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Victim of the World Gynarchy (Mark Andrews)

Victim of the World Gynarchy by Mark Andrews

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I wake up in my marital bed, naked and shivering and stretched out across the top end of its mattress with my wife lying normally but with her cheek on my belly. It seems we have been selected to learn from another planet in the fifth dimension, that our planet is bent on destruction from its abuse and ravishment at the hands of its greedy population.

This is the story of how superior women on that planet established as a Gynarchy has achieved an extraordinary development.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 30300

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Male Dom - M/M

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

I woke up naked, cold and shivering with my body lying across the top end of our marital bed and my wrists and ankles somehow secured so that I couldn’t move, the only warm spot being where Emily’s soft cheek rested on my belly and her hand lightly held my cock.
I didn’t react immediately, at least not overtly, anyway, but tried to take stock of my position and no, it wasn’t that we were playing sexual games. We weren’t into that sort of sex. I did recall that our conversations of late had been drifting towards female equality but as in most aspects of this I fully agreed with her, they certainly weren’t arguments so how could I have landed in this awful situation?
I started shivering even more violently, waking Emily from her sleep. As consciousness returned to her, she turned over and then sat up, turned and smiled sweetly down at me.
“Well Jerry, here we are and you are now in a proper position vis-a-vis me.”
“Proper position?”
“Of course. Here, you are not my husband but more properly my prime male.”
I considered this statement, or rather various parts of it. By her use of the word ‘here’ she was implying we were somewhere other than our home; and by the use of the term ‘prime male’, that wherever we were, she was definitely in control and if I extended the implication, perhaps all women, ‘here’ had that status over men.
“So where is ‘here’, Emily?” I asked as I lay there totally under her control and colder than I could ever remember being in the past. Obviously I had been naked at least since going to bed and so presumed that I had had no covering over my body for quite a few hours.
She looked down at me and smiled but it wasn’t the normal happy and loving expression that I was so used to. It was much closer to triumph in some sort of competition with me but she eventually condescended to explain it all to me.
“We are now on an alternate version of the Earth, Jerry. On this one, females rule the whole planet while males, who are never referred to as men, serve them. Here, you are not a solicitor but act as my domestic and personal servant and perform at my will to give me sexual pleasure. During the day while I’m at work, you do the housework and prepare my meals and if there is any time left over, research ways to give me some new comfort and especially increased sexual pleasure.
“I always inspect the house upon my return and if everything isn’t in perfect apple-pie order, you will be caned.
“We ladies are taught from early childhood that males must be kept under strict discipline at all times. They do not go to school but beyond the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, their training, which is included in their extended gestation period in artificial tanks, only covers such subjects as will be useful in whatever employment is devised for them. This is assessed during the very early stages of their development in the tanks and will in any case never exceed the basic trades.
“The professions are totally restricted to us women but in your case, you were deemed suitable body-servant material and were trained solely in the necessary skills for that function including housekeeping, cooking, gardening, basic handyman skills and of course the so important art of giving sexual pleasure to your owner.”
I stared at her both in awe and in horror and then asked the obvious: “But how did we get here? I mean, we seem to be the same people as we were on our own Earth but I have no recollection of any form of movement, nor of losing my pyjamas or watching you lose yours?”
She smiled again in that haughty, superior way and gloated down at me. “We have been selected, the pair of us, to experience the pleasures of this planet. Because women have ruled it for thousands of years, there have been no wars and the concomitant result has been a far superior science that has benefited womankind enormously. One of those benefits has been an understanding that in the nature of the physical environment, there is a fifth dimension, only just suspected on our planet but well known here and they early learned how to travel from one to the other but of course kept the knowledge of its existence quite secret from the people of our planet.
“I was selected to come here to learn something of their ways, for the leaders of this Earth have been charged with the oversight of ours and they are very worried that we are well on the way to self-destruction. They believe that if people like me, and there are hundreds of others who are now here learning the same things that I will be, can go back and start to effect the necessary changes that may hopefully arrest our planet’s headlong slide to oblivion.
“Naturally, you were brought here with me to experience how a male of the species is kept under the thumb because of the apparently natural tendency in your gender for belligerence and making war rather than attempting to settle your differences amicably.
“I’m afraid you’re not going to enjoy the next few months because I have been enjoined to treat you exactly as the ladies here treat their men. Oops, I must stop using that word. There are no men on this planet, only males and males are seen as nothing more than adjuncts to ladies and as useful sources of muscle and pleasure.
