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Shocking! (Longbow)

Shocking! by Longbow


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    • Average 3.7 from 11 ratings

Cassandra has received an invite to attend a job interview. The word on the street, suggests that it is the most coveted job in the New York Tri State area. To become ‘the’ Mr Vincent Drago’s personal secretary is a dream come true. Cassandra is about to find out that Mr Drago has the power to grant even her deepest and darkest wish.

Welcome to Drago’s dungeon. Peepers isn’t a place where just anyone can go for a fun night out. It is strictly membership only and most applications end in deep disappointment. To be granted membership, your sexual needs would have to be at odds with society. At odds with what most people would consider normal. You must also wield considerable influence and wealth. Peepers is not for the faint at heart, nor is it for amateurs. At Peepers, to be a variant is to be healthy.

Able to demonstrate her submissiveness, Cassandra passes the first phase of her interview. The second part will turn out to be quite shocking and becomes the best gang-bang the club has ever seen. Both watchers and doers are deeply satisfied.

Does Cassandra still want the job?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 1 / 2010

No. words: 8062

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Short Stories

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

Cassandra blushed. Sat in Vincent’s lavish and generous office, his vivid descriptions as he lazily swung from side to side in his leather chair made her feel a little uncomfortable and fidget with embarrassment. So colourful were his detailed stories of voyeurism and exhibitionism, Cassandra wished she had worn underwear tonight. She could feel her pussy start to weep excited and wildly uncontrollable sticky juices.
“Yes Mr Drago. I am available and could start straight away!”
Cassandra couldn’t help her nervous fumbling. His devilishly good looks didn’t help. Nor did his confident manner, or the way his eyes constantly undressed her. He did nothing to make her feel relaxed, but he did make her feel desired, a part of his future. There was chemistry here. She could feel it. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he liked what he could see.
The conversation flowed effortlessly and drifted from Vincent’s descriptions of how his business came into being, what they did to provide absolute customer satisfaction and deeply probing personal questions about Cassandra. It seemed that he was less interested in her professional qualifications and more interested in her secrets.
“No Mr Drago, I’m not married. I do consider myself to be an advanced user of a word processor!”
After the initial handshake and smiling eye contact, he invited her to sit down and launched into his detailed depiction of unrestricted lust. This was a place he said, where fantasies really do come true. Within seconds of taking up his offer to sit, she realised that the low chair, her high heels, his heightened, elevated position, her incredibly short black dress and lack of underwear made damn sure he could see all of her long, slim and shapely legs. Cassandra wanted the room to swallow her up. His sudden frankness and her disadvantaged position where all she could do was bare all, made her flush with unexpected excitement.

‘Oh god.. he can see my pussy! Maybe he planned it this way? What if he likes blondes? What if he wants a redhead? Am I showing too much cleavage? Is he making me wet, or is it his stories?’

