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New Girls At St. Justine's - Book 3 - Senior Schoolgirls (Victor Bruno)

New Girls At St. Justine

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    • Average 4.0 from 3 ratings

The 'New Girl' saga concludes ... Eric Knudsen has finally achieved his ultimate goal - a select academy for mature ladies! Beautiful and statuesque women are snatched and made to wear humiliatingly tiny, figure-exposing school uniforms while subject to the sadistic whims of his young niece, Fiona Von Bal, assisted by equally sadistic teenage twins!

The 'domestics' and other staff are also allowed to taunt, humiliate and punish these once proud ladies.

Beautiful Anita Sommers, formerly a Magistrate, is incarcerated in this terrible school, finding herself in a living Hell from which there is absolutely no reprieve!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 33600

Style: Fem Dom - F/F, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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The stone-walled, wooden floored room could scarcely have been more forbidding in appearance. It was small and window-less but, though it looked cold, it was comfortably warm. That, at least, was a minor comfort to the naked woman who occupied the room.
And, from the look on her haughty features, that woman was sorely in need of comfort!
She was seated in a heavy, straight-backed wooden armchair which faced a wall on which was a full-length mirror in which she constantly had to gaze upon her own suffering and terror. Her forearms were strapped to the flat arms of the chair, her calves were strapped to its front legs. Thus her long thighs were pulled a little apart. What was not evident from the mirror reflection (but was of the greatest concern to the woman!) was the fact that a large, thickly-rounded dildo, made of stainless steel projected upwards from the seat of the chair, and on this she was helplessly impaled.
A broad strap about her neck forced her to sit erect. From the front of this extended a small piece of metal which ended with an upright needle. The tip of the needle just touched the soft under-part of her chin ... thus checking any inclination to lower her head. That was something which, in her agony of distress and despair, she would most surely otherwise have done.
She had been in that position for the past three hours. She had been forced to watch through the mirror, that was obviously also a TV screen, the most horrible things. And, if she shut her eyes, so as to blot out the horrors before her, an electric shock was sent up into her through the dildo.
She had been told over a two-way speaker that she was to become a schoolgirl once more. This she had found so incredibly stupid she had actually laughed. But over the last few hours her mind had become confused with what she had seen.
She had witnessed six women, all about her age, sitting at small desks, wearing white blouses, short black pleated skirts that only just covered their bottoms, white calf length socks and high heeled black shoes. Those with long hair had it in pig-tails tied with bright coloured ribbons, the shorter haired women wore their hair in either bunches at the sides or just had a ribbon at the back of their head.
She had also seen these women, made to bare their bottoms and bend over their teacher’s desk to receive the strap for mistakes they had made in their school work. Their teacher had been a slim girl who looked no more than nineteen. Anita had sat in shocked amazement as the girl laid the strap across these mature women’s buttocks and, to add to her confused mind, not one of the women had made the smallest complaint. They had submitted to this girl’s every command.
Anita had seen why later, when a girl had been sent to the Headmaster’s study for extra discipline. Anita had watched as the unfortunate girl was caned mercilessly across her bare behind ... having to be tied across a frame by some huge brute of a man to receive her beating, as she had not been able to remain in the touching-toes position. The woman had then received the two previous strokes again plus two more at the finish of her punishment ... Anita had seen what disobedience could bring in this hellish place. The strap. The cane, all laid over bare flesh, bare female flesh.
Anita had sobbed and begged all to no avail. And each time she screamed or protested. She would scream out in pain as the dildo inside her sex became alive

Erik Knudsen sat looking at the woman on the screen before him. He liked the look of her. She had arrived the day before. Delivered to him by one of his world agents. Erik had agents all around the world looking out for big mature women. Not any sort of woman, they had to be of breeding, high-class women that had enjoyed the good life, proud, arrogant women.
Erik sipped his brandy ... He had set out two years ago with the help of his great-niece, to have a school where they could have brought to them unwilling schoolgirls ... not young women, but mature women. Women in their late twenties or their mid-thirties, they had to be tall with good figures and above all, upper class women.
Fiona, his niece, joined him in his study: “Hi Unks, how’s she coming along?” she asked, pouring herself a vodka and orange.
“Very well. my dear. She’ll be a schoolgirl by tomorrow. I think we have shown her enough to see that she is now our newest pupil. In a moment I’m going to let her watch the twins take the girls for their games lesson. I think that will convince her. Don’t you?”
“It sure will. That was a great idea of yours having the two of them here. They certainly bring the stuck-up cows down to earth. This the info on her?” Fiona picked up a sheet of paper and began to read.

