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April's Audition (T.H. Robyn)


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    • Average 4.6 from 5 ratings

April needed money fast. When she saw an advert for adult models in a shop window she went to the website and applied for an audition. She had no idea what it would mean but she was soon to find out. She ticked all the boxes and waited to see what would unfold.

A short story filled with spanking, caning, and sex. Will April pass her audition and find the work she so badly needs so she can pay her bills or will she face everything that is coming to her and still fail...

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 12 / 2009

No. words: 6000

Style: Just Spanking, Erotic Short Stories

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


I guess it was fate that had me standing there in the middle of the so-called studio, my hand out-stretched with the cane hovering just above it. I had my eyes closed dreading the moment the thin wooden implement would send searing pain through my upturned palm, and for a few seconds I wondered if it was too late to walk away. Deep inside I knew I couldn’t afford to do that, I badly needed the $100 I was being paid for this audition and, if I was successful, I knew there was a lot more money where that came from. It was just the waiting for the inevitable that made my mind wonder as to my sanity.
But I was not kept waiting for long. There was a swishing sound as the cane whipped up into the air and came back down straight across the middle of my hand. Instinctively I screwed my hand into a fist and cried out with pain from the stinging, numbing, burning sensation that filled my hand. Clearly John wasn’t going to waste any time seeing if I was a suitable applicant and somewhere in the fog of pain I heard him tell me gently to open my hand and to stop acting like a little girl. Also he said something about if I wanted the money I’d have to get used to earning it. I opened my hand slowly, and with tears streaming down both cheeks, I waited for the second stroke.


