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The Dominatrix's Maid (Roger Beresford)

The Dominatrix


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Sacked from his job for sexual harassment, thrown out of his apartment by his girlfriend, it seems that things can’t get much worse for Madison Grimley. At least, not until, slightly drunk, he reverses his car into a Ferrari driven by a fearsome lady. Instead of simply calling the police, she firstly gives him the option to pay for the damage, and then finding he is uninsured and cannot raise the money she offers him the opportunity to work as her maid for three months.
Unfortunately for Madison, the lady turns out to be a professional dominatrix, and his position as maid involves dressing permanently in women’s clothing, suffering sexual humiliation and frustration, and undergoing repeated, painful punishments.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 1 / 2011

No. words: 41500

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“I suppose you’re proud of these,” she sneered, cradling his testes while continuing to slowly stroke his responsive penis.

“The crown jewels of your maleness, eh?” she suggested, looking down dismissively. “Well, listen carefully. I am now in charge of you, all of you. I don’t mind a cock around the house, but only if I am totally in charge of it. You can expect no sexual release here unless I specifically order it, and that will depend on your performance and obedience to orders. You should see it as the ultimate concession, a concession that will have to be earned - so don’t expect it. I believe men should suffer for their cockiness and all their advantages in life, and denying you any form of cock release will be a powerful reminder of my control over you and your inferior status in my house. From today, you will not be permitted to touch yourself down here under any circumstances. Only in the presence of a female will you be allowed to touch yourself, and even then only when given permission to do so. If you circumvent this rule, I shall find a chastity device for your sexual bits and restrain them permanently.”

To emphasize her final sentence, Nina released his partial arousal and gripped his scrotal sac, squeezing hard with both hands. She watched his face as it turned into a pain-ridden grimace. His mouth opened and he let out an agonised ‘Urgh!!’ At the least, she congratulated herself, he had remained pretty still as ordered.

As Madison stood with his legs still parted, unable to ease the pain with his hands as he would have wished, realisation of his situation was dawning - very painfully.

Nina flicked the intercom on her desk. “Annette, come in here. Bring the LadyShave and the hair clippers, oh, and a size 16 maids dress; one of the nice frilly ones.”

She unzipped the grip bag and began to rummage among the contents. A selection of bras, pants, teddies, stockings and suspender belts were scattered over the leather desktop as Nina carefully chose the items she needed to begin the transformation of Madison the arrogant male, into Madison the submissive domestic servant.

Annette knocked and entered.

“Of course, you’ve met Annette, haven’t you? Lovely, isn’t she? Annette is my niece. She turned 18 a few months ago, has just left secondary school and has chosen to enter my line of business. Annette doesn’t like men very much, I’m afraid. You see, her father deserted my sister when Annette was 13, and I’ve helped since then with her upbringing, seen her through private school and now she’s sort of apprenticed to me, learning a trade here. I have to say she’s turning out to be a natural!”

“And enjoying every minute, Nina,” interjected the young lady with a cheeky grin.

“You will address her as Miss Annette, and you’ll obey her instructions as if they came from me.” Now, Annette, I want you to see to his head hair, chest hair, and pubes. Leave the eyebrows and eyelashes for the time being, but all his body hair down to the toes has to go.”

“Sure, it’ll be a pleasure, Nina,” replied Annette cheerfully.

Nina positioned herself in front of Madison and looked him fiercely in the eyes. Then, pushing him firmly backwards with both arms, instructed him to stand very still in front of the writing desk and to do exactly as Annette told him.

Madison felt the desk behind him as he was forced backwards, any apprehensions he had at being so vulnerably naked in front of two attractive women being submerged by his concern for the consequences of disobeying them. Strangely, he felt an instinctive, almost subconscious, acceptance of the need to comply with their wishes. Nina’s powerful personality was already causing him to review his long held attitudes towards the fairer sex. He had always viewed women as being there for the pleasure of men. It seemed that the tables were turned in this household. Here, he was to be their plaything.

It took Annette merely half an hour to clear his facial and body hair, all the time she maintaining a litany of disparaging remarks concerning his body in general and his manhood in particular. Madison was happy to accept the removal of his body hair, as he had adopted the practice himself in the past. He was not concerned about the chest, armpit and pubic hair. However, when Annette threatened to attack his head hair with electric shears, something in him irrationally rebelled. He protested, brushed the LadyShave aside, and flatly refused to allow Annette to proceed. She shrugged off his protests, while warning him that Nina had ordered all his body hair to be removed.

“On your head be it,” she punned. “At this stage of your stay with us you might regret being so stubborn. Nina expects to be obeyed to the letter.”

A little while later Nina returned to inspect Annette’s work. “Why is his hair still there?” she demanded crossly. “I ordered it to be removed.”

“He wouldn’t let me,” explained Annette blandly, spreading her hands in pretended frustration.

Nina gave a wry smile. “Well, well,” she said holding Madison under the chin and forcing his head back. “So you think that my instructions are given on a ‘pick and choose’ basis, do you? You’ll soon learn!”

Walking over to the desk, Nina continued, “We’ll leave his hair like that for the time being. In his uniform, he’ll look feminine enough; a feminised male that I will mould into a semblance of the kinder gender. The removal of his head hair will be deferred until he has been made more compliant. I assure you that won’t take long,” declared Nina sinisterly.

Nina selected a padded bra and matching pants from the pile of very feminine frillies. “Put these on,” she ordered.

Ten minutes later, Madison had been transformed into an unattractive female figure, standing awkwardly in stockings and high heels. He looked distinctly ridiculous, very much the awkward male in a female uniform.

Nina and Annette surveyed their handiwork.

“What should be her new name?” mused Nina. “I think she looks like an Enid, or an Ida, or perhaps even a Florence.”

Madison cringed at these suggestions - but wisely made no comment.

“Madelaine,” said Nina suddenly. “Madelaine – yes, Madelaine. That will be a most suitable name for her,” she decreed.

“Lift your skirts, Madelaine, higher! I want to see your pretty knickers and suspenders. Excellent, don’t you think, Annette?”

“Oh yes, Nina, a transformation. You’re a brilliant artist,” she replied, giggling girlishly at the sorry looking pretence of a woman.

Nina crossed behind the desk and pulled the cord alongside a tall set of curtains. The material parted smoothly to reveal a floor to ceiling mirror.

“Come over here, Madelaine. See how you look in your pretty dress.”

The image revealed to him did nothing to boost his sagging ego. The black satin dress was trimmed with white lace, and a silky white apron clinched his waist. The padded bra pushed out the top of the dress to give him an exaggerated bust line, and his shaved chest was surrounded by more frills leading up to the shoulder straps and the short black sleeves, which culminated in yet more lace. The only acceptably feminine elements of the outfit were his sheer, nylon encased, legs - he actually had very shapely legs for a man. The face he saw was a picture of misery, embarrassment and distaste. It was one thing to enjoy wearing a pair of his girlfriend’s pretty knickers in the privacy of his bedroom. It was quite another thing to be fully feminised in front of two sneering women he hardly knew.

“Don’t look so miserable, Madelaine,” said Nina. “With a decent wig and some makeup, you’ll look better, well, acceptably feminine, anyway.”

Madison felt his spirit breaking. They really did intend keeping him in flouncy dresses, and, apart from walking out right then, he had no choice except to comply with the wishes of these woman who seemed to hold all the trump cards. Already his male arrogance, his self-esteem and his individuality were being crushed. Submission to the whims of his new employers looked to be the only way through the weeks ahead. Inwardly, he forced himself to accept his new status as a maid.

Author Information

Roger is an English author of Femdom and general erotica.


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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