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Case : On The Case (Shooter3704)

Case : On The Case by Shooter3704

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    • Average 4.0 from 6 ratings

Nick Case is one tough private investigator. He’s big, he’s black, and he’s bad news if you cross him. He’s a man’s man but the ladies seem to love him…and we do mean love him.

Nick is an excellent chef and a collector of guns and other dangerous weapons. He is no man to fool with.

Nick loves country music and will defend his preference with vigor. He doesn’t consider rap to even be music.

Nick has to use all his resources on this case that threatened to swallow him. One of his best resources is his long time friend Tony DeAngelo who remained with the police department after Nick left.

Yes, the story has interracial sex. It has a lot of sex and should not be missed by mystery lovers and lovers of hot sweaty black on white sex.

“Case on the case” starts slow but hang on and get ready, because when it heats up it gets sizzling hot. You might need something to cool you down before you get to the end!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2010

No. words: 36650

Style: Interracial Erotica, General Erotica, Adult Suspense/Thrillers

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


My wife Gloria and I live out in Worthington Estates. We usually come into the city at least four or five times a year. Birthday celebrations, anniversaries or just to see a show or have dinner. One evening about three months ago we came in to attend the opening of an art exhibit. Gloria loves all the arts so when we heard about the opening I made arrangements for us to attend. Since the exhibit was on a Friday evening, we decided to make a special weekend of it and do some plays and just enjoy ourselves.
I am employed by Baker Industries who have their main offices here in the city. I do their investments for them and work out of my home. I elected to use the company’s parking garage and taxi to the art exhibit. That way I knew my car would be off the street and safer.
Gloria and I parked the car and came out on Broadway to find a cab. I saw one and I hailed it. The cab stopped and Gloria and I got in. It wasn’t a Yellow cab or one of the better-known taxies. It was a gypsy cab. I told the driver where we wanted to go and he nodded and started to drive away. I saw him put a mask on, you know like a gas mask but it didn’t dawn on me what he was doing. Suddenly the cab filled with some kind of gas and I was knocked out.
I came to and found I was tied to a chair. I was gagged and couldn’t move anything but my head. The room I was in was dark except for a light over a bed. I saw a body on the bed and realized it was Gloria and she was totally nude. I tried to call out to her but all I could do was make a muffled sound.
I could see that Gloria was awake but she seemed disorientated. She lay there without moving any part of her except her eyes. I could see her eyes looking around the room. I tried again to yell at her to get up and to run away but she could not hear me.
A door opened somewhere out of my sight and I heard men’s voices. When they got into the lighted area I saw five men, all young and all black.
“Pretty momma is awake,” one of them said. “Hello, pretty momma.”
“Hello,” Gloria said still looking confused.
“Are you ready for some more fucking?” the leader said.
“Yes,” my wife answered. I was really confused by that exchange. How long had I been out?
The tallest of the five men was wearing a pair of baggy black pants. No shoes and no shirt. The others wore black pants and green shirts or black and green jackets. I couldn’t begin to guess their ages. All I’m certain of is they were all young. Early twenties or younger.
The leader, the one without a shirt was completely bald and apparently shined his head with oil or something because under the light it gleamed. The others had close clipped hair except for one who had dreadlocks out of a wild mop of hair. I heard no names mentioned during the event.
The leader, and I assumed he was leader because he directed the actions of the others, sat on the bed beside my wife. He put his arm around her and pulled her close to him. He used his free hand to play with her breasts. Gloria had rather large breasts and long thick nipples.
“Lookie here,” the leader said tugging on one of her nipples. “Our little plaything has her nips up. I do believe she wants some more black meat. Do you want some more black cock, bitch?”
“Yes,” Gloria said. She raised her face to receive his kiss. It was a long hot kiss and while they kissed he mauled her breasts. I noticed that one of the other men went to a video camera on a tripod and apparently started it.
I almost cried when I saw Gloria’s hand rubbing the man’s crotch. She grasped his penis through the pants and didn’t release it until he stood up and dropped his pants.
I have heard all my life that black men are all well endowed but I wasn’t sure of it until that night. The tall man pulled Gloria to the edge of the bed and turned her so that she was sitting on the very edge. She took his large member in her relatively small hand and leaned forward to take it in her mouth.
The other men except for the one operating the video camera got undressed. Some had an erection and some didn’t but all were rather well built. One went to stand beside the one receiving oral sex from Gloria. She held onto the first penis and gave the new one her oral attention.
Gloria sucked both of them alternating between them until they both ejected in her mouth. Then two more men came to be serviced and she did.


Shooter seems to have lost his way with this book. Is he writing erotica or a detective book. Not much interest if you like his previous books 2 out of 5 (Delboy)

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