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Into My Life (Trevor Walden)

Into My Life by Trevor Walden


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Graham is a salesman in his ex-wife’s family printing company. By chance he gives a girl a lift. Ever the gentleman that can’t say “No”. For once he gets lucky, though it takes him a while to accept that she might actually like him for himself, not just for the food, the quiet country village he lives in, or the fact that’s he’s on his own-some and lives quietly.

But there are depths to Graham that her tortured mind and body respond to, and find comfort in, that lead her on an adventure to discover the breadth her sexuality. But the past is persistent, and dangerous, yet friends appear in the most unlikely of situations, in the most unexpected people. Good people.

The first time, so soon after they meet, he’s so gentle, so understanding. It gets to her. She trusts him totally, but he goes all “Uncle” on her, wants to care for her, protect her. But that’s not enough so she offers him “The Deal”. For an hour for each day, half an hour for each part of a day. She his to do with as he wishes, anything! If he doesn’t she’ll go.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Burping Frog Publishing    Published: 9 / 2010

No. words: 76000

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Romance, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Erotic Fetishes

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Please, say something Graham. I’m so sorry. You were going all uncle on me and I wanted - I needed - more of your special medicine, your loving, your softness. I needed it so badly that I had to trick you.” I took a deep breath and put my foot down once more, determined this time to keep it there until he stopped. I took three stinging thwacks, one on top of the other until I lifted my leg again with a sob.

Over the noise of my breathing I could hear him moving. A peep. His trousers dropping to the floor. JT jutting out between his shirt tails. I wanted it so much but it had to be on his terms, because he wanted to, because he wants me.

I hear him sit again. “Three to go,” he says.

“Yes my Master. For Forgiveness or for Punishment.” When I’m ready I lower my foot again, brace to take all three no matter how hard they are. They are hard, no harder than before, no softer. I keep my feet pressed to the floor to prove to him that I’ll take what ever he wants.

When I can, after it stops, I hiss between my teeth, “I’m yours. To use as you wish. If you stop I’ll fuck off, I promise you that.”

Oops. “Master.”

“Come here.”

I stand at last, the muscles in my legs complaining as I straighten. The burning on the back of my thighs bringing tears pricking at my eyes. I keep them shut so he can’t see them, he mustn’t. I turn, move to present because it opens my legs and offers him my pegged nipples.


I shuffle towards him until my toes bump his shoes. He can see, feel, smack anything he wants to. It’s all his.

His feet move between my ankles and he slides forward until his thighs are forcing my legs wider apart.

“Sit on it,” he commands me.

A shuffle closer and I bend my knees, guessing where it is, the thing he wants me to impale myself on, the thing I crave inside me so much. I sit on his thighs, too far away. His hands slide up my thighs, around my hips, grip my burning cheeks, pull me forward until it bumps against me. I lift and his hand rubs the tip of it in my slot. I’m so soaked, it just slips and slithers along me and as I lower myself onto it, it just slides in so easily. I lean back, shuffle on his lap to get it deeper into me. Heaven. His fingers take away the pegs, the loo seat creaks. My nipples explode with tingling pains as the blood rushes back into them. I groan and squirm hard onto his lap, on his thing, trying to get my mind of my tingling nipples, feeling my juices running down my thighs, his shaft to soak his balls, I need to see, to look down at his fuzzy patch. I lift to see the root of his hardness where it burrows into me and I squash down onto him, onto it.

“You tricked me,” he says.

I try to kiss him, his body is pushing his cock into me but he’s got to start waffling again.

“Yes, my Master. You can always pull out of it. If that’s what you want.”

Now shut it, Graham, fuck me deep and fuck me strong. Woo, that’s good.


I’m full of him, getting the ride of my life, screwing myself into his lap to drive his cock deeper into me and he wants to know ‘why?’

“Because I had to.”


“I had to have you. You - Fuck it, Graham. I need this. I need your loving, your fucking. I fucking need you.”

“So you tricked me?”

“Yes. I fucking tricked you. No, you wanted it as much as I do.” How can I have a conversation with someone who’s pushing his dick into me?

“Getting your money’s worth?”

“Yes. Fuck me. Shut up and Fuck me.” He pushed up hard, strong, he was so strong and he’d been so gentle last night, so beautiful, careful. I had to tell him.

“You were so wonderful last night, so gentle and caring, so fucking sexy, the way you fucked me, I loved it, had to Ohh have some more.”

“How’s you arse?”

“Pretty. I can tell the way you watch it.” I’m smiling, I want to concentrate on his cock up me but I’m smiling.

“Turn around.”

“So long as you don’t make me stop.” I need him in me, so so much.

“Turn around and sit back on it then grab hold of your ankles, you’ve got six more to come.”

“Oh shit. Yes, Master. Please Master, do twelve, hard, really hard but only while I’m sat on - on it.”

“Only while your sat on it?”

“Mmm. Don’t stop fucking me.”

“I promise.”

So I turn around, shuffle up his thighs and he steers it in and I reach down towards my toes, my legs straight so he can see everything and I’m totally soaking wet and it must be the most disgusting site he’s ever seen so I squat quickly into his lap, reach under to guide it back inside me and reach behind me to pull his arms round, put his hands onto my tender breasts.

“Make me come before I get off you.”

“If I want to!”

“Ohh. Sorry, my Master. My brains not working too well. I forgot. Sorry Master. Master. Add two for ... For fun.”

I bend forward, keeping it tucked in me and he starts swatting my taut cheeks and the side of my thighs. They don’t hurt much, he can’t get a decent swing so it’s more a series of swats but I leap about a bit and writhe around on him. It’s a bit of a laugh really and now I can sit up and drive myself down onto him. He starts to struggle and makes me turn around again so he can shove it right up me, my legs spread wide around his waist. We come together and we kiss a lot and I feel it go floppy and slip out of me. I sort of clamber off him, crumple into a heap on the floor at his feet with a big smirk on my face and shivering shakings going on down there where my fingers are covering it up.

Eventually I can roll over, straighten. I let him watch.

“Thank you,” I smile up at him. “That’s why I had to trick you, so you’d keep on doing that. You do see, don’t you?”

He nods. “I can see everything.” He’s smiling at me again but I don’t mind, he’s just happy, knackered happy.

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