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The Adventures Of Stephanie And Laura Part 1 And Part 2 (Joy Peters)

The Adventures Of Stephanie And Laura Part 1 And Part 2 by Joy Peters


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    • Average 3.0 from 1 ratings

Two married women solve their financial problems by offering themselves at a unique auction venue set in England. Their experiences lead them on to further profitable adventures.

In the first part, one of the women is taken to "The Academy" where she is made to compete against another auction lot in a series of academic and personal tests. In each category the loser is caned and further punishments are administered as necessary. Meanwhile, her friend is taken to a house to satisfy the requirements of twin eighteen year old boys. Whe she slips up she too is caned by the Dominatrix who has acquired her services.

In part 2 of the story both women become involved in the female boxing scene and in a twist, the loser of each bout is caned by the MC in front of the viewing public.

EDITORIAL: This is a short story in two parts that will appeal to those into the spanking and CP scene - but be advised that there is little in the way of descriptive sex in it.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2009

No. words: 20000

Style: Erotic Anthologies, Erotic Fantasy, Just Spanking

Available Formats: Palm  PDF  MS Reader  


Laura and Stephanie had been best friends since leaving college ten years ago. They were in their early thirties, married but without children. Their respective spouses, Bill and Robin were also friends, so the four of them spent quite a bit of time together.
Their marriages had not been without the normal difficulties, not helped by the recession which had forced the men out of work. The girls had part time jobs but this did little to provide the quality of life they all aspired to.
Laura and Stephanie were having coffee together, reminiscing about good times past and discussing the future. The recession had no end in sight for the motor industry where both Robin and Bill had previously worked. They really would have to re-train, but such opportunities were rare.
Stephanie casually asked Laura whether she’d heard of the “Cow Shed.”
“What’s that, some farm?”
“No, I think it’s a club out in the country. I’ve heard it’s a place that girls can make a load of money.”
“It’s a long way out of town – what sort of work is available?”
“Well, I’ve heard that they do an auction every month where the punters bid on services provided by the girls.”
“Prostitution? I don’t think that Bill would approve and I’m sure my Robin wouldn’t!”
“Well I’m not sure of the details – I think you can do as little or as much as you like. I don’t think that you need to prostitute yourself. I’ve heard that the money is really great though so I just wondered if it was worth a trip out? Find out the score? Just an idea.”
“Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that! Better not mention anything to the boys though – not yet anyway.”
“I’ve got a card – shall I give them a ring?”
With this Stephanie picked up the ‘phone, dialled and got a recorded message advising potential bidders the date of the next auction – two weeks tomorrow – and giving another number for further enquiries. She re-dialled and having outlined her interest was put through to a Graham Pointer, who apparently managed the place.
After exchanging basic information, Graham said,
“If you’re interested in putting yourselves up for auction you need to come along so that we can discuss the details. This is not something you should get into lightly.”
They arranged to meet Graham after work the following afternoon. They told the guys that they were meeting up with some girlfriends from work and wouldn’t be late back.
The following afternoon they drove out to the “Cow Shed” – the instructions were clear to follow. They arrived at 2.10pm – a little late for the 2pm appointment but were told that they could be seen at 2.30pm.
They were shown into the manager’s office and were introduced to Graham Pointer by his secretary who remained in the room. They all sat down.
“Right ladies, what do you want to know?”
Stephanie took the lead - “Can you tell us how this all works?”
“We run an auction, last Saturday in every month. Works just like any other auction. The items for sale are predominately services provided by ladies but we do have the odd male. The punters are generally wealthy gentlemen – some ladies – and they come from all over. The services offered are quite varied, but let’s face it, mostly of a personal or sexual nature. Some sellers offer companionship or domestics but the big money comes with the unusual offers. We agree with the seller exactly what service is being offered, and make this available, at a cost to the punters. The period of service is 24 hrs – this is something we have developed over the last three years or so – keeps it simple and in our experience provides the best rewards for punters and the sellers. Our organisation is geared up for this and it works really well. There is always some risk but we thoroughly vet the punters in advance and they are only allowed to bid once we are satisfied about their integrity. Most punters are repeat business so there aren’t too many surprises and not much goes wrong.”
“How much money can be made?” asked Laura.
“It really depends on what you are offering. You are both good looking girls – I’ll need to have a closer look and we’ll need to ensure you are presented at your best – no offence intended. If you offered a full sexual service – and we’d need to go into specific details – you could make, before my cut, probably three to five grand as individuals for 24 hrs. This could be significantly increased if you added “extras.” Some girls have gone for £25k but they have been quite experienced and know how to sell themselves. We will of course help. We take the usual auctioneers cut of 15% - so the higher the selling price the more money we make. You can put a reserve down on your selling price and I would certainly recommend this.”
“What are the “extras” you referred to?” enquired Stephanie.
Some girls specify things such as ‘unlimited sex’ and specify what is offered – the more variations the higher the likely bid price, ‘multiple partners’, the kinky stuff like ‘bondage’ and ‘S&M’ Once we know what is being offered we describe this fully in the catalogue. Interested?”
Laura replied, “We could certainly do with the money. It seems that a day’s work would more that pay for the monthly bills and leave some over.”
“We will need to discuss this with our partners and get their agreement.”
“I fully understand that. If you want to make the next auction we will need to have it all agreed within the next seven days. We mail the catalogues out seven days ahead of the auction. We don’t use photographs but use descriptions. Bidders have to attend in person. I assume that it’s sexual services you’d be selling? – Anything else would probably not raise the money I think you girls are after. If you want me to draft something out – it would give you something to discuss with your partners.”
Stephanie and Laura looked and one another and agreed to this next step.
“Well girls, can you take your clothes off? You can do this together or individually.”
“Together is fine.” They stripped off and were asked to adopt various poses.
“Nice, very nice – should bring in lots of dough,” Graham commented. He asked them to complete a questionnaire – pages of really personal questions. He then asked them further endless questions about their sexual experiences, likes and dislikes. His secretary made notes and took the girls’ personal measurements.
After adjourning for an hour or so, Graham called them back into his office and read out the proposed catalogue entries.

