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The Iscarions - Part 3 - Release (Axiom)

The Iscarions - Part 3 - Release by Axiom


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    • Average 3.7 from 3 ratings

The thrilling climax to this sensational mini-series that centres round a BDSM movement that are about to reveal the greatest secret of them all - the truth about the Holy Grail!

Rachael, niece of the former grand master of the IScarions, has gone in search of the Sacred Evidence and ends up being severely punished for the inconsiderate and dangerous actions.

But her actions catapult the movement towards the moment of revelation. Then, during the meeting where the entire Sisterhood are to witness the Sacred Evidence for themselves, and as Rachael and a co-conspirator hang from St. Andrews Crosses where they are being ritually flogged as an orgy goes on around them - the lights go out.

There follows many twists and turns in this story that finally lead up to the conclusion and the "truth" is finally released to the world.

A1 Editorial: Great stuff from Axiom - one of the best conspiracy stories I've read in a long time!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 10 / 2008

No. words: 25400

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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The bugler stood alone, his instrument to his lips as he fought back the emotions of a bloody year to play the last post. Before him stood the mighty pillar of the Cenotaph. Assembled royalty, government, military forces and the general public all stood in respect and in total silence as the eerie sound echoed around the square. It was the eleventh of November.
“They’re playing the last post,” said Charles.
“I know, I can hear it,” said Rachael from the bedroom. “When are you going to untie me?”
“When you have learned your lesson.”
“Sorry, Master Charles, I really do mean I am sorry. Now, will you let me out of this fucking thing?”
“Not yet. Oh that’s good media stuff. The camera has just panned across the general public and there is a little boy there who is crying.”
“Look, will you let me out of this fucking contraption? I am a Master too, and I have certain rights.”
“No. You have a certain duty as the first ever female Master of The Iscarions to lead your fellow sisters into the path of release, and to do that you have to subjugate yourself to me, the leader of The Iscarions. When this ceremony is over I will come and see to you.”
“But I wanted to watch it.”
“I know. The point of stopping you from seeing it is to make you more earnestly desire to reach the goal of your life.”
“You mean – release?”
“Exactly. Now, not another word for fifteen minutes.”


