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Repression (John Savage)

Repression by John Savage


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In a world torn apart then rebuilt by religious fanatics, personal freedom is a thing of the past. A beautiful young woman can be snatched right off the street and made a prisoner simply for voicing an opinion against the world government. Thus it is with Dawn. While walking home one day, she is grabbed, shackled and locked in a steel box to be taken away to a prison for “penitence and purification.” Which means she is constantly restrained by handcuffs and ropes and other devices designed to inflict pain upon innocent young female bodies.
She is forced by the iron grip of shackles and the tight clutch of ropes to a life of constant, endless prayer and punishment at the mercy of sadistic nuns. Then she finds that her prison is interested in much more than her spiritual salvation. Her overseers begin to do more than punish her, they begin to use her lovely body for sexual purposes!
She is told that escape from that prison is impossible. But how can she face a lifetime of constant pain and abuse?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 08 / 2009

No. words: 35400

Style: Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: Palm  PDF  MS Reader  

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“I can’t do any more until the nun arrives,” the guard told her. “Get used to it. You’re going to have to live with ropes and chains and gags for a long time.”

Dawn frowned. If she were finally at the place they were sending her for “purification and penance” why was it necessary to keep her bound up like a wild animal? Surely this place was like a prison? The cells and walls kept the prisoners in, not ropes and gags.

There was a noise, and the guard turned to throw a smart salute to the newcomer. Dawn tilted her head to see who it was.

The woman was wearing black, but Dawn immediately realized that it was not a guard uniform. It was… Well, Dawn did not know what to call it. The whole suit was made of leather and fitted its owner like a second skin. With a high and tight neckline, it covered almost every bit of skin, yet made the woman sexier then full nudity would have done. The fair-sized mounds of the top told of breasts at least as large as Dawn’s. The waist was slender and flared nicely out to the hips. Dawn could not see below that, but she just knew that those leather-clad legs ended in high heels. They clicked on the concrete floor as she walked up. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail. Dawn could see no earrings, nor any make-up. The young woman had deep blue eyes and over-sized lips that made her seem to pout.

As the two guards stood by, this woman walked slowly around the newly arrived guest. Dawn had never felt so strange under the gaze of another woman before. She was simply not used to being looked at like a piece of beef or a prized animal. She shuddered under that predatory gaze; it made her feel like a mouse cornered by a cat. The woman reached out and pulled one of the pubic hairs sticking out from the tight rubber panties. Dawn uttered a small noise as the hair was yanked out of her skin. It was not a lot of pain, but it was unexpected.

“Untie her legs,” she ordered.

Dawn was glad to hear the order. Next, she truly hoped, would be her arms, which hurt much more than her legs.

The two men easily pulled her up to a sitting position at the edge of the table, and began unknotting the ropes with difficulty. The prior guards had finished the bondage of this girl with seriously tight knots. As the ropes were peeled from her flesh, Dawn was amazed to see the deep, red marks left behind. They had been put on tightly enough, but being folded up as she was had made them cut in all the more.

As they were removing the ropes, Dawn suddenly saw something that frightened her a lot. In the gloved hands of this woman was a short, black leather whip! The slender whip was only two feet long, and it ended with a thinner strip of leather. Dawn had no real way of knowing about such things but instinct told her that such a whip would hurt.

Her legs free, Dawn waited for them to start on her arms. They did not. Instead, the woman nodded to them. “Take her to the prep room.”

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