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Unwilling, The Story Of A Sex Slave (David Jewell)

Unwilling, The Story Of A Sex Slave by David Jewell


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    • Average 4.2 from 8 ratings

Their battle of wills resulted in an orgy of physical and mental games that defy the imagination. College-aged prostitutes are disappearing from the streets of Minneapolis. Because she is young looking and pretty, officer Julie Saunders is working uncover as a prostitute to find out who is responsible for the disappearances. Then one night Julie herself is kidnapped and comes face to face with the man who is responsible. Rex Taft is a provider of slaves for buyers not only in the United States but from around the world. He decides to kidnap Officer Saunders just to prove to the cops that he is not intimated by them and because he knows his clients will pay a lot to own her. His plan is perfectly executed and he takes Julie to his training facilities in rural Wisconsin. The ensuring battle of wills between Julie and Rex results in an orgy of physical and mental games that defy the imagination in terms of their intensity and the resulting pain and pleasure. The stakes are high. Someone is going to prison or someone is going to be sold into slavery.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 6 / 2009

No. words: 61694

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: PDF  



Julie Saunders stood on the corner of University St. and Hennipen Avenue in Minneapolis. It was Friday night and traffic was heavy. The July evening was hot and humid. And she looked equally hot in her skimpy red top that showed plenty of cleavage and her black mini-skirt that showed lots of leg. She wasn`t alone. There were several other college girls working the corner and trying to cover their tuition and educational expenses.
Thanks to her Scandinavian heritage, she had long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was slender and a couple inches short of being six feet tall. Her breasts were firm with light pink areolae and the perfect size for her body type. Thanks to a vigorous program of working out, her legs were also firm and well proportioned. Her stilettos made them appear even longer than they were. And tonight, men were drawn to them like a moth is drawn to a flame.
She smiled as she walked towards the black BMW that had pulled up next to the curb. She watched as the passenger side window was lowered. Leaning in, she smiled at the driver. She noticed that his eyes were fastened on her ample display of cleavage. "Looking for company?"
He looked at her. "Yes."
"Great." She opened the door and got in. As she did, her miniskirt rode up and exposed the crotch of the black satin panties. She pulled her skirt down as much as possible to covered up somewhat.
"What`s your name?"
"I`m Jewels," she said using her nickname.
"I`m Chet."
"It`s nice to meet you, Chet."
He smiled. "Great legs," he commented as he reached over to touch her exposed thigh.
She stopped him. "You wanted company?"
"Yes." He was a little put off by her mild rebuff.
"Why don`t you drive down three blocks and turn into the alley."
"Okay." He pulled away from the curb. He kept looking as at her legs as they were lit up by the streetlights as they drove under them. He pulled into the alley.
"Park in the space by the van," she directed him.
"Okay." He pulled into the parking space behind a closed hardware store and turned off the engine.
She turned and faced him and slightly spread her legs. "What kind of company are you looking for?" she asked to avoid any entrapment.
He smiled. He was obviously a little nervous. "I was looking for a blowjob." He reached down to touch her leg.
She didn`t stop him this time. In fact, she leaned forward and touched his crotch as his hand moved over the top of her thigh. "I think that can be arranged." She raised her right eyebrow indicating that the ball was now in his court.
"Oh. Will fifty dollars help?"
She smiled. "Look at me. What do you think?" She fondled him a little more.
"I think a hundred will definitely help."
"Yes, it will."
He retrieved his wallet and handed her five twenties.
She took the money and seductively placed it in her bra bank. "You won`t be disappointed."
"I don`t think I will," he said. Staring at her breasts, he wished he were a twenty dollar bill. "Oh," he moaned as she massaged his penis.
She sat up. "I need to freshen up my lipstick and then I`ll give you what you want. Why don`t you unzip your pants for me?"
"Okay." He did and retrieved his semi-erect penis. He was filled with the expectation of having her lipstick on his dipstick.
When she finished applying her lipstick, she placed the tube back into her purse and brought out her badge. "You`re under arrest for soliciting," she informed him.
"Shit!" he said as the doors of the van next to him opened and two officers got out. He quickly replaced his penis in his pants and zipped up.
One of the officers rapped on the driver`s window. "Get out."
He glared at her. "I sensed something was wrong."
"You`re what`s wrong."
"I`ll see you in court. This is entrapment."
"I`ll see you court, Chet. Believe me this is not entrapment. I have everything on tape," she said. She showed him the wire she was wearing.
"You bitch."
She smiled and irritated him even further. "Now, you need to get out. And I`ll look forward to seeing you in court."
Embarrassed and angry over his stupidity, he got out to face the music. He took a deep breath as he was handcuffed.
"Good work," Officer Nate Daniels told Julie.
"Thanks. At least, we got three of these slime bags off the streets tonight."
"We did. Do you want to call it a night?"
"She glanced at her watch. "No. Drive me back to my corner. I think we`ve got time to get one more and maybe we`ll get lucky."
"I hope so. I`ll have a squad come by and pick up Chet and then I`ll have his car towed after I drop you off."
"Okay." Julie rode in silence back to her office. She got out of the BMW and gave Officer Daniels a proper good bye to make things look good to the other prostitutes. She didn`t want to blow her cover. She sashayed over to her corner. She had been undercover for several weeks. But the reason for being undercover had nothing to do with taking scumbags like Chet off the streets. She had bigger fish to fry. She wanted to find out who and what was behind the recent disappearance of several young prostitutes. As she strutted her stuff, she was unaware that she was under surveillance.
"Back in position," Officer Daniels told her ten minutes later through the small ear piece she was wearing.
"Okay," she acknowledged.


