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Love, Unscripted (Miriam Jewell)

Love, Unscripted by Miriam Jewell

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“Love Unscripted” is a highly erotic, explicit and deeply introspective look at love, sex and relationships, seen through the eyes of Karl, a film director in his mid-forties, as he eases himself away from the movie business to retire to an idyllic cottage in France. His final project is to be a reality film of the most intimate moments between couples carefully selected to reveal a variety of desires and emotions. As the project takes shape, Karl starts to feel the aching void in his own love life, and finding love becomes his overriding desire.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 2 / 2011

No. words: 30500

Style: Erotic Romance, Erotic Fetishes

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


They forgot to eat, and the idea of watching a movie fell by the wayside when Karl’s hand slid lower to Silke’s breasts. He had never been with a woman with such full breasts, so he spent some time cupping them and stroking them through her shirt before she pulled her olive green beaded tunic over her head and let it drop. She wore a structured black bra trimmed with a gathered ruffle along the top, reminding him of the corsets he had seen in the catalogues that Krista had lying around the office. Then, with that, came the memory of Bianca, angry at his suggestion that she wear some lingerie for him. She accused him of wanting her to look like a hooker, which had shocked him. But now he knew better, and here was his proof under him now, sliding her leg around his hips as they kissed. The bra cups were turned down to allow her cleavage to spill out. He smelled her flesh deeply, letting the sweet spicy aroma go to his head and travel down to his prick. She laughed at his obvious pleasure, and returned the gesture by sniffing loudly at his chest and neck, then licking his neck to taste him. The sensation was new and intense for Karl, one that sent shivers down his spine.

He wanted to feel her skin on his, so he stripped down to nothing. Silke could see him better now with the soft afternoon light filtering through the tinted glass windows. He had lovely skin for a man, she thought as she watched him deftly shed his clothes. He possessed a deep, masculine sexuality that was softened by his refined and intelligent outward appearance. Silke was always attracted to older men, and it was evident to her by now that she was firmly entrenched in his fiery energy. He emitted a vibe of class and sophistication that was sadly lacking in the men of her age group. She met his eyes and saw that he wanted to take her hard, and being a woman who liked to be both dominant and submissive depending on the situation, she peeled off her tights and panties and lay down on the bed, waiting for his next move.

Karl had been fantasizing about this scene in his head for a few days now, and had been horny at the thought of exploring her more deeply. He kissed her belly and nibbled her navel. His fingers travelled down to her cleft and he gently opened her up so he could caress her hood with his tongue. Once he found the spot that made her moan, he felt himself grow even bigger. She held his head in place and gently pressed against his tongue, grinding her hips against him until he sensed she was ready to come. Then he suddenly pulled back and ran his tongue back up her belly. She groaned and started to protest, but his hand clapped down over her mouth. She looked at his face to find him smiling wickedly at her. She let him continue to work on her, finding it hard to be patient with his teasing techniques. Then he found her nipples on her full, wavering breasts, another new experience for Karl. All the women he had been with before had small to average sized breasts, which suited his tastes, but he was fascinated with bigger ones, wondering how they felt and how they moved during a session of hard pumping.

Silke’s nipples were begging for attention, so he licked them first lightly, remembering how sensitive Lia’s had been, but his new partner remained unmoved so he did it a bit harder. Still there was not much of a reaction, so he pinched the erect points until she gasped. Now he had her. It was such a turn on to see her beautiful body twist and turn on his rumpled white bed. Her glorious hair looked almost jet black against the crisp white backdrop. Suddenly inspired, he reached out to the nearby dresser drawer and withdrew a serious looking camera, and without hesitation began taking her photograph. Since the lens was directed at her face, her expression stayed acutely aroused. She knew he would not film her body; there was a trust there with him. The lens pointed at her face and she was told to touch herself. As she fondled herself, Silke found she quite liked the addition of the fifth eye in her intimate space. It was a curious, unobtrusive presence, and all of the camera’s attention was on her. The lens clicked softly, mechanically, as she explored herself, her lovely face reflecting every feeling that was travelling through her body.

After a few minutes more, Karl was too aroused to continue photographing his muse. He put the camera down and entered her swiftly. He drove deep, while putting some weight on her mound until he felt her tighten up inside and arch her back. He rode her hard and deep until she shouted a hoarse call to God as he felt his mind go dark and orbit towards a hundred beautiful images and places, eventually finding his way back to the bed and collapsing beside her.

Author Information

Writer of historical and general erotica.
Miriam's writing looks deep into the psyche of erotic variations, kinks, and fetishes, including domainance and submission from different angles.


Publisher Information

Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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