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Shark! (T.H. Robyn)

Shark! by T.H. Robyn

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Shark had his street name for a reason. He loaned money to young, sexy women in need and he had his own ideas how they should pay off those loans.

Meet Diane, a young needy woman who is introduced to Shark. First she has to prove she has what it takes to repay the loan she needs, and then he will give her the money. Then as her repayment program begins Diane sees a transformation taking place in her life.

Editorial: The author promises a full novella about Diane, taking her adventures forward from where this story ends, if there is enough favourable interest in this, the start of her story.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 02 / 2010

No. words: 6800

Style: Just Spanking, General Erotica, Erotic Short Stories

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


I first met Diane through one of the many contacts I have in the area where I live. She needed money, fast, and her situation is one of those where even the normal loan sharks would walk away. Her situation, though, didn’t bother me, and that was why her friend, whom I’d also loaned money to in the past, on more than one occasion, had suggested contacting me.
Diane was the right sort of person I do business with. She is single, unattached, has good looks and has a bit of attitude. She had also fallen on hard times and was desperate to earn five hundred quid. The area where I operate is a decent area and the chances of her making the five hundred by standing on a street corner were virtually nil and more than likely if she’d tried to she would have ended up spending the night in police cells and face charges of soliciting.
Diane was introduced to me by Tina one evening in a bar. Tina told me she’d already told Diane my methods and Diane was immediately willing to go along with them. After a drink I got Diane’s address and told her I’d be round there the following evening. She looked at me cautiously as if trying to work out whether she could trust me or not so I gently asked her if she wanted the money. She said she did so I reminded her of the conditions attached. She nodded her head slowly when I asked her if she was in agreement with those conditions and then I told her I’d have the paperwork sorted for seven the following evening.
I turned up at Diane’s one bedroom flat at the appointed time and showed her the contract. Basically I was giving her the five hundred she needed and she was going to pay it off over the next five weeks by giving me two hours of her time each week. That to me seemed like a pretty generous rate of pay.
“Okay,” I said when she had signed the contract and handed it back to me, “It’s time for the first instalment. Do what I tell you for the next two hours and at the end of it the five hundred is yours. If you fail to turn up in the weeks ahead then I have people who will come looking for you. Understand?”
She assured me she understood and her dark eyes looked slightly watery with fear as she stood in front of me. She was wearing jeans that covered what looked to be a nice firm bottom that led down to her slender legs. On top she wore a jumper. I told her to make me a cup of tea while I got things ready. When she had gone to her kitchen I set up my video camera on its tripod at one end of the room. A couple of minutes later she was back with the tea. She saw the camera immediately and looked shocked.
“You knew I’d be using one of these, so why the expression?” I asked.
“Err, I hadn’t thought we’d be using one straight away. Can’t I do tonight off camera, and get used to things first?”
“No, that’s part of the point of it, to get your expressions. Okay, if you stand about here, I’ll check I have you in the picture as I want you.”
Diane stood where I told her to stand and put her hands on her hips, pushing her breasts forward into the thick material of her jumper.
“Okay,” I said when I’d checked things, “take off the jumper and try and keep smiling as you do it.”
Diane knew what I was going to do with the footage I was shooting, or at least I imagined Tina had told her what I did with it and Diane was not simple so she should have been able to work out how I was going to make my money back without me having to spell it out for her. Slowly she raised the jumper over her head to reveal her young, flat, firm stomach and those two impressive orbs nestled in the depths of her black bra.
A minute later she had nervously unclipped the bra and let it slip off her arms. Her mid-brown hair flowed down over her shoulders and covered her breasts. I motioned for her to sweep her hair to the sides so I could see her breasts fully and when she had done that I directed her to let her hands drop to her sides. With the camera now focussing on the tops of her legs I walked up to Diane and stood behind her.
I whispered in her ear that she was to stand still. She trembled slightly when she felt my hands on her hips and I sensed her tense up as my right hand went over her stomach and found the button at the top of her jeans. Quickly I popped the button and unzipped her jeans. Diane gasped softly as she felt the denim being pushed over her cute little ass and down her legs. She was wearing a pair of very brief, black panties, not quite a g-string, but not far off. I slipped a finger in each side of the panties and pulled them down over her shapely legs too. Knowing her sex was in the middle of the camera’s view I told her to push her hips forward for me.
With her jeans down around her ankles and her panties just below her knees, I returned to my position behind the camera.
“Now, remove the garments and sit on the floor with your legs wide open and a big grin on your face,” I told her. Diane obliged and for the first time the camera picked up her wicked, young girl smile. She even licked her lips invitingly for me. With her legs splayed open I got her to lie back on the carpet, giving me a great view of her sex. She evidently shaved for her pubic hairs were trimmed into a short-cropped, v-shaped landing strip that stopped just above her totally naked sex lips. Diane had a prominent clitoris and her cunt lips were already glistening with arousal. Though I had not touched her sexually, yet, the fact I had pulled her panties down had evidently started some lubrication in the young woman.
“Masturbate with your fingers,” I said. Most young woman balk at doing this in front of a stranger, even when they know their finances depend on it, but Diane didn’t. She licked her first and second fingers on her right hand and dipped them between her wide-open legs, before gently parting her labia and stroking along their full length with both fingers. When she reached that stiffening bud of a clitoris her eyes closed and she gasped as her first finger circled it with her fingernail. She stroked back down her labia and parted them wide to show the moist, pink flesh beneath. Then she stuck both fingers right into her vulva. I almost climaxed as I watched what she was doing through the viewfinder of the camera. This was one hot lady!

Author Information

Writer of erotic spanking stories. The main theme is of course where a female victim gets a sore, red bottom from a good spanking, and often the heat in her rear is matched by the heat in her pussy as the punishment is followed by hot sex.


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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