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Monica`s Games - Book 1 (Richard Alexander)

Monica`s Games - Book 1 by Richard Alexander


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WOW - this book is great value. We just found another site selling at about the same price as what we were going to discount to - and as we always offer titles new to us cheaper than elsewhere - we just knocked another 50 cents off it, to keep our promise to our readers. We`ll be watching the sites and will go lower than this if we have to.

Book One of the fourth in the Monica Chronicles begins with Monica`s foray into the world of live internet bondage, which elicits a proposal from the Middle East that she cannot turn down.

When Monica travels to Oman to clinch an apparent deal of a lifetime, the deal turns out to be not at all what she expected, as two rich gambling brothers, Mohammed and Rashid Zubair, put Monica and Megan through some severe bondage trials to satisfy their own secret agenda.
Monica and Megan are taken prisoner and transported in ignominious fashion to a desert fortress. Here they are subjected to a series of bizarre and testing torments, before Steven`s role in the arrangement is revealed, and he in turn falls prey to a vengeful boss. However, a deal is nevertheless struck, and Monica returns to Australia to set up a competition between the House of Bilboes and Megan`s rival Citadel, with a rich prize at stake. Her return, however, surprises her senior staff in a most compromising act that will have dangerous ramifications for the House of Bilboes.

In Book 2, the competition begins, overseen by the devious and sadistic Mistress Lynx. It is a no-holds and no positions barred affair, complicated by vengeful former clients who are intent on wrecking Monica`s ambitions. The catalogue of bondage and fetish-oriented events culminates in a fierce final battle for the prize, which is later to have momentous implications for the winning team (see Monica`s Travels).

Richard Alexander continues the Monica Chronicles` tradition of gorgeous women in severe bondage, set in exotic and adventurous locations. Mix in the most inventive fetish gear, mechanical devices and stringent restraints and you have Monica`s Games – competing for the ultimate punishment.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 03 / 2006

No. words: 107500

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: PDF  MS Reader  


Extract 1

“The gag,” I said brusquely to Trish. Trish retrieved a broad strap with an O-ring in the middle. Monica roughly pulled back Emma’s head by her pigtails, causing her to look upwards and go “aargh!” as her jaw opened involuntarily and Trish jammed the ring between Emma’s teeth, then buckled it firmly behind her neck as her head was released.

“I orri! Ease ed ee oh!” I was astonished as a tear came into Emma’s eye and slid down her cheek. Jillian had noticed it, too, and came in for a close-up shot. I took the knife and placed it under the last remaining buttons of Emma’s white blouse that hugged her figure, then with a flick I removed the buttons and let the garment fall open. Emma tried to close it with her manacled hands, but could not move them sufficiently. With two further quick movements I slit the material from the collar down the length of the short sleeves, and Monica yanked it clear. In the space of seconds Emma was now naked above the waist, and at once looked more lovely, but vastly more vulnerable.

I snapped my fingers at Trish, making a squeezing gesture with thumb and forefinger. Emma rolled her eyes as she tried to see what Trish was retrieving from the table, and shook her head at the sight of the two small crocodile clips with trailing lengths of string a metre long.

“Ngoh! Ngoh!” she pleaded, as I rolled her brown nipples until they became hard and pointy. “Ngoooohhh!” she wailed as I released the first clip into her flesh. The corrugated teeth bit into the tender skin and Emma cried out. When I released the other one she was panting hard through her open mouth and making throaty noises of pain.

“Just a little warm up, my dear,” I said. “A mere forerunner of the long process to come. Emma screwed up her eyes and shook her head, making a noise that sounded like “gaarhh!”

Extract 2

As my eyes became accustomed to the gloom I realised this must be some sort of reservoir beneath the castle, although the place smelt strongly of something vaguely cloying that I could not identify. I made out several rectangular pools carved out of stone with water shimmering under the light. Then I saw Megan, and my heart raced.

She was suspended in a pool perhaps three metres long by half that width. Like me, her neck was trapped in a yoke, which spanned the breadth of the pool. Two large steel spikes were driven through holes in the end of the yoke to prevent the yoke moving. She was submerged up to the top of her breasts, but it was evident that the buoyancy of her body was insufficient to stop some weight being borne on her chin and jaw resting on the yoke.

I looked closely at the pool and at the pale outline of Megan’s naked body beneath the surface. I had the sudden realisation that this was not water but rather, some sort of oil, which perhaps explained the smell. Megan’s gagged face looked imploringly at me, and at that point I also noticed the knotted rope that poked through the yoke just in front of her face, matched by a further, longer rope poking out through the wood behind her head. The rope seemed to go down between her legs, but I could not fathom the purpose of it.

My curiosity was soon appeased, as my own yoke was twisted into the cross-shoulder position, and a rope was threaded upwards through a hole just in front of my face and knotted by Mohammed. ..
“Spread your legs,” he commanded, and I had no choice but to obey.

“Mmmph!” I grunted as the shaft slid inside a couple of inches. I could feel my sphincter muscles stretching and could not suppress a whine of pain. The rope was pulled tight up my back and passed through the yoke hole behind my head where it was knotted by Zara.

“Now, into the pool with you.”

Extract 3

I could not work out where this was going – why I – and presumably Megan – was imprisoned in a mud sarcophagus. How long would we be kept like this? How long could we survive? We needed to drink and to perform bodily functions. I had no idea how long had passed since I had eaten. My body felt warm, though not excessively so. It seemed as though the sun had baked the mud solid but now the mud was providing some insulation, although I knew that if I was still lying somewhere in the sun, the mud would absorb the heat further and I would start to bake like a dinner in the oven.

The thought scared me. Where exactly was I? Was I on the back of a pickup in some dusty square surrounded by throngs of unsuspecting locals? I could hear nothing at all through my earplugs and because of the thick mud shell around my head. I strained to feel vibrations through the solid medium, but there was nothing to suggest that I might not be lying atop some deserted sand dune miles from the nearest habitation.

“Nnnnnmmmmrrrr!” I moaned as loudly as I could manage through the nose tubes. It was not a scream or a cry, but a drawn out whine that achieved nothing, other than to add to my own frustration and slowly rising fear. I tried to wriggle my fingers or toes, but they were locked solid in the embrace of the mud. I could do absolutely nothing but lie there and let my thoughts do their dreadful work.

Again, I must have dozed, eventually lulled by the all-encompassing warmth of my cocoon. My awakening was partly dreamlike in that I thought I detected footsteps – felt, rather than heard. I wasn’t sure if I had imagined them or not, until there was a sudden buzzing in my pussy and clit, followed moments later by the plug in my arse, and then a gently rising vibration on each nipple. I groaned. I did not need any more of this exquisite torture. My arse was already super sensitive from the treatment it had received, and after Megan’s toes in the pool and the continuous state of restraint I had endured, I was feeling enervated and weak. My mental resistance was slipping, too, and I did not know how much more of this I could take.

Author Information

Richard was a finalist of the 2004 Signy Bondage Writers competition - and is thus one of the best writers on this subject around.


Publisher Information

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