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Tamed Tethered & Trained: Part One (Amelia Stark)

Tamed Tethered & Trained: Part One by Amelia Stark

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The Toyushi Academy is a halfway house for 18 to 21-year-old offenders who, because of their bad behaviour, are not ready to enter society. Etsuko is having a torrid time at the academy and is desperate to escape from the draconian regime. Soon, the pressure to keep her head down becomes unbearable. The desperate youngster is caught trying to get her hands on a cell-phone and pays a far higher price than she would have thought possible.

The academy, having tried every punishment known to mankind, decide to trial a new treatment which involves putting the offender into a Puppy-girl suit. Having pushed the academy’s patience to it’s limits, they decide Etsuko will be the first recipient of the extreme form of punishment.

Will she benefit from this appalling form of exhibitionism? Or, will the predatory male teachers have a field day?

The academy for their part, believe that making an example of the youngster will improve the behaviour of the rest of the girls. Are they right or have they got it completely wrong? This Puppy-girl story includes descriptions of explicit sex and harsh punishments so is only suitable for mature adults over 18.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Amelia Stark's Erotica     Published: 3 / 2019

No. words: 30731

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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1. Etsuko – The chastity plug.

No matter which way she twisted, Etsuko couldn’t find a comfortable position. It wasn’t the cushioned chair causing the problem, it was the cunning chastity device the academy’s discipline panel had sentenced her to wear. The slim, smooth phallus in her quim wasn’t the issue, it was the flat strip of titanium pressing against her clitoral ridge that was so uncomfortable.
She couldn’t even make a fuss, or complain to anyone, for she was also wearing a punishment collar. The hated device restricted her speech to a couple of acceptable phrases, like ‘Yes, Ma’am’ and ‘No, Sir’.
It had been a bad week. On Monday, she finally got her hands on a cell-phone, minus a sim card. The next morning during a surprise search of the dorm, the phone was discovered among her possessions. The disciplinary panel promptly sentenced her to a week wearing the collar.
Then, still reeling from the loss of the phone, she swam the canal and broke into the boy’s dorm. An older girl she trusted told her that a phone was on offer for sex and she took the bait.
It was a set-up. She was caught with her panties around her ankles, showing her pussy to the lad, when they were disturbed. The consequences were a day in solitary confinement, continued collaring and a spell of wearing the invasive chastity plug.
Etsuko looked over her shoulder and caught Himara’s eye, then noticed Yuzuki watching her like a hawk from the back of the room. The heavyweight girl was another reason why she wanted out, for she was gaining in popularity, while Etsuko’s influence was waning.
Getting caught so often shattered her standing among her small group of friends. Another part of the punishment for crossing the canal, and breaking into the boy’s dormitory, was that all 6 girls in her dorm lost their privileges.
Most of her friends turned against her and she was expecting trouble as soon as the girls had a chance to mobilize into a mob. She anxiously wondered what kind of reception she was going to get later, when she returned to the dorm.
Etsuko was eighteen, soon to be nineteen, and could look after herself, but when the odds were four against one, she didn’t stand a chance. She couldn’t even give her enemies a verbal lashing, due to the collar, which put her at a huge disadvantage. The Vice Principal didn’t realize it, but he had made her a target for the bullies, like Yuzuki and her gang.
It was only ten minutes before the bell would mark the end of the class. She finished the math paper with half an hour to go and had been doodling ever since. She was streets ahead of the rest of her year, so spent most of her time daydreaming during lessons, mulling over her incarceration at the academy.
The ‘Toyushi Academy for Girls’, was midway between a youth detention centre and an adult prison. It housed girls and boys between the ages of 18 and 21. The grounds were ringed by twin 10-foot-high chain link fences and to Etsuko’s mind were no different from those she had seen at concentration camps. The exterior guards patrolling within the twin fences were male, while the interior warders in the girls section of the academy were female.
