to the customers in the best light, in order to raise higher bids. No two girls were displayed in exactly the same way in order to keep the interest of the audience. Three days before the sale they were moved to larger, more comfortable cages, so they could stretch themselves; slaves straight from the small cages would be too stiff to display themselves with grace. The larger cages were also for display; potential customers, mostly persons who had made purchases before, were invited to a preview of the goods on sale. The slave-girls could be summoned to the front of the cage to display their beauty and permit the guests to handle their proffered bodies.
On the day of the sale all the girls were moved to the sales room and chained to a long bar fitted on stanchions along one side of the room. One by one they were taken up to the stage and, for the last time, performed the slave dances taught them. Angel’s performance started with her running onto the stage, taking tiny steps, opening her arms wide to the crowd with a smile on her face and crying to the audience ‘buy this slave, Masters, she will give you great pleasure’. She would then go to the Auctioneer at the front centre of the stage who would start her sale.
After she had practised her display she was re-chained to the long bar; the sale would not start until the evening. In the late afternoon a group of slave-girls, the permanent property of the auction house, came to wash the girls and apply makeup. Angel’s hair was brushed until it shone and her body oiled until it glowed. Tiny specks of tinsel in the oil caught the lights; it would look even better under the stage spotlights. Black powder brushed lightly onto her cheeks accentuated her high cheekbones, green eye shadow and black eyeliner displayed her bright, emerald green eyes, orange lipstick mirrored her auburn hair. The lipstick was also painted over her nipples and wide aureole. Her hairless labia minora and clitoris were highlighted with vivid pink lipstick and she was ready for sale. She looked good enough to eat.
The sale began and one by one the slave-girls went up onto the stage, were displayed and bid upon and finally sold. The slaves could hear the noise of the audience, the bids, the ribald comments and the roar of applause when a girl was purchased. The queue in front of Angel grew shorter and her excitement mounted. She had been sold at auction before, but had been tricked, as the buyer had been the wife of Master Stephen, an arrangement had been made with the Auctioneer, so Angel did not actually have a new owner. This time, she was sure a new Master would purchase her. This was a time of great stress to a slave-girl, who would buy her? Whoever did would own her absolutely, slaves had no choice but to be the best slave they could be.
At last the slave before her was sold and Angel made her little run onto the stage.

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This author's series of Angel books was inspired by the famous Gor books.


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