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Dream Girl (Crimson Rose)

Dream Girl by Crimson Rose


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An argument costing her everything, April sold everything she owned and used the money to get as far away from her problems as she could. Unfortunately, it was not much and she found herself in the small Nevada town of Spring Creek with barely enough to pay for her next meal. Walking into what she thought was a bed and breakfast, she was quickly corrected by brothel’s Madam who offered her a bed for the night in exchange for some work.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 08 / 2018

No. words: 10286

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Bondage/BDSM Groupsex

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Kyle and I did a slow walk backwards and for a seconds I thought he was going to take me to the bathroom, but that illusion was broken when I fell back on the queen-sized bed. I bounced a few times and then he was between my legs yanking my shorts and panties off. “W-What about the shower?”
“It can wait.” Shoving my legs open and back, he went straight for my clit. Biting playfully, he pushed two fingers into my pussy and then sucked them clean. Three fingers went in next and this time he did not pull them all the way out as he continued nibbling my little love button.
“Ooohhhhh god damn! Okay, the shower can wait,” I purred. Scooting back on the bed, I rolled onto all fours. Stretch me with that bad boy.”
“You’re my submissive for the next three hours so call me Master. I’ll let that one go, but failing to do so again will get you punished.”
“Y-Yes Master.” I liked the way that sounded, but for the moment kept that information to myself. “Please fuck me Master. Or would you prefer I begged for it?” I asked as I playfully shook my ass. He got in position behind me and rubbed the head of his cock against my slit, but when I pushed back to take him he pulled back and slapped my ass with his hand.
“Not so quick there speedy.” WHACK! His hand landed hard on my right ass cheek causing me to jerk forward. He pulled me back by the hips and teased my pussy with his cock. This time, I resisted the urge to take him and was rewarded with his nine inches pushing into me.
“Uuhhnnn! Yep, I was right, that’s a very nice stretch, Master.” Lowering my head, I spread my legs wider and gave him free rein to fuck me however he wanted. His dick plowed in and out hard and fast – each powerful thrust bringing me that much closer to orgasm. And then I realized the mistake we had made. “Master, please stop.”
“Stop? Honey, we’re just getting started.”
“Please Master. Only for a moment. You’re not wearing a condom and I’m not on birth control.”
“You agreed to the works, babe, and that means sex without limit. No condoms will be worn and now that I know you’re unprotected I’m going to do everything in my power to impregnate you.”
“We’ve only got three hours, Master.”
“Tonight. I’m booking you once a week for an entire day until you’re carrying my baby. How does that sound?”
“I don’t want kids, Master. I’ll get on birth control.”
“You understand I’m talking about booking you for the full twenty-four hours, right? Are you really going to pass up over forty grand a day? Do you know how many women in this line of work would kill to make that kind of money?”
He continued fucking me, but short of the grunts, groans and moans I remained silent as I thought about his offer. He was right. I stood to make a hell of a lot of money and I would be a damn fool to turn it down. But on the other hand, I was only twenty years old with a full life ahead of me and having children this early in the game was not conducive to my idea of a fun time.

Author Information

Crimson Rose is an erotica writer dedicated to the principle that erotic fiction can be red-hot raunchy while also being written with intelligence, elegance and style.

When asked about the subject matter of her stories she had this to say:

"I sometimes deal with strange and taboo subject matter, but my stories are never dark and my characters are never victims (though some of them may pretend otherwise). My characters always enjoy and exult in their sexuality, engaging in their various unusual and illicit acts with unapologetic joy and a zest for life."


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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