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Teresa's Torment (Victor Bruno)


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    • Average 4.5 from 4 ratings

20 year old Teresa Mendoza is taken and finds herself confined to the South American estate of Colonel Garcia, along with many other slave girls.

Here, life is far from pleasant; as the Colonel uses his slave girls not only as servants, but also as sexual objects and even living furniture for the pleasure of his many honoured guests.

Appointed as overseer and trainer of the girls is Miss Judith Somerton, who deals out cruel and iron discipline without favour!

Teresa's suffering increases almost unimaginably when Janina Casals arrives as a guest; a girl whom she used to call friend, but who has now become her implacable and sadistic enemy.

Life promises to become even more hideous for the hapless Teresa from now on!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 36700

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Colonel Garcia Valmira is a Spanish gentleman whose extreme wealth enables him to indulge his bizarre sexual tastes - without limit or restraint. To this end he has established a secret ranch or ‘estancia’ in a remote part of the desolate ‘Gran Chaco’ district of the Argentine. Its name is “Los Limitas” and here he keeps some forty or fifty desirable young women in a state of captivity and the most complete servitude. These girls have a variety of functions to perform: they act as domestic servants: They are used as decorative objects: they even perform the role of pieces of ‘human furniture’; and, of course, they are the sexual playthings of the Colonel and any of his specially selected guests.
In charge of these girls, acting as trainer and overseer, is Miss Judith Somerton, a woman of around thirty-five years of age. Her bland, calm, appearance - rather like that of a devoted nurse, belies her true nature for her chief delight is to inflict humiliation and pain. This she does in full measure, her regime is one of iron discipline, and woe betide any of her charges who get out of line!
A recent arrival at “Los Limitas” is a ravishing young twenty year old blonde-haired girl by the name of Teresa Mendoza. Reserved, shy, naturally modest, she is horrified to find herself in such an extraordinary establishment owned body and soul by as a slave by Colonel Garcia Valmira. However she has to face the fact that it is so... although she suffers cruelly at Judith Somerton’s hands before she finally begins to admit defeat and submit both physically and mentally to what is demanded of her.
A new guest has arrived at “Los Limitas”. Her name is Janina Casal a black-haired, vivacious natured, young women of the same age as Teresa. She is a favoured friend of the Colonel and, in her teens, grew up with Teresa. With the same kind of upper class background they were good friends until they fell out over a young man by the name of Carlos Estanza. Originally the friend and lover of Janina he switched his affections to Teresa and became her first and only lover. Furious at being jilted thus Janina never forgave Teresa and continued to nurse a burning hatred for the girl.
Janina is unaware of Teresa’s presence as a slave at “Los Limitas”. Equally Teresa is unaware that Janina has arrived for a stay of several weeks at the ‘estancia’.


