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The Virgin Chronicles (beyond Their Control Erotic Series) (Lord Koga)

The Virgin Chronicles (beyond Their Control Erotic Series) by Lord Koga

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The Virgin Chronicles (Vol 1) Includes 14 short (flash) erotic tales. Do you ever lie in bed and remember the time you lost your virginity? The first time a lover from the past took hard and fast, and the first time you felt the heat, the passion, the pleasured pain of sex ravaged ever part of you. This collection of scorching tales will be more than enough to satisfy those longing desires, memories, even for the most insatiable of carnal hungers. These tales will turn the heat up, and make you wish you could be a virgin all over again!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2011

No. words: 41000

Style: Mainstream Erotica, Seduction Systems

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Book 8: Ravaged

“Get… Get out! Get the fuck out,” Ana yelled as she crept quickly back across the floor on the back of her hands. Her eyes fixed on the darkness that walked toward her as she tried to escape. “Please… Please don’t do this I didn’t mean to…” she gasped for breath only to gaze deeply into his demon crimson eyes as he pulled the thick leather belt away from the belt loops of his pants. “Please… Please no!” she struggled for breath, feeling the air deep inside her lungs rushing out of her as images of what was to come over took her senses. “NO!” she hissed as she grasped a few wooden picture frames off a nearby table, throwing them at her would be captor as he lashed the belt across the air like a bull whip, smashing the pictures into pieces as the glass and splintered wood shattered back against the floor.
“Please… please… no,” she cried, her back pressed up against the corner wall, forcing her to again look up at her aggressor. “Please… you… you don’t have to do this,” she whimpered only to quickly feel the belt slice across her ripened tanned flesh, tearing across her forearms, leaving a welt of searing pain in its wake. “Ple… please no,” she cried as she fell down on her side, quickly feeling his darkness pressing upon her body, his rough hands roaming over her naked flesh, taking her purity with his evil touch. “Mmmm yes I do… and you want me to,” he hissed as he pressed her back against the hard wooden flooring, “Though you’re mouth says no your body betrays you,” he growled as he hovered over her like a darken veil. “I can feel the fear of it all inside you my prey,” he hissed as she trembled to his wicked touch. “No… No you don’t,” she gasped only to feel herself oddly aroused by the warmth of his long, slender fingers, which continued to press into her flesh, touching her in places no man nor woman had touched before. “NO… NO” she yelped as she closed her eyes to the feelings of pleasure tearing through her as she fought to contain her thoughts. “NO!” she cried, only to feel him kissing her, his tongue, his soft lips gliding over her repeated, hungrily as his hands and fingers explored every part of her young virgin body. “No… God no!” she gasped as she felt his middle finger dipping down between her thighs, rubbing the folds of her soaking warm slit as he flicked the tip of his lips across the back of her shoulders, nibbling slowly down the nape of her neck.
“FUCK!” she hissed to the sensual torment rocking through her body as he continued to break her with every touch, quickly sliding his middle finger in between the moist opening of her pussy, pressing the tips against her upper walls before draping them in small circles. All the while, he rolled the tip of his thumb over her clitoris. “Mmm no,” she gasped as she briefly gave into the pleasures consuming her, only to quickly regain her senses as he begged him to stop, “Please no more… Please… don’t,” she begged as she slowly scrolled her own hands up over her breasts, pushing her fingers roughly against her own flesh, rolling her hardened nipples between her fingers.
“Mmm,” she heard him scuff once more, “Ripe as a peach,” he growled in her ear as he quickly pulled down his pants and boxers, preparing to take her as hard, as violent as he could. “NO…,” she hissed once more as she regained all her senses, the fear of what was to come feeding her courage to act once more. NO… No… NO!” she demanded as she clawed at his face, tearing her long jagged nails into his flesh, “Bitch…,” he growled instinctively as he rolled away from her, allowing her to flee once more as blood tickled down into his eyes. “You’re going to pay my peach,” he cried as she ran out of the darkened room.
