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The Honourable Fgt Club (V.W. Singer)

The Honourable Fgt Club by V.W. Singer


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    • Average 4.2 from 10 ratings

Queen Victoria was not amused by kinky sex. The old Hellfire clubs were just a memory. But sadist Victor Barton is not satisfied with sneaking off to brothels, so in typically inventive Victorian fashion, he first secretly fills his home with pain loving women disguised as servants, and then creates his own version of that most British of institutions, the Gentleman's Club. The Honourable FGT Club was devoted to the fine art of female genital torture - and in that repressed era, he discovers that there are an amazing number of kinky young women who are willing to "play" - given the right incentives.

But Victor soon discovers that arousing hidden desires can be a dangerous business, and his life and those he loves are put at risk when he is forced to defend his sexy home and his unique creation - the Honourable FGT Club - from an unimaginable threat.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2010

No. words: 96882

Style: Sado-Masochism (SM), Historical Bondage/BDSM, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


She stuck her tongue out at him as she removed her skimpy garments. When she was totally nude, she held out her arms to her sides. "Ta da!"
He twirled his finger in the air and Abigale slowly turned on the spot to let him see her body from all sides. She had no scars or whip marks that he could see. It appeared that Abigale truly was a virgin to the lash.
Abigale waggled her bum at him and said, "Would you like to warm me up with a spanking? I haven't been naughty, but I will be if you give me a chance." She giggled when he moved to a chair and patted his lap.
Victor wasn't the kind who found satisfaction in spanking girls, but it was a nice, almost cosy way to get started.
The girl arranged herself over his lap with a familiarity that spoke of previous experience. She held on to his leg and raised her bum high by arching her back. She made no pretence of modesty and parted her legs without being told, granting him access to her quim to stroke or spank.
Victor said, "You've been spanked before often, if I'm any judge."
She nodded her head, although he couldn't see it. "My step-father was a great believer in discipline, until my mother broke a vase over his head and tossed him out for dabbing it up with another woman. He had a heavy hand and a wandering one too. He often got a bit more familiar than a father ought to."
Victor placed the flat of his hand on her firm, smooth posteriors and kneaded her flesh, enjoying to feel of the naked girl on his lap. Without warning, his hand abruptly lifted and fell. The sharp crack of his hand meeting her bum echoed in the room and left a clear red hand print on her skin.
"Ow! Mmm, you've got a heavy hand," Abigale said, her bum wriggling from the sting.
Victor smiled and began spanking her in earnest, laying hard, deliberate spanks on alternate cheeks and quickly turning her bottom a nice cherry red. The heat of her body and her slow writhing under the punishment gave his John Thomas a most pleasant rubbing. He would occasionally pause and slip his fingers down between her thighs to search out her cunny and to take every kind of liberty with it, before resuming the spanking.
There were tears in her eyes by the time that he stopped, but Abigale managed a cheery smile when she resumed an upright position. She rubbed her bum ruefully. "You really can lay it on. My bum's on fire."
Victor turned her around with his hands and planted a kiss on each of her flaming cheeks. "There, I've kissed them all better."
This raised a giggle from Abigale, who turned back and sat astride his legs. She dashed the tears of pain from her eyes, planted a warm kiss on his lips and tipped him the velvet, the tip of her pink tongue duelling playfully with his. She rubbed her quim against his crotch, as if to fuck him through is trousers. "A warm bum makes my cunny itch."
"So you're a naughty girl, are you?"
"What if I am? What are you going to do about it?" she replied, deliberately challenging, offering an excuse for further punishment.
Victor reached around her waist and grabbed her bum with both hands. "Perhaps a taste of the cane on these will make you behave."
Abigale cowered theatrically. "Oh no, not the cane! I'll be good, I really will. Please don't cane my naked bottom."
He gently pushed her off his lap and stood up, frowning sternly. "Too late for remorse now young lady. It's the cane for you. Perhaps the rod can beat some of that naughtiness out of you. Fetch me cane, and make it a good one."
