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Acquisitions For The Talistaun Continue... (W.L. Dowd)

Acquisitions For The Talistaun Continue... by W.L. Dowd

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In this follow-up story to W.L. Dowd’s bestselling book, Enslaved By The Talistaun, we’re treated to another extraordinarily intense and gripping tale of tight bondage, complete domination and humiliating sex-slave training once again!

In ‘Acquisitions For The Talistaun Continue’ the evil Talistaun’s reign of cruelty, interrogations, and enslavement appears unstoppable. Their sadistic hold on America continues to grow tighter each day as their slave farms need more recruits, and the terrifying deliveries of newly abducted slaves become more common place. As a result, no woman is safe to travel the streets outside the walls of Talistaun. And with the recent creation of highly trained ‘Slaver Teams’, the Talistaun now have the capability of snatching any target of choice, no matter how important or well protected.

Once marked for capture and interrogation, absolutely no one is safe from the Slaver Teams. Growing more and more paranoid, even the seemingly innocent can find themselves suffering in the ‘Interrogation Chamber’.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2011

Also Available in Paperback - Click Here

No. words: 46500

Style: Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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In this sequel to ‘Abducted and Enslaved for the Talistaun’, the Talistaun’s brutal rule appears unstoppable. Their unwavering commitment to control and physically enslave the non-conformists of our society is undeniably cruel and relentless.
Now, in addition to having their newly formed militia available to enforce general order, the Talistaun have created ten specialized and highly trained groups called ‘Slaver Teams’. These teams were sent on missions across the United States to abduct and deliver targets of interest to the Nation of Talistaun. These human targets were typically resistance leaders, rebellious former government officials, vocal dissidents, or other highly desirable targets.
And as if the new world order wasn‘t frightening enough, word was starting to get out about the human slave training and trafficking that was taking place within the Nation of Talistaun. And this included horrific rumors about the ‘Nanites’ that were one of the Talistaun’s newest weapons of torture. Ingested by their victims, these microscopic robots could be programed to torture from within. When activated by a simple PDA, the evil internal invaders would bring their host’s bodies to unimaginable levels of sexual desire and torment. These stories of cruel human slavery, training and torture, frightened even the hardest of men and struck panicked fear in the hearts of women around the globe.
The Talistaun made it very clear that if you minded your own business, worked hard for the good of their mother nation, and obeyed the laws and rules they imposed outside their walls, you would be left to live your life in relative peace. But this unwritten rule was becoming more and more difficult to blindly accept, as growing rumors of the slaver team’s secret missions grew more wide-spread all around the globe!
* * * Extract Chapter 1 ***
Inside the Milking Barn, each new day came with the same fear that their human milk bags would rupture from the intense internal pressure. As much as they knew relief would soon come with the opening of the doors, the fullness in their breasts was overwhelming. In the final hour before they mounted the milking machines, their large swollen nipples would begin to drip with their milk.
For Kimie, the 18 year old virgin who was sent to the milking farm with her mother Veronica, her young body and mind really didn’t understand the sensations of milk production and extraction. Each day, the adorable cutie awoke to the intense fullness and amazing sight of her hard swollen breasts with a wincing gasp.
And for her mother Veronica, it was a doubly hard existence. Not only did she have to endure her own humiliating torment, but she also had to deal with the sight and sounds of her daughter’s daily ordeal. She desperately wanted to bring her daughter some relief by sucking some of the milk from her plump and oozing nipples, but she knew the punishment for that was severe and she dared not risk it.
Whenever Angie overheard Veronica coaching Kimie on how to endure the intense sensations in her young stretched breasts, she couldn’t help but think of her own daughter Ashley. She wondered how Ashley was adapting to her existence as a lesbian sex-slave to Mistress Heather. Thankful that Ashley was spared from the breeding barn, she still struggled with the thought of Ashley’s face planted between Heather’s outstretched legs. Her nightly dreams were consumed by the vision of Ashley licking and sucking Heather’s clit until the cruel Mistress climaxed in a violent orgasm.
