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Her Master's Trust (Ginger Starr)

Her Master

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CEO billionaire Donovan Mann trusts his gut and never loses, except once. Olivia Webb. Independent, brilliant and a natural submissive in bed. He can't forget her touch, her moans of pleasure, or how he woke to find her and $20 million gone. He won't involve the police. His weapon is seduction. Can he win her heart to destroy her without losing his? That is, if someone doesn't kill them both first.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 1 / 2011

No. words: 38096

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM and Romance

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


It was the sort of February day that made New Yorkers miserable.
The sky turned dark at five o’clock and the lit streetlamps in Central Park made gray sleet yellow. Trash blew around the feet of tired people who struggled with imploded umbrellas as they hustled to get somewhere warm and dry.
It was enough to make anyone pack it in for an early retirement down South, but not the man who stared at it all from an office window ten stories above Columbus Circle.
Donovan Mann, CEO of Mann Global Investments, the only financial firm untouched by recent scandal, second richest man in New York City next to the mayor, and natural born dom stood motionless, a black leather riding crop clutched in his hand. A sudden blur of movement across the street broke his trance.
It looked like a stray dog in Central Park, but Donovan realized to his amazement, it was a coyote. There had been news reports of the creature spotted the week before. It was thought to have made its way from upstate New York and anyone who saw it was urged to call police.
It stopped for a second, illuminated under the park’s lights and Donovan felt a connection to its wild animal soul. It, like he, was an adventurer and survivor.
The coyote sniffed the air and darted across a frozen pond before it disappeared into the dark. Donavan smiled slightly and silently wished it luck.
He admired self-reliance and courage. The world was dangerous, but with determination and smarts, an instinctive hunter could rise to the top of the pack. He certainly had.
Donovan thrived on solitude; he trusted his gut and never let anyone defeat him. He gripped the riding crop tighter as the memory of that one mistake, an emotional slip of the heart, flashed before him.
He let Olivia Webb make a fool of him two months before.
It infuriated him to remember. The only thing real about her was her limitless desire to fuck. She had lied to him with every moan and sigh, every time she offered up her hot body to him. Lies all, but even her mental image made his cock stand to attention.
He struggled to forget how supple her skin felt and how she responded to his touch with such exquisite sensitivity, he could make her wail with pleasure. How she wrapped her legs around him to drive him deeper inside her, how he woke one morning to find her gone and a company account with $20 million dollars in it emptied.
She would be found soon, he could sense it. He fantasized about the vengeance he would unleash upon her when she was caught. He wouldn’t involve the police or FBI; he had his own people with orders to bring her directly to him. I will have my revenge, Donovan vowed to himself as he sharply exhaled and forced his mind to the present.
He turned from the window and saw his secretary Lily already in place, bent over his desk before him. Her curvy body was still as she waited for the after work reward of delicious pain, but her sharp hot pants of anticipation at Donovan’s approach echoed off the silk wallpapered walls.
Her thin white skirt was thrown over her waist and her panties pulled just below her round and creamy bottom, as ordered. The soft blonde was so aroused, her lacy thigh–high stocking tops were soaked on her inner thighs.
Donovan pressed his fingertips against the wetness on her skin and felt her tremble at his touch. He brought his hand to her open mouth slicked with ruby colored gloss. “Lick it off” he ordered. Lily instantly obeyed and stretched her tongue between full pouty lips as she lapped her taste of fermented honey from his fingers.
Lily knew he felt no love for her, but she gratefully served all his needs. He had found her at a play party three years ago. She worked as a professional submissive, but from the moment she served Donovan Mann, she knew she could never give herself to anyone else.
Donovan withdrew his hand and lowered the right side of her face to his desk. He slowly circled her and observed how she quivered when he lightly tapped the voluptuous flesh of her legs and thighs with the crop’s rectangular tip. Then without warning, he struck the whip harder than he ever had against her ample ass.
Lily gasped in surprise and Donavan paused. He knew better than to take his rage about Olivia’s deception out on her. He silently counted to ten to wait for her pain to subside. The angry red line on Lily’s pale young skin faded to a dusky rose and her hands loosened their grip on the table’s edges as her breathing slowed to gentle flutters that let him know she was ready to continue.
He whipped her luscious bottom again and Lily’s entire body shook with pleasure. Donovan struck her other cheek and alternated the blows as he reduced the time between each lash. Lily moaned with delight as he then randomly spanked her upturned rump so she wouldn’t know where the next chastisement would land.
The crop’s stiff braided leather left scarlet streaks wherever it hit, as her perfect peach of an ass became bright cherry red. Donavan lowered the short whip and lifted a pink hairbrush from her purse left conveniently open at his feet. He lightly stroked her inflamed skin with its soft bristles as she panted and moaned.
Lily squirmed with desire, but knew not to beg for his cock. When he was ready, she would know. He used the brush to trace the flame marks on her skin, and then slid it along the cleft of her ass. He tapped her right inner thigh with his fingertips and she obediently spread her legs.