“Now it’s time for us to get up and for you to begin learning how to serve me. For a start, you will bathe me in the shower and then attend to my clothing. Then, while I complete my toilette, you will go downstairs and prepare my breakfast. Note I said my breakfast, as from now on, like all males, you will be fed slave chow which is a pelletised form of nutritious but cheap foods steamed and masticated to a paste then extruded and dried and resemble the chook pellets used for a century or more to feed poultry on our planet.
“It serves very well both as the perfect food for a male but also to underline to him that he is of a distinctly less status than us women and you will find that males never eat with ladies although they may attend them when they visit a restaurant with their female friends.
“But to get back to my breakfast, you will cook me two soft boiled eggs, a slice of toast with Vegemite and a cup of tea. As I eat it, I will give you instructions as to your duties while I’m away at the office and you had better make damned sure that you complete them all perfectly for the people who have brought me here to study their methods have told me they will be assessing me as much as you as to my ability to control a male and to get the very best out of him.
“We have never indulged in sado-masochism but I now find myself to be quite anticipating disciplining you with the cane if you do not live up to my expectations, and just in case you’re now thinking of rebelling, this is what will happen to you if you fail, even in the slightest way.”
She raised her wrist and spoke towards her wristwatch saying simply: “Jerry – punishment”.
I immediately felt an excruciating pain in my right testicle. There was nothing I could do about it as she hadn’t yet released the manacles that held my ankles and wrists secured to the top end of the bed but I screamed blue murder and I suspect every single muscle in my body was straining to its utmost.
When I had sufficiently recovered from the horrible pain I stared up at her and asked her what had happened.
She smiled sweetly down at me – or perhaps, smugly might be a better description and then explained that I had been drugged immediately prior to being transported here and that they had made a small incision in my scrotum and glued a tiny sliver of a silicon chip to the exposed gonad and then simply placed a Band-Aid over the incision. “Like so many other things on this world, it is a marvel of ingenuity and it works worldwide to tell me your exact location as well of course as providing me with the means of disabling you without the necessity of recourse to other instruments. It can also be used to program you to specific tasks and for example, while I’m at the office I can use my tablet to question it as to your current level of activity, not to mention your exact location in the house, etc, etc, etc.
She got up then and as she did my eyes followed her lithe and so beautiful naked body as she leaned over me to release me from the wrist and ankle manacles. We were both fanatical about our physical bodies, being extremely judicious in our diet and playing as much sport as we could fit into our lives but always including two weekly sessions of gymnastics.
Because we were both rather vain of our physical appearance, we had very soon after our marriage had our bodies permanently depilated nude as we both found body hair an ugly excrescence and in my case, that had included my moustache and beard so I haven’t had to shave ever since we were married five years ago, immediately after our graduation as lawyers.
I then followed her orders to the letter, carefully bathing her whole body (and very cursorily attending to my own at the same time) and then helping her to dress (but remaining naked myself) after which I went downstairs to prepare her breakfast.
You may be wondering that I knew where everything was. This is because our house on their planet had been replicated from our own at home, right down to the last detail, here on theirs, yet another marvel of their so advanced technology compared to ours. Anyway, I now boiled her eggs and while in the past, I had never been particularly interested in cooking as she had always been a real master in that art, I for some reason now seemed to possess the knowledge of what I had to do to put her breakfast on the table at exactly the right time and with her eggs cooked to perfection.
As she so daintily ate her eggs and toast and sipped the tea, she gave me precise instructions as to what I was to do until her return that evening. The tasks included vacuuming, dusting, washing clothes, cleaning windows, etc, etc. I shuddered a little as I cast my mind forward for housework had never really interested me as such. I believe I am a competent lawyer and delight in its practice. I always did the gardening at home and of course any handyman duties required, but to that point, Emily had excelled in keeping our house spotless and providing us both (and the many guests we hosted at times) with superb meals.
As with the cooking, I found myself strangely familiar with the techniques involved in all of these domestic duties even including ironing her clothes which, as you might imagine, included very delicate underthings that required very careful attention.
Once having breakfasted and checked up that I had left the kitchen in a spotless condition she went to work by means of the matter transporter provided in every building on that planet. One simply stepped into it (a small glass booth) and pressed the buttons designating your destination, anywhere on the planet, and then in a trice, you were there.
I had remained naked during all this time and as I cast my mind forward to going out for the shopping she had included in my duties for that day realised that males were not permitted clothing of any kind – ever! I gulped as I contemplated shopping at the local supermarket without a stitch on my body but then as I thought it through, realised I would be only one of thousands upon thousands of males on that planet who were kept naked permanently from the moment of birth to the time of death.
Once I had seen her off, I mourned a little that not once had she thanked me or even complimented me on the performance of my duties to her thus far and while at first I felt a pang of sadness at her rudeness and lack of affection for me, quickly realised that she was only following the precepts laid down for centuries by the female rulers of that planet which they dubbed Gynarchy (rather than Earth).

