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Total Slave - Angel Series Part 4 (Jay Aress)

Total Slave - Angel Series Part 4 by Jay Aress

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Angel's story continues. For thirty minutes Angel managed to elude her hunters, running fast, twisting and stumbling, tripping over unseen obstacles, listening hard to detect the sound of boots approaching through the din of the spectators. Once or twice she ran into a spectator, who would thrust her away from a wall, often taking a furtive feel of her body as he held her for a few seconds. More than once a Master stuck out a foot to trip her, sending her sprawling on the stony ground, her knees, breasts and shoulders breaking her fall, grazing and bruising her flesh.

Twice a hand grabbed her but she twisted away and ran, escaping capture, then she fled straight into the arms of a man who had stood his ground, silently, waiting for his quarry to come to him. He kicked Angel’s legs from under her and she crashed to the stones on her back, winded and in pain. In seconds he was on top of her, pants lowered, his cock thrusting deeply into his captive. Angel was hot by this time, and soaked in perspiration, and the cold ground against her back shocked her.

After her captor had come deep inside her he turned her over so her belly and breasts were pressed to the cold ground and thrust cruelly into her bottom, finally cleaning himself in her mouth, using her hair to dry his weapon. All this he did expertly, still in his blindfold: the other men in the hunt were calling him to hurry up and finish, they were eager for the hunt to start again. The referee who ran alongside Angel, hitting her with a switch whenever she stopped for more than three seconds, pulled her to her feet and switched her bottom once, starting the race again.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2019

No. words: 29300

Style: Male Dom - M/F, SciFi BDSM/Bondage

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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2nd Edition