Like the numerous other women who were enslaved at the milking farm for any significant period of time, their bodies had toned up quite nicely. They’d mastered their mandatory daily walking routines in their specially designed high heel boots, and it showed. From head to toe, their body fat levels dropped significantly as their bodies slowly transformed into amazing examples of physical fitness. Their incredibly toned bodies now rippled with the visible signs of sensuality as they moved about. Forced to march around the large holding pen atop their specially heeled boots with their arms cuffed behind them, their bodies developed in ways they never expected. Once ordinary housewives, Angie and Veronica now looked more like super models!
With their milk laden breasts well supported by their leather body harnesses and magically extending from their bodies, it was a common site to see the men of the compound gathering around the screen walls of the pen throughout the day. It was always entertaining to watch the captives as they meet their required exercise regiments. Even though the milking slaves had learned to walk in ways that minimized the impact on their engorged globes, their swollen tits still bobbled and swung about to the delight of the onlookers.
It was intensely humiliating for the women to be on display as they were, especially the younger ones. Seeing the men with their mouths hanging open as they stared at their naked bodies in motion, never got any easier.
Several of the men who gathered outside the pen would have their own personal slaves in tow. Bound, gagged, and collared at the end of a leash, these slaves were often forced to stand close to the screens and watch the helpless women in the pen. Sometimes the collared slaves were clearly the property of the men holding their leash. They were just out for a walk with their owner and found themselves witnessing the ordeals behind the screens. While other times, the bound and collared women were clearly new arrivals to the compound, who were relegated to the Sex Slave Farm and were out for training designed to break them. The milkers could often hear the men threatening the collared slaves with turning them into milkers if they didn’t behave and learn.
But many times, the largest crowds would assemble in the morning hours before the milking chamber opened. It was during this time that the helpless women were at the peak of their production cycle, and the most entertaining to watch as they strained to make it to the magic milking hour. The look of discomfort and anticipation on their faces was a spectacle of torments that were only visible in the morning hours.
It was the intense range of emotions and sensations behind their agony that made their morning expressions so priceless. The months of captivity did little to harden the beautiful American women to the relentless experiences of their existence. Their discomfort was twofold; first, their tits were so full and hard that they ached with pressure, and secondly, the humiliation of being on display as bound and enslaved milkers was still as intense as it was the first day they arrived.
But it was the anticipation of the inevitable routine on the milking machines that made their eyes sparkle with pleasurable despair, if that was such a thing. The torturous hormone that made their bodies produce the coveted milk also awakened their feminine sexuality. Not only did they desperately need to relieve the mounting pressure within their tits, but they knew that the milking machines would also extract multiple orgasms from their helpless bodies.
Each trip to the chamber was a humiliating reminder of how their sensual bodies betrayed them like clockwork. And it was the walk from the chamber’s machines and back to the pen each day, which left them exhausted and dreading the next 24 hours ahead.
For Kimie, the daily ordeal felt much more intense. Wearing a bright white harness, which very publically designated her as a virgin, the beautiful 18 year old brunette could see the on-lookers gawked and pointed at her with great excitement. The big smiles and wide eyes of those watching her exercise in the large pen only further fueled her personal humiliation. Veronica tried to screen her suffering daughter from the voyeurs but it was generally a useless effort. Of the fifty or so women currently enslaved at the milking farm, only six worn the tell-tale white harnesses, and they were clearly a popular attraction.
In addition to her unwelcome popularity, Kimie’s virgin body was still struggling to understand what was happening. Going from sexual innocence, to producing large amounts of breast milk daily, was an incredibly confusing thing for her young body. And just as it was with all the virgins, the hormones that turned her into a highly productive milker were doubly effective as a sexual stimulant. It was an unexpected side effect for Kimie and the other virgins, and it wasn’t long before the Talistaun scientists were researching the cause of this phenomenon and working on an improved formula to duplicate those effects in all the enslaved women.
