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Daniel: Sex Slave (David Anjou)

Daniel: Sex Slave by David Anjou

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Daniel is a highly intelligent but socially inept and lonely young Englishman who, on a winter’s night in early January, goes reluctantly to a party in a remote motel in the hills near his home. Snowed up there for the weekend, and finding himself the only male in the company, he willingly takes part in a bondage game in which the other guests compete for his sexual favours. He is ‘won’ by Chrissie-Marie, a beautiful black woman who draws him, inexorably, deeper and deeper into sexual slavery. In that role he is a new man, uninhibited, witty and personable, and he very quickly decides to make Chrissie-Marie his mistress for life.

Daniel has very little understand of what his decision will involve. Having made himself so popular with the other women at the party, he first has to escape the clutches of some who try to take possession of him for themselves. In their efforts to help him do so, Chrissie-Marie and her partner have to lead him, rapidly and ruthlessly, deep into their world. They introduce him to the sometimes benevolent, sometimes sinister Organisation; the secretive cabal that regulates slavery in the United Kingdom. He comes to understand that thousands of members, living inconspicuously in British society, are keeping slaves in various levels and intensities of bondage. They enjoy support networks and medical advances undreamt of by their fellow citizens, in return for subscribing to and obeying code of rules. He becomes aware of the horrors that can await slaves in less civilised parts of the world, and those who commit such heinous offences that they have to be ‘sold abroad’.

This is the first of a series of novels that chart the progress of several male and female slaves as they live their lives under the jurisdiction of ‘the Organisation’, and which explores the different ways in which different personalities respond to the challenges of owning or being owned by others. The characters all have their own views of the relationship between pain and pleasure, between bondage and liberty, the definition of consent, and the apparent contradiction between the right to personal freedom, and the right to live their lives as they choose.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 254410