Chapter One – PEARL DIVER

After Angel had been sold she was taken to the slave waiting room, her hands secured behind her back and her steel nipple rings attached to chains hanging from the ceiling, in such a way that she was obliged to stand on tiptoes. Slave-girls often had to wait for their Masters, they soon became used to this, but after being sold to an unknown Master the waiting was the worst: who would her new Master be, would he be kind or cruel, handsome or ugly, could she have been bought by a Mistress? Every so often a freshly sold slave-girl was brought down and secured with the waiting slaves, many weeping, having been sold by Masters they had learned to love. Given no choice, they would soon learn to love their new owners.
At last the final girl was sold and the Masters came to collect their purchases. Angel’s heels were now almost touching the ground; her breasts had stretched into elongated cones. Two hard, long fingers invaded her vagina, the humiliating first touch of a Master. She looked up into his cold, grey eyes.
“Angel loves you Master,” she said.
“Do you remember me, Angel?” he said.
“Yes, Master John,” she replied.
Angel had once been returned to twenty-first century Earth to entice this man to come and be a Master, using her submissiveness and sexual skills to persuade him. He had accepted the invitation and was gifted with a new slave-girl, a girl named Linda, an old colleague who had once humiliated him; she was now his property and was paying in full, and more, for this humiliation. While Linda underwent six months of slave-breaking Angel had been loaned to Master John, whose tastes ran to bondage. Never having the luck to find a girl to bind until he came to this world, he started to learn his trade on Angel’s soft body. Using photographs from his large collection of bondage magazines he had rapidly become an expert.
“I noticed you on display this morning, Angel, and decided I would be your owner again,” Master John told her. ”You cost me more than I expected, but I assure you that you will give me my money’s worth.”
He had paid the princely sum of one hundred and fifteen thousand pounds.
He fastened a heavy bell to each of Angel’s nipple rings and unfastened her from the hanging chains. She slumped to the floor, exhausted.
“I like to see you on your knees, slut. You may open my trousers and worship my cock.”
Angel, using her tongue and teeth, as her hands were still locked behind her back, fished his sex out and licked and sucked it until he ejaculated into the back of her throat. He gave a cry of pleasure as his seed was swallowed, then allowed her to clean him and replace his sex, buttoning his fly with her teeth. He wrapped her long, auburn hair into his big hand and raised her to her feet. Angel squealed in pain and he slapped her face hard.
“Be quiet!”
Stunned, Angel was almost dragged, head held down against his thigh, out of the waiting room and to a large courtyard where pony carts and gigs were parked, many occupied by naked pony-girls in the standard one-legged stance, right ankles chained to their clitoral rings. He led her to a troika-type vehicle, but with large wheels instead of runners, with three harness points, two of which already secured a pony-girl. He lifted the head of the nearest girl.
“This is Bambi.” Angel looked into the eyes of a dark haired, attractive slave with generous breasts. “You already know Linda.”
Linda stood in the leading, central harness point. She had changed since Angel had last seen her. Then she had short hair that displayed the fine shape of her head; now every hair of her body had been permanently removed except her long, thick, black eyelashes, these were permitted to be kept as they could be used as an erotic toy. Her entire body was covered from her crown to the soles of her feet with tattoos, venomous snakes crawled all over her flesh, some apparently emerging from her vagina, anus, mouth, nostrils and ears, some sinking their fangs into her breasts, pudenda and other tender places. Where there were spaces between the snakes, poisonous spiders, millipedes and scorpions lurked. Linda had made the mistake of confessing to her Master that she was afraid of snakes and insects, now she had to live with their images constantly. Around her throat was a wide, heavy steel collar, a permanent punishment collar, one that would never be removed, marking her out as a girl who deserved to be constantly punished. Overlaying her tattoos were many thick welts, the result of brutal whippings. Bambi also bore signs of the whip, but not as much as Linda. Angel was quickly bound into the empty harness and her right leg bent up to her clit ring and secured.
“We leave in the morning. I am going to use a few tavern girls and then get some sleep. Have a pleasant night.”
If a Master wished to keep a slave-girl for his personal use only, he would gag his girl and lock a chastity belt on her if she was left in a public place. Any girl without this protection was considered fair game by passing Masters. The three girls fastened to Master John’s troika were not protected and Masters took all three during the night. Linda, with her tattoos and hairless head, attracted the most attention and was used roughly by more than ten men before Master John returned in the morning. He had had an interesting evening with several slave-girls and then a few hours’ sleep in the arms of a beautiful black girl whom he used in the morning. Well fed, he watered his pony-girls, gave them a little food and took out of his carriage two ‘pony tails’, thick wooden dildos with human hair, harvested from slave-girls, bonded to the ends. Once the dildos were secured inside the girls’ bottoms, the hairs hung down behind their legs like real pony tails. He drove the dildos violently into the bottoms of Bambi and Linda, the thickest one going into Linda. Angel’s heart fell when he then produced a third tail from his deep pocket, with auburn hair matching Angel’s hair.