Like Kimie, the other virgins were enslaved with their beautiful mothers and it wasn’t difficult to spot the mother-daughter duos. The mothers typically tried to shield their young girls from the men leering into the pen, especially when it was necessary for the teenage girls to extract a drink of water from the cock shaped water probe stations in each corner of the pen.
Being located in the corners was clearly for a purpose, the mothers couldn’t block the view from both sides. They had to pick a side, leaving the other open for the men to get a close-up view of the girls as they slipped their mouths over the long thick rubber cocks to work the water from the probes. It took a lot of sucking and stroking up and down to get the precious water to flow from the phalluses. It was the only water available to the milkers so they had no choice but to suck and slurp the life sustaining liquid from the thick rubber cocks. And it was always an exciting show for the folks looking on.
When it came to the hours prior to milking, when a milker slave found it necessary to drink some water, that several of the local men found it the most enjoyable time to visit the pen. The sight of their large swollen breasts jumbling about as they worked at the water probe was amazing. Often there would be a sex slave trainer pulling a naked and collared woman to the screen and exclaiming, “See that slut, that’s how you suck a cock!”
On occasion the women would attempt to discreetly work together to try and block the view of their daughters from both sides. But the Talistaun prided themselves in providing their citizens with exciting views of the suffering slaves, so with the threat of punishment by nipple flies for attempting this stunt, it rarely worked for long.
With the large clock over the chamber doors showing 9:50 AM, all the women were starting to bunch up at the chamber’s doors. They were now gently shifting about on their high heels, stepping back and forth, and fidgeting about, as they anxiously waited for the doors to open.
At the peak of her suffering, Kimie started to plead with her mother.
“Mom, please, if Mr. Amid wants to fuck me, please let him, I’m begging you! I can’t take it much longer. I have to have a cock inside me, I have to.”
“Honey, I know it’s hard but I’m not sure I can handle seeing you deflowered while mounted to that machine. You deserve so much better than that.”
“Mom, I don’t care, I really don’t, please let him take me. It’s unbearable how the emptiness inside my vagina tortures me when I climax on the machine. I don’t think I can survive much more of this while still a virgin. Mom please, you can’t let me suffer like this anymore, you just can’t!”
Turning to Angie, who was close by as usual, Kimie continued, “Angie please, you have to help me. If mom won’t, I’m begging you. Please, if Mr. Amid or another man circles behind us, please help me, please ask him to take my cherry.”
Looking over to Veronica, who now had an awful tormented look of despair in her eyes, Angie responded, “I, I’m, I’m not sure sweetie.”
Unsure what to say next, Angie shook her head with uncertainty as Kimie’s pleading eyes caused her heart to sink in her chest. Angie knew how Kimie suffered through the body twisting orgasms that tore through her innocent pussy with each trip to the milking machines. Mounted to a machine right next to Kimie each day, Angie regularly witnessed the relentless effects of the continuous orgasms that gripped her helpless virgin body.
When the doors finally swung inward and allowed them to enter, Kimie looked to her mom with her large suffering eyes and pleaded, “Pleeeease,” just before the large group of suffering women began to shuffle quickly into the chamber.
* * * Extract Chapter 2 ***
Recently promoted to General, Heather’s military responsibilities had changed significantly. She rarely left the Nation of Talistaun anymore. It was considered too risky for someone who knew so much about their secretive operations to rick capture herself. She knew way too much about the Talistaun’s military strategies and capabilities, and that made her a prime target of the Talistaun’s enemies.
From behind the safety of the Talistaun’s seemingly impenetrable walls, it was now her job to assess threats to the Talistaun Nation and assign highly strategic missions to the Talistaun’s militia and specialized abduction units, otherwise known as ‘slaver teams’. With information and surveillance constantly streaming into Heather’s command bunker at the compound, she was never out of touch with the outside world and all that was happening. Her militia forces were amazingly extensive and very effective.
And as was the case each morning, Heather awoke to the soft tongue and lips of her personal sex-slave and property, Ashley. Ashley was the daughter of a high level target of the former US military, General Jack Jollety. Not only was the General’s beautiful blue eyed blonde daughter a captive, but so was his wife gorgeous Angelina, who was currently serving in the milking farm. Separated upon their arrival a number of months ago, the mother-daughter couple rarely saw each other as they now suffered very different fates at the hands of the Talistaun.
