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Infidel (Argus)

Infidel by Argus


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In nineteenth century Ireland, Erin Fitzpatrick was a bright young women with a scientific curiosity. But when her wealthy father died and his business partner is mysteriously named heir, she is arrested on trumped up charges and spirited away by ship before she can protest. Sold as a naked slave girl on the Barbary Coast, she must try to survive while learning the wicked sexual practices of her Arab captors. Her life will be like a cork on a storm-tossed storm now, at the mercy of all she comes across, owned by cunning Arab, cruel English, and stern African masters, she will eventually end up in faraway America, as a white slave on a plantation.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 08 / 2005

No. words: 34000

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


He wanted her to dance.
Erin had simply not understood, at first, his words or his motions, and had desperately tried to.
It had been several days now. She had started to get used to the disgusting perversions in which she was required to engage. Erin’s knees were sore from all the time spent kneeling before him, licking at the head of his cock, sucking on his testicles and taking his manhood into her mouth.
Unlike the British ship things were clean here, and she was kept clean, washed twice a day by the large, fat man. She was also given decent food and clean water to eat. She slept on a small cushioned pad on the floor near the captain’s bunk, or at least, she supposed he was the captain, as he appeared to be in charge.
He always took her from behind, like an animal, and she wondered if the Arabs had ever heard of lovemaking face to face. Not, of course, that she was any expert, but she had often heard tell that that was the most common way.
She wore nothing, and many men came and went through the course of the day, their eyes ravishing her. She was almost beginning to get used to that too.
When the captain had no use for her the Fat man tried to teach her their language. He would point at something, and then say a word, and she would say it after him, again and again. She learned many words; bunk, floor, wall, roof, lamp, window, ship, man, woman, cock, vagina, breasts, go and come, stand and sit and kneel, eat and drink, and others among them.
She was not permitted to stand, but must crawl about like a dog. She must eat from plates set on the floor without using her hands and must kneel patiently on all fours as the fat man washed her.
Now there was a new word. Dance. And she was not at all sure what to do. She had not stood up in several days, and was frightened of being beaten if she did so now.
But the man, the captain, grasped her by the hair and slowly pulled until Erin was forced to stand up. It felt decidedly odd, and she swayed weakly as the ship swayed, having no balance. He released her, and gestured, and she stared back anxiously, not knowing what to do.
He glared and spoke again, clapping his hands, and she shook her head and shrugged helplessly. Glowering, he slapped her face and her cheek grew hot. He called out, and the fat man came in, then grasped her by the hair and forced her back to all fours. Pulling roughly on her hair, he forced the gasping, moaning girl to crawl quickly out of the big cabin.
“But I don’t know how what he wants!” she cried.
She had an idea, for dancing was something which had always caught her mind. But there were no dances which one danced alone, no dances without music, no dances she could think of which the Captain would like.
She was led into another room, and up to a low box, bent belly-down across it. Then the fat man drew out a sleek rod no wider than his middle finger, but as long as his arm. He grasped the hair behind Erin’s head with one hand, then brought the rod down across her upraised buttocks.
The pain was extraordinary, and she screamed and thrashed wildly. But, of course, there was no resisting the big man. The rod slashed down across her bottom again, and again, and then again, as her screams turned to gut-wrenching sobs, and the pain flared higher and hotter with every blow.
When he finished she sat back, sobbing, rubbing her bottom, tears covering her face as he scowled down at her and spoke words she did not understand.
He went away, leaving her alone for a few minutes. She tried to twist her upper body around to examine her bottom. It felt torn and broken, but she felt no blood, and saw nothing but the edge of dark welts.
Then the fat man returned, leading a small, thin, older man who carried a strange looking device. The older man licked his lips admiringly as he gazed at her, then sat down on an overturned box and put the strange thing, a long wooden rod of sorts, into his mouth. He began to blow, and it made the strangest sorts of sounds, an odd, eerie wailing that rose and fell in dark, eastern rhythm.
The fat man clapped his hands to get her attention, then made the word which she had identified as “do this”.
