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Girls School (Susan Strict)

Girls School by Susan Strict


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    • Average 4.7 from 3 ratings

When Gary took the job at the academy for young ladies, he had never expected anything more than hard work to maintain the buildings and grounds. An unfortunate incident with one of the girls led to so much more, and Gary found himself a prisoner at the mercy of the sadistic headmistress who was determined to use him to educate the students in the finer points of how to dominate men. Most important in the headmistress’s curriculum for the girls was they all should experience the joy of achieving a sexual climax while sitting astride the face of a helpless man tied to a bed. The greatest problem for Gary, was that there were more than three hundred young ladies at that academy and he was the only man, and the headmistress was determined that every one of them would have the opportunity to gain some practical experience.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 06 / 2009

No. words: 37400

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Young Adult Bondage/BDSM

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Right,” she said, “Let’s get this over with.”

Grasping his manhood in a business-like manner, she began a steady pumping action, increasing in speed rapidly until his body bucked with the muscle spasms of one of the most intense orgasms he had ever experienced.

She cleaned him with the cloth then wiped him down with the cold flannel. Its coldness quickly subdued any remaining firmness.

Rapidly, she pulled something he could not see over the top of his shrunken manhood. It felt cold over and around him, and it tightened and restricted him. She pulled, tightening straps around it and under his testicles, pulling them until there was a sharp click, at which she immediately climbed from him.

“That should keep you under control,” she said.

He saw the restrainer with the padlocked straps, now attached firmly. A series of metal rings linked by small but tough leather straps encased his cock securely, becoming smaller towards the end. The tightness of the rings meant there was no way he could possibly become even partially erect, and the strength and tightness of the locked straps made it completely impossible to remove, even if his hands had been free to try.

He started to protest, but she interrupted him.

“We need to stop the girls taking advantage of you without MY permission,” she told him. “That should sort it out nicely.”

“And,” she continued, “Don’t think of trying to get one of my girls to release you from this bed out of some misplaced sense of sympathy. Each of those straps is secured with two locks, and no girl will ever have both the keys. It will need two of them to make the decision to free you, and believe me I choose the keyholders VERY carefully.”

“Now,” said the headmistress, ”I think we ought to make a start. We have delayed too long, and there is much for you to do.”

Despite her earlier hints of what might be to come, he still had no idea what she meant. He opened his mouth to protest once again and to seek some sort of explanation, realising as he did that she had removed her leather skirt completely.

She climbed back onto the bed to straddle he chest once more, facing towards his head this time. He could not avoid looking at her. Although she was certainly no youngster her body was smooth and firm, and he was staring straight between her naked legs. Instantly felt the tightening inside the restrainer, the smooth metal rings preventing any enlargement and holding him firmly within them. The pressure increased, and he squirmed slightly in frustration and discomfort.

She slapped him across the face, not too hard but with enough force to sting his cheek.

“Silly boy,” she said, “It’s not hurting you. Think yourself lucky I used one that’s designed just to restrain you, not to punish you. Some of my others have small spikes on the inside of the rings – or perhaps you would actually prefer one of those?”

He shook his head vigorously.

She laughed. “We shall see,” she said. “We shall see.”

Without waiting for a reply, she moved up the bed until she was kneeling directly over his face, just touching him.

“Lick me,” she commanded.

He did as she ordered.

“Deeper,” she said, and pushed herself down onto his mouth, as his tongue licked and probed inside her. She became wetter and wetter as he licked and tasted her juices. She started to push down onto him rhythmically, and he pulled his face back a little to avoid the discomfort.

“No!” she shouted. “I knew you’d need training before I used you for the girls.”

She looked down at him for a few moments, as it considering the best action. “You will learn that disobedience means punishment,” she said seriously, and brought her knees together suddenly and forcefully.

She pressed herself down to completely cover his face. He was in complete darkness under her, and scarcely able to breathe. He wriggled frantically, trying to find a gap and to suck at the fresh air, but she merely pressed even harder onto him and slid slightly forward so that his nose went up inside her. His mouth was totally covered by her firm flesh and unable to draw in any air at all. Trying to breathe through his nose was not unlike trying to breathe underwater. He struggled to move just enough to catch a breath of air, but her legs and body held his head tightly. He was smothered totally.

Seconds passed as he strained to move and to breathe. Finally, he gave up trying. It was hopeless, and he knew he was trapped and airless until she decided to release him. His fight and his panic only sapped his strength and used up what little oxygen remained in his body. He lay still, his thoughts becoming hazier while his body screamed hopelessly for air.

At last, she released the pressure and he was able to gulp a few breaths of much-needed air.

“You see? “ she said. “Behave and all is well. Defy me, and you suffer. “We’ll try that again. Don’t move.”

Once again, her knees came together and covered him beneath her in total darkness. His nose went deep inside her, and his mouth was covered again. Knowing that now he had not even the smallest reserves of air in his body it would only be seconds before he lost consciousness. He lay completely motionless, too afraid to move, and this time it was only a few seconds before she released him.

“There you are,” she said, “You were a good boy, and your reward is that you can breathe again. I may remind you of that from time to time. Now, continue.”

He was licking again as she writhed above him. He had no idea how long this went on, but it seemed like hours.

Then “Suck,” she commanded, and he was sucking at her as she pushed herself at his face.

“Stop,” she said suddenly. “That’s not good enough. I shall have to do it myself, and you shall help.”

“In fact,” she went on, “We shall play a game. I shall be covering your mouth and nose, as before, while I attempt to reach a climax. You will assist me towards my orgasm as rapidly as possible with your mouth and nose. I shall release you from this as soon as I have achieved a satisfactory climax. Your reward for assisting efficiently will be that you will then be able to breathe easily again. If, however, you are not efficient in doing this, then...”

She did not finish the sentence, but immediately pressed down onto him and brought both her hands down to massage herself with her long fingers. Although her knees remained apart and it was nothing like the claustrophobic sensations of his previous punishment, the pressure on his mouth and nose as she pushed and writhed meant that he was only able to catch brief breaths of air between long periods of being completely covered and smothered. He would not be able to take much of this without losing consciousness.

He licked. He sucked. He pushed his tongue, his nose, his whole face into every part of her he hoped gave her pleasure. Her body squirmed and writhed above him, her fingers working on her body to produce the climax she sought as he desperately did everything he possibly could to speed that climax.


Interesting read. Quite unique. Well written. Lots of surprises in the twists and turns. Good work. 4 out of 5 (Fred )

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