All designed to lure the General into a trap, Angie suffered terribly at the hands of the milkers while Ashley was trained and forced to serve as a lesbian sex-slave to Heather. With Ashley’s husband Jason also captured and enslaved in the diamond mines, it didn’t take long for Heather to fully break Ashley.
The Talistaun felt it was only a matter of time before the General surfaced to attempt a rescue of his family. But for the moment, it was just another day.
As she’d been trained and broken to do, Ashley patiently waited for a sign that her Mistress was waking. And just as soon as she sensed Heather stirring, her morning routine would begin.
After months of training and proven loyalty to her Mistress, Ashley was now allowed to sleep without her hands cuffed behind her. She still wore the leather wrist restraints but they were no longer locked together at night. In fact, wearing her four leather cuffs and collar was a requirement at all times. Naked, expect for her required restraints, was how Ashley spent all her time while in the presence of her beautiful and powerful Mistress!
Finally feeling her Mistress begin to stir, she carefully began to caress Heather’s sensual body. With her soft fingertips gently rubbing the tips of Heather’s sensitive nipples, they soon grew hard and full. Sensing Heather’s full arousal, Ashley slid down alongside her and began running her soft wet tongue across her swollen nipples.
With Heather beginning to moan with pleasure, Ashley slipped her hand between her legs to stroke her wet slit. Immediately Heather parted her legs slightly, allowing Ashley easier access to her moist pussy. Within seconds, Heather’s body was alive with sexual pleasure. She just loved being woken up each morning to the pleasures of her adorable slave girl.
Soon, Heather’s hands were busy stroking Ashley’s long blonde hair and head, while Ashley’s mouth was working to please her Mistress’s plump and highly sensitive nipples.
“I never get tired of that my dear! Mmmmmm, slip your finger in my wet pussy and rub my clit.”
Doing exactly as she was told, Ashley’s fingertip was now sliding across Heather’s hardening clit, and it felt amazing. It was a sensation that never got old for Heather, not in the slightest. She knew there was no better alarm clock than her sex-slave.
Gently pulling Ashley’s head back by her hair, pulling her slave’s tender sucking mouth from her nipple, Heather asked, “Do you love your Mistress?”
Looking up into Heather’s eyes, she responded quickly, “Yes Mistress, I love you and I live to pleasure you.”
“I know you do, and you do it so well.”
“Thank you Mistress. May I please lick your clit now?”
Releasing her grip on Ashley’s hair, she replied, “Yes you may.”
Ashley immediately slid down alongside her, as Heather rolled flat on her back before pulling up her knees and slowly spreading them apart.
Now positioned with her head tilted back and facing Heather’s moist vaginal lips, she placed her soft hands on Heather’s smooth inner thighs and gently pushed her legs open even wider. While softly stroking her creamy and highly sensitive inner thighs, Heather’s glistening slit was now fully exposed and ready for action. Positioned just right, Ashley lowered her mouth to the perfectly shaved pleasure box stretched out before her and slowly ran her tongue through Heather’s plump pussy lips.
After gently caressing Heather’s labia several times with her talented tongue, she soon found her extended clit. The hard nub was easily uncovered by Ashley’s amazing tongue. She immediately knew she hit pay dirt when Heather’s body slowly arched upward with pleasure.
“Oh my goodness, I do love my morning orgasms,” whispered Heather as she strained to speak against the climax that was now building inside her.
“MMMMmmmmm, it’s amazing how good you are at this. Ahhhhhh, that’s it honey, right theeeeeeere,” she exclaimed in an exhale as she reached down and pulled Ashley’s face tighter to her pussy.
Ashley knew how much Heather enjoyed having her pussy licked. Using her tongue and mouth as she’d been trained, Ashley massaged and lapped at the most sensitive folds of her Mistress’s pleasure place. With the undeniable taste of Heather’s feminine juices building in her mouth, she felt Heather’s legs begin to close around her head. With her legs squeezing tighter, Ashley knew she was approaching climax.
“Suck it! Suck it!” she yelped. Pulling Ashley’s face tighter to her spasming crotch, Heather’s head suddenly jerked forward as her body shook with pleasure.
Unable to breathe, Ashley had become accustom to her Mistress smothering her face until she finished with her orgasm, and she knew better than to stop sucking until she was fully satisfied. She knew not to panic, that Heather would release her grip just as soon as her pleasure peaked over the top. Experience taught her that Heather would not endanger her.
