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Solomon King's Pleasure Business (Erik D. Astor)

Solomon King

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    • Average 4.7 from 3 ratings

Solomon King pimps a select string of white wives escorting wealthy clients with their husband’s approval, with everyone getting all the sex anyone could want.

Then customer demand exceeds supply, a rival demands he sell his string, and a cartel demands part of the action.

New women are seduced and lured into being his whores to supply his market, but his pleasure business has become more business than pleasure.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 9 / 2018

No. words: 58735

Style: Interracial Erotica, MILF Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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It was the sixth night of the new trial housing arrangement for Kenneth and Aubrey. After learning Monroe's apartment building was to be torn down, Aubrey had pushed Kenneth who reluctantly agreed to help Monroe by extending an invitation to share both his home and his wife for a time.
Monroe had moved into the bedroom downstairs, paying rent, and supposedly on a trial basis while he looked for something else—but in the first week Kenneth had seen no effort on Monroe's part to find another place.
Why should he? Before he lost his apartment, Monroe was already spending one or two nights a week at their house with Aubrey. Sometimes at Monroe’s apartment if once a week, or in Kenneth and Aubrey’s guest room if they chose for two times in a week. Sexually, Monroe moving in was not a dramatic change at first glance, but as they all knew, spending seven days a week with two men sharing one female in the same house would take some adjustments.
One adjustment made they learned that the night before, when Aubrey decided after their first attempt at spit-roasting her, taking one orally and the other vaginally, that she did not like it, she said she could not give each man the attention that she wanted to give to individually, despite the overload of sensation of two cocks in her body at the same time.
Tonight was a different kind of trial. Again, it started with drinks in the hot tub, everyone nude, Aubrey seated between them, kissing each one in turn, one breast covered with a black hand, the other with a white, and as they fondled her breasts in her hands was their two hard cocks. It was clear she was calling the shots. “This is nice,” she said. “Don't you think.”
In Aubrey's mind she had the best of both worlds, the warmth and security of a home, a hard-working husband that loved her far beyond their sexual compatibility, and only two flights below a black man who lit fires inside her body and fucked her on a level she had only read about in books. Solomon was huge and a good lover, as was Dante, and a few of her johns had been good, but there was something different about Monroe. He gave her orgasms that left her too weak to walk. In some ways he touched her soul.
It was only small talk between the trio in the tub, talking about the day evolving into sexier talk about the night before, with Aubrey explaining how she wanted to pay more attention to each individually.
“I will fuck you both tonight, but not at the same time,” Aubrey said. “I want to give each of you all my attention when you are inside me.”
Monroe and Kenneth discussed who would fuck Aubrey first. “Flip a coin?” Kenneth suggested.
I'll settle this, you first,” Aubrey smiled at Monroe. She stepped out of the hot tub, rubbing her nude body down with the large beach towel as both men gave her rapt attention. She laid the towel down, cupping her breasts capped with the hoop rings through her nipples and lifted them. “All this is for you, boys.”
As Monroe left the pool alongside her she turned to her husband. “I'll be up in a few minutes. I need to get something straight between Monroe and myself,” she said with a half giggle. Kenneth watched them enter the house through the sliding glass doors, both holding their towels in their hands, nude, the tanned flesh of his wife a light brown and contrasting with the damp gleaming ebony skin of the man with his arm around her waist. They turned downstairs.
Kenneth sat in the darkness, finishing his drink, then he too dried himself off and went inside, pausing at the head of the stairs going down to Monroe's bedroom to listen to his wife in the midst of a loud orgasm, screaming without restraint, “Fuck me! Give me that big black dick! Fuck this black cock slut!”
Aubrey gave a loud moan that faded into a sigh and Kenneth continued up the stairs, out of hearing. He lay down on the bed, his mind jumbled with the life in which he now found himself. Kenneth fought the urge to ease down the stairs to watch them fucking. His cock was rock hard and stayed that way.
Fifteen minutes passed before he heard his wife on the stairs, a meek smile on her face as she came in, naked, not even a robe, her hair damp from sweat, pushed back with her fingers, no makeup, and panting more than she would have from the dash up the stairs. She was still breathing heavy from the excitement of fucking two men tonight that she cared about, minutes apart.
Without speaking she came to the bed and started sucking Kenneth's cock, taking his hand and guiding it to her breast. The suction of her mouth on his cock held him in place with her tongue dancing on the underside of his cock. Kenneth ran his hand through her hair, watching, their eyes locking as she looked up with her mouth full of his cock.
Something passed between their eyes. Her eyes spoke to him, showing him how comfortable and happy she was in this situation. Her black lover was downstairs, her husband was upstairs, and proving that her wifely duties and sexual attention would not go wanting for either, even thought she had twice the cock available to her in her own home. Kenneth could feel it and the silent communication passed between them, as if reading his wife’s mind. It hastened his orgasm.
“I can't hold out a lot longer with you sucking me like that,” he said.