(Fiona laughed at that. She’ll soon have her wish)

“She’ll be the tallest in the class ... Six feet one, that makes her eleven inches taller than little old me.” Fiona liked the idea of tall women. It gave her a greater sense of power, ordering women, ten or fifteen years older than her and twice her build, about.
“I’m off into town for a couple of hours. Want anything while I’m there?” she asked as she kissed Erik on the cheek.
“No thanks, I’m going to introduce her to her class mates before they start Games ... Mind how you go ...”
The large house stood three miles outside of a market town in Kent. It had been just what Erik had wanted. High walls with large gates. One wing was now the School. It had been closed off, as being too badly in need of repair.
Erik had found it easy to recruit staff ... There was Jumbo, a huge man who found no trouble in controlling the women, if and when needed. Hannah was the Matron, an old Gypsy. She was squat and evil-looking, with the features of an ogress. She found it far more to her liking living in a big house rather than a damp caravan.
Both her and Jumbo were allowed to slap pupils if they deserved it, but usually they did so for their own amusement. For serious offences, they put the girl on report to either Erik or Fiona. Jumbo could, from time to time, have one of the women satisfy him. But only after Erik had tired of her. And then only with the permission from Erik, Fiona or one of the twins.
There was also the cook and the maids. They were not allowed to punish the girls in any way, but could report them. With this small amount of power they would humiliate the women by ordering them to curtsy before them. Or making them get down and kiss their shoes, show their bottoms after a punishment and many more little games. Although not really allowed to do this, if one was sure nobody was about, who would complain? Certainly not their victims. Erik and Fiona were aware of this taking place but overlooked it as it kept the staff happy, along with the very good wage they received. Erik had no fears of them telling his secret.
And finally, there were the teenage twins ... Ann and Jackie. They were allowed to punish any pupil with slim switches given to them by Fiona as a welcome present. They could also spank or slap the women’s bottoms and the ultimate, put them on report!!
Erik had adopted them from the orphanage where he was the biggest benefactor. The authorities had said he was quite mad, as both children had suffered great hardship in the past and tended to be moody and sadistic to people better off than themselves. Not only did Erik say he could cope with them ... he was delighted to do so.
Erik picked up a small microphone. “Time to meet your school friends ...”
“Aaahhh ... ohhhh ... p-please ... no ... n-no ... more ...” Anita moaned.
Erik reached down and flicked a switch quickly on and off. Anita gave a shriek as the charge went into her ... “Shut up woman ... I said you are about to meet your school friends ... Did you hear me?”
Another little flick of the switch.
“Ooooooohhhhh ... aaahhhh ... ye-yes ... yessssss.”
“As I am your Headmaster, from now on you address me as Sir. Is that clear?”
“Ooooooohhh ... yer ... ye-yes ... S-S-Sirrrr.” Anita had taken her first step into returning to school.
“Good, now keep quiet and watch the screen.” Erik flicked a switch on his control panel.
The mirror went dull, then brightened showing a large hall.
It had once been a ballroom, but was not fitted out as a gym.
Anita stared at the screen ... She saw Jumbo sitting on the edge of the stage smoking a small cigar. In front of him, half way down the hall stood six women ... Tall women ... Anita recognised them from the classroom. Only now they wore white tee shirts, none wore a bra, each also wore a short white pleated skirt, white ankle socks and gym shoes. They stood stiffly to attention eyes looking straight ahead.
“Don’t you think they look smart?” Erik asked his victim.
Anita groaned, then remembered the dildo stuck up her. “Y-Yes Sir ... Yes Sir.”
Erik smiled; she was learning. “I will now introduce you to your new friends. Starting on the left, we have Jill, she is American, thirty six years old, with nice fluffy, light brown hair. She comes from a very well-to-do Boston family. Was married to a film producer. Liked to lord it over the stars in Hollywood. She’s been here six weeks. Next to Jill,” went on Erik smoothly, “we have Sophie. She’s Italian and our youngest pupil. Twenty nine years old in fact, she’s six feet tall. Not as tall as you, Anita, but quite something eh? And a figure like that film star namesake of hers, Loren, once had. And she used to have a real temper. She’s been married three times. Always cheated on her husbands, and took them for thousands. Been here for ten months now. It’s changed her ...
“Then we have Katrina, the red head. She’s Scottish, thirty three. Quite a tough nut. She can take a good hiding better than any of them. Except, possibly, Elsa who is German. Next there is black haired Nita, lovely isn’t she? A luscious thirty three year old Spanish woman. Very well bred, I understand ... The other two are Vicky, who is French, and thirty five years old ... and Elsa who is, or rather was a German Countess, and at thirty six, one year older. She had nice blonde hair like yours. It will be nice having two blondes in the class ...”
Anita’s head swam ... Those women standing there, were all so proud looking, high cheek-bones, arrogant and aristocratic ... Oh God, it can’t be true ... Please, please let it not be true. But she had seen it! Seen these grown women meekly take down their knickers, lift their skirts and lay across that young girl’s desk! Seen them remain there passively as they were savagely beaten by this monster! Anita’s mind was in a state of complete turmoil. As one could imagine ...