The academy was split into two separate buildings, to keep the boys and girls apart. The authorities were helped by a broad canal that ran through the grounds and could only be crossed in two places.
Etsuko and the other 59 girls in Alpha year had spent varying amounts of time in remand centres and then moved to the Academy when they were 18. Toyushi was designed to prepare the kids for a life in the outside world, but it was a tough institution and almost as draconian as the remand centres and prisons.
The lessons had been remarkably quiet and the girls well-behaved, since the crackdown. Collars were used regularly to aid with discipline, but her indefinite sentence was a first. The message was simple. Step out of line and they would respond by fitting more collars. Thankfully, they didn’t mention the vaginal plug in assembly, so none of the other girls knew about her lower discomfort.
The second hand on the clock was approaching the top, so she dropped her pen and calculator in her bag and waited for the bell. The classroom came alive when the silence was broken by the old-fashioned ringing bell. No one moved though, for they were waiting for Mr. Matsue to either collect the test paper or task one of the girls to do it.
The middle-aged teacher swept his greying hair to one side and scanned the room. “Yamada, collect the papers. The rest of you can go.”
There was a burst of activity as the rest of the girls stood and noisily filed out. A girl in the row behind her clipped her head with her bag as she passed. She turned and made a mental note of the girl – Sasaki, one of Yuzuki’s bitches. She rubbed her head and fiddled with her bunches while she waited for the last girl to leave and the door to close.
Only then did she rise and start collecting the papers. Mr. Matsue deliberately chose her because of their previous deal. He had sourced the cell-phone for her but hadn’t supplied the sim card before a search of the dormitory turned it up. It was an expensive handset. Etsuko had performed six sex acts and a further three were due for the sim card.
She put her paper on top and stepped up onto the staging platform so she could hand the pile to Mr. Matsue. It had been four days since the devious teacher had handed the cell-phone over. She bowed formally and waited.
“Place them on the desk, Yamada.” While she was doing that, he opened a drawer and lifted out the remote that controlled the functions on her collar. “I’m switching it off while we chat.”
The moment he pushed a button, she felt a pin prick of pain in the side of her neck.
Her hand involuntarily went to the collar. “Thank you. Sir.”
“You’ve gotten yourself in a fine mess, girl. What were you thinking of, crossing the canal?”
“A couple of the boys were willing to help me get a cell-phone.”
“Help you off with your panties, I hear. Did the boy get his grubby hands on your pussy. Stick his fingers in your…?” He looked down at her skirt.
Because she had performed sexual favours for him, he thought he owned her. “Sir, I only went there because I need a phone.”
“Did you have sex with that boy?”
“I’m still a virgin, Sir, if that’s what you’re worried about. My body hasn’t been soiled by a boy’s cock yet…”
He winced but there was also relief in his expression. Even at 18, Etsuko realized that his obsession with her was based around her being a virgin. He was a complicated man and she didn’t understand the full gamut of his perversions, but she knew enough to wrap him around her little finger.
“Yamada, I’m willing to get you another cell-phone, but you’ll have to promise to keep out of trouble and be more careful with the second one. The last thing I want is your crimes leading back to me.”
She needed to choose her words carefully. Mr. Yamada was the head of the math department and highly respected. She had knowledge of many complaints against him, but the academy shrugged them aside.
Also, the pupil’s parent didn’t care, so long as their problem kids remained locked up. At least, that’s what it felt like on the inside. Etsuko had absolutely no leverage, because there were enough girls in the academy prepared to sate his depraved appetite, without needing to get in her panties.
And yet, Etsuko knew that the man had always had a fixation for her. Sitting in the front row during his lessons, from day one, she was able to study the middle-aged man’s reaction to her placing her feet on the metal bar and parting her thighs. Some of the other girls were doing it, but it was her panties that the bespectacled man homed in on.
Most of the girls were after higher marks, but Etsuko was after a higher prize and she eventually got it. The question was, could she trust him again? If she could, could she continue to manipulate him and finally get her hands on a phone and a sim card?

