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White Hot Rivers (James Lucy)

White Hot Rivers by James Lucy

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A fun-loving and very sexually active young couple, James and Lucy, have lost the romance and sexual excitement of their earlier years together. The pressures of work and children have left little time just for the two of them but now they have an opportunity to rekindle their love, passion, lust and tenderness for each other. This is a very graphic and descriptive novel which evokes all the senses. Highly charged, it is nevertheless tastefully descriptive. At the end of the book, you will know every inch of their bodies as well as they do.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 1 / 2011

No. words: 24182

Style: General Erotica, Erotic Romance

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Soon after they were married, when they were like rabbits, they had just showered after work, but it was such a warm summer's evening that they just lay on the bed afterwards to cool down, their two young and vigorous bodies totally naked but not touching. The heat had built up in the house all day like a furnace and now the evening sun was driving the temperature even higher. A fine shaft of the mellow evening sun cast itself like a spotlight upon the freshly showered curls of her mound. The small droplets sparkled on each curl and conjured a magical aura around her womanhood. Her soft pink lips were relaxed and slightly parted, revealing a pearly sheen on her inner pinkness. James rolled over to study this wonderful sight more closely and he could once again detect that honeyed muskiness that meant no turning back for James. He moistened his own lips and placed them gently on her hood, his tongue searching beneath for her eager young bud. He inhaled deeply and savoured her scent. How he wished he could be totally enveloped by her silkiness.
Lucy took no encouraging at all and his cool wet curls created a tingling chill on her inner thighs and on the sweet rosy flesh that surrounded her tunnel. In no time at all they were fully entwined around each other, clawing at each others' back, sliding her sweat soaked breasts against the curls of his firm, muscular chest, their dripping thighs constantly slipping between the other's and his rigidity thrusting hard up against her. Their tongues delved and darted in each other's mouths, searching into every corner and the succulent swollen lips of their wide open mouths were as if joined seamlessly. It was getting really hot as the sun streamed in and they both pulled back to catch breath and cool off. "Itís a lovely night", said Lucy, "why don't we go for a walk? I'd love to feel the breeze on my body." Without giving James the chance to consider her suggestion, Lucy leapt off the bed and pulled on a lime green, toweling mini dress and a pair of flip flops.
"Come on then, I'm ready."
Her wet auburn tresses fell in curls over the thin straps of the dress, which would have been more at home on a Mediterranean beach. Her pert breasts filled the dress without support and their natural firm roundness formed a deep and curvaceous cleavage. Her state of arousal was plain to see through the dress, which tapered down to her waist and just hugged her superbly rounded buttocks without being too tight. It didn't go much further down and her graceful and well formed legs were golden in their glory.
Realising what was in store, James pulled on a pair of loose shorts, a tee shirt and a pair of trainers. Without any restraint underneath, James's hardness was distorting his shorts like a tent pole. They decided to stroll across the fields to the next village along a well used public footpath. The ears of wheat were swaying slightly in the gentle breeze and just beginning to turn from green to gold, in stark contrast to the bright red poppies that rose above them in their thousands. The falling sun tinted this idyllic scene with hues of golden orange and the birds chirped intermittently as their day approached its end. The fresh air on Lucy's legs was exciting her and as she wandered through the longer grass at the edge of the path, the shimmering seed heads brushed tantalisingly beneath her dress, gliding swiftly across her soft femininity. She pulled James close to herÖ

Author Information

A few years ago, I used to send tasteful, but very vivid, descriptive, erotic text messages to a new lady friend. They hit the spot and the demand grew! I started writing short erotic stories, which she thought were great too. 'Write about what you know,' I was advised, and so most of this fiction is based upon some element of truth from my own experiences. Eventually, I thought I would try my hand at a short erotic novel. 'White Hot Rivers' is the outcome, the tale of a young English couple trying to rejuvenate their relationship.


Publisher Information

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