The door to the hall opened and the twins, Jackie and Ann walked in. They both wore black skirts, white shirts, ankle socks and low heeled shoes. They looked as if they’ve just come from school, Anita thought. And she was correct.
“Good afternoon girls,” they both said.
“Good afternoon Miss Ann. Good afternoon Miss Jackie.” the six women replied
“You going to inspect them today?” Ann asked her sister.
“OK,” Jackie replied and walked to the end of the line of women.
She strolled in front of them, tapping her switch on her calf. Her head was just about level with their breasts, she had to look up at each flushed face before her. She reached the end of the line turned and looked back ...
“Knickers off ...” Six pairs of white cotton knickers were pushed down and stepped out of. Each woman folded her knickers neatly and placed them on the floor at her feet, once more standing to attention.
“Front of skirts up,” was Jackie’s next order to her class. The ‘schoolgirls’ stood holding the hems of their skirts up level with their breasts.
Anita gasped, not only at the order that had been given by this child, or the fact that the six mature women had obeyed it, but because she saw before her six hairless mounds: each had been shaved clean ...
“Legs apart.” The women placed their feet about two feet apart.
Jackie walked once more along the line, looking at the pussies on display. She poked the lips of Katrina’s sex with her switch. The Scottish woman remained looking straight ahead. “Hope you haven’t been playing with that, girl?” she said. tapping her switch, first on one lip then the other.
“N-No ... M-Miss ...” Katrina replied. Her cheeks flushing.
Jackie carried on with her inspection. She stopped in front of Nita and ran a finger up and down the left lip. “Have you shaved that today, Nita?” she asked.
“Yes ... Yes, Miss.” The Spanish beauty replied, biting her lower lip.
“I can feel some bristles on it, woman ... I will let you off with a warning this time, but in future you will be on report ... after I’ve laid my switch across your bottom.. Is that clear?”
“Y-Yes ... Miss ... and ... and th-thank you ... M-Miss.”
“Don’t mention it,” Jackie said with a derisive grin.
Jackie, now joined by her sister Ann, completed her inspection.
“Legs together ... skirts down.”
“Front of vests up under the chin for breast inspection - MOVE!!!!” was all Jackie had to say to have twelve breasts displayed.
Jumbo sat on the stage and leered at the six ‘schoolgirls’. They were big breasts but firm, hardly sagging at all. The Boss sure knew how to pick ‘em, he thought as he lit a small cigar.
The women stood, vests under their chins, arms straight down at their sides.
Jackie once more strolled along the line, this time with Ann. They tweaked a nipple here, bounced a tit up and down there. Jackie tapped her switch on the Frenchwoman’s right nipple ... Vicky flinched.
“Nervous ... are we?” Jackie said, looking up at the tall woman.
Of course I’m nervous you stupid little cow. What do you expect me to be ... Vicky thought, but only replied, “Yes Miss.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to cane it,” Jackie still tapped.
“Th-thank you ... Miss,” Vicky said, relief in her voice.
“But I might one day, if I think you deserve it, girl ... or even just for the fun of it. OK, big tits?”
“Y-Yes Miss, and ... and tha-thank you Miss.” How Vicky hated it. The humiliation of having to obey these children was by far the worst of all the horrors in this hell hole. But like the others, she knew she must force herself to obey them. To even think of disobedience of any order given was dangerous. One had to obey, or pay dearly, as she had found to her cost.
Meanwhile Ann had been bouncing Jill’s tits up and down. “They’re nice big ‘uns, aren’t they, Yank? Do you mind me playing with them?” she asked the red faced Jill.
“N-N-No M-Miss,” Jill stammered, as her breasts were made to wobble.
Ann stopped. “Put your hands under them and push them right up.”
Jill did so, pushing her breasts as high up as she could. “Now, when I say go, pull your hands away, and as your tits drop down shout bong. GO ...”
Jill removed her hands, her breasts dropped bouncing softly. “Bong,” the American woman said in a low voice.
WWWWwwweeeetttt ... Ann gave her a cut of her switch across the front of her thigh. “I said shout, stupid. Do it again.” Jill was made to lift and drop her tits some half dozen times before Ann became bored. Meanwhile, Jackie was making Sophie hold her tits up by the nipples. Sophie gasped as Jackie ordered her to pull them first to the left and then to the right, then the left tit to the left, the right tit to the right. The young girl, hands on her hips, smiled up at her victim.
“Up ... down ... left ... right ... left tit to the left ... right tit to the right ...” Jackie was enjoying herself. Sophie was near to tears, with both shame and the soreness of her nipples.
After some ten minutes of each woman having to bounce her tits or pull her nipples, the order came to replace their vests.
Ann gave the order for them to turn around ... “And now, would you ladies be so kind as to show us your bums,” she said with a mock upper class accent.
Six bottoms were at once displayed to the teenagers, who walked along pinching a cheek here, bouncing a cheek there, slapping one, patting one, making comments about whose bottom was fat, whose bottom was firm, whose bottom they most liked to smack!!!


It had a lot of good scenes, but don’t know why, they just didn’t seem to kick like they should have. It wasn’t explained why the girls were there, or where they were going afterwards. 4 out of 5

Good story, up to author's standards. 4 out of 5

I have been a fan of Victor Bruno's tales since the 1960's and corresponded with him regarding my own efforts at writing similar tales. Sadly he is no longer alive. I am somewhat curious as to where these stories are from? 4 out of 5 (Drayman)

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THE acknowledged master of BDSM writing.


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