He stood straight, his arms at his sides, then brought his hands out a bit from his hips. Sniffling, rubbing her eyes, Erin did the same. He brought his head up, and she did the same. Then, absurdly, his hips began to – to roll. A part of Erin was revolted, while another part wanted to laugh at how ridiculous he looked.
He glared and barked out the word, and she imitated him, rolling her hips in time to the – music – if that was what it was. Then his body began to undulate, his fat belly pushing out, then drawing back, his chest going out then in. Again Erin imitated him, realizing that he, at least, understood that she did not know how to dance as the Captain required.
He shook his hips faster, his belly quivering, and she fought not to laugh at how absurd he looked. But she did the same. When he slid his hands slowly up his belly and over his chest she did the same, and when he began to roll his head bonelessly on his neck she did the same.
They did this for some time before he started to move, stepping forward, turning slowly. Erin did the same, watching his legs, noting how unnaturally straight they were. He was far from graceful, but she was, and she loved to dance. Concentrating on the dance took her mind off how sore her bottom was, so she concentrated quite hard.
Soon she was turning and spinning much more swiftly than he was, and he nodded and clapped his hands in approval. Absurdly, he raised his hands up his body and beside his head. But Erin understood, and did the same, sliding her fingers through her long, loose red hair.
She began to embellish the dance now, letting her head twist suddenly to send her hair flying and swirling. She arched her back, sliding her hands up her tautly bowed body, and turned to present her bottom, rolling her hips lewdly, saucily.
When next the captain called for her to dance, Erin danced. It was more difficult without any music playing, and the captain seemed disinclined to invite in anyone else to supply music. She danced as best she could, remembering the tune the man had played on his strange instrument, trying to avoid another beating.
The captain seemed content, and soon she was on hands and knees as he rode her hard from behind.
Several days later the ship came ashore, docking in a strange place of strange sights, smells and sounds.
Erin was bound at wrist and ankle and then stuffed into a tiny cage not much over a foot and a half high. She was placed on her knees, bottom high and pressed against the rear of the cage. There she was forced onto a wooden plug of sorts which was attached to the rear bars. It forced her rectum open painfully wide as it slid over the plug, and then as it slipped inside her rectum was able to close again.
Her bottom was thus held high, and her arms were bound behind her against her back. The bars of the cage pressed against her shoulders from either side, and her face was pressed up against the fourth, her mouth gagged by the expedient of shoving a leather ball inside and tying a strip of leather around her mouth and head.
Men carried the cage up on deck after a while, then across a narrow gangplank and down to the dock. For a time, the cage sat under the hot sun atop another large carton, while men came and went, all of them looking, staring, grinning, leering, laughing. Sometimes one or another would reach in to grope her before being shouted at and hurrying long by one of the ship’s crew.
Then her cage was carried along the dock by two burly men, and she moaned weakly, gratefully, as it was set down under a large awning out of the sun. To one side of her was another cage, only a little larger. And to her astonishment there was an animal inside, a squirming pig. It was in approximately the same position as hers, pushed up against a plug in the rear of the cage, a plug which was stuffed into its anus.
Was this to keep it from making a mess around it? Was that why she was similarly “plugged”? Was she little more than an animal to these people? The thought outraged her, for clearly she was a civilized person and they were savages, barbarians, Godless heathens.
After a few minutes two more burly men, like the others, stripped the waste, wearing little more than baggy trousers, lifted her cage and set it on a wagon, then she was rolled through some sort of main cargo unloading point, past all manner of gawkers and out into the street.
Face flaming, she tried not to see all the men whose eyes roamed her body, or the children who laughed and pointed. Worse, perhaps, were the women, all covered head to two in heavy sheets, whose dark eyes examined her as she passed.
Then she was under another large awning and being rolled into a barn-like building. The cage was opened by several sweating men in robes, and she was gently worked free of the plug, then lifted up and set down on her knees on a bare stone floor. The men examined her, speaking to each other, stroking chins consideringly.
A man gripped her hair and forced her up and back onto her heels, making her back arch as he ran his other hand over her breasts.
