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Just A Game (Argus)

Just A Game by Argus

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Hannah thought it was just kinky fun when Kendall tied her up, but the excitement and heat was overwhelming as Kendall became her 'mistress'! Over the following days Kendall's game grew more outrageous, and the heat became scalding! Pretending to be her sex slave wasn't hard, but Hannah was shocked about how exciting it was to let Kendall degrade and use her!

Then the game became even more shocking as Kendall's mother began to assist in the training, then her friend Nia, then Amanda... The game grew darker and more thrilling, and Hannah began to wonder if all these women knew it even was just a game. Then she began to forgot herself!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2019

No. words: 35200

Style: Fem Dom - F/F, Bondage/BDSM Groupsex

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

I guess it all started when I was wrestling with Kendall. Wrestling is not something I do very much of, and I don't do it very well. I'm not a very aggressive person, to be honest. I'm not a person who tries to push others around. I think I'm more the kind of person who gets pushed around.
I had gravitated towards Kendall in school for a variety of reasons, most of them sexual, admittedly. I mean, she's beautiful, with gorgeous green eyes, and yet she had this sort of mannish way about her. I mean, she was firm, decisive, and assertive. These are all qualities I admire very much in men, and wished I had more of myself.
I hadn't really seen a lot of those characteristics in girls before. Most of them who were assertive could better be described as rude and pushy, as bitches, really, and mean ones. Kendall wasn't rude and she wasn't mean. She didn't tease or taunt people or insult or bully them.
But she just did make it clear to everyone what she wanted, and why. She stated her case and took her positions, and fought for them, and was quite relentless. I admired that. Needless to say, when we were assigned to do a project together, she got her way. But that was okay. She didn't shirk the work, and she helped me with a lot of stuff.
I think it was because of her mannish nature that I was first attracted to her sexually. You see, I was very bi-curious, but wasn't quite sure how to go about making that clear to people who might be insulted if I expressed an interest. Mind you, I wasn't very good at seducing boys either! It's not that I was shy exactly, just... self-conscious about a lot of things.
I met her in a basic computer class in my first year at college. It was a local three year college. I was taking a two year diploma program to be an administrative assistant. Kendall, on the other hand, was taking a three year program in Computer Aided Design. They had little in common except for a couple of low level computer courses.
Anyway, I was attracted to her, interested in her, but really didn't know how to let her know that safely. Fortunately for me, she decided she was interested in me too, and had no problem at all in seducing me!
We went south for spring break, which meant we shared a motel room. And that was where I found myself, for the first time, finding out what it felt like to have a girl's naked body pressed against my own, and a girl's lips on mine!
It was exciting!
It was way different from being with a boy! I mean, there wasn't any issue about her being 'hard', for one thing. I didn't have to worry about her feelings in the way I did with a guy. And the whole thing was more like 'fun' sex than anything else I'd ever had.
We partied every day and had sex every night, and it was loads of fun!
Then we returned to school and saw each other a lot less. We only had one course together, and our timetables didn't mesh very well at all. Her program had a lots of homework and lots of computer lab work, too, so we didn't get together much. When we did, then we had sex, and it was still great!
Don't get me wrong. It wasn't like sex with Kendall had turned me gay. I still got hot with guys, and was still very interested in the whole 'marry-and-settle-down' thing with a guy. Eventually. Once I met one that I really loved.
But I was wary around guys in a way I didn't have to be around Kendall. I trusted her, after all, and that wasn't the case with some guy I barely knew who wanted to date me. I mean, you have to worry a lot about going out with a guy. It's not just will they turn out to be a jerk, or will they grope you and all, but will they even be any good if you do decided to eventually sleep with them.
Things were more relaxed with Kendall. Granted, that was partly because I let her do pretty much whatever she wanted. She chose what TV shows to watch, or what movies to go to, or what restaurants or whatever. I didn't mind. I am a very accommodating person.
