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Belladonna's Erotic 18th Birthday (La Marchesa)



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For Belladonna’s whole life, from a very young age, she, was obsessed with sex. From the time she had her first self-induced orgasm, she was consumed with the idea of sex and satisfaction between two people. Though she’d patiently postponed penetration until eighteen, at her mother’s request, that time was at hand, and she was prepared to turn her mammoth sexual appetite free.
Look out world, Belladonna is ready to party.

Product type: EBook    Published by: New Dawning Bookfair    Published: 7 / 2010

No. words: 8800

Style: General Erotica, Just Spanking

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


My name is Belladonna, but friends and lovers call me Bella. I try to be an ordinary woman, but I’m far from ordinary. I don’t mean that to sound smug or elitist. My unusualness is as much of a curse as a blessing—I am a sex addict!
The product of a marriage between a Greek man and an Italian woman, I sometimes wonder if I was a daughter of Eros or Cupid. If they were to have a daughter, she would probably be much like me.
People I know, claim that when they were very young, they thought what made a man a man and a woman a woman was the way they chose to wear their hair and their choice of clothes. How naïve. I knew better. Maybe I’m precocious, but from the time I suckled my mother’s breast, I knew. Father would seldom wear a shirt around the apartment and he didn’t have breasts. He barely had nipples.
With my curiosity piqued, I spent my pre-adolescent childhood observing and asking questions. I was eight and a half when I told mom I wanted to be a boy. She said it wasn’t possible, but I persisted. “But mom, why can’t I be a boy?”
“You can dress like a boy, but you can never be a boy.”
“Boys and girls are different.”
I already knew this, but I pressed her. “How?”
“Well, men and women are built different so they can make babies. I’ll show you.”
I remember, she rose and went to the bookshelf and took down a volume of World Book, brought it back to the sofa and thumbed through it until she found what she looked for. “Men have things between their legs, called penises and women don’t.”
She patiently went on and explained intercourse and contraception. This windfall of information I hadn’t expected and it led to my age of experimentation. When I was nine, I had my first sexual experience while taking a bath. Mom hadn’t told me about climaxes and after drying off, I went straight to the World book volume she’d showed me and read everything. At my young age I didn’t understand all of it, but I understood enough to know I wanted to know more. It referred to the section on sexual intercourse and I devoured that. As I read it, I imagined what intercourse might feel like and felt tingly all over.
I am one of those lucky women, who seem to draw men like a magnet. I say lucky because I never get tired of the attention. Being Italian and Greek, I matured early and, if I do say so, in all the right places. My period started when I turned eleven and I started going steady shortly thereafter. He was the first person beside myself to touch my breasts or down below and he was the first boy I touched. It wasn’t right away, because mom, sensing my nature, began harping on me about abstinence. “Promise me you’ll at least wait until your eighteen to have sex.”
“I will Mom don’t worry.” And I did—the literal version of sex. Though I longed to be penetrated, I was able hold off that long because I could have my blessed orgasms through other means. Even though I still satisfied myself almost daily, I went through a series of boyfriends, eight I believe, who had their fingers in my pussy giving me the relief I craved while I returned the favor.” But since mom had set the arbitrary figure to lose my maidenhood at eighteen, I made it a point to do so, the day of my eighteenth birthday.
From that point on, nothing held me back. Was I wanton? Not really, but when I wanted something, I let nothing, not traditional mores, or public opinion or marital status hold me back. I may not have wanted everything I did or what was done to me, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Oddly, starting with my eighteenth birthday, my most memorable sexual adventures seemed to coincide with my birthdays—especially major birthdays.

Author Information

A little bit about Marchesa. (very little) She lives in Las Vegas where the temp once hit 125. She likes to think her stories are as hot as Las Vegas. She's Italian and Greek, (born in Italy) just like her horny heroines and She's #@*&# years old. Her great grand aunt was a marchesa in Italy, hence she borrowed her title.


Publisher Information

New Dawning International Bookfair began operation in late 2009. We are not only a reader's publisher but we also consider ourselves to be an author's publisher. Our company may be small, but our ideas are big. We intend to grow. Watch us grow. Help us grow. The books you read may become your favorites.

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