One man held her hair from behind. Three more, all bearded, all wearing robes, looked down at her, their eyes more calculating than appreciative at the sight before them. Finally, she was led into a corner, and there her wrists lifted above her head and bound in place. Her ankles were spread so that her toes barely held contact with the stone, and then they too were tied in place.
A pair of plump women in black sheets then washed her. At least Erin supposed they were women. Not even their eyes showed through the strange dark mesh which covered their faces. They washed her body and hair brusquely, and thrust their fingers, and then leather tubes into her sex and anal opening, squirting liquids into her. She was given two enemas, and then a noxious smelling paste was spread over her groin. It dried, and then one of the women grasped the end and then pulled hard.
Erin screamed in pain as the stuff, sticking to her skin, tore what little pubic hair she had left out by its roots. Her groin felt burned, afterwards, as she whimpered tearfully.
One of the men came forward, then. He held a kind of metal tag in his hand, and a strange tool in the other. He bent over and unceremoniously grasped her left breast, squeezing hard. He placed the tool against her nipple, and then she screamed as it closed with a crushing bite, cutting completely through her nipple.
When he pulled the tool back the metal tag was hanging from her nipple from a metal ring which seemed to have pierced it completely through from side to side.
She was left in place for some hours, swaying weakly, moaning softly in the heat, sweating, hurting, legs and feet tired and stiff and hurting, arms numb.
Then a man came for her. He placed a metal collar around her throat, then untied her wrists. He placed metal shackles on them, drew them in behind her, and attached a chain which lifted her arms up high behind her back and was somehow attached to the back of the collar.
Then her ankles were untied and he clipped a length of chain to the front of the collar. Erin was led out of the small corner she’d occupied and along a long aisle, an aisle which reminded her of one in a large barn. There were stalls of sorts to either side, and naked girls and women sat or lay or knelt in them, all collared, their collars chained to posts.
Some were little more than girls, some were old and fat. Some many were dusky skinned, with long black hair. Most were Black, their white eyes wide and wild. She was the only white woman she could see as she was led into a stall, and placed on her knees. The man locked the chain to a post and then left.
There were low rails along the sides of the stalls, and after a time, crowds of robed men began to wander through, their voices babbling in foreign tongues as they moved along the stalls. Groups of them would stop at certain stalls and look in, chatting, arguing, discussing.
Erin sat miserably on her heels, head low. At first she was shamed, but her time on the ship had inured her, to some degree, to being seen naked. And inevitably she began to get used to being viewed. Sometimes men would clap their hands insistently to get her attention, and she would raise her head to look at them.
When she stopped responding a man came into the stall and yanked her head up by the hair to examine her, and afterwards she looked up when called to.
It became more difficult with the passage of time, however. It was very, very hot and humid in the large, barn-like building, and Erin was perspiring heavily, her body sheeted in sweat as she knelt there. The heat drained away her energy and she sagged weakly, panting for breath, her hair matted against her skull.
After a time, two men came into the stall and stood over her, speaking to each other. One pulled her head back by the hair, then dug his fingers into the sides of her jaw to force her mouth open. All the while he and the other spoke as if discussing an object.
One nodded, then the chain attached to her collar was removed from the post and she was pulled to her feet and led along the aisle between stalls and then into a dark back room. There was a cage there, such as would be used to hold large dogs. It was much larger than the one she had arrived in, and when she was pushed to her knees the door was opened and a slap to her backside indicated she should crawl inside.
She bent and leaned in, then shifted herself forward on her knees before turning onto her side. The door was closed and locked with a large padlock, and the chain was removed from her collar. She was left alone in the room in the dark for some minutes. The man returned and lit a candle, then set a tin plate of something she took to be food, and a bowl of water inside her cage.
She leaned over and drank down the water quickly, then lay back, panting weakly, exhausted by the heat. She turned onto her back for a bit, but that proved painful on her shackled wrists and on her back. She lay on her side, then, as the hours passed in the quiet darkness.
