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Plantation Slaves (Powerone)

Plantation Slaves by Powerone

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Before the Civil War split the United States, slavery was a great legal wrong. And a Supreme Court decision on State's Rights ruled that as slaves were property in the states where it was legal, they had to be returned like any other property if they fled to a state where slavery was illega. This dread law destroyed even the hope of escape and freedom. Captured from their homes in Africa and sent by ship to the Slave Mart in Charleston, newly made slaves quickly learned of the cruelty of their white masters. "The General," the patriarch of a large plantation in Mississippi, and his family can do literally anything they like to the men and women who come under their cruel dominance. Forced to submit to every sexual act and perversion, punished brutally for resistance, by law these newly minted Americans were subject to the depraved desires of their masters. This novel is a cry to never forget the days when pain was mixed equally with pleasure, no perversion off limits. Nor were the sadistic desires of a plantation's rulers limited to their slaves. Through mortgages and other unfair practices, no one, male or female, slave or "poor white trash," virgin or harlot, could escape the unchecked whims of those who had had too much power for too long, Read what the life of a PLANTATION SLAVE really was like! A disturbing, yet hypnotic read. Rated: strong, for intense, explicit bdsm scenes!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 9 / 2011

No. words: 56350

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Capture and the Trip to America

Ebutto and his men surrounded the small village and checked it out for days until he knew exactly how many men were there. He was a slave trader, earning his living capturing blacks and selling them to Europeans who waited on their ships in the harbor one hundred miles from here. He cared little that he was enslaving his own people; the money paid was making him, as well as his men, wealthy beyond their wildest imagination.
Lebino reported to him an hour ago. “There are almost fifty of them. Twenty men, but they carry crude spears and bows, no match for our guns. Most are young bucks, good for the fields in America. We will probably have to kill one or two until they see the futility of their efforts and surrender, hoping that we are only trying to steal their meager food. Thirty women; ten of them too old to even make the trip to the harbor. The other twenty will do well, ten of them young girls just blooming into womanhood. The whites will pay top dollar for them, especially if they are virgins.” Lebino, a ruthless slaver whose callous manner was unmatched, was the second in command next to Ebutto. His only compassion was limited to getting the new slaves to the harbor in good condition so the whites would pay top dollar for them. He rarely touched any of the girls, money more important than taking the virginity of a black girl.
“Then it is settled, we will attack when the sun just starts going down. Most will be eating, unprepared for us. Kill the first two bucks that come out of their huts which should make the rest of them pause long enough for us to gather them up.” Ebutto looked over at the pile of chains. “Get them ready. We will need to control them quickly.” He already had another twenty prisoners just on the other side of the ridge. Once they finished here, it would be time for the long march back to the coast. If they pushed hard, they could make the port in five days, four if the good weather held up. His men numbered just twenty, but the chains and their guns gave them superiority, and their brutal nature put fear in even the hardiest buck. “Make this quick and clean, and by next week we will be sitting in a tavern drinking the white man’s liquor, a pretty black girl on her knees servicing our cocks.”
* * * * *
It was over in a matter of minutes; the sharp report of the guns scaring the men as they ran from their huts, spears in their hand. The first two fell to the ground, clutching at the blood that gushed from their chest. The women were screaming, grabbing the few small children as if they could protect them. His men rushed into the village; the butt of their rifles smashed into three men before all the rest surrendered. Ebutto’s men made them kneel on the ground as the chains were quickly placed on their arms and legs; small iron locks permanently securing them. The women were next; shocked looks on their faces as they cowered in fear. Ebutto looked at each one as they were chained, counting mentally in his head the money they would make. There were ten young girls; five of them would command a high price because their skin brown, not black. The whites preferred the pale brown skin. The chains pulled their arms behind their backs; their small, budding, naked breasts capped by pointed nipples. Though almost naked, Ebutto would dress them completely before selling them; again, the whites’ preference that they be fully clothed. The females knew little of shame and humiliation from baring their naked bodies, but the whites would soon teach them. That and the perverse acts that would be committed upon their bodies. He had heard that the whites loved to take a girl in the ass. How disgusting. Why would anyone want to stick his cock up her ass when she had a perfectly good pussy for fucking, a hole built for the purpose? No matter, the whites were only good for their money.
* * * * *
The ship was almost full; the Captain loaded the last of the slaves. The females were placed in one hold, the males in another. He didn’t have a large enough crew to outnumber the male slaves, but the chains and the bars would be enough. He would cut their rations and water, making them weak until they were a few days from America. Only then would he begin to fatten them for the slave auction. He hoped it would be a smooth sail, but there were already a few problems that would have to be addressed. A public whipping on the deck, male or female, it didn’t matter, was necessary to get their continued cooperation. Over three hundred were jammed into the two holds; cots stacked and lined up; each one of the slaves was chained to the thick wooden bed frames. A can would be passed twice a day for them to relieve themselves, food given at the same time. They didn’t want to risk an escape, not that they could go far.
The ship set sail with little fanfare, the harbor full of other slave ships all waiting to fill their holds with black slaves, most destined to the American South to be sold to farm the lands. The Captain spied one ship with the bright flag of a Middle Eastern country; that being the only difference from the others anchored in the harbor. The dark-skinned sailors bustled about the deck as they passed it. The Captain knew of them. They bought slaves, but not for farming. They took the young black girls and boys, very young, not even entering puberty yet. They were bought for the Sultans in the desert, bought to satisfy the perverse sexual pleasures they would inflict on them. Young bodies to be abused by adult cocks, thick flesh tearing into immature organs. He had even heard that they paid top dollar for white girls, blonde prepubescent girls. They had an intense hatred for whites and took out this hatred on the young girls that were captured. They sent the girls to the Middle East to be abused and violated; their life spans short and painful.
As they set out into the open ocean, the sails billowed as they caught the warm breeze. The crew settled into a routine once the ship glided over the blue waters. Only a week passed before there was trouble below the decks. One of the girls tried to escape and attempted to meet her buck who was being held in the other hold. Both were brought up onto the upper deck, the crew assembled for the public whipping. The Captain knew that his men enjoyed whipping a lovely girl, stripping her naked first; the whip visiting the most intimate parts of her body as she screamed in pain.

Author Information

Powerone is the author of Trained to Submit, Sold into Submission, and other bestselling books and award winning short stories.


Publisher Information

Renaissance E Books publishes the best in classic and contemporary popular fiction and nonfiction through its PageTurner imprint, and the best in classic and contemporary erotica through its Sizzler imprint.

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