After school ended for the summer she had more time, and we started to see more of each other, mostly not dates so much as friends with benefits. She had a nice house with a big yard and a pool. While I lived with my parents in a big condo building. So naturally, it was easier to hang out at her place.
Her mother was a lot like Kendall. She looked like an older version of her, with the same brown hair, the same green eyes (though hers were more severe and intimidating) and much the same lithe, athletic build. Her mom wasn't all that old, either, because she'd apparently had Kendall when she was still a teenager herself.
Her mom was... a bit scary. I mean, she was okay, but I was almost instinctively very, very polite and respectful towards her. There was just something about her... It wasn't like she even raised her voice or ever glared or scowled or anything. But when she said to do something, calmly and politely, Kendall did it, and so did I. She just had that sort of air of authority.
Anyway, I was staying over one night. I was only wearing my pink nightie – which is basically just a long t-shirt. Mrs. Moore wasn't married so it wasn't like me or Kendall wore much when we were near bedtime. I mean, it was a sleepover, right?
Anyway, I was on my phone in the kitchen, having gone downstairs for a drink. I was alone, and was answering someone on Facebook. I was bent over the counter, and I guess my butt was kind of stuck out some when her mom came in from the front room, and without so much as an 'excuse me' slapped my butt enough to make me yelp and jump!
“Move that butt, Blondie,” she said as she walked past.
“Uhm, sorry, Mrs. Moore!” I gulped.
I got my drink and went back down the hall (Kendall lived in a big bungalow) to Kendall's room.
“Your mom slapped my butt!” I complained a bit indignantly.
Kendall, naturally, laughed.
“Well, you know how my mom says if you're going to do something, then do it right.”
I put my drink down and then sat down on the bed next to her, where she was on her laptop.
“What were you doing?” she asked.
“Nothing. Just on Facebook. I was kind of bent over and I guess my butt was in her way.”
“Or maybe she just thought that was a real nice butt and it deserved to be smacked,” Kendall said with a grin. “I mean, you do have an excellent butt.”
“No smacking my butt,” I said, scowling.
She snorted in amusement.
“I could smack your butt all I wanted to, baby. You ma beeatch.”
“I am not your beeatch!”
“Are too!”
“Maybe I'll smack your butt!”
Which was how we got to wrestling – playfully wrestling – and how, naturally, I wound up on my belly with my butt in the air, bent across her legs while she smacked my butt!
“Ow! Kendall!”
“Admit you're my bitch.”
“No way!”
She snorted in amusement. She was kneeling, sitting on her heels, and I was kind of laying across her thighs. She yanked up the short hem of my nightie to bare my buttocks – clad in a thong, and then smacked my butt again.
“Ow! Quit it!”
“Admit you're my bitch.”
“You wish!”
She tugged my thong down, which was really sort of pointless except that it kind of made me feel a hot little thrill of excitement. Then she smacked my butt again.
“Bad girl,” she said.
Crack! Crack!
“Ow! That hurt!”
She ran her hand over my bare bottom, kneading and squeezing it, then smacked it again.
“Admit you're my bitch.”
Her hand pushed between my thighs, and her very talented fingers began to rub me in just the way she knew I loved.
I gulped and felt another rush of heat, this one more physical.
“Spread your legs, slut,” she ordered.
I moaned, felt another little thrill at her saying that, and obeyed. I mean, I knew she didn't actually think I was a slut. She was just playing around. So it was exciting, especially the way her fingers stroked my clitoris.
I didn't resist when she pulled my nightie up higher and higher, up under my arms. and ran her hands up and down my body.
I gasped and made a show of trying to roll off her but she quickly pinned me and then smacked my butt again.
“Naughty little bitch,” she said, fingering my pussy again.
“L-Let me go!” I gasped a bit breathlessly.
She pulled my nightie right up and off, then she stretched out to the foot of the bed, where her robe was draped across the post and pulled it up. I didn't see what she was doing with it, but a moment later she smacked my butt again, then pulled my wrists back behind me and crossed them.
“What are you doing!?” I gasped, feeling another rush of heat and excitement.
I felt something... fabric, soft... going around my wrists, and then it tightened!
“Kendall! You perve!” I gasped, trying to twist around.
She pinned me and then wrapped more of what turned out to be the belt from her robe around my wrists to firmly bind them together.