Janina Casal felt particularly good that morning as she came down the wide stairway to the main hall of “Los Limitas”. She looked good too in her skin tight, tight fitting, riding breeches of black leather, over-topped by a simple, long sleeved, white blouse. The rounded black sombrero she wore gave her an air of authority her height did not truly command: she was but five feet four inches tall; a “pocket Venus” one might say. The plaited leather riding crop which dangled by a loop from her wrist added to the air of authority. She felt at home although this was only the third time she had been asked as a visitor to Colonel Valmira’s unique ‘estancia’. This, above all, she had long ago decided, was the environment which suited her temperament perfectly. Indeed she would have preferred to have been a permanent resident at “Los Limitas” rather than a guest! That, however, was rather more than she could hope for... even though she might be a favoured second cousin of the Colonel. He chose and invited his guests as and when he wished. As he was entitled to; Janina had to accept that.
She paused on the final step of the staircase watching one of the serving girls cross the hall carrying a silver tray piled with debris from the breakfast room. The girl was tall, blonde, and moved beautifully : as was customary she was quite naked but for the traditional brief white apron and a pair of high-heeled shoes for those on so-called ‘domestic’ duties. With a faint, derisive, smile on her lips Janina observed the bounce of the girl’s breasts and the soft quivering of the flesh of her buttocks and thighs. A girl in servitude: a slave of the Colonel’s... and therefore, since she was a guest, a slave of hers. That was delicious to know and to feel. That was what made it so wonderful to come to “Los Limitas”. Always, when one was there, one felt completely in control. Absolutely dominant. Where else in the world could one feel quite like that? Nowhere. At least not to the degree one could at “Los Limitas”. One had but to snap one’s fingers and a servant came running; indeed grovelling; and, by God, they did one’s bidding; to the best of their ability. If they didn’t one could have them punished. Even if they did one could still have them punished, if one was in the mood, provided one was persuasively tactful to that marvellous housekeeper Judith Somerton.
Janina recalled, with an inner thrill of pleasure, how she herself had several girls punished, for no particular faults at all, when she had been on previous visits. They had been punished simply because she liked the idea of it... and she had been able to persuade Judith Somerton that it was ‘advisable’.
Mind you one had to ‘persuade’ that nun-like housekeeper; she did not simply take one’s word for it automatically. She was a law unto herself and, guest or no guest, one had to abide by her decision ultimately. Fair enough, reflected Janina, because Judith Somerton had done, and was doing, a quite remarkably efficient job. Shed had all those girls, and there must be forty or fifty of them, eating out of her hand. And that was putting it mildly! The more one knew of the regime, though, the more one could understand it. A faint chill went through Janina as she contemplated the regime at “Los Limitas” and she momentarily put herself in the place of the tall, lovely, girl who had just passed through the hall. She shivered mentally at the thought of what it must be like to be in that girl’s situation... to be a prey to the eyes and hands of all in sundry... to have to give oneself to anyone at any time (man or woman) in whatever they demanded... to be at their constant beck and call... to be treated with indifference, disdain and derision... to know, constantly, that one could be made to suffer agonies if one disobeyed for a second, or in the slightest degree, or failed to give the satisfaction demanded. Yes, a chill went through Janina, and then it turned into a flame of pure joy, Sadistic joy, the joy of knowing that she could command and others had to submit!
She stepped down into the hall.
‘Girl!’ Her voice rang sharp and clear.
The tall blonde, by then some way down one of the passage-ways which led off the hall stopped in her tracks and turned.
‘Come back here’ ordered Janina, flicking her crop against her black leather riding boot. The blonde came back, still carrying the tray, breasts still bouncing, hips swinging sinuously. Janina saw that she had been shaved of all body hair.
‘What is your name?’ asked Janina as the blonde sank to her knees, still carefully supporting the laden tray; that was obligatory.
‘K-Kirsten... Miss,’ came the low, meek, answer. Oh what joy it was to be able to command such instant servility!
‘Your nationality... and your age?’
‘I... I am Danish... Miss... and... and twenty-five, Miss.’ Five years older than me, thought Janina gleefully, and absolutely at my mercy! Or nearly so anyway.
‘Well... Kirsten... did you not see me descending the stairs to the hall? And, having seen me, should you not have shown the proper respect by halting and going to your knees?’ asked Janina. Her smile was cold and cruel; she was having the greatest fun. It was for that one came to “Los Limitas”.
‘I... I beg p-pardon Miss... I didn’t see you... Miss... I... was intent on my task, Miss,’ came the halting answer. Oh what it must be like to have to beg pardon for no fault at all, thought Janina delightedly!
‘That was careless of you then, was it not, Kirsten?’ said Janina, tapping her crop to her boot. She would very much like to have laid it across the girl... but that was not permitted. Only Judith Somerton punished or, very occasionally, gave permission to punish. It was the same for all the guests of whatever rank. In a way, much as she regretted it, Janina appreciated the reason.