She had no idea where she was or who these people were, apparently Arabs of some sort, so she supposed she had fetched up on the Barbary Coast somewhere. Her future, if such was the case, was bleak indeed, but she was too weary and miserable to put much time into considering it.
Several more times men arrived in the dark to replenish the water on her plate. Occasionally they spoke to her, but she had no idea what they were saying.
After many hours a man came for her, reached through the bars, and attached the chain to her collar. Then the cage door was opened and he spoke to her as he tugged on the chain. Erin, still sweating and weary with the heat, got to her knees and crawled out, then rose as he jerked on the chain.
She followed him out into the larger area, which was now mainly deserted. It seemed cooler and less humid, and many of the girls were asleep, many of the stalls empty. She shuffled after the man, who she now saw to be little more than a boy, out into a courtyard behind the building.
It was night, or at least, late evening, and dark save for an occasional torch. The courtyard was largely deserted, save for an occasional veiled woman carrying packages or water jugs to and from a lit doorway across the way. She followed the boy because she had no alternative.
He looked bored, and looked about him and up into the air as if seeking something more interesting than the task he had apparently been set. She was led up and down a dirt path, then over to a low fountain where, by the jerk of his head, he indicated she should drink.
Erin bent and pushed her mouth into the water, but a hand behind her head thrust her entire head into the water and she gurgled weakly as she stared into the black depths. She struggled weakly as he held her head under the water, but was in no position to fight. Her skull began to pound, her chest to burn, and her desperation for oxygen to grew more and more frantic.
Finally, with a sharp and painful yank on her hair, her head was pulled back out of the water, and she gasped for breath, drawing in huge, shaky lungsful of air. The boy beside her was grinning sadistically as her chest heaved. He looked around him slyly, then thrust her head back into the water.
Again she struggled, surrounded by black water, her hips wriggling and twisting with growing desperation. But again she was held under the water until her oxygen had almost run out. Then she was yanked back out of the water to gulp in desperate breaths of air as he held her bent over, fingers tangled in her wet hair.
He said something to her in a sneering voice, then, after another look around, plunged her head under the water once more and held her there. This time he almost held her too long, for when he finally pulled her out she coughed violently, spitting out the water she had begun to inhale.
He smirked at her and then pulled her head back and flung her on her back on the nearby grass. Again he spoke to her in a contemptuous manner, then, after looking around, motioned for her to rise, and kicked her in the belly with a sandaled foot. She groaned and rolled weakly over, but a pull on her hair and the chain forced her to her feet.
He led her back to the big barn-like building, and then put her back in her cage in the back room, put water into the bowl, and left.
Erin spent the next several days in the dark room in the cage, doing little but eating the foul-tasting food they put before her, and drinking the often stale water, as she gradually began to become accustomed to the heat.
Every evening she was walked by the boy, whose name, she learned from hearing him addressed by others, was Abu. Abu did not seem to like his task, and resented her. He always made her drink from the fountain, and occasionally shoved her head in, when no one was near, to see how close he could come to drowning her without actually doing so.
He was sadistic, and would hurt her in many small ways which would not show. He often pinched her nipples. Once he held his hand over her mouth, bending her back across the lips of the fountain, and dug the tips of his nails into her nipples, pinching and twisting them as she squirmed and twisted and cried out in pain.
Another time he did the same to her clitoris so that she ached between the legs for days. He often punched her in the belly, as well. He did not seem to have any kind of sexual interest in her, however, acting instead like a cruel boy tormenting a helpless cat or rabbit.
After some days she was taken out of the cage in mid-day and into another room. There were three large Arab women there, unveiled as no men were present. Erin’s wrists, which had been shackled together to a chain attached to the back of her collar for some days were finally released as the collar and shackles were removed. She was placed her on a low table on her knees and they began to wash her.
As with the fat man on the boat, she was washed inside and out, with a brusque, thoughtless efficiency which said it was quite routine for them. They had no apparently concern with thrusting their fat, stubby fingers into her nether holes, or giving her enemas. They also lathed her sex with the same sticky salve they had done earlier, and after waiting a few minutes, yanked it out so that the hairs in her groin were ripped out by the roots.