Cassandra toyed with her long black hair nervously, coiling a small handful around and around her finger. It annoyed her that she couldn’t look him in the eye. He had such incredibly piercing eyes, but every time he looked at her face, she blushed, looking down at her elevated knees that felt more and more naked by the minute.
Maybe, Cassandra thought, that her reactions were a part of the interview. Maybe he was being so outrageous, just to see how far he could push her. One thing for certain, she wasn’t going to squirm, nor however much he probed, she was not going to tell him about her fetish. How she liked to submit to a force that would make her do anything he wanted. How she could only ever feel alive, when bound, gagged and even tortured.
“Actually Mr Drago, I do feel some excitement at the thought that someone might be watching me. No, I have never been tied up or whipped, but it sounds exciting! Yes, I’m quite open about sex and ... Er... no actually, I have never been in an orgy! I do have a diploma in office administration.”
Vincent was the proud owner of ‘Peepers’. A business he had dreamed about for years. He fell lucky. An Uncle died, leaving him with a worthless and empty warehouse. ‘Sell it!’ was the advice from friends and family, but Vincent knew exactly what to do with it. After six months of hard work and financial strain, he was open for business. Five years later, Vincent was a ‘Don’ amongst the variant community, his wealth and influence immense.
“Yes, Mr Drago, I am quite open to people’s sexual preferences. Would you like to know how fast I can type?”
Located just off 5th Avenue, it was perfect for New York’s finest upwardly mobile money spenders. Already Peepers was a legend. It was more than just a bar where stockbrokers and lawyers could unwind with endless amounts of free alcohol and talk shop. It was a safe place to unleash their most secret and inner most, darkest desires. Membership was strictly by invitation only. Applicants required vetting. The screening process included an interview, a medical examination and a petition signed by at least ten existing members. Couples found themselves strictly forbidden. Most found their application denied without any explanation. Unless, that is, you were in a position of influence within the law enforcement or judiciary system.
“To tell you the truth Mr Drago, I don’t know if I would enjoy three men making love to me at the same time… maybe? No. Ten strangers rubbing oil into my naked flesh is not something I have thought about before. Would I be able to keep flexible hours?”
A place for watchers and doers, Peepers corridors meandered endlessly with anti-chambers and small, darkened rooms where Peepers very own clientele weren’t just invited, they were actively encouraged to take part and escape from daily life into a fantasy world of fetishism and sexual depravity. Whether you liked to watch or whether you liked others to watch, there was a place for everyone. Soon the City’s business meetings began with a pointing finger and a wry smile that whispered ‘Peepers... right?’
No one spoke about it. The clubs rules were strict. If anyone disobeyed and discovered discussing the club in public, then banishment followed and Peepers was just too good to ‘not’ be a member. If you weren’t in, then you were out. That simple! Banishment from Peepers usually meant banishment from circles of power and influence. A career could be over just by breaking a club rule and wreaking the wrath of Vincent Drago was not a good idea. Drago justice was swift, painful and crossed continents.
Cassandra wasn’t here on bent knee, begging for membership, as many did. An unexpected and surprisingly exciting invitation arrived at her door. Quite taken aback, curiosity soon found her asking questions. The more stonewalling she faced, the more convinced she became and determined to land the job. Cassandra’s invite was to attend an interview for the most coveted position in the New York Tri-State area. Vincent Drago’s personal secretary.
“Yes Mr Drago... I very much want this job and... okay I’ll tell you… yes I love being dominated!”
As the interview progressed, Cassandra became convinced that Vincent’s probing questions about ‘her’ sexual preferences could mean only one thing. He wanted a secretary that was as bold, adventurous and as daring as his business. He wanted a secretary that would be obedient to the last. Someone, who without question, would obey his every command. He had invited her. There was no question in her mind. Someone had blabbed! Someone must have told him about her secret. The one that was just too weird for most, causing boyfriends to go as quickly as they came. Cassandra saw in her new possible employer an opportunity to not only have a good job, but to enjoy some extra fringe benefits that she thought were only possible in her darkest dreams. It seemed that the perks on offer held value worth far more than a company car or a mobile phone.
Deliberately leaning forward more than she needed to, she made sure the loose material of her dress around her breasts dangled enough to show more than she normally would have liked. It wasn’t enough to show all of her. Not enough for him to see her nipples, or the fact they were erect and large, but just enough to make it clear that underneath that figure hugging black dress there was only naked skin. Skin that now tingled with excitement and goose pumped flesh that surged blood through her veins.
Slowly uncrossing her legs and lingering, she allowed Vincent to leer at her short hemline, waiting for the attention on his face. Waiting for that slightly confused look that asked ‘is she wearing any?’ Timing is everything. There it was. That second look that lingered. The eyes locking in and then disbelief as Cassandra crossed one leg over onto the other. Vincent shuffled in his chair and leaned forward. He found it difficult to hide his frustration and disappointment.
A wry smile spread across his face. Slowly but surely, he began to nod. A strangely alluring and intriguing sparkle flashed across his eyes.
“I think you just might be what I’m looking for.”


maybe just not quite right for me 3 out of 5 (possom)

This book is really an introduction to "Too Shocking" but although some of it is repeated in the sequel it has to be read to fully appreciate the further development. This is good but the follow-on is much much better! 4 out of 5 (Jimbo1942)

But way to short 5 out of 5

very short 2 out of 5

Author Information

Longbow has been writing fiction for as long as he can remember. Extremely well travelled, his stories bring out a flavour of both the exotic and the familiar. Not taken to flights of fantasy, Longbow's depictions could be taking place in a room next door to you, right now. Always fully explicit, Longbow describes a world that is more factual than fictional. Indulge yourself in the sensual, erotic and often depraved world of Longbow.


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