“I purchased this for you this morning,” he informed Angel.
He secured it into her, released the slaves’ clit hobbles and drove them out of the town onto the road crossing the desert. He steered the troika by reins clipped to Linda’s nipples, the two side girls following her movements as Linda was pulled from side to side. He ordered them to adopt the strength-sapping high knee step until they were clear of the town, then permitted them to walk normally. The troika and the Master, together with the two large water tanks fitted before the wheels were not considered to be too heavy for three girls to pull, so he whipped them into a fast canter and kept them moving at pace hour after hour. Soon the girls were gasping, sweat pouring down their naked bodies, muscles screaming for rest. When they slowed, he cracked the whip against their backs and around their bodies across their breasts and bellies, Linda receiving the majority of the blows. Her body was terribly thin, her ribs and shoulder bones showing through her sunburned skin, she had not an ounce of fat to pad her body against the lash. The girls’ feet slipped on the rounded grains of desert sand and they pulled the troika with resolution. Exhausted and dehydrated, they were finally pulled up just before sunset, after jogging non-stop for eight hours; slave-girls were expected to be as fit, and more, as any athlete is. Master John built a small fire and cooked a meal for himself, and boiled some water for an aromatic coffee, which whetted the girls’ appetites. But all they got was cold water and a tasteless paste of grain and vegetables.
He erected a tent and laid out his sleeping bag, removed Bambi from her traces and placed her into his bag so her warmth would air his bedding. Returning to the fire where a branding iron had been heating up, he tied Angel’s leg tightly to the frame of the troika and placed his brand on the inside of her thigh, marking her as his animal. He turned in for the night, Bambi being his bed warmer and sex toy.
They rose early the next day and he drove the girls hard for almost ten hours.
That day they came across a coffle of slave-girls, moving slowly in the same direction. As they passed the line of girls, there were over a thousand of them, Master John greeted the men driving the slave-girls, complimenting on the beauty of their captives. There was one Master to every twenty slaves. Each girl was collared, two chains extending back to the nipple rings of the following slave. Their legs were chained together permitting a stride of nine inches, a heavy chain hung between their legs, padlocked to their inner labial rings. Their arms were outstretched and chained to yokes from which hung goatskin water bags and stainless steel water canisters. The water in the canisters was strictly for the Masters, they could use this as they wished, washing or drinking, the slave-girls’ water was for drinking only. It would last for ten days, but each carried a Master’s supply so each Master had ten times as much water as the girls. When they reached the front of the coffle, in the mid-afternoon, Master John slowed down the troika so he could speak to the leader.
“You have a fine collection of girls here,” he said.
“Thank you, they are not a bad lot.”
“Where are you taking them?”
“To Arena, where they will take the ‘March to Hell’.”
“Have you been long on the road?”
“About three hundred days, we have another hundred to go.”
“Your girls must be weary of the trek.”
“They are slaves, it does not matter.”
Master John kept up with the coffle until it stopped close to sunset, then erected his tent. He was invited to eat with the leader and a group of other Masters. Before the meal the men all washed, using a whole canister of water each, the used water sinking quickly into the sand, the eyes of the slave-girls watching the waste of so much precious liquid. Master John was offered a canister for his own use, which he accepted graciously. Wine was produced from bags also slung on the slaves’ yokes and the men got quite tipsy. As a thank you for his meal he detached his girls from their traces and handed them round. For half the night the three girls served the men, two or three at a time. Angel, with her hands tied behind her back, was invited to straddle a prone Master and impale herself on his long cock. Once in place a second Master pushed her forwards until the first man caught her breasts, holding her body weight off his chest. The second man entered her anus and a third grabbed her hair, forced her head back and introduced himself into her throat. Almost helpless, she used her internal muscles to excite two men and her lips and tongue to pleasure the third. They thrust on until perfectly satisfied, filling every hole with their seed. When they released her, gasping and sweat soaked, there were another three men waiting for her.
Long into the night the men drifted away to sleep with their body slaves, who had spent the night kneeling by their Masters’ sleeping bags. Master John was gifted a girl from the coffle. Despite their long night of service, the three girls were roused early and were on their way before the coffle girls had been fed and watered.
Later that day they came against a team of fifteen horsemen, each leading three packhorses, travelling in the opposite direction. The leading horseman had a naked slave-girl running alongside him, her clit ring chained to his stirrup. Her slight body was covered with bruises, bite marks and deep red love-bites. Angel felt a pang of pity for the girl, who would have to satisfy the lusts of these men every night. Master John greeted them but only received a few grunts in return. At this Angel felt even sorrier for the girl, grumpy Masters were much harder to please.
On the fourth day, as the Master set up camp, a young slave-girl came running along the road. She was naked and carried a leather cylinder, tied to her collar; she was a message carrier. Master John called her to stop and come to him. She obeyed, of course.
