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A Night In Jasmyn's Garden (Jasmyn)

A Night In Jasmyn


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A Night in Jasmyn’s Garden contains erotic stories that range anywhere from vampire fantasies to lesbian encounters to self gratification and more. Supernatural beings roam freely, becoming both conquerors and lovers. Passion finds lovers entwined in new ventures such as submission and domination.

This collection of short stories also includes a taboo father and daughter session, chance encounters with strangers, oral delights, and a woman left to play alone. The context of this collection includes light and flowery to down and dirty.

It is sex unleashed in seventeen short stories that aim to please. Some boundaries were meant to be crossed. Light some candles, turn down the lights, snuggle with your lover, and enjoy A Night in Jasmyn’s Garden.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Burping Frog Publishing    Published: 5 / 2009

No. words: 29000

Style: Dark Secrets Erotica, Romance - general, Erotic Anthologies

Available Formats: PDF  MS Reader  


I could feel him growing hard when our bodies pressed together rhythmically. I reached down and began to stroke him through his tightening jeans. His reactions told me that he enjoying what I was doing so I continued with my caresses. Before long, he slipped his hands under my shirt and slowly began to push it upwards. I didn’t stop him ... in fact, I encouraged it by raising my hands above my head so that he could slip it completely off. Like a pro, he unclasped my bra and dropped it to the floor. Our eyes met again and we smiled at each other. Neither of us had planned on any of this but found ourselves unwilling to stop it. He leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth. His lips and his tongue did absolutely amazing things and I felt sensations that I’d never known before. Gently lashing around and across the nipple ... first one and then the other ... coupled with massaging from his hands heightened the pleasure. It didn’t take long for my nipples to become erect from his attentions.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I wanted him right then. I grasped his shirt and removed it quickly, trailing my hands down his chest and abs until I felt the waistband of his jeans. A paused long enough to look back into his eyes. It was a moment of self doubt flittered away only by his grin. I unbuttoned his jeans and caught his boxers as well and slid them over his hips and down his legs. I had him naked in my bed and he had me quivering with wondering what was to come. He pressed me back onto the bed and silently removed my pants more suavely than I had his. He was sure to graze his fingertips along my thighs as he did so. I clenched my jaw tightly shut to keep from gasping although a slight whimper escaped from my throat.

Staying at the foot of my bed, he smiled at me and I wondered exactly what he had in his mind. I didn’t have to wonder for long. Pushing between my legs with his hands, he kissed along my inner thighs, causing me to wriggle with delight. He pushed my legs father apart and I could feel myself growing wet. I began panting and gripped at the pillow beneath my head. I knew exactly where this was going and I was looking forward to it. He stopped to where I could feel his warm breath cascade along my slit. I trembled and inhaled deeply. Parting my lips with his hands, his tongue glided up and down my slit slowly. I moaned softly and raked slightly at the sheets under my body. His licking became more vigorous as I moved my hips to enhance my desire and he then inserted two fingers into my throbbing pussy. The moment caught me off guard and I gasped and my body twitched. My reactions didn’t hinder him. He began pumping his fingers in and out, in and out ... he never ceased with his tongue. It didn’t take long for my muscles to tense up. I could hear how wet I was and I closed my eyes and gripped tightly at the sheets. Suddenly, I was overcome by an intense orgasm. My body jolted and my hips rocked quickly back and forth.

I was covered in a slight sweat. Breathing heavily, I looked down between my legs and saw him grinning up at me. I smiled back and let my head fall back to the pillow. I felt him crawling up to me and pulled him down on top of me when he reached his destination. Running my fingers through his hair, I pulled his lips to mine and our tongues entwined and caressed each other madly. Pulling back slightly, I ran the tip of my tongue across his lips slowly. He closed his eyes and traced his hands up and down my sides. It was heaven. I pulsed my abdomen against him as I kissed his neck. Then I got a marvelous idea ...

Tilting his head to one side with my hand, I started to lick his shoulder, over to his neck, along his jawline, and up to his ear. I sucked his earlobe into my mouth and began rubbing it with my tongue quickly. He gasped sharply and didn’t move. Tracing along his ear softly with the tip of my tongue, I carefully grazed my teeth down its outer edge. I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction. It was time for me to try and heat things up. Bringing my lips close to his ear so that he could feel my breath, I whispered, “I want you to fuck me right now ... take me ... give me all you’ve got.” I felt a shiver go over his body and I smiled to myself.

With his hands, he pinned my arms above my head. I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my lips. I tilted my head towards the ceiling, begging him with my body. With a strong thrust, he entered me. I couldn’t help myself and an “Ohhh” escaped from my slightly parted lips. He began pumping gently at first and then gaining momentum. I wrapped my legs around his back to take him deeper and he delivered all that I could have asked for. I clawed at his shoulders and moaned with each thrust. Suddenly he stopped ... I looked at him questioningly. Leaning down to me, he whispered into my ear, “Down on all fours, babe.” I was elated and did as he said.

Positioning himself behind me, I could hear a slight jingling sound. Before I could turn around to see what it was, he had the collar fastened around my throat. This was absolute bliss! Kissing my lower back and rubbing his hands down the full length of my back and sides, he reached down and grasped my thighs. Quickly he shoved his cock deep into me and the pleasure began anew. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but the pleasure was almost overwhelming. I was starting to come again and I knew that he was close as well. I tried desperately to keep myself quiet but my attempts were futile. With a final deep and hard thrust, he sent me over the edge and I screamed loudly. I felt him come as I did, his body quivering against mine. My body was shaking and my limbs went limp. We laid together, him holding me in his arms. My thoughts were racing. Though we were exhausted, I had more things in mind yet to come. We rested pressed against each other, bodies glimmering with sweat, and listened to the rain outside the windows.

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