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
“Oh! Ow! Hey! Ow! Kendall! Stop! Quit it!”
She was, like, spanking me! And it stung!
“Say you're my bitch,” she said.
“I... okay!”
“Say it.”
“I'm your bitch!” I moaned.
“Spread your legs, bitch.”
I did so gladly, and gasped as her fingers rubbed my clitoris.
“Say you're Kendall's bitch,” she said.
I gasped as her finger slid into me.
“I-I'm Kendall's bitch!” I gasped.
“Say you're Kendall's big titted blonde bitch.”
I moaned as a second finger slid deep into my already moist pussy and started to pump in and out.
“Say it.”
“I'm not big titted, you're just flat chested!” I exclaimed.
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
“Ow! Oh! Ahg! Kendall! Ow!”
“You're a thirty-six-C. That's big on a shrimp like you.”
“I'm not a shrimp you're just a giant!”
She was five feet eleven. I'm five four.
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
I was wriggling and twisting as I lay across her lap, gasping in pain, my bottom getting hotter and hotter. But I was also becoming more and more aroused! And it wasn't just because she was casually fingering my pussy either. Having my wrists tied together behind my back was... freaky! It was this sudden... I dunno, kinky part of what she was doing that was making my chest so tight I had to gulp in air!
“Speak more respectfully towards your mistress, slut,” she growled.
“Ha! As if!”
Crack! Crack! Crack!
“Ow! Not so hard!”
“Slave girls don't give orders to their mistresses,” she said.
I felt a dark rush of excitement!
“I'm not your slave girl!”
Crack! Crack!
“You're my sex slave! My lesbian sex slave,” she taunted me.
“In your dreams.”
Crack! Crack! Crack!
“Ow! Don't! That hurts, bitch!!”
Crack! Crack!
“You disrespecting your mistress, slut?”
My butt was really starting to burn! But the heat inside me was burning even hotter!
She slid her fingers into me again, then added a third finger! I gasped as her fingers stretched me, twisting and turning inside me.
“Say you're Kendall's bit-titted blonde sex slave,” she demanded.
“Oh! I-I'm... I'm Kendall's... Kendall's big-titted blonde sex slave!” I gasped.
I shuddered and cried out as I felt her fingers spreading, then realized she was working a fourth finger into my tight little pussy.
“Oh! Wait! Kendall! That hurts!” I moaned.
“You're a blonde,” she said.
“Blondes are sluts. Everyone knows that.”
“Blondes love big, giant cocks inside them. The bigger the better.”
I shuddered as her four fingers slowly slid into my pussy. Then I felt something pressing against my back opening too! My eyes opened wide. So did my mouth! See, up to that point in time Kendall and I had had mostly fairly ordinary sex. I mean, there had been some penetration with her fingers, but mostly her tongue was so damn good she didn't need to do much else.
She had never pushed more than two fingers into me at once, and never gotten rough. She had never pushed anything into my butt, either! I mean, why would she!?
“What are you dooooing!?” I gasped.
“Teaching you that blonde sex slaves are owned by their mistresses,” she said. “And that means I own your slave body.”
I felt a dark thrill ripple through me. This was so sick and kinky and wild and hot!
“As your mistress, I own your tight little pussy,” she said.
“I own your pretty butt.”
“And I can shove whatever I want up your tight little ass.”
I gasped as what had to be her thumb slid into my ass!
Her hand slid up my side and pushed under my ribs to squeeze my breast.
“Who owns this beautiful breast, slave girl?” she demanded.
I moaned helplessly, starting to feel a strange, twisted sense of heat at her perverted role playing game.
“Y-You do!”
She released my breast then slapped my butt sharply, stingingly!
She squeezed my breast again.
“Who owns this breast, slave girl?” she demanded.
“You do!”
“When your mistress asks you a question, sex slave, you should say yes mistress.”
God, this was so wicked!
“Yes, Mistress!” I moaned.
Her thumb was kind of pumping in and out of my ass, alternating with her fingers in my pussy, which were doing the same!
She abruptly rolled me off her, and I gasped as I found myself on my back – well, on my bound arms. actually, looking up at her.
She peeled her own nightie up and off. She was naked underneath, and quickly straddled my upper chest, leaning forward, sliding her pussy down against my mouth.
“Lick your mistress, slave girl,” she growled.
So of course, that was what I did. And I was pretty excited as I did it, too. It was kind of weird, though, given my arms were tied beneath me. I'd never performed oral sex on her before without my hands being out in front of me, usually caressing her body, rubbing her thighs, sometimes fingering her pussy or sliding into her.
