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Preacher's Virgin Seduction (Pornelope)



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Pastor Quetzel has an incredibly strong sex drive, and it takes a lot of sex to fully satisfy him. He’s been looking forward to banging sexy Marita senseless at the annual religious retreat, but Marita isn’t there this year. Now he’s going absolutely crazy! How is he going to make it through the entire week without having sex at least two or three dozen times?

Then he spies sexy Aziza, the new girl in town, walking through the shadowy trees, and realizes she may be the answer to all his prayers. Can shy, polite Aziza match his boundless passion and make his head reel? Has the perpetually horny preacher finally met his sexual match?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 09 / 2018

No. words: 11500

Style: Steamy and Sexy Stories, Erotic Romance

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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“You…want me?” she marveled.

“More than I’ve ever wanted any other woman in my life.” He whispered the words like a sacred vow. “Touch me, Aziza. Hold me in your hands. Glide them up and down.”

Her training was so strong that she obeyed without thinking. The hot shaft that filled her small hands thudded fiercely as Miguel groaned with tortured delight. Instinctively he arched his hips, and his lusty cock thrust even harder against the spreading wet spot. His eyes nearly crossed when she curiously glided a finger through the pre-cum seeping through, then brought it to her mouth.

“It tastes good!” She flashed him a delighted smile. “The other girls said it did, but I didn’t believe them.”

Air was rasping in his lungs. “I need you!” he panted. “Please, Aziza! Give yourself to me! Let me be your lover! I’ll go slow, I swear it!”

She looked suddenly uncertain again, and snatched her hands back. “I don’t know what to do,” she faltered.

“You’re already doing it.” Damn, he was getting dizzy himself! All the blood was thudding down in his other head, leaving him lightheaded and entirely too close to cumming right in his pants. Frantically he clawed at his belt, then jerked his zipper down. His cock rocketed straight up and strained mindlessly against his silky black briefs. He moaned with relief when the biting pressure eased, then gripped himself with both white-knuckled hands. “This is how much I want you, Aziza. You’re driving me wild!”

She stared in breathless fascination as he shuddered, and his big cock seemed to grow even larger. The frantic little moans bubbling up from his chest were so wildly exciting!

Then his whole body relaxed, and his head fell back. “That was too close!” she heard him pant. “Way too close!”

“I…I don’t understand,” she whispered, baffled.

He managed a breathless chuckle. “When a man gets aroused too much, he loses control of his passion. Just touching me through my pants was…” He opened his eyes again, and tried to focus on her troubled face. “…so incredibly arousing! I never dreamed it could be like this!” If he had, he thought very privately, he’d have started experimenting with innocent virgins years ago!

She smiled with relief. “Then you liked it?”

“Liked it?” he echoed, and managed another shaky laugh. “I want you to do it again!”

“All right.”

Just like that? He wanted to moan with giddy delight.

He held his breath when she reached out again and tentatively traced a spiraling pattern over his slippery cockhead, then curled her small fingers around his thick shaft and began to glide up and down.

He did that sometimes when he wanted to delay the provocative sensation of flesh against flesh; it heightened his excitement to almost fever pitch. Now was no exception. The satiny material felt exquisite against his thudding cock, and just knowing her hand was clutching him was…

Oh God, too much! He moaned long and deep, and urgently yanked his briefs down. An instant later, thick milky jets exploded into the air.

Aziza gasped in surprise, and nearly jerked her hand back. But the blissful look on his face was absolutely riveting. This was what she wanted…this was what she needed. This was what she’d been waiting for her entire life!

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