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The Complete Harem Playthings (Victor Bruno)

The Complete Harem Playthings by Victor Bruno

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    • Average 4.6 from 5 ratings

A collection of powerful short stories about the trials and tribulations of helpless slave-girls, held for the abuse and amusement of cruel and merciless men and women in the slave-training establishment known as 'VALDOR'. This is a haven of delight for a few; but for many young and lovely women, it is a hellish place of perpetual and virtually unlimited degradation and suffering!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 39200

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Throughout history, Harems have been used by rich and powerful men for their personal sexual pleasure. In early times, Harems contained literally hundreds of women - with ages ranging from early teens to middle age. Some of these considered it an honour to serve the Lord who owned them. Others were more reluctant. In any event the result was the same. One way or another these women pleased their Master. His wishes were paramount - and they obeyed.
Though, in many respects, times have changed, Harems remain, particularly in Arab countries. There they are an accepted way of life. However, some men have found themselves in a position to organise a Harem for themselves in other countries. For example, in the Far East, in India, in Africa and in South America. These men have the means and, above all, the desire, to control women for their own private amusement. Some of these men are happy enough to hand over some of their women for the amusement of friends and guests. It gives them a special pleasure to make a gift of one of their human possessions.
The majority of Harems are designed and organised for straightforward sexual satisfaction - but a few are planned to slake the more deviant tendencies in man’s sexual psyche. And in woman’s, for that matter.
Sadism, for example.
Such a Harem is VALDOR.
Its owner is an international arms-dealer. A death merchant with virtually unlimited wealth. He is able to indulge his own particular perversions without restraint ... within the confines of the very special Harem he has created. Behind the impenetrable walls of VALDOR.
He does so in the company of a selected number of privileged guests whose perversities match his own. Their discretion and silence can be relied on. For many good reasons.
The location of VALDOR is unimportant ... suffice that it is secret and secure. That it exists.
For the gross sado-sexual satisfaction of a few rich and powerful perverts. And the incessant suffering of many unfortunate women.
Here then, are presented a few vignettes which highlight the bizarre world of pain-and pleasure existing within the confines of VALDOR.


