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A Spanking (Slave Kala)

A Spanking by Slave Kala


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This edition newly re-edited, repunctuated, reworded and formatted for easier reading!

When Jennifer, a long time alcoholic, by accident and mistake falls from that bumby wagon, she is once again picked up by the man she loves.

Her saviour, her Master, who instead of sending her away in disgust, takes her by the hand, and protects her from herself.

Of course, he has to punish her...

Editorial: Originally this wasw included in Slava Kala`s Erotic Shorts Volume 1 - if you purchased that collection you will see this as already in your member library.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2010

No. words: 12856

Style: Just Spanking, Spanking and Bondage, Bondage/BDSM Short Stories

Available Formats: Palm  PDF  MS Reader  


I’m Darryl Marks and this story begins with a maid in my hotel room.
“Would you like your sheets changed sir?” The maid asked softly.
I turned, one of the hotel maids stood behind me, her cart beside her. Her little uniform was green and yellow, and unfortunately the skirt reached down to her knees, but she was pretty enough to warrant a smile.
“No, you don’t have to bother, I’m fine; I’ll be so busy today I probably won’t notice if there’s no sheets on the bed tonight.” I said with a smile.
She smiled back, not quite enough to be flirting.
“Ok sir, everything fine then?” she asked.
“Yes everything’s perfect, you're doing a great job,” I told her.
“Thank you sir!” she said brightly.
I watched her ass sway as she trundled her cart off to the next door. Then I headed down to the lobby. In the elevator I took the precaution of checking for the floppy disk that I thought I put in my coat pocket. It contained the PowerPoint presentation I was going to give to my clients today and it was the most important thing I was carrying, but it wasn’t there. Knowing it must be in my briefcase I hit the stop button and sent the elevator back to the thirty-second floor, up to my room.
I closed the door before I realized I wasn’t alone. The pretty little maid lay on my bed, the rumpled sheets supporting her, her cart full of cleaning and other supplies was parked off in the corner her duties forgotten. A small bottle of alcohol from the mini-bar was in her hand. She had gone though my bags and taken out my computer; now after plugging it into the phone-jack against the wall, she was surfing the net on my time. She had not yet noticed my presence, absorbed in whatever she was watching. Quietly I snuck up behind her, looking over her shoulder at my 19-inch screen. The little bitch had logged onto a hard-core porn site and was watching a streaming video of a man tied down to a bed being forced to beg for permission to come. I tapped her on the shoulder; she jumped yelling, and spilled the alcohol on the bed.
“Oh god! Mr. Marks! I wasn’t going to steal anything I swear. I was just… just…”
“Looking at porn on my computer,” I finished for her.
She sat cross legged on the bed, looking down at her hands, which she kept folded in her lap.
“I could take this to the manager,” I started.
“No, please, he’ll fire me please. I won’t ever do it again, I promise.”
“Well, I suppose we don’t have to go to the manger,” I mused.
“Oh thank you sir, thank you,” she started breathlessly, but I cut her off.
“But you do need to be punished.”
She froze, looking up at me uncertainly. Hesitantly she licked her lips. “What… what do you mean?” she asked.
I sat down on the bed next to her, reaching around her I took my computer offline, pulling the nine-foot phone cord out of the wall and from the socket on the underside of my computer.
“Just relax,” I said, pushing the computer out of the way, but keeping the cord.
Gently I pushed her till she lay face down on the bed, climbing up on top of her, I straddled her hips. Slowly I took her hands. Bringing them behind her back, she shifted a little beneath me.
“Are you going to hurt me?” she asked, face down on the bed sheets.
She lay submissively beneath me and didn’t struggle to free her captive hands, but her body hummed with tension. It was a legitimate question. These days it wasn’t safe to let a near total stranger tie you up helplessly in a private bedroom. I wasn’t going to harm her of course but how was she to know that?
Leaning over her and putting my face near her ear, I whispered softly. “Let me put it this way, before I’m done you may cry, but afterwards you will walk away... understand?”
“Ok.” She said by way of reply.
She made no effort to resist as I crossed her wrists together and tied them with the phone cord, securely but not tight enough to pinch, phone cord was tricky. I still had plenty of cord to do what I wanted, so I used it. Taking her under the shoulders I made her kneel up on the bed. Then I wrapped the cord twice around her body, just under her breasts, tying off a simple square knot and trapping her arms tightly against her back. Bringing the cord between her legs I let it dangle there within my easy reach, before I gently eased her back down to her belly. Slowly I lifted her skirt, bringing it up past her hips to reveal her private parts, she made no effort to resist and I knew she wouldn’t.
Her mocha skin was soft and pliant beneath me; she wore plain white panties in contrast to her dark Mexican flesh, flesh I would soon punish. Pushing the skirt far up and out of the way I adjusted her panties to my liking, then taking the last few feet of cord I brought it up digging into her panties and going up the crack of her ass. I tied the cord off, attaching it to the bonds around her wrists; now if she struggled, the phone cord would dig painfully into the skin of her wrists and the sensitive area of her privates.
“Have you ever been spanked before?” I asked, as if making conversation.
She twisted her head but couldn’t quite look at me, sitting atop her, as she answered. “My ex-boyfriend used to put me over his knee. He said he liked the look of my ass red.”
“Did you like it?” I asked, genuinely caring about her answer.
She thought carefully before she replied.
“The spankings were ok, I kind of enjoyed them, but he got way too hot, he was always rough with me after one of them; and he seemed to think a spanking was as good as foreplay. When he had had enough, he’d throw me to the ground and be inside me before I could say a word. That’s why I broke up with him.”
“Well don’t worry, I’m not going to throw you to the ground, I wasn’t even planning to fuck you, unless you want to?” I questioned.
“I’ll think about it,” she replied calmly.
I laughed. “You say that as if you aren’t bound helplessly!” I told her.
“Are you going to rape me?” she asked, not sounding scared.
“No,” I answered soberly. “But I am going to spank you,” I told her, pinching her little rear impishly.
“Go ahead, I can’t stop you can I.” She spoke it like a challenge.
“No, I guess you can’t.” I said, climbing off the bed.
Getting one of my travel bags I rooted around until I found a couple of rolled up pairs of socks and a blue tie. I looked at them critically but decided they would do. Lying silent on the bed, she was watching me curiously. Sitting down next to her I placed one pair of socks and the tie on her back, where I could reach them easily. Holding the other pair of socks in my hand, I said, “Open your mouth.”
She shook her head, refusing to meet my eyes.
“Please, I don’t want to be gagged.” She begged.
“You don’t have a choice, open your mouth,” I told her softly, trying not to scare her.
She looked at me, frightened anyway. “Please!” She begged.
I smiled, trying to reassure her. Gently I stroked her dark hair, running my hand down to cup the back of her neck.
“Shhh relax, I’m not going to hurt you, but you are going to open your mouth and be gagged, one way or the other. OK,” I said, letting a hint of command creep into my voice, a tone I rarely used.

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