Fifteen minutes later, the credits for the Cenotaph transmission started to run and Charles stood up. He picked up the flogger that had been sitting on the sofa beside him, stretched his naked body and looked for a moment at his erection – a state of arousal brought on by the knowledge of what was waiting for him in the bedroom.
He entered the bedroom and smiled wickedly at Rachael. Rachael had spent the last hour strapped to a cross. Not a cross like the one they supposedly crucified the founder of the Christian church on but a cross in the shape of an “X”. The bottom legs of the “X” were secured with brackets to a base that stood on the bedroom floor. Rachael was totally naked and strapped to the St. Andrew’s cross. Her legs were splayed wide apart leaving her shaved sex open and exposed. Here arms were tied to the upper cross arms, leaving her totally vulnerable. Her breasts looked pink and her nipples rosy and stiff, the results of her earlier flogging at the hand of her lover and Master, Charles.
“Shall I call Hendon in to help me?” Said Charles as he entered the room.
“No, no, no.” Rachael’s eyes were wide.
“Then I will flog you myself,” said Charles. With that he played the flogger up the inside of Rachael’s legs, making her gasp with anticipation. When the flogger started to stroke her sex, Rachael groaned. As Charles started to whip her sex with the straps of the flogger, Rachael groaned more loudly, then she arched her back as the orgasm approached and then, with a loud gasp, she squirted her ejaculation onto the mat beneath the cross.
“Oh God, that is so good!” She cried out as Charles continued to play the flogger directly onto her swollen, sensitive labia. “Ah, oooh, oh yes, harder, harder, please harder,” she pleaded as her body responded with intense arousal to the flogging. When the straps caressed her clitoris she arched her back again and a further squirt of liquid shot out of her body.
“Oh, by God, that is sooooooooooo EXCELLENT!” Rachael screamed as she climaxed again.
“Now,” said Charles, “it is time to really punish you for disobeying me. I told you not to go and look for the chest on your own and you disobeyed me. I knew you would.”
“Yes, Charles, I’m sorry.” Said Rachael as her orgasm subsided. “It was stupid, and I’m sorry.”
“You could have placed the whole of The Iscarions in jeopardy by doing what you did.”
“I know, but I was careful to make sure I wasn’t followed and it was pitch dark apart from the moon.”
“We have fucked up on tracks and hills like the one you went to, so who says another couple weren’t doing likewise? Also, you were followed and watched, by Peter. Thank God at least he is on our side. What if some priest or catholic henchman had followed you? You’d be dead and the evidence taken once for all time. And, for all we know the contents of the chest could be much more than what we think they are. We have a security protocol handed down through the ages and one that Javier, before his untimely demise, instilled into me. There is no excuse for what you tried to do.”
“I know, but I really did look round and there was no one.”
“Apart from Peter, who stayed well back and just kept an eye on you. The point is you disobeyed me and you have to be punished. Have you opened it yet? How did you know it was where it was? That was not the place where we went before?”
“I know. I found a map with a letter that told me to trust no one but to go and search for the casket on my own. And in answer to your question, no I haven’t opened it yet, but it matches the description in the docket I got from Javier’s bank deposit box and it was at exactly the right co-ordinates, so it HAS to be the evidence we have searched for.”
“Yes, probably, but until you have been properly punished I have no intention of letting Hendon or anyone else examine it.”
The box stood on the floor not four feet in front of Rachael. It was a smallish box with a semi-circular shaped lid that fastened to the box with clips and a couple of fairly heavy padlocks.
“What I don’t understand is how you managed to get it back here on your own.”
“I didn’t,” said Rachael, biting her lip suddenly as her secret was out.
“Who helped you then?”
“I took Dawn with me. She was around and I needed an extra pair of hands.”
“Peter didn’t mention there were two of you. Does she KNOW what this IS?” Charles raised his voice in anger. Actually he was pissed off that he hadn’t been in on the excavation and present at the dig to make the decisions. He’d spent the afternoon and evening in a meeting and training a couple of the noviciates. So he knew he only had himself to blame, but Rachael had broken the rules. Thank God for Master Peter, not that Charles believed in God any more. At least the man’s own initiative had made things a little safer; or so it seemed.
“No, she just thinks it is another one of our tests as sisters and she was only too glad when I told her it would help her on her path of discovery.”
“We will hold a meeting of the whole order next Thursday to open this chest and see what is inside. At the same meeting you and Dawn will be suitably chastised for your disobedience. Having said that, if you are right then we are looking at the casket that contains the final proof that the Catholic Church and Christianity have lied for over two millennia. Now, how shall I conclude your punishment?”
Charles scratched his head for a moment.
“I think we will wait for the order meeting. Now, I am going to let you off this contraption and as a thank-you for being so lenient to you, you will make sure I am satisfied before we go and have lunch.”
Ten minutes later, Charles lay on the bed and Rachael, having already sucked his cock with great desire, straddled him as she raised and then lowered her sex on his rigid phallus. As she did so, he kneaded her breasts, two pink orbs that had been flogged straight after he had tied her to the “X” an hour or more earlier.
After five minutes of riding her Master, Rachael felt his cock twitch deep in her body, and as Charles groaned, she felt the warm jet of semen as it squirted five times into her.
When Charles had stopped groaning and putting any effort into his orgasm, Rachael climbed off him and tenderly sucked his cock until it was devoid of any residual semen.
“I wish I was a vampire,” she said as they lay beside each other.
“Oh, I like the taste of a man,” she laughed.
“But vampires like blood, and you’ve never tasted any of my blood.”
“Do they?” She asked quizzically.
“Yes, of course they do, everyone knows that blood is what gives a vampire its life force.”
“Ah, but everyone also knows Jesus Christ died on the cross for the salvation of mankind, don’t they? Except, we know different and we are about to prove it.”
“Fair enough but that doesn’t alter the facts about vampires.”
“Ever read Dracula?”
“Yes, a long time ago.”
“Well read it again. The life force for a female vampire is not blood but semen, and lots of it,” said Rachael with a dead serious expression on her face.
“You’re having me on?” Charles turned to face her.
“No I’m not. Obviously in the Victorian era of Bram Stoker, they could not mention such things so everyone assumed it is blood, but if you read the work closely you will find out it is semen.”
“Okay, I’ll read it again, but I’ll bet you’re wrong.”
“I’m not,” said Rachael. “Just like you are not wrong in believing the sacred evidence is in that chest and it is going to destroy a lot of people’s belief systems.”


I've been waiting for the conclusion to the Iscarion's trilogy for quite some time and was excited to see that Axiom had finally released book 3, The Release. I had to wait several days after reading it to get over the disappointment. The Release isn't a bad book and it's nice to have the conclusion, but it certainly isn't up to what Axiom id capable of. The problem is that Axiom has fallen into what I call the Dan Brown trap. In his forward, he hints that there is much of what he has written that is really factual instead of fiction; very similar to what Brown did in The DaVinci Code. It's clear that his obsession with the "evil" that is the catholic Church has finally overwhelmed him and has made his writing suffer. The incredibly hot BDSM scenes that we've cvome to enjoy are simply not there, having been replaced by rants against the church and pure torture scenes. The level of stupidity that he has to paint for the agents of the church to conclude the book in his trademark 50ish pages is patently unbelievable for an organization that has been supposedly successful in manipulating the world for 2000 years. Don't get me wrong, conspiracy theories make for great fiction, but when the fictional theory starts to take itself seriously, the writing suffers. That's what happened here. Thus we got this run of the mill book instead of a book as great as its two predecessors. Our loss. 3 out of 5 (dweaver999)

After waiting a long time for this book I`m glad Axiom got over whatever illness he had in order to write it. The problem is that whatever he went through has changed his outlook on life and because of the fact this is a conspiracy theory for adults there are bound to be some holes similar to those lurking in other books such as The DaVinci Code. Yes there is sexual torture and yes, inevitably there is the involvement of a traitor from the Catholic Church - that is all part of the storyline and it all, for me, helps to make the story more fun to read. This has been a good series that, because there is no hard ending anyone can follow up on, inevitably fades away to nothing BUT that said, there are some good hard scenes and descriptive passages. I hope Axiom is up to writing another one soon - possibly a longer story in one book and in a different time setting. 4 out of 5 (hardman)

Author Information

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Enter my world of fiction - or is it truth - a world where women find total sexual freedom at the hands of their masters.

If you like conspiracy theories of a vaguely religious nature (everything in my world is vague! at my age) with a strong adult slant to it (by that I mean sex and bdsm) then please read the books I write.


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