Doing it like this really brought home how completely helpless I was! All I could do was lick her pussy as she gripped my hair and ground herself against my face!
She taunted me as I did, calling me her slave girl and bitch, tugging lightly on my hair to make me gasp and squeal. It was hot, though, hot and thrilling! I licked eagerly at her pussy as she rubbed herself against me, and then felt the usual flush of pleasure when she climaxed.
She got off me, then made me roll over.
“Put your butt in the air, slave.”
I moaned but obeyed, especially since she slapped my butt sharply!
“Spread your legs, slut!”
I gasped and obeyed.
“Raise that ass higher, slut.”
“Ow! Don't!”
I raised my hips as high as I could, really bending my back sharply since my chest was flat against the bed! But feeling her fingers rubbing against me was more than worth it!
“This looks like the perfect position for a man to come and fuck you,” she said, her fingers pushing into me. “A big man with a low IQ and wide shoulders and a giant cock!”
“And you'll raise your ass and spread your legs and beg him to fuck you.”
“Beg him to fuck you,” she said, a second finger pushing deep into my quivering pussy and pumping in and out.
“P-Please fuck me!” I moaned.
“Say master. Please fuck me with your big cock Master!”
I moaned as she moved around behind me.
“Please fuck me with your big cock, Master!” I moaned.
“Nasty little blonde slut!” she exclaimed. “Imagine pushing your pussy in the air like this and begging a man to fuck you!”
I felt something pressing against the mouth of my sex. It was hard and thick, and definitely not her fingers. I couldn't really see what was going on back there, though. I wasn't sure what it was! I could feel the pressure mounting against my sex, and feel the ache growing. It was a dull ache, at first, but as whatever it was began to force the lips of my sex apart the ache got sharper.
“Oh! Kendall!” I gasped.
“That's mistress to you, slave.”
“It... it's too big!” I moaned.
“I told you. Blondes can take any size of cock.”
I felt it starting to slide into me, then. I quickly figured it must be some kind of dildo. Despite the ache to the mouth of my sex a fiery sense of outraged excitement filled my mind and quickly flooded down into my body!
The dildo was thicker than anything I'd put into myself before! I felt it pushing higher and higher into my abdomen, stretching out the elastic walls of my sex so that I ached inside. But the dark, carnal hunger was building into something like I had never really felt before! I was almost physically trembling from the building sexual pressure!
“Beg me to fuck you, sex slave.”
“P-Please fu-fuck me, Mistress!” I gasped.
“Beg me to fuck my little blonde whore.”
God! Fuck! This was so fucking hot!
“Please fuck your little blonde whore, Mistress!” I cried.
The dildo began to move in and out, in and out, and I became aware that she was kneeling right behind me, right up close. I mean, she wasn't off to the side where I'd have expected her to be. And then the dildo went especially deep, making me cry out, and I felt her hips pressing against my upraised buttocks!
I felt a monetary confusion. But then I understood. We had talked about using dildos before, and joked about a strap-on dildo. She had gotten one! She was fucking me like a guy would!
I felt this incredible OMG moment as her hands slid down my hips, and then she gripped my hair and jerked it back as she ground her hips into my upraised buttocks!
“I'm gonna fuck your blonde brains out, sex slave,” she taunted.
I was in such a... graphic and obscene and degrading pose before her, and completely helpless with my wrists tied behind me, and now she was fucking me like a man would! It was too much, too hot, too incredible. I came with just about the most powerful orgasm of my life as she pumped the dildo in and out!
I felt as if I were gripped by a feverish heat, intoxicated on the thrilling carnal game she had just introduced into our sex lives! The dildo felt fucking incredible as it thrust into me, especially with the punctuation mark of her hips slapping against my buttocks every stroke! It was like I was being fucked by a guy!
She yanked on my hair and slapped my butt, really playing to the idea I was her sex slave!
It was just all so wickedly hot that my climax seemed to surge to a whole different, higher level of intensity! I cried out again and again, not even thinking about anything, my mind swamped by the power and depth of the orgasm tearing through my body!

Author Information

Argus is a man with long experience and credits in the publishing world. He has had almost two hundred novels published in the United Kingdom and The United States, by such publishers as Beeline, Star, Nexus, Chimera, Silver Moon, and Olympia. He has also been published in dozens of magazines.


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