I now set myself to all of the chores she had itemised and found that very strangely, I was actually enjoying performing them all to the best of my ability, and not even missing the legal challenges that would have been presented to me in my office back on my own planet.
I suppose I was lucky in this regard. If I had mourned the lowering of my status as an up-and-coming young lawyer to that of a menial fit only for performing household duties as well as those of a personal nature to Emily, it might have impinged on my ability to perform all of the tasks she had set me and to do so well enough that she would not feel the need to punish me upon her return home.
She was due home at 5:30 p.m. and by that time I had just finished off the last of the ironing. I now waited by the transporter in what she explained to me was the Position of Inspection, that is, with the feet half a metre apart, the hands up behind the head, and the elbows pulled right back so as to present the male for his supervisor’s inspection in the best possible manner. I was to discover later that ladies very much vie against one another to develop and keep the males under their control in the best physical state possible.
Accordingly, as she emerged from the glass cubicle, she simply nodded at me and then began a most intrusive and detailed inspection of my body. She squeezed muscles, stroked my flesh, checked inside my mouth for God knows what and of course fondled my so hairless cock and balls until I had a raging erection at which she sniffed, smiled grimly and then, without a single word of greeting, then went right over the house checking up on each of the tasks she had given me. Unfortunately for me, I had completely omitted one of them, the cleaning and polishing of all the crystal glassware in its cabinet. I thought I had been scrupulous in memorising each task for she wouldn’t permit me to write them down but I didn’t question her decision, even recalling that task in retrospect.
The house is on a hill and the slave quarters (because some households include a number of males other than the principal one who is equivalent to a husband on my world) forms part of the lower side of the block and includes the laundry (there is a chute system built into the house that delivers all soiled clothing down there) as well as maintenance rooms. The male quarters in their houses always incorporate the punishment devices favoured by the lady of the house to keep her male dependants in line.
She smiled grimly at me as she directed me down there to attend to my correction.
“I warned you, male, that painful punishment would follow any dereliction on your part. I think twelve strokes of the cane to your naked buttocks will be a most salutary warning to you that even forgetfulness will not be tolerated here.”
In the course of my duties during the day I had been all over the house including these male quarters and had marvelled at their starkness compared to the beauty and luxury of her suite. Here if we had ever had the need for male-servants or if in the future she birthed sons (here called simply male offspring) they, unlike their sisters who would occupy very comfortable rooms upstairs, would sleep down here on bare wooden plank beds with no linen or pillows and only a single grey army blanket to wrap around their shivering bodies during the night.
I later discovered that all males and females on that planet are born hairless below their eyes as face and body hair had been bred out of them many generations ago, just as it had been for the superior ladies. As they didn’t wear any clothing at all, they had no need of any grooming tools except a single comb that was attached to the end of a chain below the single small stainless steel mirror provided for them.
In the middle of this small dormitory was the caning bench. It is formed of the same materials as the row of male beds except that it was narrow and longer and had Velcro type manacles at the two bottom corners while very solid hooks had been screwed into the two top corners.
She gestured for me to lay myself down on this fearsome instrument and she then secured each ankle into its appropriate manacle before coming up to the head where she fished underneath it for another of the same manacles but this one attached to a short length of sturdy chain. She attached the manacle to my left wrist and then pulled hard on the chain, stretching my whole body from my ankle to the wrist up tight then slipped an appropriate link of the chain over the hook, then repeated that action on the other side.
I lay there on that terrifying bench now stretched out as tightly as she could get me awaiting the cane.
On my planet, its use except for those people attracted to the sado-masochism scene had largely died out, even as a disciplinary tool in schools and the home to correct errant children who had not responded to other more lenient methods of chastisement.
As I said, Emily and I had never indulged in this form of sexual foreplay, but as I lay there, the sheer funk and dread that had so overwhelmed me when she had found my error and informed me of the punishment, began to abate as I tried to imagine the pain that I was about to experience at her hands. In fact, as I stared up at her, still dressed in the smart suit and silk blouse that was her normal attire in the office, I now watched as she moved over to the rack on the wall containing a number of canes, tawses, whips, riding crops and the like and selected a length of rattan cane about sixty centimetres long and fitted with a rubber handle that would enable her to administer a very severe punishment to my buttocks, and I think it was then that I actually began to thrill that I was going to be physically punished at her hands.

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a prolific BDSM writer who lives on the Gold Coast of Australia. His books have been delighting Olympia Press customers for many years and now he is one of Fiction4All's exclusive authors.


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