“Where are you going all on your own, slave?”
“To Suntown, Master,” she replied. Suntown was the town where Angel had been bought.
“With your hands tied behind your back how do you eat or drink?”
“May must beg food and water from free persons she encounters, Master.”
“And do Masters feed you, May?”
“Sometimes Master, but they ask for something in return.”
“The use of May’s body, Master.”
“Have you been running long?”
“No, Master, about an hour, it is easier to run in the cool of the night.”
“I will try out your body and if you please me I will feed you.”
“Thank you, Master, May hopes she pleases you Master.”
“If you do not I will whip you.”
“Yes, Master.”
Master John used her well, she was quite skilled and after an hour he released her hands so she could please him better. In the morning she awakened him intimately: once awake he grasped her hair to keep her mouth around his penis. He re-tied her hands before he fed her, she ate from his hand, licking it clean when she had finished, then drank from a dish, lapping the water up, as cats and slaves do. She stood spread-legged before him as he brought her close to orgasm with his fingers.
“Will you run in the sun today?”
“Yes Master, or May will be late delivering this message.”
“What will happen if you are abducted, alone and helpless as you are?”
“The message will be delivered by the Master who takes May or by one of his slaves, Master.”
“But you will be owned by another Master.”
“May is a slave, Master.”
“Of course.”
He sent her on her way, frustrated, taken close to a climax and then denied her pleasure.
At mid-morning of the fifth day they reached a large town on the coast and the girls were driven to a holding area where the troika was parked. They were linked together by their collars and marched to an area where over a hundred steel slave boxes were laid out under the tropical sun. Paying the proprietor his fee, Master John received two keys and found the numbered boxes where his property had been lodged. He opened the first box to reveal a tiny Oriental girl, tied hand and foot, her hands behind her back, cramped into the steel box; she blinked in the bright sunlight. Angel noticed that close to her head was a depression in the concrete floor. Water and food was poured into this depression at feeding times, the slave having to contort her body to reach and consume this fare. The rest of the floor was tilted away from the depression so that the slaves’ body wastes could be hosed away at intervals and not contaminate the food. The slave boxes had specially flanged openings to allow air into the box, but not light.
Master John opened the second box, which contained a black slave, tall and broad with enormous breasts and plump bottom. Although she was much taller and larger than the Oriental she was crammed into a slave box no larger than the tiny girl’s was. She was lying on her side, her knees doubled up under her chin, neck bent forwards and tied as tightly as the Oriental’s body had been. She was almost crippled after spending twelve days in the box. The Master hosed all five girls down, they then kissed his feet and thanked him, after first requesting permission to speak, slave-girls being expected to be polite, subservient and silent at all times, speaking only to answer a Master’s questions or when permission to speak was granted.
A boat was waiting at the quayside for them; it was narrow and had stabilising outriggers on either side. It was fitted with four oars, two to each side, Angel, Bambi, Linda and the African girl, her name was Sable, were placed at the oars. The Master sat at the tiller and Suck-Suck, the Oriental girl, knelt between his knees, took his penis and sucked it into her mouth. Angel had been placed in front of the Master, looking at him over Suck-Suck’s bent back. He watched her body moving, breasts swaying as she rowed.
They rowed almost without stop for three days and were soon out of sight of land. From time to time the Oriental cooked food for the Master and carried food and water to the rowers, but her main task was to keep the Master sexually satisfied, a task she worked at with a will.
The Master was a competent navigator and they eventually landed on the beach of a large tropical island. The girls hauled the boat high up the beach and were taken to a palm tree with a chain fastened around the base. All except Angel were manacled to the encircling chain by their wrists, on their backs, where their bodies were freely available for rape. Angel was chained vertically spread-eagled to a whipping frame. Master John approached with a fearsome leather whip, which without hesitation he swung against Angel’s sensitive flesh. Angel screamed with pain until the pleasure cut in, then she screamed with joy until the beating ceased; she had long ago learned the connection between pleasure and pain and although the whipping was painful, as always, Angel was driven to a loud and joyful orgasm. The Master quickly used her, then thrust the phallic handle of the whip violently into her rectum, driving her into a further climax. He walked away and her sweat evaporated into the cool evening air, chilling her, before she slipped into a deep, exhausted sleep.
A hard hand slapping her face woke her in the morning.
“Come on, slave, time to start work,” ordered Master John, fastening a wide leather belt around her narrow waist. It was heavy, lead weights were attached around the circumference of the belt; a padlock secured the belt after he had drawn the leather thongs tight, to cinch her midriff to a narrow 21 inch waist.
“This will aid you when you dive,” he said. “You are here to find pearls, which are prized by rich Mistresses.”

Author Information

This author's series of Angel books was inspired by the famous Gor books.


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