2. Fujio – More than an obsession.

Fujio Matsue watched Etsuko’s pink tongue flicking around her gorgeous strawberry pink full lips, while she replied to his question. She was a picture of pulchritudinous femininity. Virginally cute, stunning figure, underdeveloped tits, everything he fantasized about during sex. The thought of some snotty kid sticking his dick in the girl horrified him.
“I’m still a virgin, if that’s what you’re worried about. My body hasn’t been soiled by a boy’s cock yet…”
He glanced down her blouse, past her short tartan skirt to her sun-tanned knees, black socks and shoes. She still looked like a virgin to the 45 year old math teacher and that’s all that mattered.
“Yamada, I’m willing to get you another cell-phone, but you’ll have to promise to keep out of trouble and be more careful with the second one. The last thing I want is your crimes leading back to me.”
Another pause and another appearance of her cute tongue. Was she doing it on purpose to drive him crazy? he wondered. Actually, he was crazy. He was contemplating making another deal, by continuing with the plan that worked so well with the first phone.
Memories weren’t enough, he wanted to do it all again. He never had any intention of letting her have a sim card. He needed more time to train her so she would do what he said without arguing all the time. He wasn’t satisfied with her hand, he wanted to feel her lips wrapped round the end of his cock, for as long as he could keep her at the academy.
He had taken many risks during his career but making deals with Etsuko Yamada wasn’t one of them. His standing in the academy insulated him against any accusations being taken seriously. Every teacher, male or female, in the institution, had been accused of one sexual misdemeanour or another, multiple times. Most claims were false, and the accusations came from a hardened band of troublemakers, of which Etsuko was one.
The girl was an enigma. She was probably the brightest girl the academy had ever had. She was certainly the smartest mathematician he had ever taught. However, she was of course, wild and most of the time, out of control.
Her father had told him that she had a future in his company, but not before her behaviour improved and she matured. Fujio judged it would take her another year to learn some self-control. He hoped it would take her several years!
If it did, he’d get a longer period to drool over the teenager; and when the deal with the cell-phones petered out, he’d find another way to reel her in. After chatting with her family, he didn’t think she was leaving for a while. The academy painted a picture of an extremely troubled young woman who was immature and promiscuous.
For the time being though, her desire to contact her family was providing him with a golden opportunity to cash in on her desire to have a cell-phone.
Etsuko paused for almost a minute to consider her answer. “Sir, I’m worried that the same person who snitched on me might do it again.”
Clever girl! “You’ll have to be more careful this time, Yamada.”
“Oh, I will, Sir, but I think we need to renegotiate our deal.”
“Yamada, you’ve only got two holes and because of your stupidity, one of those is now out of bounds.”

Author Information

~~ Amelia’s new Paperback site ~ https://www.amazon.com/author/astark
~~ Follow Amelia on facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/amelia.stark.98
~~ Keep up to date on her website ~ https://www.ameliastarkserotica.co.uk
~~ Follow Amelia on Twitter ~ AmeliaStark_18
~~ Email Amelia at ~ Amelia.stark@mail.com
Amelia was born in Hertfordshire, England, and now lives in a beautiful country setting in the midlands. Working from a small cosy office and with only the occasional company of her pet cat, Amelia weaves her stories, morning, noon and night. She entered the literary world on a notion that she could write more interesting stories than she was reading; and thinks she has succeeded in her goal. An avid reader of BDSM, erotica, horror, science fiction and detective novels, Amelia is determined to bring some or all of these subjects into her own work and hopefully thrill her readers.
All of her work belongs in the BDSM category, but she has written in a wide variety of niches such as Urban, Interracial, Pony-girl, Puppy-girl, thriller and adventure. Her most popular books to date are the Hijack series (3 books), the Frisky series (3 books), the Husni series (9 books) and the Caged & Transported series (8 books/4 compendiums); but there are many more in the library to choose from. 45+
There’s a new paperback site that will grow quickly during the back end of 2016 and on into 2017 - https://www.amazon.com/author/astark


Publisher Information

Amelia Stark's Erotica is a Publisher of BDSM and Erotica stories. All the work is written by Amelia stark, although her work is split between 4 pseudonyms. Her own, Tor Melati, Laura Sinn and Tabatha Wild.

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