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Dancing Ta-ta (Shooter3704)

Dancing Ta-ta by Shooter3704

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Dennis and Jo were three years into their second marriage when they finally told the other about their past. The stories that all the characters told were hair curling and sexually arousing.

Jo's two girlfriends, Doris and Ellen started telling stories about their past. The stories were hot and raw and prompted Jo to tell her husband about her first marriage and the events that caused it to fail. She wanted him to hear it before Doris and Ellen did.

Jo and each of her friends tell their story of the best and/or most memorial sex.

"The Dancing Ta-ta" is all about interracial sex. One on one, two on one and more. Here is where you'll read about Ellen and her black college boyfriend. You'll read about Doris and her summer on the far with two black studs and you'll also read about Jo and the black midget.

You'll also read how Dennis lent his first wife to a former black lover who kept her and didn't return her.

The stories and the confessions prompted Dennis and Jo to go in search of her former black lover at the club called "Dancing Ta-ta". Maybe there is something to the expression that "Once you go black, you won't go back".

This is one of Shooter's classic IR yarns.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2019

No. words: 22700

Style: Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


One day about a month after we were married James announced we were going out that evening with Clell. James picked out the clothing he wanted me to wear. I couldn't believe he wanted me to go out in public with it. It was designed to show a lot of skin and where the skin was covered it was so sheer it was nearly transparent. I told James there was no way I would wear it out in public.
James smiled and rolled us a joint and we lit-up. James was well aware pot made me even more horny than usual. It was a weird role reversal in that when James wanted to punish me he would withhold sex. He got me a little high and super horny and told me no dick unless I agreed to wear the outfit. I had to agree because he teased me with his fingers until I agreed. He did promise that we would go somewhere where I wouldn't be recognized.
James watched me while I showered and suggested I trim my pubic hair even more than I usually did. He made sure my legs were smooth and that caused me to think something other than a night out was in the works.
After my shower and trim I put on the sluttish clothing and James lit up some more pot. By the time Clell arrived I was pretty high.
"What do you think, Clell?" James asked Clell while the black man gave me a close inspection. He seemed to like what he saw and frankly I got a thrill that he did.
"She'll do, man," Clell said. "Fine looking woman. Gilroy will like her for sure."
"Who is Gilroy and why do we care?" I asked.
"Hell, girl, Gilroy is the man. He took over after Coy got busted," Clell said. "That's who we are going to meet tonight. Let's get a move on or we'll be late and Gilroy don't like that."
So we got in Clell's car and set off to meet the mysterious Gilroy that had the boys in such lather.
We drove all the way across town and finally stopped at a neighborhood bar. We appeared to be in a seedy part of town and I was getting a little uncomfortable. James and Clell took care of my nervousness by giving me a couple of hits from a joint we shared. Then we went in.
The place was as shabby on the inside as it was on the outside. There was a bar on one wall and about a dozen tables. One thing leaped out at me. James and I were the only while people in the place and I was the only female of any color.
It was hard to tell in the dim light but I estimated there were about fifteen men there. Mostly just shapes in the poor light. When we were spotted the conversations ceased immediately. A few voices called out to Clell and he responded with waves or grunts.
Clell led us past the tables and bar to the very back of the room. By the time we arrived my eyes has adjusted and I could see better but what I saw was astonishing. There on a platform in an easy chair was the weirdest sight I had ever seen. It was a midget...dwarf, maybe. I've never been exactly sure what the little people are supposed to be called.
"Gilroy," Clell said when we stopped in front of the improvised throne. "This here is Jo and James. I told you about them."
"He ain't much to look at but she damned sure is," the little man said in a high pitched voice. Gilroy was a light skin black man. His head was huge and didn't appear to fit his small body. He was completely bald and wore gold earrings in both ears. He motioned me to come closer.
"Yes, you are a beauty," he said in his squeaky voice. "Fucking nice, Clell. You done good, boy. Come up here and sit beside me, girl." I took the empty seat beside his chair. "Is this the white boy you got selling some product?"
"Yeah, Gilroy," Clell said. "His name is James. He's doing real good, too."
"You think bringing me a present will get you more territory?" Gilroy asked him.
"Figured it couldn't hurt," Clell said with a grin.
"What the fuck does he mean by present?" James demanded. "What present?"
"Shut the fuck up, James," Clell hissed. "I got this. I know what I'm doing."
"The bitch is the present," Gilroy said giggling. "You are going to be nice to ol' Gilroy, ain't you, sugar?"
I heard the words but in my pot addled brain they didn't make a lot of sense. I could see that James was getting nervous but I wasn't sure why. I was aware when Gilroy reached over and untied the bow that held my flimsy top closed. That was when I should have got up and run away but I just sat there and let the little black man fondle my breast. His little fingers squeezed my nipple and I moaned.
"Good," Gilroy said. "This white bitch is hot and ready to go. Ain't you, honey?"
"I guess," I said wondering where we were going. Clell had pushed James back and they seemed to be in a heated discussion about something. I heard Clell yell at James to let it go and something about more product.
While the boys talked, Gilroy was playing with my tits and giving my nipples a workout. His tit play was just adding fuel to the fire that I came in with. I even had a small orgasm when he leaned over and suckled. For a little guy he had a lot of suction.
I was only dimly aware when Gilroy took my hand and pulled it over to his lap. Suddenly I had full awareness that my hand was on something warm and hard.
I pushed Gilroy back to see what I was feeling and I had to gasp when I saw it was his dick. A very large dick at that. That little fucker was packing a larger than full size dick. My hand involuntarily grasped the black cock.
"You are going to enjoy my cock," Gilroy said. I didn't have a come-back but I held onto his tool. "Let's you and me go in the back and get to know each other."
He jumped up, grabbed my hand and led me through a door I hadn't noticed. It was a room with a chair, a bed and nothing else. The room was lit by a bare bulb hanging over the bed.
In the light I saw that Gilroy was a weird looking little man and after he removed his clothes he was even more bizarre. His big dick almost reached the floor. The whole thing was astonishing and in my astonishment I let him strip me naked without hindrance.
He proved to be strong in spite of his size and it surprised me that he was able to push me down on the bed without much effort. What surprised me more was what he did next. He pounced on me and begun to eat my pussy. He was very good at eating me. He ate me long enough to give me two wonderful orgasms and then when I was still shaking from the last climax he rammed his giant cock in me and proceeded to fuck me.
Gilroy was even better at fucking than he was at eating pussy. Because I lost all track of time I don't know how long he was in me. It seemed like a long time and I had at least a dozen orgasms. He must have pumped a quart of cum in me because after he finally finished he got off the bed, dressed, and left the room.
When I got the energy, I used a pillow case to wipe off as much of his sperm as I could and I put the slut rags back on and went to find my husband. I found him and Clell at the bar drinking.

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