She was given another collar, but this one was more silvery, and much lighter, with some sort of intricate designs across its face she hadn’t the chance to really see. The collar was higher than the previous one, so that if she lowered her head much it dug into the underside of her jaw.
Similar bands went about her wrists and ankles, and then her wrists were drawn behind her back, and then forced up much higher than they had been previously. Erin groaned as the three women struggled to hold her and force her wrists up painfully high. She thought her arms would be dislocated as they were forced back tightly together behind her by a sort of metallic belt.
In the end, her wrists were fastened to the back of the collar, very high up, and her elbows were drawn back together behind her back most painfully. Her hair was brushed out and perfume applied to her body. Then a thin chain leash was attached to the front of the collar and the women veiled as the door was opened and a man came in to take her away.
She was led through the cavernous building, which was again bustling with life as scores of men moved among the stalls examining what she decided must be “merchandise”. This was some sort of place where slaves were bought and sold, she thought miserably, and she, of course, was one of them.
She was led up to the very front of the building, and then just outside, where an awning held back the sun. There was a foot high stone block there, and two men guided her onto it. In the centre of the stone was a narrow wooden post, its end shaped to look like a thick penis, complete with uncircumcised head. The men gripped her by arm and thigh on either side, and raised her up to the very tips of her toes, guiding her over the post, and she gasped as she felt the harsh pressure against the mouth of her sex.
She felt the wooden penis slowly forcing its way through the taut lips of her sex and into her body. She felt a man’s hand against her sex, around the tip of the wooden cock, and as it slid into her he nodded to the other man and said something she recognized from the boat to be “good”.
Then she was easing slowly down onto the balls of her feet, which, of course, pushed the thing up deeper into her belly. As she sank down further the wooden penis pushed up higher. The men forced her feet apart on the block of stone, and that send the thing higher still.
Her ankles were then locked in place with short chains, and she was left in place. The two men went back inside, and Erin was left, naked and impaled, overlooking the street and all who passed to and fro. She was numbed by it all, by being so crudely displayed, and shamed, despite her already ample experience, at having so many men, women and even children pass by and gaze at her, sometimes curiously, sometimes excitedly, sometimes contemptuously.
The robed men who were passing in and out of the doorway often stopped to examine her, and would often reach out to run their hands over her body, caressing her soft skin, kneading her breasts, or buttocks, or running a finger across the tight lips of her sex as they clutched the wooden post.
She stood in place for hours, panting in the heat, but not sweating nearly as much as she had when she had first arrived. Finally, two different men came and removed her, leading her back within. The shinier collar and shackles were replaced by the heavy, rough ones. She was watered and fed and put in her cage to rest.
A few hours later she was taken from the cage and led out through the building to a side entrance. There, a man waited, robed and looking at her with an expression of considerable interest. Her leash was handed over to him, and after the men around her spoke for a few seconds she was led out the door.
A wagon waited there, stuffed high with boxes and packages. Erin’s wrists were locked together behind her, and she was relieved that at least this time they felt no need to force them up high behind her back.
The leash was removed, and a longer chain attached, this one perhaps longer than she was tall. It was attached to the rear right corner of the wagon, and then the man climbed into the wagon and oxen pulling it began to start up a wide alley to the street.
Erin lurched forward with the wagon, forced to follow it out into the street and then down the street towards some unknown destination.


More sadistic and less sexual than many books by Argus. 4 out of 5

Similar in style & setting to the Allan Aldiss "Barbary " sagas . Well written scenes of the capture & degradation of a lovely Irish girl in North Africa . 4 out of 5 (Incognito)

Author Information

Argus is a man with long experience and credits in the publishing world. He has had almost two hundred novels published in the United Kingdom and The United States, by such publishers as Beeline, Star, Nexus, Chimera, Silver Moon, and Olympia. He has also been published in dozens of magazines.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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