Gina Vallini is typical of the ‘material’ which is first procured and then abducted to Valdor. She happens to be Italian - but she could be virtually any nationality - including half-castes or blacks if they are attractive enough. Nationality is not important but youth, good looks and a splendid figure are. These criteria are essential for any woman procured for the Harem of Valdor. Gina has thick, dark hair, lustrous deep brown eyes and a wide, generous mouth. Though only nineteen years of age, she is, like many Italian girls, exceedingly well developed. She has a magnificent 40-inch bust - the breasts being both full and firm - and her hip measurement is 38 inches. Since she has only a 24-inch waist, the fulsome swell of her breasts and hindquarters is accentuated.
In time, Gina will make a most desirable and delightfully appealing slave-girl. Submissive yet co-operative in every way, whatever demands are made upon her, by male or female. At the moment, shortly after her arrival at Valdor, she is simply distraught and disbelieving - and quite terrified. As the girl’s tongue was beginning to run away with her, the overseer in whose charge she has been put (he is a young, well-built Hungarian with rapacious sexual appetites) has ordered that she be lightly gagged. Then he rips off Gina’s blouse - just as a little preliminary, - and to take a better look at her superb breasts.
“Lovely titties,” he says. “You’re going to be very popular, signorina.”
Gina’s eyes blaze with fury. Strangled protests come through her gag. Since her wrists and ankles are roped to a short wooden pillar, she has no means of resisting. For the moment, Kaslik, the overseer, is just playing around. Amusing himself. He has, as assistant, Lilli, another Hungarian who is twenty five years old, as hard as nails and likes nothing better than introducing a girl to slavery.
“What do you think of these titties, Lilli?”
Lilli shrugs. “I’ve seen worse; I’ve seen better.” She is a brittle, lean-figured blonde clad in an outfit of red and black leather.
“Well, let’s have an even closer look.” With one finger, Kaslik pulls on the flimsy brassiere. It snaps instantly and the lovely, milk-white orbs swing out naked and free.
Gina’s head goes back, her eyes roll wildly and the sounds through her gag become louder and more urgent, She tugs at her bands, jerking from side to side which has those two half-melons of delight rolling and bouncing delectably. Just what Kaslik likes to see.
And feel ...
He moves in, mauling and squeezing ... skilfully avoiding Gina’s head as she tries, again and again to butt him. Fierce snorting noises come down her flaring nostrils.
“She’s got a bit of spirit,” says Lilli. “I’ll enjoy thrashing that out of her.”
But Kaslik, absorbed in the fleshpots, scarcely seems to hear. “Mmmm ... yes,” he murmurs. “You’re going to be very popular, Gina. Many a man is going to want to get his cock in between these. To toss himself off with them, after they’ve been covered in oil. Mmmm ... yes … “
The look of disgust and disbelief in Gina’s eyes increases. Surely this cannot be really happening to her? Surely the awful things being said are not true? Oh God, if only she could smash her head into this filthy brute’s face!
“Let’s take a look at the rest of her then,” suggests Lilli.
“Right.” Kaslik backs off. “Strip her ...”
Lilli does so with brisk efficiency ... while Gina goes wild, tugging frenziedly but uselessly on her rope bonds. A thick, dark triangle of hair is revealed. So are lushly swelling buttocks and long, smooth white thighs. She is a real beauty - and one so young. Both regard her with lustful appreciation.
“Are you going to fuck her?” asks Lilli.
“Of course I’m going to fuck her,” replies Kaslik. Held be crazy not to fuck such a ripe young beauty - handed to him on a plate - at the very first opportunity! Wouldn’t he? “Do you want that bush on or off first?” enquires Lilli. All girls in Valdor are depilated - but she thinks Kaslik might like his first taste with the hair on. Just for variety.
“Oh ... I don’t mind. Off, I think.”
“Right, I’ll do that now. Get her on to the bench, will you, Kaslik?”
“Sure ... “
Kaslik is used to handling young, frightened women. He knows how to counter their struggles, however wild. To overcome them. He is as strong as an ox and they, of course, are weak with terror. Uncording the fighting girl, he carries her to a heavy wooden bench, places her down on her back upon it and cords her wrists and ankles to rings at each corner. Then he turns a wheel at the side of the bench and a wooden block rises out of the bench top. It forces itself into Gina’s back, at the waist, pushing her midriff up and up until she is curving like a bow. Tense and quivering. Unable to move up or down or from side to side. Perfectly positioned for shaving.
Poker-faced, Lilli advances with an electric razor. There is now a demented look in the young woman’s eyes. The snorting down her nostrils even more urgent and high pitched. She is filled with terror.
How can this be happening? How can it?
But then it happens. With no more concern than if she were shearing a sheep and with the same sort of practised skill:, Lilli removes Gina’s dark bush. Every last hair. The smooth mound thrusts out; the neat, coral-pink sex-lips are invitingly exposed. Kaslik wets his lips; a delicious meal is in store. He watches Lilli rub thick, scented oil over the mound so that the whole area is smoothly soft.