Before I continue with my audition, perhaps I should go back to the beginning. It all started when I saw an advert in a shop window that simply said: ‘Adult Models wanted. Good rates if you have what it takes’, or something like that, and then there was a web address. I’m twenty one, five ten tall, with shoulder length brunette hair, and hazel eyes. I have a good, trim figure and my finest assets are my taut, pert buttocks that hold a short skirt really well, and my firm, young breasts that come in at 34C. I’m a bit of an extrovert, have been popular with the boys since my early teens, and used to enjoy a decent social life. That was until I lost my secretarial job in the recession and without work my debts have begun to mount to the point where I’m desperate enough to do just about anything for cash, except possibly tout my body for trade on some street corner. Oh, yes, and my name is April.
Anyway, that’s enough about me. I noted the website and when I got home turned on my laptop and brought up the web browser. I found the site easily enough and read the information. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I signed up as a model and sent in my proofs of identification they asked for. Once that was all done I filled in some more information, looked at the rates of pay and went for the category that paid the most. I figured that being a model, they wouldn’t actually hurt me. It would all be acting, so I ticked the box that said I was interested in spanking and CP, though I should state right now I have absolutely no experience of being spanked on my bottom, much less caned. My naivety was about to shine forth as, after uploading a few amateur photographs of my body, some clothed and others naked, I was invited to an audition. They explained the audition would only pay me $100, take up to an hour of my time, and they would determine from that whether they could use me in any modelling projects.
I’d figured they were a local organisation from the ad in the shop window, so I wasn’t really surprised to discover getting to an audition would be easy. What did surprise me were the arrangements. I had to get a bus to the local train station where I was met by a big, black guy ion a black suit that went well with the black stretched-limo. I was ushered into the back seats and told I had a ten minute drive ahead of me, and if I wanted a drink from the bar I was welcome to it. The driver closed the door softly and I had the fridge door open before he got round to the driver’s seat. There was white wine in single glass-size bottles on ice and various soft drinks in cans. I took a bottle of wine, unscrewed the lid and started drinking it straight from the bottle. I didn’t even attempt to look where we were driving, but about ten minutes later we pulled into a driveway. I heard the sound of wheels on gravel for what seemed like ages and realised we had arrived at a big house. When the car door opened I was ushered out to stand in front of the biggest house I had ever seen. The grounds were impressive too but I had little time to take in the opulence of the place I was visiting before the front door opened and a middle-aged man stood there, dressed casually in slacks and a polo shirt.
“Hello, April, I’m John” he said, “please come in and we’ll go through to my studio.”
“Hi, impressive place you have,” said April.
“Thank you. Life has been good to me and now I am only too pleased to be in a position to help others. Let us go through. Hargreaves,” he said looking over my shoulder at the chauffeur, “I will need you in about an hour.”
“Sir,” came the simple reply. The front door closed behind me as I took in the enormity of the hallway. Clearly John had done very, very well indeed from whatever his business had been.
Once I the studio, a room about thirty feet square, John bade me to sit on one side of the desk that occupied a corner of the room.
“A few formalities,” he said, after I had declined a cup of tea. “I need to see originals of your identity and you need to sign our auditions contract. I’ll leave you to read it while I take copies of your identification documents.”
I handed over my passport and birth certificate and picked up the two sheets of paper that formed the contract. Two minutes later the formalities were over.
“So, April, you are here to audition for our spanking and CP assignments. Do you know what that involves?”
“Well, I guess it means I will be spanked and caned. Anything else?”
“That depends on what you want to be considered for. We cover a range of subjects, from OTK…”
“Sorry, I’m not up on the acronyms,” I said.
“OTK is over the knee. We go from simple OTK, both clothed and bare, through to more formal canings in schoolgirl scenarios, to use of other implements such as paddles and riding crops. To add variety you can offer just the spanking and CP elements, or you can include sexual elements such as oral, facial, anal and straight sex. You can also decide whether you want to do any of this either with another girl or a man.”
“I see, and presumably the more I offer, the more I get paid?” I said, thinking of my desperate need for cash.
“Precisely. But there are two considerations. You should feel comfortable offering what you do, and not feel pressurised. The demands will be quite high but then you will be paid well. Secondly, we can only offer you to our clients based on what you have shown us you are capable of, either at this audition or at some time in the future.”
“That makes sense.”
“Good, then if you would tick the boxes on the contract for the options that interest you, we’ll get started. I have another model coming in a couple of hours so we need to wrap this up in as timely a manner as possible.
I ticked the boxes, all of them. I had no idea what I was really letting myself in for but I was about to find out and I needed the money.
“Excellent, that’s what I like in a model – someone willing to try anything. It makes finding work for you so much easier. Okay, we’ll begin the audition. If you go over to the couch you will find a schoolgirl uniform to wear. Please remove all of your own clothes and dress only in what I have provided. It should fit you okay and give the desired effect. While you do that I’ll get the equipment set up.”
I already knew I was going to be videoed for the audition. It made sense as any future assignments would almost certainly involve camera work. I walked over to the chair and started to undress, feeling somewhat embarrassed at doing this in front of a stranger. I nearly panicked when I saw the outfit. It comprised a very thin, tight white blouse that tied up at the front instead of buttons. When I put it on, my breasts filled it and bulged forwards. The skirt was a black and white, tartan style, pleated one and there was a pair of plain white panties. To complete the ensemble was a pair of white knee length socks. John told me to put my own shoes back on.
When I had finished I turned to see two cameras on tripods pointing in my direction.
“Good, very good. Now, as a naughty schoolgirl, you should expect to be caned both on your hand and on your bottom. To start with we will cane your hand to see how you cope with it. Have you ever had your hand caned before?”
“No, John…”
“I prefer you to call me sir when you are being disciplined in front of the cameras,” he said calmly. At that point I realised that the cameras were already in operation and I felt the first twinges of apprehension.
“Sorry, no sir.”
“Well it will sting quite a lot. Now which hand do you write with?”
“My left one sir.”
“In that case I will cane your right hand. Three strokes will suffice for the audition. Hold out your right hand, just below the height of your breasts. Turn the palm uppermost and unclench your fist. I want you to hold it there until I tell you to move it. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir,” I said as John walked round to the side of me.
“Hand up,” he said and I obeyed him.
“Now this will hurt, but try to be brave,” he said and I caught sight of the cane as he rested it just above my hand. It looked huge and menacing. As I screwed my eyes tight shut I wondered for a moment if it was too late to back out, but the need for money made me dismiss the thought as soon as it entered my head.
“Argggggghhhhhh!” I cried out a fraction of a second after the sound of the cane crashing into my open palm filled the room. Instant pain flooded my hand, my body and my brain and tears sprang out of my eyes and started to stream down my cheeks. I knew my hand had clenched into a fist – it had been a reflex reaction to avoid further anguish. Somewhere through the fog of the pain I could hear John telling me to open my hand. His voice was calm, almost gentle and slowly, painfully, I opened it. The second stroke came a few seconds later and I gasped again. Somehow it didn’t feel quiet as bad as the first stroke, maybe because I knew what it was going to feel like. This time I managed to keep my hand open so the third stroke followed more quickly.
“Yeeeaaaahhhh!” I cried, more tears washing away the makeup that had been on my cheeks. I so badly wanted to shake my hand, as if it would cause the pain to go away, but John had told me to keep it in place until he told me to move it and I was bright enough to know that if I was to pass the audition and have a hope of earning the bigger money, I had to at least try and remember to do what I was told.
I held my hand there for what seemed like ages but was only a couple of minutes, before John told me to relax.
“Okay, well done,” he said. “Let’s move on to the next stage. I think we’ll do some OTK. For now you can keep your panties on.”
He pulled an upright chair into the area of the room where I was standing, moved one of the cameras to focus on my head end and adjusted the other to capture the space where my bottom would soon be and then he sat on the chair. I noticed on the floor he had placed a ping-pong bat shaped implement that looked like it was made out of black leather, but I didn’t have time to analyse it properly because John was instructing me to go over his lap. With me in place he looked at the displays on the digital cameras and made sure they were correctly position. Satisfied he said, “okay we’ll start gently to warm you up,” and then I felt his big hand on my taut, pert, bottom. “Try to keep your hands out in front of you and do your best not to protect your backside.” Then he started spanking me. At first it didn’t hurt as his hand landed on each cheek in turn, then as he got into his stride and the contact got harder my bottom began to heat up. He was spanking me at the rate of about one stroke every two seconds and he spanked me good for about two minutes until I was gasping with the increasing pain that covered the whole of my rear.


Excellent story and great value for money. Easily readable and one I will come back to time and again. This is one hot girl and I'd love to see more from this author, both short works like this and longer. 5 out of 5 (hardman)

Author Information

Writer of erotic spanking stories. The main theme is of course where a female victim gets a sore, red bottom from a good spanking, and often the heat in her rear is matched by the heat in her pussy as the punishment is followed by hot sex.


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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