Aubrey pulled off his cock, and moved higher, kissing him, breaking the kiss as she moved over him. “Good, I want your cock inside me.”
Kenneth moved to touch her pussy but she moved his hand away. “That's OK, my pussy is slick enough,” she giggled. “I want your cum inside me,” she said. “I want cum from two men inside me now, and I'm half way there.”
“Did he fuck you good?”
“Shush, I'm yours now, enjoy.”
Aubrey lowered herself on his rock-hard cock without using her hands, a drop of cum already dripping from inside her to his cock before she found the right position for him to insert and their bodies joined.
Kenneth reached for her breasts, squeezing them, flipping the nipple rings up and down with his thumbs, and the light tugging to her sensitive nipples caused her to close her eyes and give a soft “ugh” every time he did.
Kenneth couldn't get what she had said out of his mind, when she had said, “I’m yours now.” When she was fucking Monroe was she not Kenneth’s wife?
“So when you fuck him you are his?” Kenneth asked.
“Always, always his,” Aubrey said. “Until he cums inside me. Then I'm back to being yours. It's only for a little while I am his, you get me the rest of the time. Now fuck me white man, I want the swirl of his black cum and your white cum inside me tonight. I want both my men's cum.”
There was too much stimulation for it to be slow lovemaking. It was a hard, slamming fuck, pumping her as fast as he could, a rabbit fuck was what Aubrey called it after she had started whoring for Solomon.
Aubrey looked down at him, softly cooing dirty talk. “Yeah, cum in me, put your cum deep inside this pussy that had a big black cock inside it minutes ago, fuck me good. You feel his hot cum inside my slutty pussy?”
Kenneth didn't answer. She continued her lilt. “And you know what I'm going to do as soon as you cum inside me? I'm going back downstairs and fuck Monroe again, I am getting another load of his seed tonight. Isn't that slutty. Fuck your slut wife. Cum inside me so I can finish here and get fucked again by someone else.” Kenneth came so hard that he lifted her body off the bed, his eyes rolling back in his head and series of moans as his body released his sperm deep within his wife. He held her against his body, still impaled on his cock, feeling a half-dozen jerks of his cock in the afterglow before collapsing.
Aubrey leaned over as he gasped for breath, kissed him again, her bare breasts pressed against his chest, and scooted over to the edge of the bed, daubing at the cum pouring from her with the towel Kenneth had brought in from the hot tub. She waited for a second, standing beside the bed looking at him, still with that half-smile on her face. “You are going back down there?” Kenneth asked. Aubrey didn't answer.
“I may be back, and I may not.” she said, “Don't wait up. I'm not sleepy yet.” She gave him a smile that told him she was going to do exactly what she had described during their lovemaking. She was going back downstairs to be Monroe’s woman.
Aubrey dropped the towel, turned away and walked out the door. Kenneth watched her twisting bare ass as she stepped to the door, a lightness and rush in her steps that told him she wanted back downstairs quick. He heard the creak of the boards as she went down the stairs, and the different creaks as she stepped down the downstairs staircase.
Minutes later he heard a couple of screams despite the distance of a floor. They must have left the door open, he thought, wondering if it had been intentional. He knew those screams well—it was Aubrey in the middle of a hard orgasm. His cock got hard, imagining her body yielding to the black man downstairs, fucking “his woman,” as Aubrey had described him.
Kenneth’s erection eased as the silence returned. He dozed off, woke at three, glancing at the clock and her side of the bed. She wasn’t there. He awoke at 4:15 as Aubrey climbed into bed. He turned to her and opened his eyes. Aubrey was topless from the waist up, the cover down below her breasts, the rings in her nipples replaced with bars as she often did at night, the metal reflecting a pale glow in the moonlight.
Although they had never talked about it, it was an unwritten rule that no matter what she did with Monroe, at some point in the night she returned to their marital bed and woke up beside her husband in the morning. He would get up at 7, so the bulk of the night she had spent with Monroe.
Kenneth started to cuddle but he understood if Aubrey had wanted more sex when she returned she would have woke him up. She didn't.


Please keep writing. Very well written. Definitely would recommend. The only thing I did not dig was the plethora of characters but I also appreciate how the author creatively knit their stories together. 5 out of 5 (Sp)

  Author reply: Thanks for taking time time to read my work.

WOW, Mr Astor does it again. I read this book in one sitting and thought it was great. A lot of new people in this volume and they and the old characters all get tied up and we find out a ending for all of them,very well done 5 out of 5 (homebody1)

  Author reply: This series was originally intended to be a single book, but as the characters developed and they began to interact with each other it took three volumes to do the subjects justice, I felt. Thanks for reading it, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Author Information

Erotica and fantasies sometimes have a way of becoming reality. At least they have for my wife and I when it comes to interracial sex.

The descriptions of watching a wife racked in the orgasmic bliss as a black man manipulates her body in pleasurable ways are often based on the actual experience of having been there and watched my wife enjoying those exact acts.

Being married to a self-proclaimed slut for black cock active in the interracial lifestyle is the inspiration for my writing. I am not a wimp or sissy and my writing reflects that. For certain I am a voyeur who enjoys watching my wife with black men.


Publisher Information

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