With her climax finally subsiding, Heather gently pushed Ashley’s head away from her satisfied pussy, and said, “That was nice my slave. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that you never pleasured a woman before I captured you.”
“Thank you Mistress.”
“Now let’s get ready, we have a busy day today.” Pointing to the floor she said, “Take your position next to the bed.”
* * * Extract Chapter 5 ***
Pushing the stainless steel device between her teeth, Heather soon had it hooked in position over her upper and lower teeth.
“Here comes the fun part,” commented Heather.
Letting Felicia shiver for a bit with dreadful anticipation, she abruptly squeezed the ends together with great force. Instantly, Felicia’s defiant mouth shot open to its absolute maximum width as she felt the hinge locks engage, preventing her from closing her jaw even the slightest bit. Hooked on her teeth, and fully deployed, there was absolutely nothing Felicia could do to expel the awful spreader.
With Felicia’s jaw stretched open and secured, Heather then released the metal collar that locked her in-place to the rod. Next, she released her left ankle from the floor and pulled it over to her right, where she locked them together before she released her right one from the floor. With her arms still bound behind her back, Felicia still couldn’t run or fight back; she was still helpless in the hands of her captors.
Positioning Felicia slightly to the side, she ordered Jason to come forward.
“Jason, come over here.”
Responding immediately to his Mistress’s command, he was soon positioned in the same spot Felicia occupied just moments ago. Squatting down, she released his short hobble chain.
“Spread your legs,” she ordered.
Sliding his feet apart, Heather soon had his cuffed ankles spread wide and fastened to the same eyebolts that Felecia occupied just moments ago. Next, she worked the rod’s metal collar around his neck and locked it shut. With Jason now secure, Heather went to the cabinet once again. This time she returned with what looked like a ring gag, and the tool used to apply the cruel cock rings to the mine slaves.
Unsure what Heather was up to, Jason watched as she inserted the tips of the tool inside the ring which had two straps dangling from it, and then approached him. Grabbing the tiny loin cloth that draped to the side of his now drooping thick shaft, she tore it from his body.
“This useless thing is just in the way,” she exclaimed, as she tossed it behind him.
Squeezing the tool’s handles very tight, she stretched the odd looking ring open and lowered it to Jason’s crotch. Using her soft delicate hands, she worked the ring over his fairly limp cock and then pulled his drooping balls through too. With his manhood pulled through the ring, she pressed it tight to his body and released her grip on the tool.
Immediately, the ring collapsed around the base of his equipment with remarkable force. Having his manhood tightly contained in a ring wasn’t an unusual indignity for Jason. He often suffered the discomfort and humiliation of the crushing rings. But this ring was different; it had buckling straps on either side?
Ashley put the puzzle pieces together pretty quick. Seeing the dental spreader in Felicia’s mouth and the straps hanging from the sides of Jason’s genital ring, she was certain she knew what was coming next.
Sure enough, Heather ordered Felicia to her knees and pulled her toward Jason. Facing Jason’s swollen genitals with her mouth spread open, Felicia suddenly figured it out too. Panicked at the thought of what she knew was coming, she tried to back away, but Heather was ready. Standing behind Felicia with a knee pressed between her shoulder blades, Heather strategically moved her toward Jason’s waiting manhood.
With one hand on Felicia’s head, and the other properly placing Jason’s cock through the spreader, Heather was able to press Felicia’s face tight to Jason’s pelvic bone. With her knee keeping Felicia in place, Heather took the straps that hung from the sides of the ring and pulled them around the back of her head. After tightly buckling the straps together, Felicia’s mouth was now pulled tight to Jason body, with his large balls pressing against her chin.
Inside her mouth, Felicia felt Jason’s cock lying on her tongue. But the more she tried to push it away with her tongue, the bigger it would get. She knew she had to stop, but it was hard for her to do nothing. She was starting to panic at the thought of Jason’s shaft coming to erection and choking off her air supply, while the beast slowly forced its way down her throat like a big old snake.
With everyone’s eyes focused on Felicia’s predicament, Heather was ready to continue with her plan.
* * *
Less animated but still defiant, he shook his head ‘No’.
Shrugging her shoulders, Heather bent over and picked up the little container from the floor that contained Angie’s milk.
