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The Harvester - The Women's Slave Training Academy Book 2 (Gugino)

The Harvester - The Women


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    • Average 2.7 from 3 ratings

Gugino's second book of his Women's Slave Training Academy series is much harder than the previous one. The Harvester has retired but is called upon to help the new Kid, who may still not be ready to do what must be done. This book realizes the promise of the series with many disturbing scenes, while advancing the plot in several unexpected directions.

Not to be missed!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 11 / 2010

No. words: 39480

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Bathed in the mid-morning sun the suburban, two story, red brick residence looked like a feature spread out of Better Homes and Gardens. It was late May and the brass numbers on the off-white front door were clearly visible through the high powered binoculars. The modestly marked, brown delivery van with the two uniformed men inside was parked several blocks down on the opposite side of the two lane street.
"667. No car in the drive. Garage door's closed. Can't tell if she's home yet." The Harvester relayed as watched through the windscreen.
"Let's go ring the bell."
"Never expose yourself unnecessarily. We'll wait." This was The Kid's tenth ride-along. Over the last two months the novice, who had been promoted out of the ranks of the Trainers, had done four harvests with H-03 and three with H-02. Both reported that he showed good initiative & aptitude, but wasn't yet ready for full promotion. So for his last few ride-alongs The Director decided to try a long shot. He asked The Harvester to come back in to help finish up The Kid's training.
It had been five months since The Harvester's retirement and he was quite content at home being entertained and serviced by his sex slaves and tinkering with his various hobbies, but The Director was able to strike a nerve when he mentioned that H-02 and H-03 were good, but he'd have more confidence in The Kid if he could get some time under his belt with H.
"How'd we get this one?" The Kid asked flipping through the woman's file.
"Funny story. Husband donated her. Tired of her. Apparently he's got something younger on the side. Cute little auburn haired teen."
"Donated her? Like for free?"
"Like for free. Gratis with no strings attached. Only stipulation is that we get rid of her by the 30th."
"This is only the 27th!"
"What was the big rush, hurry-up, drop what-you're-doing, we gotta go today routine?"
"That's the funny part of the story." He continued to peer through the binos, ignoring The Kid, who was in a slow burn.
"What the fuck!? You gonna tell me, or I do I gotta tune in next week?" H turned to him and smirked.
"Two days before he contracted the wife to be harvested her mother contracted The MSTA to harvest him."
"Yikes! That's unbelievable!"
"I know. A guy not getting on with his mother-in-law, unheard of."
"Aren't they worried about the girlfriend going to the cops after they snatch him?"
"No reason."
The day's plan was to use the 'Delivery Men' scenario. This time they were appliance men bringing in a new washer/dryer. The husband explained the set up to The Director two weeks ago. By loosening a couple of bolts on the spin drum of her existing machine the whole thing fell apart the first time she used it. The husband volunteered to order a new one, let her pick one out of the catalogue and the scenario was set.
"Thirty-two years old. Don't see too many CA30's at work."
"We don't usually deal in the older ones." He raised the binos again as a car slowed down then passed the house.
"Why not?"
"Once they pass their mid-twenties they're harder to train and sell, shorter usage time. Plus they're more subject to sustain damage during training." A few minutes later a second car slowed and pulled into the driveway. Harvester took a look.
"Red Toyota hatchback. It's show time." He started the engine but didn't pull out yet, just watched as the garage door opened and the car pulled into the double bay garage. A tall, slender but curvy woman dressed in a thin, white summer dress which clung to her sweat soaked body and wearing open toed pumps got out and retrieved some groceries and a plant from the back seat.
"For thirty-two years old that's pretty damn impressive!" Now The Kid had the binos. "Nice long legs! Christ! That's gotta be a 42 inch inseam! Bet she grew a mile of cock with those walking sticks!"
Without closing the garage the dark haired beauty, went into the house via the door connecting the garage and kitchen. The Kid glanced over the future sex slave's file and surveillance photos again.
"Yeah, I'd say the Academy'll turn a profit on that." Added H. He pulled out slowly then drove just past the harvest's driveway and backed up into it, stopping just a foot or so inside the edge of the open roll up door. The Kid climbed over the seats and jumped in the back to prep the capture and restraint gear while Harvester put on his hat, picked up a clip board and got out.
He hid the stun gun under the clip board and pad and just as he stepped into the garage the kitchen door opened and the woman came back out. Harvester immediately picked up that she was startled by the scene, stopped where he was and quickly interjected.
"Mrs. Morachenko?"
"Who are you ?! What do you want?!" Harvester glanced down at her stocking feet and was pleased to see the soon-to-be former housewife had removed her shoes.
After laying out the straps, slave collar and shipping hood, The Kid slipped a ball gag into his side pocket and set a pair of battery powered clothes shears on the right hand wheel well . He made his way around the large cardboard box in the rear of the van and opened the back doors to a 45 degree angle. She looked inside the van as he did so.
"We have a new washer /dryer to deliver. It was purchased from our catalogue sales department." She peered again into the back of the van and Harvester drew her closer in by moving towards the rear of the vehicle. "If you could just verify the model and color, we'll get her unloaded and hooked up for you." Her mood temporarily lightened from suspicion to satisfaction as she moved closer to the rear of the van passing in front of the senior Harvester.
"Off white with chrome lined door, is that right ma'am?" He glanced over her shoulder at The Kid who made eye contact as soon as the innocent woman was between them. When she was less than a foot from the rear bumper the stun gun came out from under the clip board.
"That's wonderful! I'm really anxious too . .. " ZZZTTH! "AAAGGGHHH!" ZZZTTHH! "UUUGGHHH!" The gun released its voltage into the woman's lower spine from just above her firm buttocks. Her scantily clad body shot rigid as a board as the electricity streaked up her torso and pounded into her head with an agonizingly painful explosion. The stunned form fell forward and was caught under the arms by The Kid.
"Strip her down, leave the stockings. Ball gag her and bind the wrists and ankles." The Kid looked puzzled.
"Why don't we just get the hell outta here? I'll wrap her on the way!" Harvester stepped in close to the rear of the van.
“Ever install a washing machine, Kid?” he asked as The Kid hauled the stunned woman belly down up into the van.
“Yeah all the time. It’s all we ever did after school back home, go around and install washers for people!”
“I’ll take that as a no. Takes about fifteen, twenty minutes and that nosy neighbor across the street peeking out her window every few minutes probably knows that." The Kid just shook his head. "Tie her up then put her in that little storeroom in the corner, we’ll have a quick look around, load her up then leave. Just as if we installed the machine, as per work order.” The Kid reached for the shears and with two quick sweeps sliced the moaning woman's summer dress off its sweaty body, bundled the wet rag into a ball and threw it in a burn bag. H looked at the bright orange, oversized ball gag as The Kid inserted it. The Kid saw him looking.


Absurd, treatment of slaves fatal 1 out of 5

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