Her lower lips glistened with arousal as Donovan rubbed the smooth brush handle against them with just enough pressure to glide it along her slippery groove. She moaned out loud as the hard plastic pressed against her swollen clitoris. Donovan unzipped his fly, released the 8-inch thickly veined monster from his pants and then reached for the condom next to her head.
He wiped the handle on her ass, unrolled the condom and put it on. Then he picked up the hairbrush again and renewed his assault on her tender flesh. The more she squirmed, the hotter he got. Finally, his desire was at its peak. He plunged inside her as his balls banged against her throbbing clit and he slammed in and out of her hot wetness.
Her curvy ass jiggled against each pelvic thrust as her moans became more frenzied. He grabbed the silky hair at her scalp and pulled it towards him till her eyes rolled back in her head. Donovan fucked her furiously. His strong deep thrusts filled her completely as she instinctually raised her hips higher and higher to take in his entire length.
She felt like an animal and moaned helplessly with delight as he slowed his rhythm enough to bring her down and then built the momentum again. She pulsated her inner muscles around his long thick shaft till she felt a well of erotic delight that rippled from her clit across her belly to her nipples before it plunged again to surround his cock in a tight circle of exquisite sensation.
Donovan felt her soft walls clutch his cock, which caused the pressure in his groin to build to a massive force. Her little fists clenched and unclenched, a sign she was near the edge of orgasm. He knew she would never let herself go without his permission.
He slapped her ass with his open palm and it blasted her into an ecstatic frenzy.
Fireworks exploded behind his eyes as he grabbed her hips and drove into her. He lifted her around her waist, threw them both into his chair with her on his lap and her back towards him, then came with a fury as he tossed her over the desk again and collapsed on top of her.
Lily felt wave after wave of pleasure course through her body. Nothing made her happier then to please him. She knew she didn’t have his heart, but she was his to use as he saw fit. When his breathing slowed to normal, Donovan rose and stretched his neck and shoulders.
Lily turned and removed the condom from his still hard cock. She wrapped it in tissue to dispose of in the bathroom and ran to get a hot washcloth. Donovan sat behind his desk and brooded. The temporary pleasure of toying with Lily was gone. Now his mind was back to Olivia and revenge.
He checked his watch. One of his men, Franklin, was due at 7pm with a report on his latest attempts to find her. Franklin had been in Donovan’s employ from Mann Global Investments’ earliest days. He was not on the official payroll. Donovan turned to him when he needed information on a client or competitor.
Another part of his job was to search the history and records of potential employees. Donovan had blamed him at first for not properly vetting Olivia Webb, whose stellar resume crossed his desk six months ago that week. She had a Harvard MBA and a degree in international finance from Yale.
She worked for a top Wall Street firm and seemed an excellent candidate for MGI’s vice president of finance. Everything checked out and she appeared to be just who she claimed. She even came with a glowing reference from her former CEO.
Olivia was also one of the most beautiful women Donovan had ever seen.
Not that she was his type. He usually went for petite girls with soft curves like Lily. When Olivia wore her three-inch black leather pumps, she stood eye to eye with him. Her handshake at the interview was firm and her voice confident and deep for a woman. It was a voice that haunted him for days after their meeting.
He closed his eyes and remembered the first time she walked into his office. Her black designer suit hugged her tall and slender frame in all the right places. She was polite and professional, but there was a gleam in her eye that made him hunger for her. He didn’t know why. Who can explain the chemistry of attraction?
He just knew he had to have her. He hired her and within a month, they were lovers. No, he couldn’t blame Franklin or anyone else for Olivia Webb. It was his fault that he fell for the schemes and lies of a beautiful woman. He, Donovan Mann, had been played.
“Damn it,” he growled. His baritone voice reverberated through the room as Lily hurried in, a warm washcloth in one hand and a snifter of brandy in the other. She knew his daily routines by heart. He allowed himself one drink after work before he went out for the night.
She placed the crystal goblet in his hand, knelt between his legs and then gently cleaned his cock and balls. Lily showed her devotion with her body and her loyalty. She knew to express her love to him with words would end their arrangement, the last thing in the world she would ever want.
Donovan swirled the amber liquid in the snifter but didn’t bring it to his lips. He wanted to be completely sober when Franklin arrived. Besides, he would probably need the drink after their meeting. He felt the warmth and care of Lily as she tended to his cock. She was a good girl.
“Lily,” he said. She looked up immediately. Her large blue eyes glowed at the sound of her name on his lips.
“Yes, Sir?” she breathed.
“Finish and go back to your desk. When Franklin arrives, let me know. Then you may leave for the night.”
“Yes, Sir.” Lily watched on her knees as Donovan stood and arranged himself back in his pants.


A new author to me, I would like to read more from her? 4 out of 5 (JBC)

Author Information

Ginger Starr is the nom de porn of a typical girl next door with a highly active sexual imagination. When I'm not writing my fantasies, I enjoy looking for inspiration in nature, music and art.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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