Turning the corner, she saw the door to the front in sight as she felt a sense of safety roll through her only to suddenly feel her entire body being slammed back against the hard wooden flooring. “BITCH!” she heard the demon of a man cry out like roaring thunder from behind her only to feel every shard of her clothing being torn from her body. “No more, my peach,” she heard him snarl angrily as she felt him pressing the bulk of his exposed body against her backside. NO MORE MY PEACH!” he said again as Ana felt him pushing himself deep inside her, breaking her open for the first time in her young adult life. She could feel the head of his cock, breaking, tearing pass her threshold, slipping deeply into the depths of her pussy as he slammed the front of her head against the wooden flooring.
“NO! NO PLEASE!” she cried with needy yet torturous gratification. The feelings she gained from his masculine invasion was unexplainable, indescribable as she felt him pressing in and out of her opening, taking her over and over again as he continued to slam his cock deeply into her, each time slamming the full length of his thickness into her tight opening. “NO…NO!” she cried repeatedly, only to hear him grunting evilly to her pain, laughing to the succulent sounds of his cock slamming in and out of her well lubricated opening. “You’re so fucking tight and hot… so smooth and wet,” he growled as he reached his arms around her, arching her toward him as he slammed his claws over her breasts, tearing into her soft, velvet flesh as he played with her nipples, rolling them hungrily in his hands like a perverted fiend. Sliding his tongue back over her ear he whispered his poisonous nothings to her, “Your hot pussy clings to my full length like a glove,” he growled as he continued to take her, to ravage her hard and steady.
“I know you like it my bitch… don’t deny your inner rage, your inner lust,” he whispered deeply as small kisses rained down her exposed body with hunger from his flourishing lips. Every inch of her flesh was within his reach, within range for him to taste as he continued to press into her. Enthralled by the unrelenting tightness; the continuous wetness of her pussy as he continued to hammer himself into her like a rabid disease. With every thrust of his hips, she could feel the pleasure increase deep inside her. She could feel the pressure; hear the sounds of her own pussy juices splashing out of her and onto the cock and thighs of her captor, and mysteriously, she found herself loving every second. “Fuck!” she panted under her breath as she began to give in to the pleasures that continued to roll through her body with every flick of his tongue, every thrust of his hips, and every slam of his cock into her. It was a wonderful sense that tore through her body. A feeing that gathered at every nerve inside her as she felt him slicing into her repeatedly. It seemed that her body became more and more receptive to his advance, more engrossed with his repulsive touch as every second passed.
With the head of his cock still wedge deeply within her, he stood up on his knees, only to gain a better angle on her opening before driving himself even deeper, even harder into her hot moistness. Tearing into her even further, stretching the insides of her walls ever more and he continued to drive himself passionately, feverishly into her; mesmerized by the resistance between his cock on her pussy walls. “FUUUUUCK!!” She gasped deeply as tears rained freely from the sides of her face, scrolling down the ridge of her jawbone before lightly saturating her long strands of blond hair. “NO… NO… PLEASE,” her pleads not as convincing as before as the delight that rolled through her began to build up in the pit of her stomach, he could feel her entire body tightening to his every touch. ‘Hmm, you’re building to your first orgasm…,” he hissed against her ear, quickly flicking the tip of his tongue against her lobe as he continued to pound himself deeply into her. “You’re building… my peach… your building,”
It was then that he pushed her hard against the flooring, placing his hands on the top of her shoulders, forcing her body down upon him as he thrusted his cock hard into her wetness, making the impact even more severe, more breathtaking. Building in speed his thrusts became erratic and wild as he felt her growing closer and closer to her breaking point. The pressure that continued to build up inside her was maddening as she could feel something growing deep inside her, a tickly sensation that quickly overtook her body, until finally she felt herself going over the edge. It was in that moment that she felt it. In that moment as she looked up into the demonic eyes of her captor, of her abductor. Into the eyes of the beast, the man that gazed ever so lustfully, ever so sexily back down at her, it was in that moment that she felt it. The explosion of nirvana, of pleasure, of lust, which rolled through her entire body like a wave of ice, freezing ever second, every moment, every breath as her body ruptured like a dam to the crashing tides. “OH GOD… YES… YES!” she managed to squeal as the pleasures ran through her over and over again, each wave shattering over her as her lover, continued to thrust himself into her pussy, forcing the next wave of ecstasy to burst over her body.
