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Lollipop (Jon Barry)

Lollipop by Jon Barry

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    • Average 3.0 from 2 ratings

Lollipop is a clever girl. She enjoys teasing men and taking their money. Her victims have been all too willing, but now it’s payback time.

The son of a prominent gang member has decided to extract some painful revenge on the young tease. After taking her on a ride she’ll never forget, they reunite her with another old victim—a vicious criminal hungry for girl-flesh.

Afterwards, poor Lollipop will never be the same.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2010

No. words: 6344

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Young Adult Bondage/BDSM, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


They got Lollipop outside the club, just drove over and picked her like a pretty little flower. It was Three AM on Sunday, and the place was just shutting down. The club was called Prestige, one of those places that cater to young beauties with more money than taste; the cover cost the equivalent of a week’s wages for most people, but the neighborhood was strictly ghetto, nowhere you’d want to hang around even at high noon. Lollipop and her escort were among the very last partiers out and the door was soundly locked behind them. Click.
“So where you taking me next, Brad?” Lollipop simpered the words, licking her cherry-red lips and weaving just a bit on her little high-heeled feet. 99% of that shit was an act; Lollipop was a little drunk, but not as bad-off as the guy beside her. She was always careful about her intake when she went out. Get too fucked up and you miss opportunities. Lollipop was very big on opportunities, and she sensed that she hadn’t come close to draining Brad-boy of his potential. He was a young stockbroker who had missed out on partying most of his life; he’d just gotten divorced from a hottie who had gotten sick of being married to a workaholic; he was, in other words, ripe pickings for little Lolli.
Lollipop—Lori Perkins, to her particular friends—was twenty-two, a petite piece of girl-candy with an apple-round ass and plump little tits, along with a pair of sweet legs to walk them around on. She favored flashy jewelry and tight clothes; the more expensive the better, to show the boys what they could aspire to if they were free enough with their money. Her hair was a buttery yellow, her soft skin just a shade darker than looked natural. She looked like a dirty dream, something so cute and wide-eyed you just naturally started wondering what her pussy would feel like if you could get a hand under that short-as-hell skirt. Except that 99 out of a hundred guys never did and never would.
“I wanna go out dancin’ some more,” Lollipop pouted. What she really wanted was to unload the coke she had just bought in the ladies’ room from her good friend Gina. She knew the clubs uptown would still be open and there was always some idiot from the burbs willing to hand her more money than the coke was worth, just to have an excuse to hang out with her. Combined with the bucks she had scammed from Brad that night, that money would make her a nice little windfall.
“Come on, Braddy,” she whispered, caressing his arm and whispering in his ear. “Be nice to Lolli. She’ll let you lick her…and then she’ll lick you. Suck your cock till the sun comes up, yes she will…I’ll do that thing you like, get your balls all wet with my spit and then suck it off…mmmn.” It was just her standard line, but…God, she loved playing the slut! It got her more than a little hot and bothered, though she had no intention of letting Brad actually fuck her. He was nice, but not really her type…and besides, there was still more money to scam out of him.
Right now, though, Brad-boy wasn’t thinking about Lollipop’s pussy; he was staring at a group of shadows that had detached themselves from the darkness of the alley and were moving closer to them.
“Look at this,” one of the shadows leered. “Couple of young lovers out for a good time.”
“Sure,” the second shadow said. By now they were very close, practically on top of the cowering Brad. There were three of them: big guys in sharp suits, guys with ugly faces like fistfuls of knuckles. Wiseguys who were good at trouble.
“Sure, Mr. Bigshot’s on a date,” the second guy went on. “Showing his young lady the sights of the big city. Tell you what, Bigshot, why don’t you go home and get some sleep? Tomorrow’s another day, yeah? Bet you’d like to live to see it.”
Brad wasn’t that bright, but he wasn’t that stupid, either. He turned his ass around and ran like hell, not looking back at Lollipop even once. In about two seconds it was like he hadn’t even been there. Even the echoes of his running feet had faded.
Lollipop felt fear creeping up her spine, but she wasn’t ready to panic yet. There was even a little tingle of excitement starting up in her panties. She had been manipulating men for most of her life, after all.
“Hey guys,” she said, letting enough of a tremble come into her voice to suggest fear, to say, I’m just a poor little helpless thing, you can take anything you want from me. “What’s up? Guess my date split; you boys wanna go party?”