She scampered over to the umbrella stand that held a goodly selection of rattan canes and selected a medium sized one, which she brought back to him, handing it over with every sign of reluctance. Then she pointed at the horse and raised her eyebrows inquiringly.
Victor shook his head. "Just bend over, feet apart and grip your ankles. Let's start with six of the best."
She was young and flexible and had no problem assuming the required position. She peered at him upside down from between indecently parted legs. "Will this do Sir?"
He smiled and tapped her taut bum with the cane, studying her naked charms with an appreciative eye. "That will do nicely my dear. Now be brave and hold very still." He struck six times, pausing about a second in between each stroke, laying six parallel red lines across her bottom.
Abigale gasped and moaned piteously, but did not cry out or move her body - other than a slight trembling of her limbs upon the receipt of each stroke. The weals fairly glowed in contrast to her fair skin, almost visibly radiating a sensual heat. "Was I brave Sir?" she asked tremulously and obviously in pain.
Victor could not resist the urge to run his hand over her reddened posteriors, tracing the stiff raised tracks. "That was very good for a start. Can you take another dozen, applied more slowly?"
"Y-yes Sir, if it pleases you Sir."
Victor had no desire to turn her bottom into a blue and bloody mess at this early stage, so he struck with only moderate force, laying hot red lines with the cane that did not break the skin or draw blood, but which made her hips wriggle and writhe most pleasingly. He tucked the cane under his arm and reached between her thighs. His fingers found a more than a trace of dampness, which indicated that little Abigale was not so averse to the kiss of the cane as she made out. She uttered a little sound of pleasure when he slid his finger into her cunny and probed her heated depths. "Somebody is more than a little randy," he said accusingly.
A little giggle floated up from between the parted legs. "I'm sorry sir, but a little warming of my bum always gets me going."
Victor motioned for her to stand up. "Nothing to be sorry about my girl. I consider that to be a most desirable trait in a woman. Chastity is only important when the girl is your wife or your intended. Now let me get undressed before we move on to other entertainments." With Abigale's willing assistance he was soon as naked as she, and the feeling of her body pressed tightly against his was most delightful and stimulating.
Abigale wrapped her fingers around his John Thomas and said, "My goodness, do you intend to punish me with this fearsome rod?", giving it a gentle tug.
He smiled at her boldness. "Eventually. I may save it for last, or use it earlier if the fancy strikes me."
She dropped to her knees and gave the head of his cock a friendly kiss. "Then perhaps I should make friends with Mr John Thomas so that he will be kind to me." She licked skilfully at his cock, searching out the most sensitive spots and ticking them with the tip of her tongue. "Would you like to come in my mouth before we go on to further punishments. I promise to swallow every last drop of your seed."
This was an offer that few men could have resisted, especially when his tackle had already been in the girl's mouth, and Victor was no exception. "How could I resist such a charming offer," he replied with a grin, then immediately gasped when her lips closed over his cock and she began to fellate him with great skill and enthusiasm.
Abigale's head bobbed up and down in synchronisation with her little hand that stroked his shaft, and her tongue never stopped working, dancing over the head of his cock like a prima ballerina.
Victor stroked her hair and slowly rocked his hips, fucking her mouth with short, controlled strokes that went all the way to the back of her throat and out to her full lips. The caning and her ardent efforts made it impossible for him to hold back for long, and the urge to come rapidly became irresistible. He groaned and said, "Prepare yourself I'm going to spurt very soon."
She responded by redoubling her efforts and she was soon rewarded when he gripped her head and moaned as he quivered from head to toe and shot his load into her waiting mouth. She continued to stroke his cock even after the last great spasm had passed, milking him of every last drop of his spunk, which she eagerly caught on her tongue and swallowed.
