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The Sizzling Wife (Shooter3704)

The Sizzling Wife by Shooter3704

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This is the story of a young married couple, Josh and Kim Callie. Josh learns that Kim has a steamy past and he is okay with it. After Josh is promoted and becomes head of an erotic publishing company, things really heat up for Josh and Kim.

When Josh finds out that Kim made interracial videos to earn enough money to finish college he convinces her to get back into the business and she readily agrees.

This yarn has group sex, one on one sex, a bit of girl on girl sex, and of course interracial sex.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2019

No. words: 21100

Style: Interracial Erotica, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

I don’t recall actually thinking about it. Maybe on some level I had, but not something I was aware of. It never occurred to me that Kim, my wife, had considered it let alone done it. If she had, it wasn’t mentioned to me. I’ll get back to my quandary in a moment, but first some background
Kim and I have been married for just a bit over five years. My name is Joshua Callie, but almost everyone calls me Josh. I met her while we both were attending the state university. We dated on and off for two years before we became serious and settled down into a committed relationship. We were married two weeks after we graduated. If you are working on the math, I’ll tell you we both are twenty-eight years of age.
Kim and I both work and frankly, we are raking in the money. We live a conservative life-style and we’ve managed to save a lot of our income. When I say conservative, I don’t mean we don’t enjoy our lives because we do. We manage to take at least two weeks of vacation together and travel.
We bought a nice house in a nice area of the suburbs. Our house is not as grand as we could have, but without children it seemed foolish to both of us to buy a huge home. We’re without children because Kim can’t conceive. That fact was a big disappointment to us, but we managed to cope with it.
At twenty-eight, Kim is more beautiful than ever. She works hard to stay in good shape by working out at least once a week. Kim thinks her breasts are too small, but I love her beautiful petit boobies. I love sucking on her puffy nipples and they are very sensitive. She often experiences an orgasm just from me playing with her tits.
They say good things come in small packages and Kim is a small package, just five feet tall, but she is loaded with a lot of delicious curves. She is a natural blonde and keeps her hair cut short. Not mannish, because there is nothing about Kim that is masculine. She is all woman.
If there is anything about sex that Kim doesn’t like I have not discovered what it could be. She loves oral sex, both giving and receiving. She can actually get off just sucking my cock. Kim loves anal sex and often initiates it. I discovered that fact long before we got married. In fact, if memory serves, it was on our third intimate date.
We had been to a movie and dinner and came back to my small apartment I. I rented an apartment because I didn’t like living in the crowded and boisterous dormitory. To me it was like trying to study at ground-zero. I was living in a garage apartment within walking distance of the college campus.
The movie we saw was a steamy French import. It had been billed as an art film, but it was mostly a sex film and it had both of us hot and ready for some fucking so we wasted no time. Our coupling was fast and furious and I had barely enough time to get a condom on.
After the first hot session and a brief rest stop, Kim was ready to go again. It surprised me delightfully that she got on her knees and spread her butt cheeks.
“Do my butt, Josh,” she said. “Fuck my ass, please.” I used some of the cum that dribbled out of her pussy for lube and shoved my cock in her ass. She came almost as soon as I had it in her. She came twice more before I dumped a load up her ass. While I’m not a huge fan of ass-fucking, anal sex became a part of our sexual activity from then on because Kim likes it.


Now back to the thing that troubled me. One day I was looking in Kim’s dresser for something and found a magazine. It was a sex magazine called Chockalott Delights and featured black men with white women. I was shocked speechless and quickly put it back where I found it.
One of our quirks, I suppose you could call it, was the fact that neither of us talked much about the men and women we had known before we became a couple. I don’t know why we didn’t, we just didn’t.
It was obvious to me that Kim wasn’t an innocent virgin when we got together and I wasn’t either. We both had been around the block a few times. To me it was like there was no time before there was “us” so there was no need to discuss anything that happened before.
For two days and nights I wrestled with the problem of the magazine. I would determine that I would ask Kim about it then I would decide not to mention it. I vacillated back and forth until I got pissed at myself and just came out with it.
“Kim, honey, I have something to ask you…tell you actually,” I said. We were getting ready for bed. I in my usual boxers and Kim in her over-sized tee shirt. She asked me what. “I saw that magazine in your dresser drawer and I…ah…wondered about it.”
“What magazine, Josh?” she asked turning around to face me. I told her it was Chockalott Delights. She looked puzzled for a moment then laughed. “Oh, that old thing. I found it in an old box of stuff the other day. Some of that crap from the garage you promised to throw away and haven’t.”
“Hey, you can’t blame that on me,” I said. “I never saw that magazine before.”
“No, that was in some of my things,” she said calmly. “It was mine from long ago and far away. I’m not sure why I kept it. Did you look at it?”
“No, not really. Just enough to see what it was. Why did you have it?”
“Maybe you should look at it,” she replied opening the drawer, removing the magazine, and tossing it to me. I was lying on the bed and noticed she had a peculiar look on her face.
I opened the magazine and thumbed through the first few pages. Kim went into the bathroom and closed the door. It was mostly a pictorial essay showing black men fucking white women. I was near the center of the book when I saw it. My mouth suddenly went dry and my heart gave a lurch. There in glorious color was my wife being soundly fucked by a big black man.
There were a dozen photographs of the fucking and it was clear to me that Kim was enjoying herself a lot. I stared at the pictures for a long time and started all over again. Along with the fact that she was having a good time it dawned on me that Kim was younger, but hadn’t changed all that much.
The bathroom door opened and Kim emerged. She watched me for a few moments then hesitantly approached the bed.
“When did you do that?’ I asked her.
“My second year of college,” she answered. She was standing beside the bed as if she were waiting for me to invite her to get on the bed. “I ran short on money and it paid pretty well. It was before I met you, Josh.”
“How much did something like this pay?’ I asked.
“Two thousand dollars for the whole shoot,” she answered. “How pissed are you?”
“I’m not pissed at all,” I answered her. “It was before me and you, Kim. Anything that happened before that doesn’t matter. Why are you standing there? Get in bed and suck my cock while I look at your photos again.”
She was on my cock in an instant. I was as hard as a rock and it didn’t take long before I shot-off in her hot mouth. As she always did, she swallowed my cum. Kim didn’t give me a chance to recover. She swung her leg over me and mounted my cock. She rode me like a horse until we both climaxed.
I’m usually good for two cums a night, but seeing the pictures of her being slammed by a big black cock had me in rare form. After a few minutes recharge time, I was up and ready to go again.
“That got your motor running didn’t it?’ Kim said after we settled into out cuddling position. “I don’t think I’ve seen you so randy.”
“Yeah, who was the black stud?”
“I think his name is Yates. Maybe Chuck Yates, but I’m not sure after all this time.”
“Just the one time?’ I inquired sleepily.
“With him, yes,” she answered with a yawn. Soon we were fast asleep.

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