Laura, 5’7”, 36” x 26” x 37”, 31 years old, dark haired and clean shaven, married, sexually experienced lady offers – 24hrs full personal service from Saturday to Sunday. All sexual services offered and moderate corporal punishment may be applied if complete satisfaction is not provided. The following implements may be used [slipper, strap, cane and paddle] any bruising to be clear within 4 weeks [additional indemnity will be required to satisfy this].

Stephanie, 5’ 9” 38” x 27” x 38” 32 year old, natural blond, married, sexually experienced lady offers – 24hrs service from Saturday to Sunday. All sexual services, bondage and receipt of reasonable corporal punishment when required to encourage complete satisfaction. Including the use of implements [slipper, strap, cane and paddle] any bruising to be clear within 4 weeks [additional indemnity will be required to satisfy this].

“Take these away, discuss and let me know if you want us to proceed. Any amendments can be made but you need to let me know as soon as possible. If you decide to go ahead with this I will need to take a deposit of £100 from each of you – some girls chicken out and don’t turn up – a credit card will do, cashed only if there’s a no show. You may need to adjust your contraception pills to make sure you’re not having your period over the post sale weekend. We will need to make sure you are properly presented at auction – if you decide to proceed we will give advice on this – you may need to return here before the day of sale. The sale starts at 11.30am on Saturday – you will need to be here by 10am so that we can register you and get you properly prepared. I think we could sell you for £7-10k – I would recommend a reserve of £6k. If you sold at reserve price you would take home £5,100. No guarantees of course on this but I think we should raise at least that. Your performance on the night can influence this quite considerably. Any questions?”
“Probably lots! But they can wait until we get clearance from our partners. We’ll be in touch.”
On the car ride home, Stephanie and Laura convinced each other that this was a viable option – they just needed to win Bill and Robin over!
The boys were waiting for them when they arrived home. “Had a good day?” they asked.
Laura responded first. “An interesting one. We have discovered a way to make over £5k a month.”
“You’ve got to be kidding,” was Robin’s reply.
“Well you might not like it, in fact I’m sure you won’t – but just hear us out.”
Stephanie talked them through the “Cow Shed”, the auction and likely rewards. She emphasised that they would only be providing a service – no strings and the risks seemed to be OK. It would provide a brilliant income and it was for only 24hrs.
The girls were surprised that the boys hadn’t dismissed it out of hand - or worse. Probably this was because both girls seemed enthusiastic. The girls said that the bidder would only be “borrowing” the goods and paying a hefty price for it. The boys looked at the details, queried the “corporal punishment” asking whether this was really necessary. “Graham thought the package offered was likely to raise a good deal of money – we were really acting on his advice – not that we want our butts tanned! We can amend this if you are unhappy. In fact if you are unhappy we can forget all about it.”
Bill and Robin went in to the kitchen and pulled a couple of beers from the fridge. The girls could hear them talking. They reappeared about 20 minutes later and said that if both girls really were happy to give it a try they wouldn’t step in their way as they also saw the attraction of the financial rewards. “Try it for one auction – we’ll come along.”
“I’m not sure if that will be allowed – I think entry is by catalogue and they cost £100 each. We’ll have a word with Graham. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea though – you might not be too happy with things.”
“Well let’s see.”
The girls ‘phoned Graham the following morning and he asked them to go over there that afternoon to meet with one of his staff, Claudia, who would be able to go through some of the details.
Claudia was a stunning redhead. She took the girls into a room and asked them to remove their clothes, one at a time. Stephanie was first.
“Stephanie, you’re a natural blond and we want to make the most of that. You need to trim the pubic area, but leave enough to prove your natural state. Get a Brazilian wax. You need to shorten your hair and have it cut it in a bob. We can do this here for you, but the charges are similar to what you’ll find nearer home. Make sure you wax and get those legs really smooth. Otherwise you should be just fine. We’ll decide how to dress you a little later. Now Laura, your turn!”
Laura stripped and was subjected to a similar inspection.


Started quite well but got a bit bogged down in the second half. 3 out of 5 (girlyboy)

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A refined English Lady who experienced corporal punishment in the work place.


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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