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Interracial Bondage/BDSM

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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'That was nice', she said, 'and lots more to come. I'm glad I won the competition'.
'So am I, ma'am', he replied. 'I was hoping all along that you'd win'.
'The way you snogged some of the others, one wouldn't have thought so', she teased. 'And you're not supposed to know who I am, though I don't suppose that was difficult. By the way, I prefer 'mistress'.
'Yes, mistress', he said, and found that he enjoyed saying it. His hands, still locked in their cuffs, were resting against her abdomen, and he couldn't resist reaching his fingers down to try to reach her vagina.
'You can stop that', she ordered. 'This was supposed to be a rest. But you're obviously not tired, and we might as well start getting you ready for the night.'
That process was not straightforward. The first step was to chain his ankles to the foot of the bed, where a ring had been set into the woodwork.
'I'm putting the key to the lock where you can't reach it, in the unlikely event that you could overpower me', she told him. Don't think of trying to escape me; you can't.’
'Why would I want to escape?' he asked. I'm in seventh heaven. You can keep me as long as you want.'
'I'll remind you that you said that', she remarked. 'Since you know who I am, there's no point in keeping the blindfold any longer. Close your eyes and open them very carefully.'
She took it off, leaving him blinking in what seemed to him to be bright light, though it was actually quite subdued. Once acclimatised he looked at her as she sat next to him on the bed, a slight smile on those glorious lips. As he had expected, she had a well-toned figure, well fleshed but not really overweight, and medium-sized, natural breasts with big nipples that were fully erect.
‘Now you’ve seen enough’, she said, ‘we’ll see to your hands. They’ve been locked behind you for about three hours. Any pain?’
‘Not yet, mistress. I’d pretty much forgotten about them.’
‘That’s good.’ She unlocked the cuffs and took them off him, replacing them with alloy manacles that matched his ankle restraints. These she joined with a padlock in front. ‘They’re rustproof’, she explained, and pulled him up, to lead him, shuffling with the short steps that his ankle chain permitted, into the bathroom. It took a minute or two; it was a big room, and he could see that there was another, a sitting room, to complete the suite. Once in the en suite she ran the shower, which was in a spacious stall with plenty of room for both of them. She helped him with the parts that he couldn’t easily reach. Afterwards she dried him and left him to clean his own teeth and use the toilet. Afterwards he shuffled out to find her pouring two glasses of red wine from a newly opened bottle. She sat him next to her, on the left side of the bed, propped up on a heap of pillows against the headboard. She chained his ankles to the tailboard again, and locked a metal collar, matching the wrist and ankle bands, round his throat. It had a large D-ring hanging from the front and was wide enough for him to feel it when he nodded his head, though it didn’t actually impede his movements. With him thus restrained they reclined together, sipping their wine, with her spare hand resting lightly on his genitals.
‘You know’, she said casually, ‘most people would be saying to me, why do you need these restraints? I won’t run away, I’d love to spend the night with you. But you seem to take it all for granted. I wonder what you’re thinking?’
‘It’s already been the night of my life’, he replied. ‘I’m yours for as long as you want. I love being chained up like this. I think that Susan had already guessed that, somehow, when she invited me. It’s odd, because I hardly knew her.’ He did indeed think it odd. They’d led him from a very risqué bondage game, to full-scale sex in bondage, to a situation in which he was chained up for an indefinite period, in a few hours, and without question or interruption. He was happy with that, but it didn’t seem likely that they’d try it on someone picked at random.
‘There’s a lot you don’t know yet’, she said, but we’ll get to some of it later. In the meantime, I think it’s time for you to do me properly. I’m glad you’re not circumcised.’
That was because she was idly, while they were talking, pulling his foreskin back and forth over his glans, though that was becoming more difficult as the shaft hardened between her fingers. When it was fully erect she stopped and took the nearly empty wineglass from his hand. Quickly discarding most of the pillows, she told him to lie flat, and, pulling up a previously installed chain from under the headboard, locked his wrists to it, above his head. She allowed very little slack in it, but as the chain between his ankles and the foot of the bed was quite generous, he was not stretched. Then she turned him to face her, and lay alongside him, and a prolonged, silent and intense kissing session followed. For Daniel this was ecstasy. Those big, soft lips were a world in which he felt he could lose himself, exploring, always finding something new about the texture and resilience of the landscape. She seemed to enjoy it too, and after what he thought was about five minutes she moved one of the hands that was stroking his face and arms down to her sex, and began to stimulate herself. It was something she seemed to find easy, and soon she was breathing much faster, and pressing down on his mouth with much more urgency. As she lost control her tongue dominated his face, rubbing over it in big strokes, darting in and out of his mouth, until she jerked back and spasmed in her orgasm. Her knees knocked quite hard against his legs, fortunately not coming up quite high enough to reach his more delicate parts. As she came out of it she moved immediately, rising up to straddle him facing the headboard, and rubbed her soaking pussy over his face. A moment later she retreated down the bed, took his cock in her right hand, and guided it into her. She knelt, still, for a long moment, smiling at him with wide eyes, before beginning to ride him, up and down, slowly at first, gradually increasing the pace. With each down movement she sank as low as possible, putting all her weight on him to get his full length inside her. He watched, delighting in her bouncing breasts and the sheen of perspiration that was glistening on her brown skin. This time, she shouted out loud when she came, dropping her hands onto the bed and grinding down on him until it was over; at least twenty seconds, he thought. Afterwards she stayed where she was, leaning down further to kiss him, more fondly than passionately. He pulled at the chain, wishing he could follow her back up and hug her close, but he was held fast where he was.
Daniel had still not cum, and Chrissie-Marie had no intention of finishing it at that point. She leant right back and swivelled her legs round so she was sitting on him, and leaning forward again, said very breathlessly, ‘I forgot to tell you, by the way- perhaps you took it for granted- that you shouldn’t cum before I give you permission’. Daniel hadn’t taken it for granted, and despite his earlier ejaculation, wondered how he was supposed to last much longer in the face of such stimulation. So far he was OK. This time her movements were much different. She used her hands to raise and lower herself just a little, while making twisting motion, aided by her feet. At the same time Daniel could feel the pressure on his cock changing; obviously she could control the muscles of her vaginal walls to squeeze him rhythmically. In a very short time she was excited again; indeed, she’d never really calmed down. During her third orgasm she lifted herself almost clear of him, and dropped her full weight, three or four times in succession. The impact on his upper legs and hips was enough for him to be relieved when she stopped. This time, however, there was no pause in the proceedings. She pulled herself off him, rolled him on his side, lay next to him and guided him back in. To Daniel, the position, with his hands useless and his feet locked so close together, didn’t seem promising, but she was able to put her arms round him and create enough movement to keep herself interested. At the same time she resumed the kissing and licking, trying now to get her tongue as far into his mouth as humanly possible. He was trying to help her by pulling on the wrist chain and pushing on the bed with his feet, and she seemed to like that. She pulled her mouth free long enough to say ‘harder!’, and emphasised the point after that with regular slaps on his bottom. It was exciting but it did hurt, and with the extra effort he could feel the metal cuffs digging into his wrists. The slaps got harder and harder until, suddenly, she came again, which brought different hardships as her nails raked his back and buttocks, and her teeth bit into the flesh of his throat. He was also close to cumming, trying to concentrate on the pain to stave it off, and was very relieved when she calmed down enough to whisper, ‘You can cum now if you need to, but try to wait till I’m ready again’.
She was inexhaustible. She made him turn face down and, wriggling and squirming, worked herself underneath. At first her head was nearer the top of the bed than his, so he was able to spend a few minutes sucking and licking her breasts. Then she lowered herself under him, impaling herself on his penis as she did so. Except for the bondage it was an ordinary missionary position. He was able to use his hips and legs to thrust in and out, and he expected to be able to drop his mouth onto hers as the urge took him, but she had no intention of relinquishing that much control. She kept a firm grip on his head with both hands and took what she wanted from him. As her excitement mounted again, she held him against her cheek, and his face was in her long, straight black hair. Being able to move his hips more or less freely helped him towards his climax, and he started cumming, more by luck than judgement, just after she did. Again he felt her nails digging in, but this time it served to enhance his orgasm, and he continued to thrust as hard as he could until the very last dregs had been drained from him. For long minutes they kept their position, her tunnel walls pulsing against his shaft, their lips moving gently against one another. Then, with a contented sigh, she wriggled out from under him, and went off to the bathroom.


Loved the story. Lots of action, interesting plot and characters, well put together. Especially loved the locations. After many stories based in America, it was enjoyable to read of English locations, especially in the Peak district! 5 out of 5 (Bert56)

  Author reply: Many thanks for reading and reviewing my book. It's very gratifying to know that you enjoyed it. I was a little afraid that people would find it too long. DA.

Author Information

The author is a retired university lecturer with a lifelong interest in the literature of bondage and slavery.


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