‘I... c-can only beg pardon, Miss,’ said Kirsten. Janina loved the way she trembled. Kirsten had beautiful breasts, high and firm, like big white cooking apples.
‘I shall have to report this matter to Miss Judith; you understand?’
‘Y-Yes... Miss...’ nodded Kirsten, now even more pale. Janina smiled slowly and sadistically, loving every moment of it.
‘You may go now, Kirsten,’ she said. Kirsten rose with difficulty for she still had to balance her tray. Then she bobbed with a curtsey before turning; ‘Thank you, Miss,’ she said.
Still smiling Janina watched the quivering bounce of the flesh of the shapely bottom as Kirsten strode lithely away again about her duties. It was supremely satisfying for Janina to think that, before the day was out, Judith Somerton’s leather thong would flail across that bottom just because of Janina’s whim. Janina Casal strode across the hall. The day had begun: and begun well; many pleasures lay ahead. The first of those was that she was to go riding with Garcia Valmira and riding was one of her passions; especially when the steed was an Arab stallion. By God she’d use her crop on him until he really went like the wind! Power! That was the supreme thing reflected Janina Casal, as she wandered about the main hall, awaiting the arrival of her host. That was what mattered in life; what gave one the greatest pleasure. The power to control, the power to bend others to one’s will; and it gave Janina the greatest pleasure of all when she had power over another woman - particularly if that woman was young and attractive.
She surveyed, curiously, the portraits of Garcia’s ancestors which hung, almost overwhelmingly large, upon the walls. Most of the faces had the same, sallow, lined look about them. There was also a hardness and cruelty in them. She could well imagine how these men and women, long dead, had treated their serfs and slaves in previous centuries. Then any cruelty on underlings had been both expected and permitted. Now, in modern times, it was far more difficult to exercise one’s authority. Yet by skill, determination and organisation, Garcia had managed it. He was, one might say, carrying on the good work. Indeed, in many ways, he had extended and developed the cruel practices inbred in him. Thank God for that, thought Janina. It was wonderful to know that there was still at least one place in the world where one could do as one wished. Not for the first time she felt herself profoundly grateful for the fact that she was related to the Colonel, even if distantly, so that she was able, from time to time, to satisfy the same vicious instincts that were in her blood.
Janina glanced at her watch. He was late for their ride. Her riding crop slapped her boot. She didn’t like to be kept waiting. Still, since it was Garcia, she checked her impatience. At that moment Judith Somerton entered the hall, coming through one of the numerous high entrances, clad in her customary royal blue dress with its prim white collar and cuffs. Behind her came two of the slave girls. They were naked but for high-heeled white kid shoes. Each girl had a heavy iron collar about her neck to which her wrists were shackled. One of the girls was dark, the other fair; both were young and pretty. Janina turned and moved so that she could observe them more closely, her lips curling with cruel pleasure.
‘Good morning Miss Casal,’ said Judith Somerton, her pale face as composed as ever. One might as well have supposed she was leading a couple of spaniels rather than two nubile young women. She was, in fact, taking the two girls to the Colonel’s quarters where they would be forced to submit to some decorative-functional role for the next few hours.
‘Good morning, Miss Somerton,’ smiled Janina pleasantly. Then her attention went back to the two girls. As it did so her mouth opened a little and her eyes widened. They were fastened incredulously on the blonde. ‘Teresa!’ she gasped. ‘Teresa... it is Teresa!’
The doe-like brown eyes of the blonde dilated in shocked horror. For it was indeed Teresa. Teresa Mendoza. And she had been the one-time girlhood friend of Janina Casal in Madrid!
Teresa staggered, recoiling as if struck. ‘J-Janina. . .’ she gasped equally. ‘Janina... Oh my God... J-Janina!’
Janina’s hand went to her mouth, the surprise in her eyes changing to delight. ‘By the saints,’ she said, ‘it really is you. It is Teresa! You... of all people... here!’
Temporarily taken aback, Judith Somerton now recovered her composure. ‘How dare you, girl... how dare you address a guest so familiarly!’ Her hand slapped across Teresa’s mouth. But, seemingly so mesmerised by the sight of Janina, Teresa scarcely seemed to notice the blow. Her eyes remained fixed on Janina, growing wider, whilst her mouth opened and shut repeatedly like that of a goldfish, with little disbelieving gasps coming from it.
‘How dare you, I say! How dare you!’ rasped Miss Judith, slapping Teresa’s face twice more. This seemed to have the effect of shaking the girl back to some sort of awareness. Terror filled her eyes as she tore them away from Janina.
‘I... beg... p-pardon... Miss,’ she croaked.
‘You’ll do more than that,’ snapped Miss Judith. ‘You’ll get down and kiss her boots... and address her with proper respect...’ Colour filled Teresa’s cheeks and her eyes darted wildly this way and that, as she bit her lips. There before her was her hated rival of former days... and there was she, a helpless subject creature. ‘P-Please... please... Miss... ‘she heard herself choking out, ‘I ... I know ... Janina... I m-mean... Miss Janina... we were friends...’ She looked imploringly at Janina’s hard little face under the black sombrero. Surely... surely... in view of their former relationship she would intervene on Teresa’s behalf! Perhaps (Oh dear God!) seek her release.
