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The Shy Secretary (Cindy J Wade)

The Shy Secretary by Cindy J Wade

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    • Average 3.4 from 5 ratings

Linda is a young, shy, lonely and often overlooked secretary who spends most of her days fantasizing about her bosses, Michael and Nick. Michael and Nick are both lawyers who own the major firm in which she works. They are arrogant, powerful, and used to getting their way – exactly the type of men that Linda dreams of being dominated by.

When Linda accidently leaves her journal on Michael’s desk instead of his day planner, Michael and Nick finally give her their undivided attention. After they have a good chuckle at Linda’s vivid descriptions of her dirty and degrading fantasies, they decide that they will treat her like the slut that she really is.

Linda is reluctant to give up her body to these arrogant men, but also overwhelmingly excited. Her excitement eventually gets the best of her and she agrees to attend Nick’s basement for a humiliating night that she will never forget. She realizes that she should’ve been careful about what she wished for.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 3 / 2011

No. words: 5325

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Menage/Group Erotica, Erotic Short Stories

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Linda woke up to the lovely sight of her fingernails. Her manicurist, who doubled as her only friend in this city, had painted them a sexy scarlet. It was the end of July and her bed was washed in her own sweat; she peeled the blanket off of her naked body like a sticker. An even lovelier sight now: the mirror on the ceiling displayed her massive breasts, puffy nipples, flat stomach, toned legs and soft, cleanly shaven pubic area. Indeed, she had a beautiful petite body, but men hardly noticed it because she was far too shy to dress revealingly.
Linda was used to a quiet and modest lifestyle. She grew up in a small town, far away from the loud and flashy city. Her father, unfortunately, left her, her mother and her two older sisters behind when she was only three years old. His abandonment, as Linda was well aware of, was the reason she enjoyed being dominated, humiliated and punished by men during intimacy. While she detested the idea of her being something like a sex slave, she craved the feeling that accompanied being somebody’s property. She just wanted to belong to a man, or two men, or even three.
Her fantasy was of course hard to fulfill with her being so shy all the time. She was almost twenty-five years old and she never dated anyone after breaking up with her high school sweetheart three years ago. She would always hide her beautiful green eyes behind her glasses. She’d tie her long russet hair into a tight bun at her nape and leave her full lips their natural pink. She’d always avoid eye contact with men and walk away timidly if one ever approached her. If he was particularly handsome, she’d just take a mental picture of his face and touch herself to him in the privacy of her bedroom. Linda was just too cowardly to live out her fantasies.
To keep herself from going mad, she wrote down all of her wishes in a little blue journal. The scenarios were all very distinguishable; each one involving different toys, settings, and costumes. The only feature that they all had in common was the characters involved. There was always one woman being touched and used by two men. The woman was her. The two men were her bosses.
They were a demanding duo, Michael and Nick. They treated Linda more like a dog than a secretary. When she signed up for the job, they told her that her duties would just be to answer their calls, keep track of their appointments with clients, and remind them of their court dates. But now she was doing everything from fetching their morning coffees to cleaning spills in their offices. While her brain complained about this mistreatment, her heart happily fulfilled whatever demand the two handsome, older and well-groomed lawyers asked of her.
Just as Linda was about to get up and make her breakfast, her cellphone rang loudly. Who could possibly want to talk to her this early?
Linda patted around under her pillow until she finally found her cellphone. She answered it quickly, her mousy voice stuttering, “H-h-Hello?”
“’Morning, Linda,” Nick’s deep voice greeted her from the other end. “We’re gonna need you to come in an hour early today. Michael and I have to run out to a client’s golf invitation so you’re gonna have to run the whole office today. Is that fine? Good. See you soon.”
Nick hung up before Linda could say anything. She had no time now for breakfast. Sighing, she rushed to her washroom, brushed her teeth, and then returned to her closet to find a skirt that fell below her knees and a loose shirt that hid her oversized breasts. She tossed her blue journal into her purse with a smile and headed off to work.


“Please sort these out for me,” said Pauline as she dropped a pile of papers on Linda’s desk.
Pauline was just one of the many lawyers that worked at Michael and Nick’s firm. There were about eight in the building today and every single one of them had assigned work for Linda. They thought that Michael and Nick were gone for the day and so they took full advantage of their secretary. They knew that Linda didn’t have the guts to refuse work.
Linda nodded at Pauline and Pauline stormed away without a single thank-you. Pauline joined the other lawyers who were wasting time slowly drinking coffee and discussing the news. Happy that the bosses were away, all the lawyers were laughing and chatting loudly today. But the boisterous mood came to an abrupt end because, out of nowhere, Michael and Nick walked into the main room with jeans and polo shirts on.
“That bastard cancelled on us!” Michael announced to his surprised employees.
Michael was a little bit younger than Nick; somewhere between his mid and late forties. He was a bit more than six feet tall, completely bald, and well-built with an extraordinarily masculine face: prominent jaws, longish straight nose, strong cheekbones and dark pensive eyes. He looked a lot more like a soldier than a downtown lawyer. He had two ex-wives and many, many girlfriends.
Nick was a bit shorter, but also very muscular. He had blue eyes and a head full of salt-and-pepper hair – something he was very proud of considering his age. Well, Nick was pretty much proud of everything he had, from his sparkling collection of cars to his beautiful house somewhere uptown. He never married because he just loved women too much. There was always a different girl on his arm every two months or so.
Nick disappeared to his office while Michael made a quick stop by Linda’s table.
“Did you remember to write down this week’s appointments in my day planner?” He asked her hurriedly.
“Yes, Michael. I left it in your office, right on your desk.”
Linda felt a major headache coming on. Sick and tired of being pushed around by all these people, she felt like reading her blue journal in order to escape reality for a brief moment. She made sure that no one was looking at her as she grabbed her purse. She stuck her hand inside and searched for the journal. At first she was shocked when she couldn’t find it in there. Then she searched the surface of her desk, her drawers and the floor around her and panicked as the journal was gone!
Suddenly, she saw something blue underneath the pile of papers that Pauline had left. She pulled it out and began to sweat when she realized that it was not her journal, but rather Michael’s day planner. She frantically ran to Michael’s office, but it was too late.
Michael and Nick huddled together behind Michael’s desk, excitedly reading the filthy scenarios that Linda described in her journal. They were shocked that their secretary, always so shy and quiet, had such a dirty mind.
“She wants to be our ‘sex slave’,” Nick chuckled in disbelief.


Ends a bit too abruptly and not much character development. Good short read. 4 out of 5

Needed a lot more detail and care in story development. OK for a beginner. 3 out of 5 (Fred)

Author Information

I'm just your average college girl, but I have a wild streak and many wild fantasies that I love to write about. I'm especially into sex slavery/submission/"cow"-lactation slavery. Enjoy!


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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