“Sure, baby. Sure we do. Let’s party.” The third guy stepped up and lifted his hand. A second later it connected with Lollipop’s cheek with a sharp crack, hard enough to send her reeling. Pain of any kind was strange to Lolli; she wasn’t used to anything but caresses and pampering. The pain was accompanied by something else she wasn’t really used to: the feather-light caress of real fear.
“Oh God,” she groaned, feeling her jaw. “Oh Jesus, I’m bleeding. You sonofabitch, you made me bleed!”
“That ain’t all we’re gonna make you do,” the second guy said. He was older than the others and his voice was soft and menacing. “Come on, baby, I thought you wanted to party. C’mere…”
He reached for her, laughing as Lollipop squealed and beat at his hands. He feinted at her, little jabs like pretend-punches. All three of the guys roared as she wailed and hid her face behind her purse. The comedy-act provided just cover for Lolli to kick her heels off, while at the same time digging a tiny spritzer of mace out of the pocket of her slutty rhinestone-spangled denim jacket. Most of the spray went wide of its target, but the guy wasn’t expecting it; he howled and clawed at his eyes as Lollipop took off running down the alley.
She had just gotten a pedicure that afternoon, and her tender bare feet were soon bruised and cut up from the stones and assorted garbage of the alley. Lolli winced against the sharp pain of something cutting into her sole, praying she didn’t run over a broken bottle. She was praying, too, that she ran into a cop, or even just a dark corner she could hide in until her pursuers gave up the chase. She wasn’t used to running; her occasional exercise sessions had done nothing to prepare her for something like this. All too soon she had a stitch in her side and her breath was ragged. And she could hear the men directly behind her, laughing and catcalling.
A moment later she could see the end of the alley, and idling there on the next street, a black limousine with glowing headlights. Oh thank god, she thought. She was aching and nauseous with exertion and fear, terrified her body was going to rebel and make her puke. If that happened she’d get caught in seconds. But the limo would be her salvation; some fat-ass CEO out for a wild night, or, better yet, a minor celebrity with a nice big body-guard to protect her. If she could just reach it in time…
Please God; I’ll be a good girl from now on. I really will, I’ll go to church and everything.
Miraculously, as she put on a final burst of speed, she sensed that the guys behind her had given up the chase. Lollipop no longer heard them running or laughing behind her. Still, she wasn’t about to stop running. The limo was getting closer and closer. She could hear its engine humming, ready to take her away…
Lolli reached the car and pounded with both fists on the black opaque windows. “Hey! Hey, please! I’m in trouble! Let me in, please!” They’d let her in, no problem, once they got a load of how hot she was. She might end up having to suck some dick for this little favor, or even give up a little pussy, but shit, it’d be so worth it. In two seconds she’d be sipping champagne and resting her poor hurting tootsies as she sat back and watched the city drift by the windows.
One of the passenger doors clicked and drifted open. Thank Christ; it’s about fucking time already. Lollipop scrambled inside, into a wide, darkened space that was all plush upholstery and the sweet smell of cigars. Nice. Hell, she’d had apartments that were smaller than this. She got on one of the seats, taking note of the two men already inside. One was an older guy with slicked back hair and a pencil-thin mustache, the other was roughly her own age and bore a distinct resemblance to the older gent. He looked kind of familiar, but Lollipop shrugged that off; she’d known a lot of guys, they were bound to kind of run together after awhile. Both men were richly-dressed, in tailored suits with silk ties and actual cufflinks. Both looked handsome, though it was Lollipop’s opinion that Junior would have looked better if his hair hadn’t been so thin. The two of them sat looking at her with strange, impassive expressions.
Whatever, it was time to make with the gratitude. “Thank you, oh God, thank you! These guys…they were chasing me? Like, I don’t even know them; I think they were like on something. If I hadn’t seen your car I would’ve been dead…is that like a little bar? Do you think I could have a drink, ‘cause I could sure use one…”
The older guy looked at Junior? “Is that her?” he asked, nodding briefly at the younger man.
“Yeah,” Junior said, not deigning to so much as glance at Lolli. “That’s her, alright. The little bitch.”
“Huh? What do you mean? What’s he mean, huh? Are you gonna let your son or whoever talk to a lady that way…?”

Author Information

Jon Barry is a US-based fetish & erotica writer. His work has appeared under various names in such magazines as LEG SHOW, VARIATIONS and a variety of e-zines.


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