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Twin Torment (Roger Beresford)

Twin Torment by Roger Beresford

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When the two identical twins they meet in a bar turn out to be very rich and apparently desperate for some slightly kinky sex, Mark and Russell can hardly believe their luck. And then, a few days later, a copy of a carefully edited film of their antics arrives in the post and they realise they are being blackmailed into submitting to every whim of the girls.

Soon, the two young men are prisoners of the beautiful twins who have employed a fearsome Romanian woman, formerly a prison warder, to assist them. Used, abused, forced to wear women’s clothes, made to cook, clean, wash and serve the twins in every intimate way, the men are forbidden any form of sexual release and kept locked in painful restraints to control their sexuality.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 3 / 2011

No. words: 44300

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Svetlana took a step forward and smacked each man sharply across the face.

“I said take off your clothes!”

In shocked silence, Mark and Russ removed the remainder of their clothes and handed them to Madam Svetlana. She threw them casually on the floor with the other garments and regarded her new charges with distaste.

Being inspected while standing un-clothed in front of three women was a new and unnerving experience. They instinctively tried to hide their obvious embarrassment by clamping their hands over their genitals.

“Put your hands on your head and stand with your legs apart,” Svetlana ordered in a voice that brooked no disobedience. “Touching your cock is tantamount to masturbation and that is forbidden, remember.” She looked them up and down slowly, and then proclaimed them ‘very poor specimens’. “I’ve seen better bodies in some Romanian orphanages,” she told them, and then she reached behind her, extracted latex gloves from the box on the desk, and theatrically began to pull them on over her hands.

“I am now going to give you a full examination, just like we used to when we had new arrivals at the correction centre. We have to ensure that you are clean, free of disease, and that you are not smuggling in any drugs.”

She started with Mark. Hair, nose, ears, bushy underarms, hairy chest, navel, genitals, legs and feet were examined minutely. Svetlana was not gentle. She probed and pulled as if intending to hurt as much as abase. Mark felt utterly humiliated to be treated to such an intimate search, especially in the presence of the other women who were looking on unsympathetically, yet he dared not complain.

Satisfied with her scrutiny of the man’s external attributes Svetlana took a tube of lubricant from her pocket and spread it liberally on her right hand. “Turn round, bend over and touch your toes,” she ordered.

Mark gawped at her in disbelief, opened his mouth to protest, but thought better of it. Reluctantly, he turned away, bent over and rested his hands on his knees.

“I said touch your toes,” said Svetlana menacingly. “Do it!”

Mark complied, reaching down as far as he could and spreading his legs further apart so that he could just reach his toes. The indignity hurt, and it hurt even more as he suffered the further abasement of a painful examination from Svetlana’s slippery gloved hands. It seemed to last an eternity, but then it was over and he was instructed to stand up and face the twins. The look on their faces revealed how much they had enjoyed his embarrassment and discomfort.

Russ had watched the treatment of his friend with growing disbelief. This was not the scenario he had imagined. It was turning into a nightmare. He dropped his hands and stepped towards the twins who had been standing closely observing the examination of Mark’s behind in enthralled silence.

“This is too much, Sally, Sandra,” he protested, stooping to pick up his clothes. “What do you think you are doing? We agreed to assist you in jobs around the house, not to…”

“Be quiet!” interjected Sally. “I don’t think you understand the seriousness of your situation. You either accept that you are now voluntarily under our control and will do exactly what we say, or you get out and face the consequences. If you leave here, the film goes to the police and both of you will undoubtedly be jailed. Are you going to drop your buddy in it right up to his neck, or are you going to do the sensible thing and obey instructions? The choice is yours: go now, or shut up and obey!”

Russ let the clothes drop back onto the floor and stepped away from them, backing towards his original position and replacing his hands on his head.

“I’ll stay, yes, I’ll stay. All right, I’ll stay,” he stuttered, the full gravity of their situation at last becoming clear. “I’m really sorry.”

“You were told to address us as Mistress Sally and Mistress Sandra. You really are rather slow for a product of our famous university, aren’t you? You don’t learn very quickly, do you? It seems that we will have to show you that paying us absolute respect and obedience is a requirement, not an option,” Sally informed him angrily.

Svetlana turned her attention to Russ and performed the same detailed examination of his body. Coming to his genitals, she cupped them in one hand. “Not much to boast about here then,” she stated, weighing them. “Your member is smaller than my thumb and hiding amongst all that unsightly hair. I consider pubic hair unhygienic, so yours and your friend’s will have to come off. I’ll deal with that later. Now, turn around and bend over. I’m going to check your back passage.”

Sandra watched closely as Russ bent over. ‘He has the most beautiful buttocks,’ she mused to herself. They were muscular and rounded like two plump pumpkins, and where they melded into his lower back there were two distinct dimples. ‘That has got to be the most attractive view of the male body,’ she decided. ‘It would be especially pleasurable to give it a good, hard spanking,’ she told herself.

Russ tried to get away from Svetlana’s exploring fingers on several occasions during the humbling procedure, but she simply reached between his legs and squeezed his testes until he remained still again. Finally it was over, and Russ was turned round to face the desk.

“I think you are a particularly stupid little man,” said Svetlana as she peeled off the gloves and threw them into the waste bin. “I was told that you were both highly intelligent graduates, but it seems to me that you are both feeble minded cretins.” She turned to Sally. “Do you think this one,” she indicated Russ, “should be given a taste of discipline. He’s so disobedient I think we’re going to have trouble with him unless he is made to realise straight away that any disobedience means punishment?”

Sandra replied without hesitation. “Quite so; essential I would say. Please do it, Svetlana.”

Russ shied away again. “No, that’s so unfair, I don’t deserve any sort of punishment!”

“Svetlana, deal with him please,” spat Sandra. “He has been very disobedient, rebellious and disrespectful.” So saying, she moved the debris from the desktop with a sweep of her hand. “Here, put him over the desk. We’ll secure his hands on the other side.”

“What should it be?” asked Sally joining in the decision making enthusiastically, “the strap, crop, tawse or cane.”

“I think the strap will suffice in this instance,” proclaimed Sandra. “Yes, a dozen strokes across his arse with the strap is well merited. He’ll soon learn his lesson.”

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Roger is an English author of Femdom and general erotica.


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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