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Monica`s Revenge (Richard Alexander)

Monica`s Revenge by Richard Alexander


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    • Average 4.0 from 1 ratings

After Monica`s successful raid on the House of Wong in Macau (see Monica`s Quest), things have returned to normal at Bilboes in the leafy suburbs of Brisbane. That is until the Chinese billionairess Jade Wong and the scheming Portia return to stage a dramatic take-over Monica`s B&D domain and to inflict on Monica`s team some thirsted-after vengeance.

Subjected to the painful sufferingd of the devices in their own basement dungeons, Monica and the girls find themselves at the mercy of the evil Chinese Mistress, who delights in their humiliation and torment. Only when Monica finally turns the tables can she put into place the plans she has formulated in the many hours she has been bound and captive in her own basement prison.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2005

No. words: 154700

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: PDF  MS Reader  


Excerpt 1

Poor Jill, also naked, had had her wrists bound to her ankles with many turns of sashcord. Her ankles and knees were likewise bound and a single rope linked the ankle ties with a heavy leather collar locked on her slender neck, just visible beneath the blonde hair touching it. She had almost no room to move and her bottom would be going numb soon, if such was not already the case. I was thankful I had installed the two-centimetre thick black rubber matting in the niches, for in unexpected situations such as these, it would provide at least some relief from the hardness and chill of the concrete floor.

Jill looked at me with pleading eyes above the regulation ball gag and shook her head in what may have been a mixture of desperation, frustration and despair. Only then did I see the awful steel vices clamped on her nipples. She screwed up her eyes and whimpered.

Excerpt 2

“That will keep these two busy for quite a while. Which leaves my darling slave Jillian.” Portia stood up and walked over to me as I kept my head down and stared at the boards of the deck. I watched the high heels of her boots pass by me and I knew she was standing behind me. She stood there for maybe a minute, saying nothing. I knew something was going to happen and could feel myself start to tremble in the awful expectation. It came in the form of a sharp poke in my left buttock by something followed by a crack and a piercing pain that seemed to jolt the whole of my left side. I screamed into the gag and fell over on my side, moaning with the pain that spread down my leg. I struggled to get my breath back in part due to the gag but also the tightness of the corset. For a brief moment I nearly fainted.

“That, my dear Jill was a little sampler.” I turned my head from where I lay on the deck and looked up at her. The red-clad Mistress of Evil held a two-pronged rod in her hand. It was perhaps half a metre long and had a box-like grip at the top end. “This is a cattle prod,” she told me. “It is also a Jillian-prod, a Monica-prod or anything else I care to make it into. If you misbehave it will be used on you. It may also be used on your friends. Rest assured you will be punished, and very painfully. Imagine this on your tits along with those shocking plugs up you bum and pussy. You’d be able to light up the room yourself. So, do we all understand the situation now? You will all do exactly as Megan and I say. We are in total command here and you will obey instantly! Is that clear to you all?”

“Uh-huh mmssts,” we affirmed fearfully through our gags. Monica had had her back to me, but even she made noises of clear agreement.

Excerpt 3

Portia locked the connecting link of my wrist cuffs on to the hook of the lower pulley block and stepped back to let Megan haul on the loose end of rope until my hands were above my head. Portia then attached a spreader bar to my ankles and left me standing on tiptoes while Megan tied off the rope to a cleat on the verandah post nearby.

That’s when I began to get really scared, as Portia gripped my face in one strong hand, squeezing my mouth either side of the ball gag within it.

“The time has come for reckoning, Miss Runaway Slave. In the olden days they used to flay slaves alive. Or cut their nipples off.” I felt her hot breath on my face and knew I was in for something nasty. “But you have such nice nipples, Jillian…” She ran her fingers over my breasts, then her tongue, lingering around my nipples just long enough to make them pop up. She tweaked them hard between her fingers then pinched them with her long red nails. I whined in pain.

“Fetch the bullwhip, Megan.”

The bullwhip! No! That was just for show! Just to make a client scared - as it was doing for me at that moment. The bullwhip was not a full-sized version, but had a half-metre handle and a two-metre plaited thong. It was a fearsome thing and started me trembling when Megan returned with it.

Author Information

Richard was a finalist of the 2004 Signy Bondage Writers competition - and is thus one of the best writers on this subject around.


Publisher Information

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