Rex Taft smiled as he looked at Julie through his binoculars. He was seated in the driver`s seat of a black Mercedes Benz parked a block away and hidden by the darkness of the side street. "She`s been busy tonight."
"For sure," agreed Frank Parks. He was a partner in their business venture.
"She`s the next one."
"Are you sure? She is a cop." He shifted uneasily in his seat.
"I`m sure. She`s looking for me and I think it`s time we meet face-to-face." He looked at his partner. "Are you having doubts?"
"No. Just concerns. There`s going to be a lot heat if we take one of their own."
"I know. But that`s the beauty of it. Taking one of their own right out from under their noses."
"Yeah, that`s going to be so cool."
"And I`m sure we can have some real fun with her. I don`t think she`s going to give up as easily as the others."
"She`ll be a challenge."
"She will be. And I`m looking forward to it." He looked at her through the binoculars. "Any questions about our plan?" he asked and looked at Frank.
"No. I`ve gone over every detail with Bill and Troy. Troy will be right behind you as soon as you pick her up. He knows exactly what to do once she`s in the car. Bill and I will be waiting for you."
"Okay. Remember timing is critical. This has to go down quickly and without a hitch.
"I know. I`ll let you know when we`re in position."
"Okay." He waited for Frank to get out of the car before looking at Julie one more time. "You`re in for quite the evening. This is one John you`re going to wish that you never picked up." He laughed an evil laugh while he put the binoculars away. Receiving verification that everyone was ready and in position, he started the engine.
Julie watched as the MB slowly approached the corner. "This didn`t take long," she whispered and alerted her team. "He`s driving a black Mercedes. It looks like another rich man out for a little excitement. And he`s going to get a little more than expected," she added.
"For sure," Officer Daniels agreed.
Rex smiled as Julie approached the car. He lowered the window. He felt the adrenaline hitting his system. He thought she was even prettier up close as he focused on her legs.
Julie leaned into the window and smiled. She was expecting to find an older man. But she was surprised to find a younger one, perhaps in his mid thirties, smiling at her. "Would you like some company?" she asked.
He glanced at her breasts. He marveled that she could show that much cleavage and not be exposing her nipples. "I would. Who wouldn`t want the company of such an attractive woman," he said and disarmed her a little with his compliment.
She opened the door and got in. "I`m Jewels," she said after adjusting her skirt and looking at him.
"I`m Tim," he said knowingly feeding her a lie along with her backup officers.
"Well, Tim, why don`t we go for a little drive and discuss what kind of company you want."
"Okay." He carefully merged into traffic. He smiled slightly when he saw Troy slowing down to let him in.
"There`s an alley just ahead. Why don`t you pull into it," suggested Julie. She had to admit that he was quite handsome and in very good physical shape from what she could see in the dimly lit interior of the MB.
Troy passed the MB without even glancing at Rex. Then he swerved in front of him making Rex hit the brakes.
"What a dumb shit," muttered Rex.
"Maybe he`s drank a little too much."
"Most likely."


Great Read!!! 5 out of 5

good story 5 out of 5

Love this one. Well written and moves along at a brisk pace. I especially like stories of authority figures being brought low. Although in the end the cop, being resigned to her fate, could have gotten hold of a cell phone and called her old partner to identify the salvers. It would have made sense, given her feelings and the situation she was in. 5 out of 5 (Stark47)

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