“Let’s try this,” she said as she walked over to Felicia; who was hunched down with her head strapped tightly to Jason’s crotch, while she desperately struggled to make room for his swelling cock in her throat. Opening the container, Heather dipped her index finger in the cool thick milk and began to rub it over Felicia’s nipples.
Felecia didn’t really know what was going on; she was blind to the happenings around her, and was completely occupied with Jason’s cock. All she knew at the moment was that her sensitive nipples were hardening in response to the cool pasty liquid that was being applied to her pleasure buds.
But it wasn’t too long before Heather explained to her, and others, what she just did.
“There! I know you’re not lactating sweetie, but the nipple flies don’t know that! I’m sure they’ll be here momentarily looking for a meal. I’m curious to know for how long they’ll dance and probe at your nerve rich nubs before they realize there’s nothing there?”
Hysterical at the thought of the flies attacking her nipples, Felicia immediately began rubbing her nipples against Jason’s thighs to wipe off the alluring milk.
“Now that’s not nice you little bitch. Not to worry, I can fix it.”
Retrieving a length of rope from the cabinet, Heather tied one end to Felicia’s wrist cuffs and the other to Angie’s collar behind her. Pulling the rope tight, Felicia’s arms were pulled up and away from her body. Heather continued to tug on the rope until Felicia’s tits were pulled several inches away from Jason’s legs.
“There, that should do it.”
Taking the small container of milk, Heather heavily coated Felicia’s nipples with the cool pasty liquid once again.
Unable to wipe it off this time, she began to whimper when she felt the first few flies landing on her nipples. And within a minute, she could feel her sensitive young nipples and areolas covered with the insidious flies. Struggling to breathe with Jason’s cock filling her throat, she now had to endure the vibrations building in her nipples.
Soon, Felicia was whining and moaning as the flies reached a fevered pitch. The sensation was intense beyond her expectations. Not only did the flies excite her nipples, but the whining vibrations in her throat were further exciting Jason. The more Felicia responded to the flies, the more Jason began to gently thrust his hips out and back. The motion had little effect on his tormented tool as her head and body moved with him, but it was a natural reaction to the pleasure building in his loins.
And while Angie continued to suffer behind her, Felicia soon felt Jason’s cock start to pulsate in a new and concerning way. The sudden realization that he may cum directly down her throat now added to her peril. But even with her concern over Jason’s pulsing cock and the flies driving her nipples wild, she didn’t realize it was about to get worse.
Just when she felt like she couldn’t take any more, Felicia’s body suddenly jolted and jerked, as the flies began to stick their probes in her sensitive nipples. Searching for the sweet milk they craved, they jabbed again and again at her unsuspecting nubs. Like it did for Angie, it felt like a hundred mosquitoes seeking a meal.
Screaming at the sensations now tearing through her nipples, her throat was unwittingly working Jason to the boiling point. Sensing the imminent outcome, Heather spoke out again.
“Are you ready yet? Both your wife and your girlfriend are near the point of collapse. Are you ready to come to their rescue? What’s the code!”
With his eyes closed, he gently shook his head back and forth, still defiantly holding out.
But before Heather could reply, she heard Jason grunt loudly as Felicia started to gurgle and choke. With a smile on her face, Heather watched Jason’s hips jerking forward in short quick thrusts, while Felicia struggled mightily to swallow and keep breathing. Heather watched shot after shot of hot cum being shot down Felicia’s throat as she desperately tried to keep up with him.
Disappointed today, but excited for tomorrow, Heather said, “I can see we failed today. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.”
Unbuckling Felicia from Jason’s cock, she pulled her over to Angie on her knees. Exhausted and defeated, Felicia let Heather pull her arms around Angie’s hips at the top of her widely spread legs, and clasp them together behind her. This left Felicia hugging Angie’s hips with her mouth still stretched open, only inches from Angie’s moist sex.
Still suffering the nearly intolerable attach of the nipple flies, Angie hardly noticed Felicia clinging to her waist. With the flies now gone from Felicia’s milk dry nipples, Heather pulled her head back by her hair to look in her eyes, and said.
“Maybe you can patch things up with Angie by helping her with the flies. I can see she’s pretty desperate at this point. But be careful, they might be attracted to Jason’s cum in your mouth, and that wouldn’t be good.”
Looking up at Heather with her big green eyes and her mouth spread wide open; Felicia tried to beg Heather to release her, but with her cum coated tongue flailing about in her mouth, her garbled words were unintelligible at best.