“OH… GOD… YES…” Ana gasped again as she felt herself cuming all over the cock that continued to impale her body again and again, “YES…YES!” she cried out as she felt his chest suddenly pressing roughly against her breasts, crushing them between each other. “YES… YES… TAKE ME… RAVAGE ME... Fuck me you jackass.” Ana screamed as she raced her fingernails across his back slicing deeply into his flesh, only to wrap her long velvet thighs tightly around his waist. “RAVAGE ME… TAKE ME… FUUUCK MY PUSSY” she hissed before draping her lips across his, sucking them into her mouth as she rolled the tip of her sweet tongue over his lips. “Mmm my peach… I’m going to cum inside you,” he growled as he rolled his arms down across the rounds of her ass, holding her in place as he continued to thrust his hips into her. “I’m going to fill your virgin pussy with my cum,” he hissed evilly. “No… No Don’t please no…” she begged as she felt another wave of pleasure, another wave of ecstasy roll through her entire body forcing her body to convulse violently to the pleasures that hammered through her. “FUCK… YES… YES!!” she purred, feeling her toes curling to the onslaught of pleasure forcing its way through her young body.
“Ha… I knew you would see it my way.” He grunted as he thrusted all his weight into her one final time. “FUCK YES!” he yelped as he arched his head back towards the ceiling, gripping one of his hands tightly onto her firm taut breasts as the other simultaneously clamped onto the firm round of her ass, feeling his seed, his cum rushing through his balls, only to suddenly burst from the tip of his cock and into his sexual prey. “NO… NO… Don’t,” Ana cried out one last time before feeling her pussy filling with her abductors seed, his sperm flooding deep into her, filling her tight virgin hole before gushing out across the sides of her opening and along her inner thighs. “No…” she whimpered softly as a smile rose across her face.
Thrust after thrust he drenched her with his seed until finally he succumbed to his own undoing and fell down across her body. His strength totally gone, he rolled off his prey and rested next to her, staring deeply into her eyes. “Happy… Happy Birthday Ana,” he gasped as he lashed his tongue gently over her syrupy lips. “Told you I could make your first memorable.” He sighed as he brushed his hand across her chest, draping the tips of his fingers over her still hardened nipples. “So you kept saying, although,” she said as she sat up, “you’re lucky it’s a safe day,” she hissed. Only to slap him hard across the face with the back of her hand forcing a small trail of blood to seep out across his bottom lip, “Not that I don’t love feeling your cum inside me but…the next time I say not to shoot off inside me… I mean it,” she hissed before gliding her legs up and over his head and lowering her hips so that her soaking opening was just above his mouth. “Now as punishment, start licking it out,” she purred only to feel her lover, her man, her own sexual pervert diving deeply into her pussy with the tip of his tongue, lapping up her insides as she slowly rolled her fingers around the base of his cock, flicking the tip of her tongue over the underside. “Time to Ravage you,” she hissed.

External Reviews

One of the best books I have read in a while... course i like the hardcore, right to the action kind of stuff. (Barnes and Noble)

Extreme, Loved It Totally Erotic, i wish my first time could have been as intense and erotic... (Barnes and Noble)

Author Information

2nd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Erotica Genre
3rd Place winner of the 2013 Author Award Fiction4all in Dark Erotica Genre

Lord Koga is the pen name for a local Grand Rapids, Michigan Author, whom for the last 4 years has been writing in the specific genres of Erotic Fiction, Women's Fiction, Lesbian Fiction, Romantic Fiction, Horror/sci-fi/fantasy erotica, as well as capture, S & M, BDSM fiction.

The pen name "Lord Koga," has been shortened over the years from its original name Lord Kogarasumaru. The origins of the name Kogarasumaru "Little Crow" is derive from a unique Japanese tachi sword rumored to have been created by legendary Japanese smith Amakuni during 8th century CE. The "little Crow" is considered to be unique as it is a bridge between the old double edge blades of Japan and the more modern version which eventually became known as Katana.

Currently Lord Koga has over 150 titles out in e-book format and 7 titles in both print and ebook format.

Website: http://www.exploitedpublishing.yolasite.com


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