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Tatianna's Task (Anne Gray)



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    • Average 3.5 from 4 ratings

Multiple bondage award winning author Anne Gray introduces Leather Domme Tatianna who uses all her sadistic talents to get the information she needs to complete a contract then subjects the unwilling female informant to the world of sado-masochism.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 08 / 2009

No. words: 20755

Style: Spanking and Bondage, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: Palm  PDF  MS Reader  


As the information that would make her very rich copied to a flash drive in the form of a god awful hot pink lipstick case, Tatianna left the computer terminal for a moment. Opening the coat closet just inside the entrance to the office she looked down at the girl writhing on the floor. With sure, economical, movements she tightened the leather straps holding the packing in her captive’s mouth, and the blindfold in place, then checked the knots of the thin cord binding the girl’s wrists and ankles together in a classic hogtie. She wasn’t going anywhere, at least not until her captor had finished collecting the information needed to achieve her goal.
The tall, but dowdy looking, woman with a mop of unkempt mousy brown hair was dressed in the blue smock of a cleaning lady with a pair of grubby looking, laced, flat heeled shoes on her feet. Her face seemed devoid of any makeup and yet it was actually under quite a heavy coat of cosmetics that projected exactly the look she had tried to achieve.
A closer look at the black rubber gloves on her hands would show that they were much tighter than any ordinary pair of household cleaning gloves. In fact they were so tight, but flexible enough, that they allowed her fingers to work as if she was not wearing anything.
Checking a clock on the desk for the exact time she confirmed the download was almost finished and mentally ran down the final items on her checklist.


Tati, the short form of the name she was currently using, had been running out of both options and time; nearly two of the six months allocated to the project had gone by with seven of the nine possible candidates struck off her list.
As soon as she had been offered the contract to infiltrate the massive headquarters of Infocom International in order to steal the database of their clients without the theft being detected, she accepted it with ridiculously high compensation for success. However, if the theft was detected within fifteen days of her delivering the list to her client then the final fifty percent of the fee would be forfeited.
Right from the start Tati rejected even looking at the hundreds of daytime staff. The whole building was like a disturbed ant nest from soon after eight in the morning to late afternoon. No, the skeleton night crew was her only option and she was nearly out of prospects.
Of the two left there was an ultimate male computer geek whom she instinctively knew would be a waste of time. That left one, Amy Martin, a mid level manager who spent the night shift organizing reports from the previous day’s activity of the company into a synopsis for upper management. Her server also monitored the company’s worldwide computer system for problems. Any glitches that did occur she would refer down a couple of floors to the geek for him to look after and repair. The positive was that Amy had her own office and worked alone but, on the negative side, her office was on the tenth floor and there were two security guards in the foyer all night.
Tati was a very competent industrial espionage expert, trained in East Germany. She had made her way to the United States when that regime fell but kept some crucial contacts allowing her to make a very good living doing what she knew best.
The facts that she spoke accent free English, was an expert in martial arts, an extremely intelligent and beautiful thirty-four year old woman would, hopefully, help her to complete this contract as it had several others. At this point she wondered if the fact she was a lesbian might also be a plus.
Amy, at twenty-four, was young to be a manager but her work ethic, loyalty and the fact that she was willing to work nights had propelled her up the ranks since she joined the company immediately after graduating from college. Petite would be the best description but her 5’ 4” frame had curves in all the right places and was topped by a pretty, heart shaped, face.
Tati had been following Amy for several days and was getting a lot of conflicting thoughts about the girl. Although she had her own car Amy didn’t use it except to do her grocery shopping or the occasional weekend outing. The rest of the time it sat in the underground parking space that came with the apartment. Tati had taken a quick look at the car noting the Infocom security and parking pass in a holder on the inside of the windshield.
Amy seemed to prefer the public transit for getting to and from her office and walking the rest of the time. When she left her apartment for the 10 pm to 5 am night shift her clothes were comfortable but dressy enough for the office; usually a pant suit and ankle boots with a knee length tweed coat against the late fall evening temperatures, all perfectly normal. But, when she went out in the afternoons, after sleeping until around 2 pm, things were not quite so sedate.
Only someone studying her would notice because it was subtle unless you could put two and two together; Tati was very good at doing that. The first day of the agents’ surveillance the heels on Amy’s leather boots were higher, a leather skirt just brushed the knees and the matching fitted jacket was tightly belted around her slim waist. The second day the only difference was leather slacks instead of a skirt.
On the third day, Tati had watched Amy head out for her early dinner in the same boots but a full-length belted and hooded leather coat that the cool wind made seem a sensible choice. All of Tatianna’s instincts thought otherwise. Most women dressed in that much leather tended to stride along exuding confidence while Amy seemed to somehow huddle inside the sleek fabric she wore as if fearing some type of retribution for wearing it.
Some definitive action was needed in order to figure out where this girl was coming from. The next evening Tati watched Amy leave for work and, after waiting for thirty minutes, easily gained access to her apartment. It took her only moments to start searching through Amy’s computer files. She might be a computer expert but, like most of them in Tati’s experience, she had used a password that took just a couple of tries to crack. It was her last name spelt backwards – “nitram”!
Moments later she was sorting through the “Files” and, after working out another password (birth date, month and year also backwards), opened a huge folder to reveal a diary. It went back years and bared the soul of an oh so lonely and confused young lady.
Tati took just enough time to determine she had hit a goldmine of information before using her own expertise to bundle the diary, send a copy to her own computer and then create a well hidden backdoor to let her access Amy’s files anytime she wanted.
Back at the suburban house she had rented on a monthly basis when she took the contract, Tati settled down to find out what made Amy tick and it didn’t take long.
The girl was, quite simply, very confused and scared to do anything about it. Since her mid-teens her mind had been bombarded with what she considered, and recorded in her diary, as strange urges and sexual fantasies. Even now she was unwilling to give free rein to her feelings or trust anyone with her dreams and needs. She was a submissive, plain and simple, but she didn’t know how to find a companion who would understand her needs or wants and who she could confide in and, most importantly, trust. So, unsure and fearful, she hid her inner most thoughts from everything but her diary.
The Internet had opened up a whole world of information to the poor confused girl but she couldn’t bring herself to believe there was a safe way of using what she found. She frequented leather and bondage sites looking at the pictures and reading the stories while picturing herself in the scenes. This got her aroused enough to find some relief as she relived them vicariously in bed several times a week.
And now, for the last six months, she had taken the ridiculous, to Tati, course of trying to pretend she was a Domme hoping that she might attract another one she could learn to trust before revealing her true feelings. God, in a city this size here had to be at least a half dozen clubs she could have gone to without fear and then there were Internet chat groups.
Tati closed the diary and laughed out loud. Everything seemed so simple now and it was easy to plan an attack that would not require the entire four months left before she defaulted the contract. She had to gain the confidence of the girl to the point where she could gradually pump her for information. That knowledge would allow her to plan the final assault on the Infocom headquarters and complete her assignment.


This book was well written with a sub .plot to go along with all the other Stuff.I really enjoyed it!@ CWD 5 out of 5 (Charlie)

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