GREAT....even stronger, more imaginative and detailed than the previous installment, with a very welcome focus on personal humiliation and degradation which raises it to another level of quality! 5 out of 5 (Eljay)

An exceptional sequel to the first part of this series. New characters are introduced to the story creating so many new possibilites for future installments. Many scenes of humiliation and subjugation by the Talistuan will keep the reader on edge until the very end! Highly recommended to all! 5 out of 5 (Jason)

A BIG thumbs-up for this one! Not only is it an incredibly exciting and imaginative novelette, but it really pulls you into it as you begin to truly feel character’s state of mind and anguish. 5 out of 5 (Dano)

Excellent story! Not to be missed by the lovers of bondage, enslavement, sexual torment, humilation and more. I'm sure the Talistaun's work is not done yet. I'm very much looking forward to more. 5 out of 5

I liked the first book better than this but I am sure i will enjoy the next episode. 4 out of 5 (JBC)

A solid "A" rating for this one. I hope to read more about the breeding barn and slave training adventures in the next. 5 out of 5 (MB)

Even better than the 1st book. Wow, this author can spin a tale that hits at the core of my kinky interests like no other. I strongly vote for a part 3. 5 out of 5 (JK)

This book is another fantastic installment in a great erotic series. The varity of scenes with sex,frustration, humiliation, light bondage, and torment is the best on the market. The characters and plotline allow for many different things to go on. It is a must read. 5 out of 5 (nessasue)

Truly enjoyed the escalating story and creative writing. I found the slaver teams new weapon of abduction particularly intriguing. I’d like to see a couple of the captives turned over to the Colonel and his men, perhaps as payment for services rendered. 5 out of 5 (dom1)

Nicely written and cock throbber to read. The new characters are great. I realy enjoy the husband and wife abductions that are weaved through the story. I'm certainly looking forward to more in this series. 5 out of 5

A good follow-on to the first book. 4 out of 5

A Great Read Looking forward to reading more from this author 5 out of 5 (ojim)

An excellent story. Very much looking forward to more Talistan adventures. 5 out of 5

I would like to see another episode! I hope Dowd continues, with the lady milkers now transferred for breeding. 5 out of 5

Generally good sequal. 4 out of 5

This is an outstanding book. The first chapters about the milking barn is the best ever about human cows. I think Dowd is the best writer around. I anxiously await reading his new books. 5 out of 5 (Chicagossl)

Author Information

A multiple award winning author whose 30+ years of enthusiasm and experience with bondage and domination will stimulate your deepest and darkest fantasies. Using my unusually wild and vivid imagination for tormenting sexual domination, deep humiliation and unrelenting pleasures, I write for the enjoyment of my loyal readers. So, please take a moment to rate my books and drop a quick review, it motivates my writing! And as always, comments, feedback or just a quick note to say 'hi' is ALWAYS WELCOME at wldowd@email.com


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