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Unmitigated Sluts (Yabba)

Unmitigated Sluts by Yabba


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Dr Daniel Black’s world was one of Domination and submission, a world in which the all women around him would kneel before him, provide suitable sexual services for his pleasure, and then pay him for the privilege. All the women, that is, except for his daughter Jane, whose dominant desires were at least as powerful as her father’s and directed, mainly, towards receiving the services of beautiful young women.

The accounts Dr Black’s exploits and those of his daughter are told through the eyes of some of the female submissives who served him, by other Male Dominants, and by him and his daughter.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 11 / 2010

No. words: 40500

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F, Erotic Domination - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Dr. Black smiled at me. “It proves my suspicions about you were correct. You ARE a genuine cock lover, Mary! You’re a young lady who has much to offer a lusting male.”

“What does that mean exactly?” I asked, as if I didn’t know.

“It means,” the doctor answered with another broad smile on his face, “you have the potential to become an ideal female submissive, just like the woman in the movie. I think it’s marvelous! Unfortunately, there are some women who miss their true calling in life, but I intend to give you every opportunity to discover yours, and we’re off to an excellent start.”

“M-may I ask who the woman was with you in the DVD showing?” I managed.

“Are you jealous of her?” Dr. Black responded with a smile.

Before I could answer, he offered, “She’s a courtroom lawyer, Mary, one who has intrinsic desires, just like yours, especially as it regards attractive men. I proved to her she was a genuine cock lover, and now she can’t seem to get enough. But now, I want to do more inspecting of your wet vagina. What a cute one you have. You don’t mind me looking again, do you?”

This was the first time I ever remember anyone talking about my pussy, and the adjective the doctor used was “cute”. It sort of unnerved me to hear it, and I was a bit embarrassed when the doctor expressed himself exactly that way. Was he trying to “sex me up” even more than I already was?”

In another moment, Dan Black reseated himself on the stool between my legs, and he was in position to touch my vagina, this time WITHOUT the latex gloves on his hands. This was another first for me. No male had ever touched me there, not since I acquired the ability to grow pubic hair. It was a challenging situation I had only ever dreamed of happening. Now, the scintillating moment was suddenly upon me!

I know I squirmed in response to Dr. Black’s enquiring fingers, and I saw the doctor smiling as he kept probing inside me. What a wondrous feeling! At one point, I remember my ass straining to come completely up off the table. Daniel Black smiled, as if he was enjoying the sexual sensations being manufactured for me.

“You’re nicely sensitive, I see,” Dr. Black intoned, “but I wonder how you’d react if I felt like jarring your sensibilities a bit more. Let’s find out, shall we?”

I had no time to consider the doctor’s words, as he greatly surprised me again. I distinctly remember Dr. Black used the four fingers of his right hand to poise in the air a moment, and then he slapped at the outer surface of my hot vagina! Ooof! It certainly got my attention. What a shot!

It was NOT a damaging hit, of course, but it was enough to bring the depth of my helpless situation clearly into focus. I could not do anything to resist his desire to playfully strike at me. All I could do was react on contact, and moan. That seemed to please him even more.

During the next several moments, the doctor continued in his pussy-slapping mode. I was made to absorb several of those shocking hits from his firm fingers, and there was no doubt he enjoyed keeping my emotions on an uneven edge. My ass and tits bounced and shook with each hit, while the handsome doctor kept smiling at me. He even laughed out loud a few times. It must have been in response to the concerned expressions produced on my reddening face.

I think it was as if my bewildered vagina was some sort of toy for him; a plaything, and Dr. Black was merely using it to entertain himself. This was another first for me of unforgettable proportions. Curiously, I found the experience intensely exciting. My vagina was wet and drooling throughout, and I was surprised at my reaction.

Thus, the doctor soon noted, “Your pussy looks so fuckable, Mary, and you appear to be filled with an abundance of juice. Just look at the droplets fly about whenever I slap at you. You’re such a passionate little lady. I like that!”

Well, I thought, again, this doctor certainly had some unusual ideas. When I agreed to see him, I never thought I’d ever be hearing anyone refer to my vagina as being “fuckable”. I also didn’t think any male would find it fun to be slapping at my defenseless pussy, but this man certainly did. I also didn’t think anyone would find humor in the amount of incidental juice sent flying when the doctor slapped me with his fingers, but Dan Black certainly did.

For myself, I was stunned to find I was also enjoying this unfamiliar sport - whatever it was called - especially as it was being delivered by handsome Dr. Black. He had been scarcely giving me time to catch my breath.

I also thought the slaps coming from the doctor’s fingers were a study in perfect psychological torment. He kept a fixed gaze on me during the entire dizzying effort. While holding my hips steady, Dr. Black drew his other hand away about twelve inches each time before administering each rousing slap against my desperately confused pussy. If my vagina could have talked at that moment, I’m sure it would have asked, “What is he doing?”

Contact with his punishing fingers was loud and emotionally shocking. In all, there were probably two dozen hits at my rattled vagina. While I didn’t object, I was breathing heavily when the pussy-slapping finally ended.

“I think you enjoyed that bit of frolic. Didn’t you, little girl?” he asked.

“Yes,” I freely admitted, with my pulse racing in my ears, and, secretly, I found I liked being referred to as his “little girl”, even though I was well past eighteen years of age.

But, as I started to relax, one of the doctor’s hands suddenly gripped at my pubic hair. He began pulling my ass completely up off the table. He tugged smartly as I cringed and held my breath. I realized this was no longer a physical exam he was conducting. I was being tested emotionally.

Instinctively, I knew he was doing these things just to see what my reaction would be. And so I did my best to endure his efforts without offering any complaint. I only grimaced, sweated, and sometimes groaned, throughout, just as I supposed any young female would do under similar circumstances.

I strained for comfort, of course, but there was none to be had, especially when Dr. Black also began patting at my vagina briskly.

I could hear the resulting little noises, “pat, pat, pat, pat”. They were quick, little, unsettling sounds jolting my mind, causing me to react like a bouncing marionette with each sudden contact from his deft fingers.

I was glad when the doctor finally stopped, but there was another immediate surprise waiting for me.

“Are you ready to suck some hot cock now, Mary?” I heard Dr. Black asking me.

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Author of Male Domination erotic novels.


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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