“Fine ... “ he smiles. “I’ll put her in the pillory and fuck her there.” The Hungarian likes using the pillory. There is a large mirror in front of it in which a girl’s contorted features can be observed while she is being raped.
“Before you do so,” says Lilli, watching the wooden block come down and bonds being untied, “I’ll teach her it is unwise for a slave-girl to butt at her overseer.”
“All right by me,” grins Kaslik, hauling Gina off the bench. The girl is now struggling more feebly, seemingly half-paralysed with terror. She has heard all that has been said - but still cannot truly believe it. Her nightmare is reaching new depths of horror. While Gina is being taken to the pillory and then locked into it, Lilli selects a cane from the wide range available. She knows a lightweight one will be quite sufficient at this stage. Gina, a virgin to this kind of pain, will find it agonising enough. Later she will learn there are rods and other instruments far, far more painful.
The pillory is low; the clamping wooden circles no more than a foot off the floor. Gina has to kneel; head and wrists down, hindquarters up. Nicely positioned for what is to come - from both Lilli and Kaslik. The former goes to the front of the pillory, stoops and pulls up Gina’s head by her thick hair. Dark eyes brimming over with tears are wide and wild.
“Just now, girl,” says Lilli gratingly, “you attempted to butt your overseer. A slave does not do that. To teach you she doesn’t, I am going to lay a cane across your backside. Good and hard. Only a dozen this time. But, if you ever do such a thing again, you’ll get double that number!”
Gina shakes her head furiously as if to deny such a thing could possibly happen to her. Kaslik, removing the thin white leather pouch he wears, looks lustfully at the creamy-smooth bottom curving helplessly. A perfect target. One that Lilli was going to have squirming uncontrollably. Lovely. Then, afterwards, he could get down to having his first taste of this ripe youngster.
Lilli removes the gag. A hoarse cry erupts.
“Stooooo … ooopppp … oooooooohhhh … owo-Stooooonoop! L L-Let me out ... oh-God ...let me out ... You … you ... can’t do this ... not to me ... not to me ... oooohhhhoo stoooo ... ooooppppp!”
Flexing the cane, Lilli comes round the pillory. “From now on, slave,” she says. tapping Gina’s flinching bottom lightly, “we can do whatever we like with you. Don’t forget that!”
The first stroke whistles down and cuts into so-sensitive flesh. As a series of gaping shrieks jet from Gina’s gaping mouth, her bottom gyrates uncontrollably, setting the soft flesh juddering wildly. She has never known pain remotely like this before. Yet what an ocean of it lies before her in the weeks and months ahead!
Kaslik locks on with lustful appreciation as the caning proceeds - methodically and mercilessly, No sooner has Gina ceased to squirm from one stroke, than Lilli gives her another. Thus her shapely bottom is a constant tumult of rolling, bouncing, jelly-quivering flesh. A creamy-white jelly which is becoming steadily striped with thin, raspberry layers. The room is filled with awful sound; in her torment, Gina’s reflected face becomes nearly un-recognisable. Those liquid-dark eyes roll back; her mouth becomes a gaping hole from which a flickering tongue projects.
Well before the caning ceases, Kaslik is in full erection. A pretty formidable sight for any woman, let alone a nineteen year-old with little experience!
Satisfied with the introduction to pain which she has just made, Lilli replaces the cane. A girl never forgets her first caning, she reflects, though she gets many worse later on. So it was nice to have given Gina something to remember her by! Lilli goes back and pulls up Gina’s head again. In the mirror, through a sheen of tears, she can see Kaslik, bestially rampant.
“Look what you’re going to get now,” she says with a cruel smile, watching Gina’s eyes dilate in horror and revulsion. “Enjoy yourself,” she says to Kaslik who kneels down behind his victim and grips the lush, warm-smooth flanks. Then Lilli releases the girl’s hair and turns to leave. She has no desire to watch what is now about to happen - her interests lie elsewhere.
Kaslik is looking down, lips wet and parted. What a young beauty this is ... and now he is going to fuck the ass off it!
“Feel that knob, girlie ... big, eh ... mmm ... wriggle then ... as much as you like ... you can’t escape ...”
“NO ... NO ... NO ... OOOO!!” In the mirror, Gina’s pretty face is contorted with horror.
“Have some more, girlie ... aaahhh ... wriggle then, I love it ... “
“OH GOD ... HELP... ME ... EEEEEEE!”
Kaslik lunges joyfully. He is quite some stallion; and knows it. He has both size and stamina. And now his bone-hard length is buried in the tight-clinging depths of this writhing youngster. It is the first time. But there will be many more times ...
The Hungarian begins to lunge with slow, steady-pounding rhythm. Oh it feels so good! So good! Beneath him, the young bottom seems to have gone berserk in its attempts to escape his thrusts. But, of course there is no possibility of escape. The wild writhing simply adds to Kaslik’s animal pleasure ...


One of his best books. 5 out of 5 (SM)

Rugged. 5 out of 5 (Kay)

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THE acknowledged master of BDSM writing.


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