Victor was well pleased by her efforts, especially the way that she continued to nurse his cock in her mouth even when he had finished coming, letting his cock ease to softness in the most warmth, and then carefully licking him clean before finally pulling away. Mrs Jeffries had chosen well. He helped her to her feet and gave her a hug. "That was very nice, Abigale. But now, I'm going to need something to get my cock back into shape to fuck you properly.
Abigale rubbed herself against him like a huge cat and said, "Mrs Jeffries told me what you especially like to do to girls. You're a naughty man, Sir."
"Does it frighten you?"
She shook her head, tossing her curls from side to side. "No. In fact, it's the reason I asked Mrs Jeffries to pick me for you. I'm curious to see what it will be like to have my cunny really punished hard. I suspect that I might rather like it." She shuddered delicately. "Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps."
Victor looked at her curiously. "I have heard of girls who truly enjoy pain. Are you one of those?"
She put her arms around his waist. "I'm not certain. I have dreamed of whips and canes and even worse almost all my life. I discovered that I found some pleasure in the chastisement that my father use to give me. I never told anyone about my feelings in case they thought me strange, but when I came to this house, I soon heard about the Playroom and the Dungeon, and how some of the girls did not really mind what happened to them in those places as much as they made out. When you caned me just now, I became almost certain of it."
He smiled. "And now you would test the mettle of your cunny?"
She grinned and nodded. "I hope you don't mind that I'm not quivering like a blancmange."
He shook his head. "Not at all. I will be fascinated to see what happens."
This was the first incident of the evening that would go on to trigger a series of events leading to the eventual birth of the FGT club.
Victor studied her smiling face for a moment and said, "How would a good birching, followed by the burning shame suit you?"
Abigale rubbed her cunny amorously against his thigh. "That sounds delicious." She gave him a buss on the cheek and said, "I'll fetch the birches."
While she was fetching the bundles of birches which were being soaked in a bucket of brine to keep them flexible, Victor pulled a large ottoman to the middle of the room in front of the fireplace so that both of them would stay comfortably warm.
Abigale returned bearing an armful of birch rods, bound in bunches of five, still dripping brine. Seeing what he had done with the ottoman, she laid her burden on the carpet close to it. She pointed at the ottoman and said, "How would you have me? On my back, on all fours or on my side with one leg raised high?" Hearing her speak so matter of factly about the preparations for the birching of her cunny gave Victor's tool a renewed vigour, which made Abigale laugh merrily. "You pay me a great compliment indeed sir, to salute me so."
Victor picked up a bundle of birches and swished them experimentally through the air. "For a start, let's try having you lying on your left side with your right leg raised and bent. Use your hand to pull your knee up towards your head."
She arranged herself on the ottoman as he had described, exposing her quim in a completely immodest fashion.
He dropped to one knee and examined her proffered cunny. He used his fingers to part the hairs away from her slit, brushing them to either side, both to provide a better view and to remove all protection from the sensitive inner lips. Leaning over, he planted a kiss on the soon to be martyred cunny.
"Mmm, that feels nice."
"Are you ready to receive the birch on your spot?"
"Do it, Sir. Birch my cunny. The thought of the birch makes me so randy that I'm ready to spend."
Victor nodded and tightened his grip on the bundle of rods as he stood up.


I like this one. Am I alone in appreciation of well written S&M porn? 4 out of 5 (Innconnu)

Author Information

Hate "lifestyle" BDSM?

Do you like stories that make sense? Female characters who are not just whimpering victims? Do you like the idea of an author who has actually whipped girls' pussies and crushed their clits with his fingers and listened to them moan - and had them come back for more?

Do you like detailed, exquisite, pussy torture?

Do you like it when the girls offer themselves up to you for punishment?

No ropes, no chains, but pure submission. For love, for fear, for money. Does it really matter?

Imagine her saying, "Take me and hurt me any way you like. I'll scream for you, and I'll come for you. As much and as long as you want."

Or, "I know this really great way to torture my clit. Would you like to try it?"

No impossible tortures or instant healing.

Sound good?

Polite comments or questions are always welcome.


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