Judith’s face remained a mask. ‘Get down on your knees, Teresa,’ she said, icily. The discipline of inculcated obedience was already strong enough in Teresa to make her carry out the order without further delay - whatever the circumstances. Judith was the paramount force in her life. Every moment of it she controlled her actions and raised or lowered the degree of mental and physical torment she had to endure. Teresa knelt and, bending forward, kissed the polished black boots before her. ‘I...I...b-b-beg pardon... M-miss...’she whispered. ‘Louder...’ insisted Miss Judith, ‘and kiss those boots with proper respect!’ Teresa said it louder...several times...and went on implanting her lips to the leather. Yet still her mind could hardly credit the fact that it was Janina Casal’s boots she was kissing. Those of a former friend! Could such an incredible thing really be happening? Janina’s shoulders began to shake with suppressed laughter.
‘Oh my... Oh my... ’she giggled. ‘Can it possibly be true? Prim little Miss Mendoza here... here of all places! Well...well... well... now isn’t that just something!’ Her dark eyes began to flash as the full implications of it all crowded more and more upon her.
‘I am sorry for this piece of insolence, Miss Casal,’ said Judith Somerton. ‘I can only point out that Teresa has not been over-long in the Colonel’s service... ‘
‘Has she not then?’ replied Janina, eyes flashing ever more avidly as she looked down at the crouching naked figure at her feet, seeing the smooth back and the swelling, curvaceous, hindquarters. ‘I see... I see...’ Her small white teeth were now bared and she had an expression of infinite, cruel, pleasure on her features.
‘I shall see she is appropriately punished of course, Miss Casal,’ said Judith Somerton.
‘Yes... you will?’ There was a sudden brightness in Janina’s eyes. ‘Yes... yes... of course,’ she added trying to look a little more unconcerned.
‘Immediately, Miss Casal,’ agreed Judith Somerton. Her agile mind had already guessed the situation between the two young women... and, since Janina was a relation of the Colonel’s and a much favoured guest, she would go out of her way to please her. ‘Get up, girl,’ she ordered the kneeling Teresa. At that moment Colonel Garcia Valmira came striding into the hall.
‘Sorry to have kept you waiting, Janina.’ he called, ‘all ready?’
Janina was gazing into Teresa’s petrified eyes, scarcely seeming to hear. ‘Yes... yes... Garcia,’ she said softly, almost to herself. ‘I’m ready...’
The Colonel glanced briefly at the group... and with seeming indifference. Naked slave girls were as much an everyday part of the decor at “Los Limitas” as were the furnishings!
Judith Somerton’s head nodded peremptorily towards the passageway from which she and the two girls had just emerged. ‘You know where we are going, Teresa,’ she said before glancing at the other figure who had stood silent throughout. ‘You will remain here until we return, Maria,’ she said, turning on her heel.
‘Do come along, Janina,’ said the Colonel, now getting a little impatient.
Janina gave Teresa’s despairing features a last, long, lingering look; and she smiled and smiled. Then she turned and followed the Colonel from the hall. She was bubbling with such joy inside her that her blood might have been champagne. What luck! What a piece of heavenly luck! Teresa Mendoza there as a slave; and, right at that moment, being led away to be punished simply because she had addressed Janina by her Christian name!
Her arm linked through the Colonel’s. ‘Garcia…’ she said.
‘Yes, my dear?’
‘That girl... in the hall...’
‘Yes? Which one?’
‘The blonde one... ‘
‘Well, what about her?’
‘I want her as my personal servant while I am here, please.’
‘That’s O.K.. Just fix it up with Judith Somerton. She attends to all those details.’
They emerged from the house into the stable yard where their stallions stood ready. The Colonel glanced with sudden sharpness at Janina. ‘Any particular reason?’
‘Yes,’ smiled Janina looking up at him. ‘Her name is Teresa Mendoza.’ The Colonel’s brow wrinkled and a trace of a smile crossed his face.
‘Aah... haa... yes... I see. You knew her back in Madrid, didn’t you? For quite a while. Wasn’t there some kind of... fracas... between you?’
‘There was,’ said Janina shortly. ‘That little bitch upset some plans of mine! She stole a man from me. She stole Carlos Estanza.’
The Colonel clicked his teeth. Then, putting his foot into a stirrup, swung into his saddle. ‘In that case, my dear,’ he said, ‘knowing you I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes!’
With a laugh, Janina mounted the stallion that awaited her. The animal leapt into its stride as her crop cracked across his flanks and, with her usual arrogant confidence, she rode from the stable yard. The crop cracked again and again and soon the stallion was at a full gallop down a sandy track. With each crack of the crop she thought of Teresa’s far more tender flesh. She wondered, as the Colonel came racing alongside her, what was happening to the girl at that very moment. Just to think of it, coupled with the pounding saddle beneath her, gave her a pleasure so keen that it was comparable with that experienced in orgasm.


Excellent.... excellent equilibrium between slaves and mistresses' point of view, excellent balance between story and real painfull scenes... 5 out of 5

Well written, but mainly for flogging enthusiasts. The theme and scenario offer opportunities to make it a much more varied and rounded story. 3 out of 5 (David A)

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THE acknowledged master of BDSM writing.


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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